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February 28th, 2011, 08:56 PM

I sometimes feel surge of emotions. Feelings that take me out of this world...I find at time the language inefficient to explain these riveting feelings. Like shattered and reborn at the same moment by some mystical force.

At times I try to explain these ideas through poetry...not always. I used to do it through sketches and lately through musical compositions. But all these after a certain point drive you to madness. First of all these ideas are so strong, so different it is not at all easy to express them. If I turn to poetry, I find English the most suitable language since all my education has been in English. But since it is not my mother tongue, it is really hard for me to express even simplest of ideas with clarity and beauty of a normal poet. Neither do I have that average man's vocabulary. And when they 'don't get out', they make you go into bouts of madness. It is like a song stuck in your mind; a song that you never heard, but was born right there -- in silence of your mind. And you find out, you cannot play any musical instrument or put half a quiver on an empty stave. Each day it grows louder. Some words are missing...

Now I become a poet without verses. Or does that disqualifies me as a poet at all? How mad will you call a man who says he has lyrics trapped inside, but no words to bring it out? But even if for a moment you do believe what he says is true, can you imagine his misery?

Is there no common medium through which I could accurately transcribe feelings? Or this process of accurate transcription IS actually poetry/music? But then I refuse to believe that all are cursed to see beauty in every little atom wed into reality, and poetry is inherited to those who somehow feel the urge to write it. Heart refuses to believe that it is through genesis of all things human, that definition of beauty begins.

Do you know a way out?


jeffrey c mcmahan
May 14th, 2012, 03:13 PM

Is this alright? No, but then a yes. Your topic paragraph did not have a thesis. The body of the piece is exclusively musings. use of ellipsis's are not effective nor correct. Now for the good news! The piece was very expressive, your sentence structure was varied and fostered interest. The voice was genuine and topical. The piece has a poetic feel to it, as it expressed your ideas in a unique and understandable fashion. But as to your question at the end; I have to say, the question was not presented with enough clarity to provide a answer in so many words. And I am not referring to the one liner at the end of the piece.

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