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March 16th, 2012, 05:53 PM
Passing acres of sage green grass, Alyssa assumed that she was now in Mount Kilimanjarah National Park. No mudslide so far. That was good. And she had the cold detergent bomb to defeat it, even though this would be a hundred times more challenging than the snake.
“Hey, Rafiya, do you have future-predicting powers?” asked Alyssa.
Rafiya shook her head.
“No sorcerer or sorceress does. Farhani used a magical tracker to see where the snake was and what it was doing.”
“Oh, I see.”
The two hopped out of the car, staring at the mountain. It looked gigantic and dazzling from a distance. Alyssa still considered mountains in Alaska and other colder climates more beautiful with the pine trees, flowers and snow-covered tops.
“Alyssa, was that fruit and yogurt cup enough for you?” Rafiya asked Alyssa.
Alyssa looked down at her striped shirt and her short shorts. Her shirt and had a scoop neck, which made the chances of heavy bleeding more likely. She wanted to wear something that could protect her body. But what?
Rafiya’s friend’s husband not only gave them the bomb, but also a wing-pack since the monster would be too big to defeat from the ground. That wouldn’t be enough, though. She needed something like armor or some sort of protection suit. Thinking about the armor, she decided it would be too heavy and hard to manage. After all, she wasn’t a knight, even though the monster may have the same or similar aggressiveness as a dragon.
Now she needed to think about a protection suit that would work, something that would keep herself from bleeding. A radiation suit wouldn’t work. It did not serve the same purpose since it was obviously created by a regular person, not a wizard.
“Rafiya, what can I wear while fighting the monster?”
“Farhani will be coming with a shielding-poncho and a helmet.”
“Why a helmet?”
“So that your face and head won’t bleed. You’ll also need to put you hair up in a hairnet.”
“Okay. So what do you wanna do while we wait?”
“I’m here now,” Farhani appeared, startling Alyssa a little bit.
“I’ve got the everything, as you can see. I’d suggest you first put your hair up in the hairnet.”
“I won’t need to take my half-ponytail down, right?”
“It may be easier if you do, but you don’t have to. If you can put it all up the way it is, that would be great.”
Farhani handed Alyssa the hairnet. Piling her hip-length hair little by little, she pulled the hairnet onto her head.
“Perfect,” said Farhani. “Now the helmet and poncho.”
Alyssa put the helmet on, her vision darkened through the mask attached in the front. Well, this must have been used to protect the face. She certainly didn’t want her face to bleed; otherwise she’d look like a smallpox survivor with cuts and scars. She could never wear make-up on a scarred face. Maybe it would not be worth it to wear cream, either.
Sliding the poncho over her head, Alyssa noticed the neck stretching while sinking down her helmet. Amazing, but not important.
“Now put the bomb in your pocket,” Farhani instructed.
As soon as Alyssa put the bomb in her poncho pocket, the ground began to shake. Seconds passing, the shaking grew stronger.
Trying to keep her balance, Alyssa leaned on Rafiya’s car. But somehow, Rafiya and Farhani kept their balance, standing still, stationary like a tall, thick tree. How was that possible? That seemed to break the laws of physics. Wait. Farhani and Rafiya were wizards. Maybe magic kept them from losing their balance.
“I better go.” Farhani disappeared.
Eyeing the mountain, Alyssa saw some mud sliding like a waterfall. This was it now. Here was the monster. Her heart pushed through her chest loud like thunder. Her nerves knotted into tight little knots.
As the mud reached the sea level-ground, incoming mud piled up, bubbling like a giant boiling-mud bath. Alyssa felt like her heart stopped beating, as the mud grew taller. Yes, she had all her equipment on, but where was her wing-pack?
“Alyssa, put this on quickly,” cried Rafiya, handing Alyssa the wing-pack. Sliding it on, Alyssa could hear a deep growl; her stomach broke into little pieces.
Looking up at the monster, he had big black eyes, a wide mouth, and thick arms and hands. His face was facing down at her, looking ferocious.
Alyssa let out a little moan and backed away.
“I’ll press the green button for you,” Rafiya whispered.
Rafiya pressed the button, causing Alyssa to rise above the ground. The wings flapped, aiming Alyssa toward the monster.
“No! No! Wrong way!” she screeched, kicking her legs. Still screaming, the wings didn’t seem to do what she wanted.
The monster roared and slapped Alyssa away from him. Tumbling in the air, Alyssa felt grateful to not only be wearing the proper equipment, but also being further away from the monster.
Looking down, she seemed to be hundreds of feet above the ground. Her guts tangled since she had nothing to secure her for safety other than what she was wearing. What if the wing-pack broke and she fell? If Rafiya couldn’t stop her, she’d die.
But was now really the time to think about that? She had to defeat the monster as well as control her flying.
The mud slid off her poncho. Looking down again, she saw a huge crowd of people, watching her as well as the monster.
