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April 7th, 2012, 03:18 AM
Hello everyone. The last time I was on here was in 2010. I'm not sure why I didn't sign in again, I really wish I did. But anyway tonight, I remembered the forum and I'm going to log in daily now and share my work with you. I'm currently working on a Novel at the moment, but today I want to share what I've written since I was last on here. I really feel I've developed as a writer and I've developed as a person since the last time I was on here. Below is a short story I did when it was Anti-Bullying week, a while back, I didn't really show it anyone. I hope you enjoy the read and I'm glad to be back. :)


Jeremy (2011)

I'm sat here. Twiddling my thumbs. Looking at the clock, watching that minute go by. When whilst that minute was going by, I could have been saving someones life or doing something constructive. But no, I continue to just watch the time pass me by. I only write in this diary, as I find it is the only constructive thing I can do. Also, my diary does not judge me, or make me feel alone. It's the only thing that comforts me and I can come and write in it whenever I feel is necessary. People say to me that life is too short to just sit there, doing nothing. They tell me I should break the rules, do everything I can. Perhaps they are right. But they do not know my situation, why I don't like to socialize or spend my life partying it up and experiencing everything I can. Right now, right here. I could die. Life throws many things towards us and sometimes it can be hard to just brush them off and act like everything is okay.

Today was a Monday perhaps the worst day of the week. Means I have to return back in to the outside world and go to school. I try to do everything I can to stop going. Every lesson is hell, always sat infront of people who are making snidey comments about the way you look, thinking that they're the best. Well today, I took the courage to confront them, ask them if they could stop and just think how they are making me and other people feel. They just responded with violence. Seems many people think that is the way to sort things these days. You would be amazed at how much stuff would change if people could settle things with speech.

I write in this diary hoping that someday, someone will read it, maybe it will help them. Hopefully it does help someone, I hold it close every night as it is the only thing that keeps me going. My mother passed away and my father is always away on business meetings, he's really busy so I'm always alone. He is a good father, he is just never there. He sends me money and returns to see me every week or so. But it's not enough, I never have the courage to tell him what's happening at school. Sometimes I just don't go. But I don't like to cause hassle to my father as he returns very angry in order to get me to go to school. If only he understood, but I can never tell him. But If I did, it wouldn't be a problem any more. I try to tell the teachers, but I don't trust them. I don't trust anyone, other than my father and my good friend Richard, who also gets bullied. Me and Richard both get bullied by the same people, so we both know how it feels. Richard has also not told his Mother and Father, they are always there. I keep telling him to tell them. He never does.

I still keeping watching that clock, waiting for my father to return home. I'm finally going to tell him. I'm not going to be afraid any more. I will never forget Richard, he was my rock and it's sad he felt that there was no option. I considered it a few times. But this diary has kept me going. It's been everything to me. Without it, I would have been very alone. Richard didn't keep a diary, which made me very upset, I would never know how he really felt.

I heard the door handle twist and the door open. I heard the suttle tone of my father's voice shout my name. I rushed over with open arms, it was amazing to see him again. Being so alone makes it feel like it's been a lifetime since I have seen him. I do have someone watch over me, the sweet old lady next door. But she doesn't know my problem, she just helps me make food and do my washing. She makes me feel very safe, but I never got the courage to tell her. My father was telling me all about his trip and how much he had missed me. I finally said the words "I need to tell you something." He sat next to me and said "What's the problem, son?" I told him all about it. The next day in school, I saw the bullies being taken to the Headteachers office, and of course before they got called they were making comments again. It wasn't just verbal bullying though, it was physical also. I looked at the side of me, hoping Richard was there. That day at school, was nothing like before. I started to talk to people at school, I started to enjoy school and make friends. It was the best day of my life. This was all because I told someone. I should have done this a long time ago, I'm finally safe.

I will continue to write in this diary and someday I hope that someone after I have passed will find it and that it will help them.


Feedback appreciated.

April 7th, 2012, 01:21 PM
Thanks for the reply. I agree on everything you said after re-reading it through. I'll definitely improve on the things you told me above. Thanks for taking the time to read and taking the time to provide feedback. Really appreciated, thanks. :)