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May 31st, 2012, 03:53 AM
Sitting anxiously, a young man waited. His brow sweating gently glistened by the artificial light cast. He stared distractedly at his feet, or in their general direction. The door behind him opened and the sound jolted him into reality. In walked a professional looking woman. She stood behind her desk waiting for the man to stand up. When he didn't she reached out and shook his hand. She sat down slowly and gracefully. Taking a second to look over a folder on her desk she continued to introduce herself. He heard her voice but his mind did not register her words. His eyes were focused on her or at least as focused as they could be. She was beautiful and that made him nervous.

The interview continued, the basic questions were asked and he answered to the best of his abilities. He was shaking most obviously now and his words came out of his mouth in jumbled tones. She noticed his strange behavior but took great care to make him not notice. And so it continued as they both grew increasingly uncomfortable. The young mans father owned the company in question and the interview was more to gauge what kind of work he was capable of. The interviewer proceeded in that nature, trying to glimpse his mental fortitude. He began to sense that his answers may have been of poor quality. His face muscles twitched and convulsed into psychotic grimaces. She ignored out of kindness and asked another question but the only reply was a guttural noise. It was such a tone that the now unnerved women did not know for sure if it came from the man before her.

The meeting went on in much the same manner. The woman examined the man before her carefully and to her surprised he returned a similarly questioning glance. The first signs of sanity but even this look was troubling, as he had first entered reality. His head was tilted slightly and his eyes bulged. All his expressions seemed exaggerated but he did not seem to be in control. Quickly like he was propelled by something outside of himself he began to explain why he was right for the job. His argument was not based in logic but it was an argument after all and showed signs of a person behind the glazed eyes. She smiled throughout his monologue and after he finished she simply remarked “I see.”

Sensing the futility in further questioning and anxious to get home and be down with the nonsense the interviewer stood up and enthusiastically stated “Congratulations Justin, you got the job. Can you begin on Monday.”

“No Mondays my cats birthday...” she interrupted. “Fine then Tuesday it is. Talk to Martin he'll get you set up.”

She had given him detailed instructions which he had not fully remembered. He wandered around for some minutes. He began to worry that he was lost. To embarrassed to ask for directions he tensed up and his head it seemed retracted into his shoulders. By someway of luck our at least coincidence he finally stumbled upon a door labeled Martin Vassar. He stopped before the door, took a second to gather his composure and knocked twice. A voice welcomed him inside and he opened the door..

This office had windows across the length of the back wall. The light bothered his eyes and he began to complain. The man behind the desk laughed nonchalantly and said “Well we can close the curtains if you like.” Justin shook his head in agreement. “ If you would just turn that light on behind you I will shut the curtains.”

After all was settled and the men had retaken there seats Martin began. “So Justin, you will be working in the mail room. It's pretty simple work and I'm sure you will have no problem grasping your tasks. Tonya will be your supervisor. She is a wonderful woman and I'm sure you two will get along.”

Martin continued talking of company policy, holidays, casual Friday, Christmas parties, unsolicited touching or masturbation in the work place, standard procedure. When the topic of dress code came up Justin reeled back in his chair. He gave the man the same questioning gaze as before only this time noticeably more agitated.

“What!” he continued to repeat each instance sounding more shocked then the last.

Justin did not own a suit and had no intention of ever acquiring one. Anyway the rest of his meeting went on without a hitch. He was forwarded down the hall to a woman named Pam who would run the necessary background check and give him his employee credentials.

He entered the room at the end of the hall, cautiously he hesitated but the woman inside waved him in. She was picking at a salad waiting, by tendency, for five o clock to come around.. Justin sat down and they talked briefly. The conversation was along the lines of what is your name, date of birth, social security number etc etc. She had the idea that he would not pass even the most lenient psychiatric evaluation but she to knew the drill. She touched his hand and began to take his fingerprints. At first he resisted but eventually he became submissive. Though relent he did, he was no more comfortable with the situation and he began to talk to himself. She could not make out what he was saying, his head was down and his eyes were closed. She made out something about annihilation or destruction but she could not be sure. Soon enough all was done and Justin had nothing left to do but come back on Monday, sorry I mean Tuesday. Monday is his cats birthday.

May 31st, 2012, 03:55 AM
Come back on Tuesday when Justin goes to work. Who knows what kind of trouble he'll get into. Maybe he'll spill pudding on his new suit or get his tie trapped in a vending machine or maybe he'll get trapped in a vending machine. Anything is possible.

May 31st, 2012, 11:59 PM
"Sensing the futility in further questioning and anxious to get home and be down with the nonsense"
Do you mean "done" with the nonsense?

"Can you begin on Monday.”
Question mark

"...sorry I mean Tuesday. Monday is his cats birthday."
You wrote the whole thing in third person, I see why you did it, but it seems sort of odd to put an "I" in there. You could just say something along the lines of "sorry, Tuesday, Monday is the cat's birthday"

Tell me if I am being scrupulous or something, because I am new to this. I apologize if I am doing something wrong.

The cat birthday made me laugh :)

June 1st, 2012, 06:44 AM
No it's cool man I wrote the whole thing as a joke I know this kids he's a bit strange nice though. I wondered what it would be like if he went for a job interview. I wrote a follow up to this Justin's first day where I acknowledge myself as a narrator I just thought it funny.

June 15th, 2012, 06:35 PM
This might be interesting. Your character is odd and the dialogue proves this. I'm not convinced that they would realistically hire someone who said it's his cat's birthday on Tuesday, though that was pretty funny. I guess since he's the son of the company owner, they gave him a break. I'd develop that a little bit, though, just to clarify the story so the readers can understand why they would hire such a ridiculous boy. Not bad, though.