“How is she flying?” Alyssa heard a man cry. “Or is that an angel?”
The monster turned to the people and roared, scaring them away. It then turned back to Alyssa, who was reaching her hand inside her pocket. Leaning its head toward her and opening its mouth, Alyssa screamed, knowing that it would eat her.
She spread out her arms like Peter Pan and pushed her body away from the monster. The wings flapped and took her in the direction she wanted. Hooray! She did it. She learned how to control her flying. And best of all, the bomb was still in her pocket.
Or was it? Alyssa felt her hear harden as the bomb rolled out of her pocket. Uh oh. That wasn’t good. Rafiya said it would only kill the monster. But what if it didn’t land on the monster? Who would it kill?
When the bomb finally left her pocket, it fell all the way onto the ground.
“Nooo!!!” screamed Alyssa.
But it was too late. The bomb was already near the ground. The monster even grabbed her with its muddy hands, making her panic even more.
This was it. Her life would be over now. Pablo would be as happy as a free horse, running in the field.
She felt like gagging when the monster put her near his mouth. Its breath smelled like a mix of rotten eggs and skunk scent. But before it could eat her… boom! Icy blue smoke exploded it and spreading into the air.
But how? The bomb didn’t touch it. It touched the ground. Did it roll toward the monster?
Not knowing much about bombs (which was actually a good thing), Alyssa couldn’t figure out how the bomb eventually touched the monster. It probably just killed the monster since Rafiya said that was its only purpose.
Free again, Alyssa soared down to the ground, out of breath.
“Good job, Alyssa,” Rafiya said. “You defeated the second entity.”
“Thanks, but how did the bomb--?”
“It rolled to the monster since that was its purpose. It only kills magical monsters, not people.”
“I see. I also noticed a big crowd of people.”
“Well, of course. Why would this not be strange to them?”
“Good point.”
“So are you ready to go now?”
Alyssa nodded and hopped back into the car with Rafiya.

Back into the Serengeti Plains, the reddish orange sunset stretched across the sky. Alyssa could not wait to eat dinner and go to bed. But what about the killer baobab tree? Where would that be? When would Alyssa defeat that?
Although she defeated the snake and the monster, from what Farhani described, it sounded like only a person as strong as Hercules could defeat it. Alyssa was skinny enough for the tree to kill her in a snap.
Rafiya created the campsite while Alyssa unloaded her stuff. Two sudden swishes startled Alyssa, causing her to turn her head around. Her nerves swelled when she saw who those wizards were…. Colin and Stephen, Pablo’s servants.
No. It could not be. Alyssa had to be having illusions. The air still boiled like the desert at night.
But this was not the desert, and Alyssa had never heard of illusions in the savannas. Having to accept that these men were real and not illusions, Alyssa felt her heart turning into iron.
“Rafiya!” shouted Stephen.
Alyssa turned to Rafiya, who looked like she was going to have a heart attack from her fright.
“What are you two doing here?”
Colin and Stephen disappeared and appeared up close to Rafiya.
“We’re here to take you with us!” growled Stephen. “You have been helping Alyssa defeat Pablo! He already lost a sixth of his magical abilities!”
“Pablo is very disgusted!” Colin added. “He demanded that we take you to the dungeon, where you’ll be turned into stone!”
Alyssa’s stomach dropped all the way to her feet. Her heart froze into dry ice. Rafiya would turn into stone? No way! She had to have misheard Colin, or assume Colin was just trying to scare Rafiya.
“Rafiya, disappear and save yourself!” Alyssa cried. “Disappear somewhere where they won’t find you!”
“But I don’t want to leave you to the final task alone!”
“And I don’t want you to turn into stone!”
A shooting of orange sand zoomed across Alyssa’s eyes and into Rafiya’s. It looked like the sand Pablo shot in her eyes a few nights ago. Uh oh. Colin and Stephen were putting Rafiya to sleep.
Colin and Stephen moved their wands around, letting out a flash of white light until Rafiya disappeared.
“No!” squealed Alyssa. “You--”
“Don’t you dare insult us!” roared Stephen, aiming his wand at her. “Now get everything you own and run away! I hope that tree kills you tomorrow!”
Alyssa grabbed her stuff and ran, but not fast enough due to her heavy suitcase. The heat felt hotter. She also sensed some bright light.
Turning around, horror struck her eyes. Colin and Stephen were setting the campsite on fire.
Tears filled Alyssa’s eyes and streamed down her cheeks. Running farther away, she completely broke down. Not only would she never see Rafiya again, but also her campsite. It burned down by the second.
“I w-wanna kill them,” she sobbed. “I j-just wanna k-kill them.”
Would Farhani be next? Would he turn into stone? Thoughts of losing the people who helped Alyssa haunted her mind.
Even if she defeated the tree, Pablo would somehow regain his powers and probably kill her, or more likely, turn her into stone.