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February 7th, 2012, 01:02 AM
Hi All,

Greeting Card Association of UK (web site) has really impressed me with what seems to be good advice and leads.

Writing For Greeting Cards - GCA: The Greeting Card Association (http://www.greetingcardassociation.org.uk/info-resource/writers/writing-for-greeting-cards)

One of my desires is to write the kind of verse which appeals to Mr and Mrs greeting-card-buyer.

Poetry in one of its highest forms. Cleverly constructed words which take on a beauty all of their own, moving the reader to add his or her own emotion before the picture is complete. Yes, I must admit, there are some less than perfect examples out there. LOL

Looking at the payment page, I could not imagine trying to survive on this craft and I would probably get better value for money just writing for the simple pleasure.

Have you done any paid card work? If so, would love to hear your experiences and/or views.