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February 17th, 2012, 01:01 PM
Penelope Wryter is a troubled teen in a south side Chicago high school, just barely getting by. Since her father passed away and her sister Tabitha committed suicide, she fell into the drug scene. But Pen’s drug of choice isn’t just any drug. “Fix” is man-made drug for the treatment of depression that has now become illegal. And the only way she can see Zeek is if she takes it.

It doesn’t help that her friend Rose was the one who started her on Fix. In school, after popping the pill, Pen starts to watch Zeek form. Some students feel a presence in the room—especially Walker, knowing Pen and having a relationship with her in the past. Everyone has a different experience on Fix, especially in fixed circles.

Penelope escapes with Zeek, hoping to tell him she’s finally quitting the drug for good. She’s been having some side effects and knows full well the repercussions. But when Pen takes Zeek to the tower, she is having second thoughts about telling him. Zeek gets the vibe something’s wrong.

Since Zeek shows signs he may lose her again, he finally shows her a deeper side to himself. Telling Pen how much he loves her and wants to protect her, he opens up—literally. Wings form and spread out as Zeek pours his soul to her. Penelope is confused and doesn’t want to hurt him. She knows living in a fantasy world isn’t the answer.

Zeek disappears after Pen backs off. Shaken up, she races down the stairs to leave and stumbles, hitting her head. After calling her close friends, Pen gets picked up and goes home. Walker tries to help, yet Pen back away remembering their roller-coaster relationship. Walker feels rejected and leaves.

This whole time, Rose has been talking about having a “fixed circle” party at her house since her parents are away. Candace Roman has got Walker’s attention now as he throws it in Pen’s face. Pen is also bothered Rose invited Candace. She always thought Rose hated her like all the rest of the popular girls. Yet ironically, one of the girls in their school went missing.

Pen confides in an old friend from grammar school—Janelle. Janelle is sweet and nice and supportive. Doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t hang out with the wrong crowd or involves herself with that drama. But she can’t relate to Pen as much.

During the “fixed circle” Pen is thrown in a torturous game that Zeek gets caught up in, not knowing it’s a prank or not. Through this dream-like state, she’s chased by masked people ready to hurt Zeek. Just as the mysterious tribe is prepared to burn him, Walker grabs her out to safety.

When Pen wakes up from the drug-stupor she sees that some of the group is missing. As Pen goes looking, she stumbles on Rose’s room. Looking around, she realizes, with all the gymnastic trophies, Pen doesn’t know Rose like she thought.

After finding them in the garage, Rose tells her Candace went home. But when Pen goes to school the next day, she overhears some of her friends saying that Candace is officially missing, just like the other girl in school.

Pen goes back to the tower for some Fix and hopes to find more answers about Zeek. She visits a young prostitute and waits for the drug dealer. There the prostitute tells her about the haunting on the rooftop, and why it’s all gated up. When the prostitute describes the apparition, Pen is troubled to think it could be Zeek.

After Pen gets home, she reminisces about Tabitha and often goes in her room. Trying to grab her picture, it falls behind Tabitha’s dresser. There Pen finds a hollow piece of wood in the floorboards and finds a jewelry box with pills in it—Fix. When she cleans up, she sees a number on the back of the picture and becomes curious.

Just before school, Pen takes one of the pills and sees Zeek again. But he’s avoiding her for some reason. She’s is haunted that he may have had a life before this. Pen also thinks Rose and or her friends may have something to do with the disappearance of Candace and the other girl. Pen becomes suspicious of Rose and the group.

Later on Pen confides in Janelle again. She tells her not to worry—that there’s a small senior dance coming up and to enjoy her life. During the day, Pen traces down the unknown number’s address and where it’s linked to. When she pulls up to the house, she sees an older man and catches sight of Zeek’s picture on the mantel. She realizes Tabitha and him must have dated or at least known each other.

Friday night, Penelope gets invited to go out with Rose and the crew, even though Pen is still wary, she wants to find out more information. Later that night, they all party in the woods. Things get out of hand and the group separates. When Pen goes out further into the woods, she finds one of the bodies of the missing girls—Candace.

After calling the cops and finally settling down for a while, Walker consoles Penelope as they are finally civil with each other and are getting along. Most of her friends convince her to go to the dance and to relax about the whole situation, so she agrees. But after Rose goes M.I.A. from the dance hall, Penelope has this sick feeling things aren’t over yet.

All throughout the halls, Pen looks for Rose, but sees nothing until she hears some faint cries coming from the drama room. And as Pen continues to follow the faint noises, she finds Rose all tied up backstage. That’s when someone creeps out from behind the curtain with a knife in their hand. When they step out, Penelope is in shock to find out who it is—Janelle.

Janelle confesses she was bullied and tormented but all the girls in gymnastics years ago—most of all Rose. Janelle tells Pen, Rose was behind the torture of her “imaginary friend” during the fixed circle and that Zeek wasn’t just imagery. He was Janelle’s step brother too. He died trying to help her, running after all of them as Rose and the girls chased Janelle. Zeek got his shoelace caught in the railroad tracks, just before a train was coming. But it was too late for Zeek.

Penelope struggles with Janelle as she lunges at her. And just as Janelle attacks Pen, she stumbles on some ropes causing the knife to slice into her chest.

Weeks later, Pen takes Tabitha’s ashes to the tower and spreads them over the rooftop edge. She is now officially off Fix and gets her life back together. Even though she still has side effects, she is seeing a doctor. Still taking drugs, though this time it’s now a prescription.

bazz cargo
March 17th, 2012, 11:19 PM
I remember this, or at least part of it. The premise is quite interesting, What is real, what can you depend on? Have you developed the characters and worked on the world they inhabit? Have you any ideas on foreshadowing? How about the crisis moment. Or will you just let them go and see what happens?