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December 17th, 2012, 12:06 AM
The Exhaust spat out dirty smoke like a sewer spits out dirty rats. Rob sat in his equally dirty car with a keg of beer in the back seat. His right ear looked mangled like it had been bitten at by an animal, just the thought of this caused rob to grip tightly onto the steering wheel.

He turns a car around a corner and pulls up at a house with dingy disco lights that are desperately trying to escape. Rob opens the car door and gets out, stumbles a bit from previous drinks, before closing the car door and walking to the back passenger door in order to heave out the keg. He rolls the keg over to the front door with his hands, not taking care to prevent the keg from squashing the front lawn on his way there. As he reaches the front door he sets the keg to a side and knocks on the door. The door opens and another, although far more drunk, teenager slips out. The conversation that takes place is unintelligible, but Rob gets let into the house with the keg of beer. When he makes his way into the house he is pushed over to the storeroom in order to set down the keg and then pushed over to the back of the main room, away from the party and it's atmosphere filled with teenagers, cheap alcohol and inconsistent noise and lights. When Rob forces his way back into the crowd a female adolescent throws up on him and his hands get covered in vomit. He goes to hit her, but manages to stop himself and everyone laughs at him before shoving him out of the way.

Finding himself in the kitchen Rob decides to wash the filth off of his hands. He starts the taps and shoves his hands underneath without care for whatever gets splashed about. Just then. Just then his hands seemed black and his fingers seemed smaller. He gives his hands a shake and they return to normal; so Rob walks away, he is far too stupid to question the situation. Walking back into the main room a couple of guys go to act tough and be a show by muscling Rob around. But no sooner had they come, they left in a hurry. Other people looked at him and screamed. Rob panicked and fell over before scrambling back to his feet. People ran out of the house in a wild flurry of panic and screams. Rob tried to run out but he caught sight of himself in the mirror. His eyes had turned red and were forcing themselves to the sides of his head. His head was becoming narrow. He felt no pain but the mere shock of his changing face caused him to grab hold of his face with his hands; but they were no hands and they had changed into black legs. He buckled as his legs became long and thin but his body grew. Then the very bones in his body forced themselves out and covered his entire body in an exoskeleton as his skin fell to the floor with a splat. Insect like wings grew out of him and then overtook his body in size, he plunged about madly and took off from the floor and flew from wall to wall as he flapped his wings every now and again. Then he smashed his way through the ceiling and flew off. If you were to compare Rob to something now, it would be a giant cicada.

Charlie left the house after he had finished tea. Somehow Jaden had managed to calm down long enough to give that valuable time to eat. He rubbed his hands a little, it would be spring soon Charlie thought. All the ice had melted but the bitter cold was still their in the evenings. Charlie decided to go up to the bridge, you could see the whole area from there but not another soul. It seems like it had been awhile since he visited the Bridge on an evening, the bridge that had changed everything for him. Charlie finally reached the bridge and ran his hands along the side rail of it as he went into the middle of the bridge walkway. Upon reaching the middle he stopped and looked out at the river underneath. Once it was just a river put now waste had built up on one side and was coming over to the side that the town resided on. Everything changes Charlie thought. Just then a screeching, clicking sound could be heard. It came from the corner of Charlie's ear, towards the city. A giant black spot of mass flew across the sky towards Charlie. Another hint to run was not needed. Charlie shot off running a fourth time that day, but his legs ached and pain shot through him causing him to trip over. The giant mass landed in front of him, it was a great evil looking insect that made screeching, clicking noises; the sound of a group of large knives being scraped together. Charlie rolled onto his hands and the creature fires a proboscis from it's mouth and cracks the concrete where Charlie had been. This was the cue to leave. Charlie stumbled but managed to find his footing and ran from the oversized insect which clicked evilly and followed after him. Just as the insect closed in on Charlie a car could be heard and a Mini darted across the bridge towards the insect. It dodges and flies high in order to get some distance. Jaden then steps out of the car.

