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November 8th, 2011, 03:20 PM
Disclaimer: This work is a homage to the original series of "The Prisoner". I do not own any rights to the series or any names involved. This is not fan fiction this is just simply my attempt of turning it into a film

please enjoy and please comment

Scene One

[Opening Titles. Number 6 driving his car through London, heading to an office block. He drives into the buildings underground car park, parks his car and heads for the stairs up to the buildings entrance. He walks through the glass front doors and walks towards the elevator. He heads up to the 17th floor and exits. Walking forcefully through a very small corridor, he burst through a door which leads into an office. He strides in and takes a letter, which has “resignation, written by hand” written in the envelope, out of the breast pocket of his suit jacket and slams it on the desk and walks back out, down the corridor, down the elevator and towards the car park. He gets into his car and heads back home. Following Number 6 towards his home is a black car, however number 6 doesn’t notice it. Number 6 arrives home and walks straight in, heads upstairs and grab a suitcase off the top of his wardrobe and begins packing some clothes. The black car following number 6 pulls up outside his house. Number 6, still packing starts to hear a noise and goes downstairs to investigate. Once downstairs he starts to smell gas and passes out.]

[Fade to black]

Scene Two

[Fade in]

[Number 6 wakes up in what seems to be the room he passed out in, he starts wandering round to see if anybody is around. He walks past a window and glances out. He is shocked to see that outside isn’t London but a strange area he has never seen before. He opens the window and looks outside, he sees somebody taking chairs off some tables outside what seems to be a little coffee shop. He closes the window leaves the building that he woke up in and races to where he saw the coffee shop. As he gets there he sees a man taking chairs off the last table, he notices that they are wearing a badge with the number 127 written on it]

Number 6: Where am I?

Number 127: You’re new here aren’t you? Don’t think I’ve seen you here before.

Number 6: [confused] What! Where am I? Where is this place?

Number 127: The Village?

Number 6: Do you have a phone? I would like to make a call.

Number 127: No am afraid we don’t, however there is a phone box around the corner.

Number 6: [still confused] Thank you.

[Number 6 begins to walk off in the direction of the phone box]

Number 127: Be seeing you.

[Number 6 turns the corner to the phone box and sees a strange looking telephone receiver, he looks confused but picks it up]

Operator: Number please!

Number 6: What exchange is this?

Operator: [Slightly less patient] Number please!

Number 6: I want to make a call to London number

Operator: [interrupting Number 6 and getting really impatient] This phone is for local calls only, what is your number sir?

Number 6: [completely bemused at what he has just been asked] I haven’t got a number!

Operator: Well then sir, no number no call! Good day!

[The phone line goes dead, Number 6 puts down the phone and goes walking around the village trying to find out where he is. He notices an ‘Information Board’ and goes towards it, he sees a map of “The Village” and a series of buttons labelled individually, he pushes the button labelled “taxi”, as soon as he presses the button a taxi pulls up where he is standing. There is a woman in the driver’s seat, again he notices a numbered badge displaying the number 74 on it]

Number 74: Hello sir, where to?

[Number 6 just looks at the driver in amazement at how quickly she turned up]

Number 74: Bonjour monsieur, ou voulez-vous aller?

Number 6: Take me to the nearest town or city!

Number 74: Sorry sir but I’m afraid that this is only the local service.

Number 6: Right well take me as far as you can.

[The taxi sets off down the narrow street, number 6 is sat in the back of the taxi]

Number 6: Why did you speak to me in French?

Number 74: Well French is an international language, many countries speak it I thought perhaps you were Belgian.

Number 6: [Confused] What would a Belgian be doing here?

Number 74: This place is very cosmopolitan; you never know who you’re going to meet here.

[The taxi drives through a series of streets until it pulls up outside a small shop]

Number 74: Sorry sir but this is the end of the line.

Number 6: But we haven’t travelled far!

Number 74: [Confused] But I did tell you this was only the local service. Anyway that’ll be a charge of two units.

Number 6: Units?

Number 74: Credit units, method of payment here in The Village, never mind as you’re new here you can have this trip free. Be seeing you.

[The taxi sets off leaving Number 6 even more lost then he was before, still unsure of his surroundings he decides to enter the shop he had been dropped off at. As he walks in he sees a small corner shop with shelves filled will an assortment of tins and bags and a small deli counter. A male shop keeper is standing behind the counter counting stock. As number 6 opens the door, a bell rings to inform the shopkeeper of someone’s arrival, he turns to greet who has walked through the door, number 6 notices yet another numbered badge this time it is the number 57]

Number 57: Ah a very good morning to you sir, how can I help you?

Number 6: Good morning. Do you stock maps?

Number 57: Yes we do sir, are you after one in colour or black and white?

Number 6: Just a map.

[Number 57 turns around to a small cabinet, opens a drawer and produces a map and hands it to number 6]

Number 57: There you go sir.

[Number 6 opens up the black and white map and sees that it is just the area of the village he is in, with the words “Your Village” written on the bottom right hand side of the map]

Number 6: Actually I meant a larger map, this one wasn’t what I was looking for

Number 57: The only larger maps we have are in colour sir and they are much more expensive.

Number 6: That’s fine.

[Number 57 hands Number 6 a bigger map which was in colour, Number 6 opens up the map and sees that it’s a larger version of the map he had just been shown in black and white]

Number 6 Erm….that’s not what I meant, I didn’t mean a larger sized map I meant a larger area.

Number 57: Oh I’m sorry sir we don’t stock them. There isn’t any demand for them I’m afraid.

[Number 57 realises Number 6 is new to the village]

Number 57: You’re new here aren’t you?

Number 6: Just passing through

Number 57: [chuckles at number 6’s comment] Well I look forward to the pleasure of your custom. We have all sorts of amenities here

[Number 6 heads towards the door]

Number 57: Be seeing you.

[Number 6 leaves the shop and starts to head back towards the building where he awoke to see if he can find out some clue as to where he is and how he got there. On his way back, he sees a few people wandering round, dressed in very similar clothing and all wearing numbered badges. As he gets back to the building the door automatically opens]

November 10th, 2011, 01:37 PM
Hi- Um....so.... I don't quite understand, this looks almost like a transcription from the series 'The Prisoner'. Am I correct?

November 10th, 2011, 01:47 PM
Hi, this is my attempt of a film script to 'the prisoner' based very loosely on the original tv series.

November 10th, 2011, 02:01 PM
Ah, ok. In that case, I would include that upfront in your introduction along with a disclaimer.

I don't now what the forum rules are regarding existing material being adapted for scripts, so maybe check with the script moderator? People can get very legally sticky about their intellectual property :)