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April 12th, 2012, 09:36 PM
The Taking

There he was. A shattered being in a world full of….. Undamaged… unhurt…. People…. And then there’s him. Amidst a crowd of faces looking lonely and lost. With his ice cold eyes, as blue as sapphire, spiky blond hair that reflected sun beams of hopelessness… When I say blonde, I mean a beautiful yellow. A freckled face highlighted by his lanky figure. That was Parker for ya. Parker is… different… chosen one would say. How? Well… we’ll get to that in due time. A new story is about to unfold. I can feel it.

“Where have you been?!? You’re an hour after curfew!”

That’s Violet for you. Uptight and bossy. Just cause she’s Parker’s sister.

“Sorry… Is Mrs. Willow mad?”
Violet’s eyes went from a raging fire to a calm black. She sighed and shook her black hair.

“Parker you don’t need to call her that.. Just call her mom… or atleast by her first name… I mean you’ve been living with us for years, I swear you and Bo..”

A girl with white hair walked up behind Violet, her wide, hazel eyes fixated on Parker and then said, “Violet.. Leave him alone.. God…. Your such a jerk sometimes… Come on Parker, follow me.”

Parker followed the girl to her room. “What’s wrong.. Want to talk about anything?”

Parker’s eyes glanced at a notebook beside her bed, with letters on it that said “Rain”… She really had terrible handwriting.
“It’s just Noelle… and…”
“Ooooh okay I see. It’s her huh?”

“Uh… yeah… she hasn’t been talking lately and I think I saw another cut on her arm…. I tried to talk to her but I get nervous….”
“Parker,” Rain said, “You and her have a special relationship.. You’re broken.. But she is tattered. If anyone can help her… it would be you.” Parker and Noelle weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend… just good friends.

“Look at me Parker.” Parker wiped his faces of a single drop of liquid and glazed his eyes at Rain. “No matter what happens… You have to keep that bond. You and her have a bond that stretches and connect you two. Stay with her and be strong.. Never sever that bond.” Rain pulled up her sleeve revealing her own story. A teardrop rained down on her arm. “My bond was broken and I was left stranded. Like you. I’m like you. I had no one either… that’s why I’m in here.. That’s why You, Me, Bo, and Violet are all in here. All in this orphanage taking on the Willow name. I almost did the same thing you did. Remember that night?” An awkward silence passed.
“My mom and dad were killed too. Violet chose to be here. That’s why she might be mean to you sometimes….. Look.. Everyone has a bond…. You might not know it… some are just more important… more significant….. Everyone only has a few important bonds.. I have a bond with you… Mrs. Willow… Violet.. And Bo. Look they’re worth keeping and improving. Be the motivator. I know you don’t like to stand up for what you think or feel… But without courage and hope… nothing good can happen… remember that.. Help her.”
Rain got up and left… Parker soon left too, he went to Bo.

“Hey Bo! What’cha doin?”

The boy with the short brown hair looked at Parker with his lightly colored brown eyes. “Hey Parker… Look.. I’m going to the woods tonight to run away.. Want to come with me?” he motioned at me with his left arm, the one that was wrapped in medical wrap all the way from the knuckles to the shoulder. Bo had to wear that for seven years, everyday since the fire. The fire that took his parents and his little sister, and permanently damaged him since he was five.
“Uh….. Sure…..” Parker had the look of death masked on, because he didn’t know what to say, disappoint his best friend, and younger brother, only by a year, or go and get in trouble. He Didn’t want to hurt the bond.
“OK! Let’s go at midnight!”


Bo came and shook Parker from his bed. “Let’s go,” he whispered.

Parker and Bo ran through the woods and got to a cleared out area… but they heard screams.

“Oh, shoot, what the heck is that?” Bo was petrified… So was Parker… Parker whispered something.

“What?” Bo said..

“NOELLE!!!!!” Parker dashed towards the sound. Bo followed very closely. What they saw stunned both of them… Noelle was being muffled by a demon like creature.
“Holy crap….”
“Put Noelle down now. Or I will personally kill you.” Bo looked at parker with a look of shock..
“What’s gotten into you, Parker?”
“I will go to any extent to save our bond. Put. Her. Down.”

The demon charged at Parker but was stopped.. A man intercepted the attack and sliced it with his sword. His sword was very small at the hilt and had about a length of about three foot, which was pointed at the top, coming in from both sides. The man looked in his twenty’s and he had on blue jeans, vans, a Skillet shirt, topped off with white hair and a green and white stripped hat.

“Haha, gotcho butt, boiiii” The man just started laughing. The demon was wailing in pain as another demon popped out of a portal type thing. The other one grabbed Noelle. The two demons laughed and went back into the portal. Parker ran for the portal but it vanished. He jumped to try to dive into the portal, but face planted the dirt and slid about a foot.

Parker screamed so loud that it woke the sleeping townsfolk up. The man walked over to the crying Parker.

“Why so down, Kid?” the man said, kneeling beside Parker, as Bo just stood there.
“I--- couldn’t save the bond……. I COULDN’T DO IT!!!!!! DANGIT.!!!!!!!!!”

“Look kid, do you care about her?”
“Yes! Yes I do.....so much…. I LOVED HER SO MUCH!”
“How much?”
“What kind of question is that----?”
“Is she worth you risking your life… for this ‘bond’?”
“What do you mean?…..”
“I can help you. I see a lot of potential in you.. But to do this… You’re gonna have to work with me first… Haha… What do ya say?”
“I guess…. “
The man got up.
“Good. Come, follow me…”
Parker got up and proceeded to follow.
“You, the other one,” the man said, “Go home and cover for him. You can’t come.”

“Ok….” Bo ran home but turned back.

“Bye Parker… I love you!”

“There it is.”
“Haha, yep, a lot of people say that.. Are you ready for this? There’s no turning back if you say yes.”
Parker hesitated..

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