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July 24th, 2011, 11:01 PM
The key to making your book known is to drive people to your website. the more hits it gets, the faster it climbs to the first page of Google or Yahoo. My problem is my name, Felipe Fernandez. there is a very famous author named Felipe Fernandez and the first 30 or so pages of Google when you type in that name are linked to him. It would take me millions of hits to even approach the first page as he has been published for a very long time and is very famous.

My wife is my coauthor and I have no problem giving her the first billing on the books. All of my books list her as the coauthor. Also, I think that women probably make up the lions share of readers and book buyers and they are drawn to books written by women maybe a little more than men. Do you think that I should just go back and edit the author's Title listing her first? Do you think this would work? Stacked up against Felipe Ernesto Fernandez, I may never appear on the first page of any major search engines.

Olly Buckle
July 24th, 2011, 11:13 PM
It sounds cool, have you tried googling her name first? The might be a world hula dancing champion or something. The other possibility is a pen name I guess. I am dead lucky with this, I am the first Olly Buckle for ages, then there is a clothing co, called Olly that uses Buckles. All I've got to do now is finish working out how to get it in e-pub form.

That's the third book isn't it? That is quite an achievement.

Mathias Cavanaugh
July 24th, 2011, 11:15 PM
Nothing wrong with using a pen name either. That's what I am doing.

I went through the whole name issue thing years ago writing under my real name in another field. My name is very common. Even variants of my name are very common. But I was a little naive. So I plugged ahead. It took years for me to show up very high in Google. But I am there now under my real name for the work that I have done.

Did not wish to go through that again now that I am getting into writing fiction. So I researched and came up with what I hope will be a good pen name.

Hey, if you think using your wife's name would help put her first. As for women buying the bulk of books that depends on the type of books. Remember, Joanne Rowling's publisher made her go by J.K. Rowling because of concerns over whether or not young boys would want to read books by a woman when she was putting out Harry Potter.

July 24th, 2011, 11:28 PM
That's the third book isn't it? That is quite an achievement.

Thank you Oily, actually it's the fourth one complete. I have 10,000 words written on the 5th and 24,200 on another that I bounce back and forth to. It has really become a passion with me, I love writing.