Charlie's brain tries to take in what had just happened but the shock of everything that had happened scrambled his thought process and all he could managed was "Wh- what are you doing here?"
"Saving you, no need to thank me, you can do it later." says Jaden with a proud smile
Charlie starts shouting at Jaden, but Jaden slips back into the car and pulls out a toy plane with a remote control. "You've come to save me and that's what you've brought!" Shouts Charlie in utter panic. The insect seems to have grasped what was going on down below and plummets straight down towards Charlie. Charlie gets ready to run, but Jaden throws the airplane up into the air and uses his newly freed hand to grab ahold of Charlie and pull him close. He then let go in order to fly the plane and decides to send the plane flying right at the insect. The two forces plummet towards each other. The huge insect with unearthly features shot down towards the plane and the tiny toy plane flew up towards the insect. When the two opposing forces got close to each other the insect bat the toy out of the way with a slam from it's body and continued making it's way towards Jaden and Charlie. "Well that didn't go according to plan." Bemused Jaden.
"You think?" Questions Charlie dryly as he gets ready to fall into despair. The toy plane hits the ground and splits into two. Jaden smiles. He then grabs hold of Charlie and pulls him towards the wreckage. "Hey what you do-" Charlie starts to speak but is silenced by Jaden's fist causing him to fall down and cough over the wreckage of the toy plane. Jaden then pulls Charlie up to his feet as the toy plane rises and puts itself back together again, before changing. It grows in size and the material changes into metal whilst becoming much more akin to a real plane. Two machine guns appear at the nozzle of the plane and what was once a toy plane is now a spitfire. Charlie begins a flurry of questions but Jaden just grins madly and opens the latch to let himself before beckoning Charlie to follow. The insect backs off in confusing and darts around the bridge in a circumference producing more noise sounding like knives being scraped together. "That Beelzebub wannabe has been having it easy so far but let's see what he makes of this." He expertly flicks the dials and checks the gauges before putting the plane into motion. Using the Bridge as a takeoff zone they only narrowly manage to fly over a house on the city side of the bridge. Jaden laughs as Charlie goes white with fear. The proclaimed Beelzebub wannabe now makes for the plane but the spitfire gracefully swings around and faces the insect monster before letting off a round of gunfire and flying over the dropping monster. The insect slams into the bridge and falls into the river before floating back up and being swept into the embankment.

The spitfire has even less of a graceful landing and crash lands along the bridge spraying sparks, metal and concrete in all directions. "Thank you for flying Athraigh Airlines, we hope you've had a pleasant flight and look forward to the next one." Jaden says this with a chuckle as Charlie runs to the latch and out of the plane in order to throw up. Jaden chuckles and gives out another remark "Oi oi I spent time making tea for you to eat not throw up all over the place." Questions pounded through Charlie's mind but some sort of sense was what he needed, something that wouldn't be weird and confusing. "How come no one has noticed what just happened." He says
"Different multi-verses have different things going on and one universe problem is not the problem of another." was the reply from Jaden but it didn't make much sense, so Charlie just shoves it out of his mind. He then asks "What happened to that thing?"
Jaden turns to Charlie "hmm? Oh that insect, it's over there washed up on the embankment." Jaden points to a person however, but on closer inspection that person looks like the thug who had tried to rough up Charlie. "That's that Rob guy I met earlier" he whispered slowly due to the overwhelming amount of confusion. "Oh? Is that his name? I was just going to call him Beezlerob" Jaden says in the usual tone he has, when nothing he says makes any sense. "Hang on" says Charlie "how did you know his name?" But Jaden had made his way back to the Mini-cooper. "Come on we're off home" says Jaden. Charlie wants to argue with the fact that it isn't Jaden's home but decides to get in the car with Jaden. "What will happen to Rob?" Asks Charlie.
"I imagine he'll feel a little on the rough side tomorrow morning and he'll have a tendency to try and eat the sap out of trees for a while, but other than that he'll be fine." That didn't sound like fine to Charlie but this was the closest to making sense Jaden had been yet and so Charlie closed his eyes and fell into a sleep.


Well that's the first bit done. I think I'll do twelve or thirteen parts and split them into six or seven bits. I don't know how long it's going to take but bare with me. Also keep in mind I am doing the first writing of my story project on here so there will probably be a few to a lot of grammatical errors as I haven't fully gone over or rewritten any of this yet. As I have yet to write the future parts. Anyway thanks for reading so far, I hope you enjoyed it at the very least.