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January 7th, 2013, 03:17 PM
“Are you all right, dear?”

“Yes, Sam. I only took a nap, sometimes just a nap is enough. I don’t need to sleep, just relaxation is sufficient. It is a Yoga thing, it is called yoganidra, the sleep of the yogis. We lie down, breathe, and relax. We can also meditate, think of good things, good places, really anything we like. I can travel to any place, and I always think I am in your arms.”

“You are, dear. Can’t you see? Since we’ve met I’ve been offering you my chest, and as you said it is your pillow. I am glad I can help you to relax.”
“Are you ready to tell me some more? I suppose now it is your mother’s turn. Last time it was you that went to the hospital.”

“Okay, Sam. But I will tell you it all this time, and we won’t talk about it anymore. It is disgusting to talk about diseases and things like that. I hate when people complain about their illnesses. They seem to be so unhappy, and we are not like them. In fact, we are always laughing and having fun, making jokes out of our misery.”

“How so?”

“I will tell you all about it later, but my mum’s mother, vovó Maria, knew a large number of funny sayings from Portugal, and my mum always quoted them to us. She still quotes them now. That is how we get to laugh all the time.”

“Oh, I see. I look forward to hearing about them. But, please, go ahead, tell me about the other things that happened to your mother, or to yourself.”

“Okay, I will, but as I said, it will be the last time.”
“To tell you the truth, nothing new happened to my mother. She kept having the same problems over and over again. Those two things became chronic – arthrosis and labyrinthitis. If either one of them flare up, my mother needs my assistance for everything. The arthrosis in her left leg prevents her from walking, so whenever she has a crisis, she is in so much pain that she can’t move, and she certainly can’t come downstairs. I need to cook and bring her the meals. She depends on me for bathing, changing diapers, really for pretty much everything. But this thing is inexplicable, it comes and goes. It can last for weeks or months, we never know. We must wait and see. There is a medicine a nice orthopedist recommended her that she can take even with her heart condition. It is an herbal medicine, and it is helping her to prevent the crisis.”

“When was her last crisis? How many times a year does it happen?”

“It happened few months ago, as it does maybe three or four times a year. As I said, it can last for a month.”
“There is also the labyrinthitis, and this is also a nasty condition. During the crisis she is completely lost, she loses the sense of direction and her balance. She can’t walk by herself, even if her legs are okay. So, again I need to walk her, even if she has her walking stick. And this thing lasts longer, last time it lasted for five months straight. And for her this is such a prison, she loves to cook, she is so independent, and she hates to depend on me. I feel so sorry for her, I try my best to make her laugh, and most of the time I succeed.”

“You make her laugh with your grandmother’s sayings.”

“Actually I make her laugh with the versions my brothers made of my grandmother’s sayings. I will explain about that to you later, they are really funny. Let me finish telling about these conditions first, though.”

“Sure, sure, I want to hear about them. The heart problem, is it fixed?”

“Thank God it is. The arrhythmia is being controlled by medicines. Actually my mum is pretty healthy, those two conditions, arthrosis and labyrinthitis, are not that serious, they don’t represent any risk to her life directly. Well, she can fall, actually she did just the other day. She had just been through five months of a strong labyrinthitis crises, and after that was gone she started cooking and being independent again. We were happy, everything was good, but then I dyed her hair with the beautiful henna I brought from India, and the weight of the dough of henna on her head made her lose balance and she fell.”

“Oh, my! I’ve heard old people can hurt pretty badly when they fall down.”

“She was making her bed and I was in the next room, we were in shock when we realized she was on the floor. I told her not to try to get up, we both needed to breathe, and we started to do some pranayamas, breathing exercises from Yoga. It helped us to calm down, both of us were in shock. She had just recovered from five months of doing nothing, that labyrinthitis was so debilitating. She was so happy to be doing things on her own again. She was so disappointed for having fallen.”
“I couldn’t believe myself. I knew she wouldn’t be able to get up, not with that horrible leg, not after a fall. I myself was suffering from a bad shoulder, I’d been writing too much. But I had to carry her to the bed, and I thought to myself ‘Oh, Lord, not again, the whole thing, she just got on her feet!’ But with the help of her physiotherapist the next days she was able to regain self confidence. It is just a psychological thing. In the beginning she was afraid of falling, she was grabbing my arm so strongly, she left a bruise. This was my good arm, not the one with the bad shoulder from my writing, and she grabbed so strongly that it is also hard to use now.”

“Is she walking now? Is she okay?”

“She is dancing samba. She is quite okay. I, on the other hand, am a little overloaded.”

“Oh, Vilminha, what is happening to you?”

“Some little things, just little things, nothing that serious.”

“You are not going to trick me this time. I already know how you deal with things. You say things are not serious, and next thing you are in a surgery room watching the whole thing under anesthetics.”

“No, not this time, no. This time it really is just a little thing. As I said, I have some problems with my shoulder, the physiotherapist is trying to fix it, and Yoga will also help. It comes originally from the time I learned to play the guitar in the classic style, and writing too much has worsened it. But right now I have some skin problems too. Actually it is something that runs in my family, my elder brother, Sergio, also has it, it is something that’s related to the blood as much as it is to the skin. Eduardo also had it many times.”

“What is it?”

“A furuncle, actually furuncles, because I’ve got three now. But there is one that is more painful than the others, on my back. I can’t reach it myself, even though I am quite flexible because of my training in Yoga. If I were to get it removed, I would need somebody’s help to take care of it afterwards. It exploded some years ago, but in the ER they didn’t remove its root, so it kept growing and it is bothering me again. The other two appeared later in my armpit and on my chest, but they are smaller.”
“As I said, my brother Sergio suffers from the same thing, he removed many of them, luckily for him this is a small surgery. I may have to go through these procedures to remove mine, but I don’t know when I will have time. I will have an appointment with a dermatologist anyway, to heal other annoying things on my skin.”

“Vilminha, are you sure you can laugh about all these things?”

“Oh, Sam, believe me, we all can. We all laugh well here. Sometimes we laugh so much, we cry, and we can hardly breathe. Laughter is the best medicine.”

“Anything else you’d like to tell me?”

“Not that I recall. That is pretty much the total of our misery. Could you give me your chest, Sam?”

“Sure, here, take it, dear.”

“Thank you, Sam. What would I do without you?”

“I don’t know, you seem to be doing so well.”

“I can’t live without you, Sam. Believe me, I need you, badly.”

“You’ve got me, dear, don’t be afraid. I won’t leave you, I am staying for good, and I will be your pillow. Here, lay on it.”