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January 13th, 2013, 01:48 PM
Dears Members of the Writing Forums,
As you must have noticed, Iíve been working on my memoir. You can find the links to all chapters on my signature. The piece I am posting here now is the Introduction. There are more chapters to finish my memoir. The last part of it, Part C, will have 32 chapters.
V. C. Navega



Welcome to my world!

Writing a memoir is such a humbling task. I was so afraid of revealing the secrets of other people, and of course, my own secrets, the things I didnít want people to know. But I must admit, when I started to write it didnít seem that difficult. I had found I good listener, my beloved Jaded. He helped me tell my story, and he didnít mind that I told it out of chronological order. It was easy for me to do things that way. I donít really know why. I suppose itís just because I am crazy. You will notice that while reading this memoir.

Usually writers read many books. They are supposed to have experience with the work of their peers to become good writers. Well, I did read many books, but they werenít novels, or memoirs, they were mostly scriptures. In Hindu culture there are many of them, and each scripture has many books. I could spend the rest of my life reading them. Actually, it would take a person many lifetimes to read all of them.

In those scriptures the stories are also interlaced, and are not told in chronological order, so I suppose this is why I wrote my memoir in this way. In those scriptures also you find a narrator asking questions and another person answering them, and this is the format Iíve chosen. I suppose no-one creates anything, we always replicate what we have seen. I am thankful I have read those scriptures, they are amazing.

I must warn my readers that I start this book with its ending. This might not be the wisest thing to do, but it seemed to be the right thing. I was inspired by it, without it I wouldnít be able to write the book, and it wasnít a happy ending.

I shouldnít say it is the ending, because since this is a memoir, and I am not dead yet, the end is yet to happen. Something in me has died, I must admit, and the readers will see this, and will agree with me. Hopefully I am not still that crazy.

I am insane, there is no doubt about it, but it is a harmless kind of insanity, and I hope everybody who is as insane as me will feel as comfortable as I do, and free to say to the world: ďYes, I am crazy!Ē

It will be a long journey, with many trips to many countries. I have traveled and crossed the world many times. Some times in my life I was tired of it, I wanted to stop travelling, but when I did, when I wasnít allowed to travel anymore, I wished I could so badly. We are never satisfied with life. We always complain. We should be grateful, and I am working on it, every day.

It is strange to think that you will know me, and I donít know you. But in the end we are all human beings, we are all the same. We are not that different. Different stories, perhaps, but life is the same. We are born to find a purpose for our lives, and if we donít find it, if we let our lives become meaningless, we face hard times.

I donít think other writers who write memoirs allow themselves to talk about their beliefs as much as I did. I am not sure if this is a common practice or not. It came to me so spontaneously, I didnít think much of it at the time. But now I think you might think I am insane. But we have already established that I am.

I must also warn you that sometimes you will see me using some Sanskrit words. I tried so hard to avoid them, but it was not always possible. They have a mantric power, their sound is so powerful that I couldnít translate them. I did when I could, but I had to use them anyway. I hope you be able to enjoy their sound. It is quite magical. You will see.

That is all I have to say before you join me in this adventure. I really hope you can enjoy the story of my life as much as I enjoy living it. You are indeed welcome in my world! I wish to all of us happy endings and new beginnings every day.