View Full Version : (C.8) Human body is obsolete and primitive – Part 3

January 7th, 2013, 03:15 PM
“You keep saying that the body is an obsolete and primitive mechanism. Do you really think that or this is just one of your jokes?”

“I wish I could be living in times of new technology. I know there are things to be discovered in medicine. I don’t expect to see them in my lifetime, not the ones I’d like to see. But you are right, I am mostly joking, I shouldn’t be offending God’s work. Actually the body is such a perfect mechanism, something science hasn’t reproduced much. But it annoys me. The soul is entrapped here. I am free, and this body is keeping me, as if I was imprisoned in a third world jail.”
“I am complaining again. I shouldn’t, I know. I should be grateful, there are people suffering from so many nasty diseases that I don’t, but I can’t help it. It bothers me so much when I face the limits of the body. I also feel so sorry when I see my mother struggling with her own body, trying to overcome her age. It doesn’t seem fair, she has this young mind, and she is entrapped in that old body, it is not fair, not fair at all.”

“Do you feel the same? Are you entrapped in an old body with a young mind?”

“Mum seems to have a younger mind than mine, but her body is definitely older than mine. Both of us never give up, we can’t stand the limits of the body, and we’ve learned from Yoga how to make the body obey the commands of the mind. I am a little tired of maintaining this thing. Since 2007, something has happened every day to me or to my mum, and it is pretty exhausting and stressful, I must admit. And in the meantime Hrday died.”

“You said that something else happened to you. Could you tell me what it was? You took turns, now it is your turn.”

“Oh, okay, my turn. After my kidney stones I was never able to pass urine like normal people. I always must go to the bathroom, my urethra became so tight that I can’t hold my urine for long. But then I started having problems passing stool as well, something was blocking my intestines, and every time I went to the bathroom I had to make so much effort it was like going through labor. Soon enough I’ve developed the symptoms of pathological hemorrhoids, which was quite painful, my anus was bleeding all the time.”

“Oh, Vilminha, I am so sorry.”

“I know, me too. I love Indian food, and I can’t eat it anymore, it is too spicy and it is not recommended for my condition.”
“Anyway, I went to a proctologist, and after he ran some tests he said I needed to go through a colonoscopy to remove a polyp I had in my colon. Even though I was under anesthetics when they performed that procedure I could see the whole thing. When they removed the polyp I could feel it, and I said ‘What is that?’. The doctor was mad at the anesthesiologist because he thought the guy didn’t give me enough propofol.”

“How is that possible?”

“Some people are like me. The anesthesiologist gave me the normal amount, but I am too resistant to drugs. Nothing can turn me off.”
“When they examined the material they collected from the polyp it was a tubular adenoma that was already developing into cancer. Thank God they removed that thing on time, it could be a serious problem otherwise.”

“Can it grow back?”

“They were able to remove the whole thing, but new ones can be formed. I must go through a colonoscopy once a year. However, I didn’t have the one I was supposed to this year.”

“Vilminha, why?”

“I didn’t have time. Mom got ill. Besides, I didn’t have anyone to accompany me. The first time Eduardo was here in Brazil so he went with me. They strongly recommend someone to be with the patient, supposedly we will feel dizzy after the propofol. I didn’t, the thing didn’t do anything to me, I could go by myself, but they wouldn’t allow it.”

“Vilminha, be serious about this. Do you want something like that to happen again?”

“I don’t think it’s happening like it did before. I am not constipated anymore, things are flowing quite well.”

“But still, you won’t be sure unless you do the exam.”

“I know. I will. Maybe my niece, or my maid can accompany me. I will find someone. Even if I can’t find someone now, Eduardo will be here in May. I will think of something. I must see my cardiologist too, I must think of my priorities. So many doctors to visit, mum’s and mine.”

“You said you must visit your cardiologist. Why? Also, you said something about priorities. Are there other doctors you must visit?”

“Actually there are. I go to the cardiologist just to check my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, they use to be quite high, and I am not taking any medication. I should.”

“You should.”

“As I said, I am aware of it, but sometimes I don’t have time.”

“And what about the other doctors?”

“Oh, it is just a stupid little thing. I have sleep apnea, I stop breathing when I am sleeping.”

“What? People can die from that! You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, so I’ve heard.”

“How were you diagnosed?”

“An old friend of mine, my psychiatrist actually, he’s been trying so hard to help me with my sleeping problem, and decided to send me to a sleeping clinic, to run a test called a polysomnography. It was quite interesting. They found out that I woke up 250 times during a six-hour sleep, actually it was 250 awakenings, and 150 half-awakenings, which means I never make it to the depths of a real sleep.”

“Nothing can turn you off. You were not kidding when you said that.”

“Well, they said I should have a surgery to fix my nose, something about a deviation of my nasal septum. But I’d have to sleep with that breathing machine anyway after the surgery, the BPAP - Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure - which would keep me breathing continuously without any interruption.”

“Vilminha, you said this problem was just a stupid little thing. Now you are talking about a surgery and a breathing machine!”

“It is just a stupid little thing, Sam. I can sleep when you offer me your chest. It’s my comfortable pillow, I am always able to sleep there.”

“So, dear, here is my chest. Take it, please, and get some rest.”

“Thank you, Sam. Just the thought of your chest makes me relax.”