View Full Version : Beneath The Willow Tree

May 8th, 2012, 10:12 PM
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The trees blurred to the edge of my vision as I ran full speed towards the place my father had instructed me to go. I kept looking back hoping to catch another glimpse of my sister, Annabelle.
I couldn't see or hear her running behind me, I prayed to God that she didn't get lost. She should know the way like the back of her hand, we went to this secret place almost every day. As I neared my destination, my ears recognized the sound of a flowing creek, calming my ragged breathing. There it was, our willow tree.

The willow was larger than any my father had seen, he had excitedly explained this to my mother when we first moved here five years ago from our homeland, Sweden. My father sought adventure and a promise of a lucrative logging business in the new world. My mother followed him without question, blanketed in a haze of deep love, she would have follow him anywhere.