View Full Version : short story prolouge version 3.

kay hall
January 22nd, 2011, 11:13 PM
Before I began, I wasn't planning on doing a third version, but somone suggested I combine the other two some how. I added some new and old info in the prolouge but its the same story. I would like your thoughts on it. When I type it its going to be really short maybe a few sentences, what should I do then, wouldn't it be too short for a prolouge?
Version 3: prolouge
My dad, george hunter believes the laws of the past whole heartly as generations befofre him had. Women should be seen and not heard, arrange marrages to a wealthy sutior, women must obey their husband's command like a puppy would its owner and so on. I've never had a typical childhood; no slumber parties, birthday parties with friends, or a traditional education, I've been homeschooled since I was five years old. The only time I see the outside world is when my dad allows me to visit the park a few miles from my home in New Hampshire. Now that I'm fifteen my father is making me do the one thing I'm not ready for and don't want... a husband.(end.)
I think some parts should be reworded but couldn't think of another way to write them any suggestions? I have a plot (kinda..sort of) in mind but since I'm considering making it into an ebook (self publishing), I feel it needs to be great so people will want to read it, any suggestions? do you think it has potential to be a good book, why or why not?