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January 24th, 2011, 06:11 PM
Chapter 8 : The first battle ends!

Noah, with Marik on his back, has his mouth open as he stares at the horror in front of
him. The demon-soldiers are running to the landed demon-planes when something bad
happens. Lukes blue transport planes land in front of the demon planes and start to kill
the demons that were running to the demon-planes. Noah takes out a smoke bomb
from his pocket .
"Shit!This isn't over!" He said and throws the smoke bomb.
The soldiers fire into the smoke but when the smoke cleared, they were gone.
While the demons were getting killed, medics came out with hoover-stretchers and began to load the broken robots and headed back inside.Closer and closer the medics
went towards the bunker. Few demon-soldiers that survived the assault, boarded the
demon-planes and tried to flee, but Lukes blue-fighters were on their trail and started to
shoot them down again. Laser blasted at the escaping planes. The demon-planes end
out their demon-fighters. Another aerial battle began but the numbers were equal. The
zizagged across the skies blasting each other apart. Those that tried to attack the
demon-planes and Blue-transports were shot down by their chasers. The last demon-planes got away. The last of the demon-fighters were shot down. Then they
returned back into the transports.
While the medics picked up both of the captains and head back to the ship, people
began to fill the streets again. They started to cheer and rushed in to help. Two medics
ran inside the bunker with the hoover-stretcher.
Luke was still lifeless but inside his mind he began to awaken again.
I"Luke, Luke wake up!" a voice said.
Luke opens his eyes and blinks. In front of him is the guy that changed the tables
during the fight against Marik.
"Who are you?" Luke asked.
"I'm called Hero, the legendary heroe and warrior that many people had spoken of
during my time!" Hero said.
"How did you get into my body?" Luke asks.
Hero points to the millennium chain and Luke stares at it.
"If you need me, I'll be in there."Hero said.
The chain gives another flash and Hero was gone.
Meanwhile inside the bunker: The medics finally reached Lukes lifeless body and
slowly put him onto the hoover-stretcher.
By the time the medics got outside the bunker with Luke on the stretcher, people
swarmed the entrance and cheered.
When the last remaining robots got into the blue transports, the cops and and the news
people arrived to the scene. The transport planes are in the air before the news people
started to ask questions to the people.
Meanwhile in Hell Noah drops Marik in front of the Devils desk.
"He's badly wounded!" he said.
"Take him to the clinic on the second floor!"The Devil orders without looking at him.
Noah picks up Marik again and disappears into the shadows.
The Devil remembers Hero's message "I'm coming for you!"
"Man, we are screwed! With him back alive, things became more complicated.
Hopefully the rest of them aren't on Earth. So what should i do to get rid of him?" Devil
thought himself.

Meanwhile at Lukes house the transport planes arrive and wait for Aaron to open up the
base. While they waited, the medics whom had Luke in their stretcher, took him to his
room and carefully put him in his bed.
Aaron walks in.
"He needs to be in bed, he is very tired and so he might not wake up for days. Also he
has a few broken ribs, an broken arm, a dislocated knee and his head was split open.
We did fix him up a bit, but he cant do anything for at least a month." the medic said.
Aaron leaves the room and closes the doors quietly behind him.
"Thank god your okay sir, but this war has just started. So please, the next time be
more careful!" he said to himself.