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January 13th, 2013, 01:42 PM
Dears Members of the Writing Forums,
As you must have noticed, I’ve been working on my memoir. You can find the links to all chapters on my signature. The pieces I am posting here now are the Dedication and Acknowledgement. There are more chapters to finish my memoir. The last part of it, Part C, will have 32 chapters.
V. C. Navega



To my beloved companion, my soul mate, my best friend. I miss you so much Valtinko. You are my Hrday. You are Divya Ratna, the Divine Jewel, my Hrdaya Chaitanya, the Golden Heart that enlightens my dark days. This book was written in your memory. I think of you every day. I can never forget you. You live in me. As long as I am alive you will be alive too. I can’t wait to see you again. I suppose you must be having lots of fun wherever you are right now. See you soon. If I was ‘la tua regina’, I suppose you are also my king, so it means you deserve my dandavats.

To my first guru, the most positive person I’ve ever known in my life; the bravest woman, the most perfect servant, the chastest wife. I humbly accept the honor of serving you. May I be able to learn something from your natural wisdom. Dandavats, mum!

To my only and eternal guru, Srila Badrinayarana Bhagavata Bhusana Gurudeva. You are my creator, and there is nothing good in me that hasn’t been created by You. Your charming personality has attracted me since the times of His Divine Grace Srila Guru Maharaj. May I one day be able to serve You as You serve Him. You are the incarnation of love and affection. It is impossible to resist Your call. Whenever You need me, I will be ready to serve You, even if my service is so contaminated by my ego. 108 dandavats!

To The Jaded, the love of my life. It took me so long to find you, and then you found me, and now we can’t live without each other. You know I wouldn’t be able to write this book if it wasn’t for you. You are not only my editor, you are my recipient, my companion, and I could say you are the most important character of this story. I love you, Jaded! Dandavats!


om ajnana-timirandhasya jnananjana-salakaya
caksur unmilitam yena tasmai sri-gurave namah

I was born in deep ignorance, like any other conditioned soul. Then I met Srila Badrinarayana Bhagavata Bhusana Gurudeva, who has been showing me the path of love and devotion, and I became able to believe that I could be saved, and I could serve the Lord, the Beauty, the Ecstatic Personality. It is only by His grace that I am able to perform any activity, even one such as writing this book. He is indeed my creator.

vancha-kalpa taru bhyas ca
krpa-sindhu bhya eva ca
patita nam pavane bhyo
vaisnave bhyo namo namah

I was just a spoiled girl, and my big ego wouldn’t allow me to progress in spiritual life. But by the grace of the devotees I was polished. Now the ‘Gem of Brazil’ can shine. I pay my reverence to the true devotees of the Lord. They are constant inspiration for my work, and I wouldn’t be able to write this book if I hadn’t gone through the experiences I went through in association with them.

I spent my childhood being intellectually stimulated by my late father and by my elder brother. These two people helped me to develop a scientific mind, even though I don’t consider myself a scientist, nor do I belong to the scientific community. Still, I wouldn’t be able to write this book, if it wasn’t for their intellectual stimulation.

I consider writing very similar to music. Putting words together is not that different from placing notes, making chords, and making melodies. Everything, in the end, is music. One of my brothers, the musician, is indeed a conductor. He conducts everybody’s life, and it was with his support and love that I was conducted to write this book.

My beloved late brother and soul mate, who left me so soon, whose company I was deprived of, is the very reason I wrote this book.

My wise mother, the perfect role model, whose footsteps I will always follow, is certainly the inspiration for my life. The love she has for life inspires me to write and to live.

I was uncertain if I would be able to write in a language other than my own. I had joined a community on the Internet called WritingForums.com, and a Mr. Olly Buckle encouraged me to write in English. It was such a challenge, but it seems he was right.

I had written many short stories, I was posting them on this forum, and I was frustrated, disappointed. I thought I couldn’t write in English - at least, I didn’t think I could write as well as I could write in Portuguese. Then I decided to try a last attempt. I wrote the “Letter to an unknown addressee”. The first person who placed a comment on that piece was my beloved “The Jaded”. Since then we’ve been together, and that piece became the first chapter of this book. If I am to thank someone for helping me to write this book, it should be “The Jaded”. He is my editor. He patiently taught me English as if I was illiterate. This book wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for him. I am so grateful.

I might be forgetting to thank someone, and I apologize if I am. I don’t know how I was able to write a memoir with this poor memory I have of events. I never remember anything. So I should just thank everyone I met in my life: everybody who did good things and bad things to me. You all helped me to write this book. Thank you all!

Vilma Cruz Navega

January 25th, 2013, 10:37 PM
Kudos for you to work on your memoirs!