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January 15th, 2011, 02:38 AM

Wolf. A word spoken out of Katherine's mouth without a care in the world. Wolf she said repeatedly in her head trying to somehow scare away the visions the very thoughts that clouded her brain. No matter how much she tries the visions of her sisters attack was still present in her head. The wolf ripping and tearing the very threshold of Katherine's world apart. Every single bite, tear in her skin the blood, was still clouding Katherine's mind. No matter how much she tried these visions were still in her head. A wolf the young one of the pack looked at her eyes glassed but yet full of emotion. Katherine saw pity, grief. She could still remember those eyes. The way the wolf looked at her like it wanted to come to her comfort her but something against its instincts could not possibly let him. Later that very day I saw the very wolf that stared at me, the wolf that I wanted to learn more of, dead on the road, dead. That death was as traumatic for me as my sister's even though I barely even knew that wolf. Somewhere deep inside me I loved the wolf, even though my mind told me I should hate. I keep telling my self I would never see him again he was dead. Even if he somehow was still alive he wasn't human we are different I told myself millions of times.
Everyday I wake up thinking it was just a dream, just to remind myself its not. Its 5 years after my sister died and now I'm 15. The death of my sister is long forgotten. Every night since the day of my 15 birthday I see what my mind thinks a ghost what I want to believe is my wolf standing next to a tree staring at me. He watches everything I do for a few hours every night. I have never gotten up to courage to see him until now.
I cautiously opened my bedroom door it was 12 my parents are so busy at work my dads on a business trip and my mom at a casino. She probably gambled away at least 1,000 dollars by now. As soon as I stepped out my back door a cold breeze hit me my wolf didn't disapear. He just kept on standing and staring straight threw me with his ice blue eyes. I kept on stepping closer and closer until I was close enough to touch him but he didn't move.

I don't know why I just stood their my institicts told me to run away, my mind was so absorbed by her the girl I seen 5 years ago standing so close to me. Then she touched me stroking her hands threw my fur. It wasn't until that moment that I remembered the legend I heard long ago. If someone touches the fur of a relentive of a werewolf he will become one. At the same time my fathers words rang in my head never let anyone touch you or you will shift. Just a few seconds after she ran her hand threw my fur that happens.

Suddenly I saw something so terrifying something I only heard of in books. He did something indescribable right after I touched his fur. Human parts in place of wolf ones started to appear 1 by 1. Even though I was completely terrified I didn't move here was my wolf turning into a human. I wanted to help but something inside me told me that I couldn't.

I expected her to run away but she just stood their something deep inside me wanted her to leave not see me like this. She just stared as my body made the slow and painful change from wolf to human. Leave just leave I wanted to scream. But yet she still stayed staring just staring.

I started to walk toward him and reached my arm toward him to help him up but my mind was still in shock that my wolf was human. As soon as I reached my arm to help him his arm with drawled.
Its fine my wolf muttered. He looked into my eyes and said your the girl. Your the wolf i muttered back. For a second we just stood staring at each other

I looked into her Hazel eyes as they stared back at me with wonder, full of love for someone she didn't even know. I thought to myself of course I loved her, but how could she love me. I'm not important, I'm just a stupid wolf I repeating harshly to myself. Those were the words my abusive parents told me over and over again I wasn't important. "Why are you looking at me like that I'm just a stupid wolf,"I thought aloud. Her eyes filled with sorrow and regret as if she made me say those words. Suddenly I became full of regret the one feeling the filled me and my mind constantly. "Because, I love you,"she said.

Fangs_____________________________________________ ____________________________________
The note, the note. The very day that note landed in my hand when I'll say it was more like a envelope it landed in my hand. With a note attached that said do not open. I was born with unending curiosity which of course that you can imagine makes you do really stupid things. Very stupid. Like things that could basically destroy the world. That were inside that very envelope. When I think about it maybe opening that envelope was a bad idea um let me refraise that horrible idea. Oh yeah that envelope was alluring their was something inside and the fact that the envelope was blood red didn't help my curiosity no not one bit. I opened it inside I saw a pair of fangs very much like a wolfs. And I popped them straight onto my teeth. As soon as I put those fangs on I felt a blast of adrenaline. I felt ready to tackle the world. Even the day at my new school didn't seem to be so bad now I thought as I opened the door to school. That was the exact moment when I met her. I stopped the world froze I stared and he stared right back we stayed like that until someone pulled him back I am Reneta I said right when his friend pulled him away. See ya later he said still staring.

January 15th, 2011, 02:42 AM
Sorry the other story beginning i wrote got deleted from a site :( it was better then both took me awhile to write

Also open to story writing suggestions

Sorry Horrible Grammar

January 15th, 2011, 03:21 AM
hello there! haha hmm yeah, from what i can tell i think you should invest in some research on getting your ideas out on paper. it seems like you know the concept in your head, but struggle to get it out. if you peep around the forum you can find great written guides, as well as other people that can help you out :) im one of them:) just pm me if you need help on a certain topic or just wanna talk.

January 15th, 2011, 03:23 AM
Yea I know I still have trouble doing that basically I'm writing to gain experience still in the beginner stage thank you for the tips :)

January 15th, 2011, 03:34 AM
no problemo lol. im here to help

January 15th, 2011, 03:39 AM
Thank you once I find the story I lost on the site I would like you help with it I think I have a less of a writers block when I try to write it, it just comes more naturally I should be able to find it soon. Thought I find it really sad that I had completely forgotten the story that doesn't seem to happen to me that often. *Sighs*

January 15th, 2011, 03:40 AM
Its ok, everyone has there days :)

January 15th, 2011, 03:44 AM
Yes, haha I seem to have them often. A new idea will come to me eventually.

January 15th, 2011, 03:46 AM
well hopefully so. you'll get better, just as i did. no worries

January 15th, 2011, 04:29 PM
ok last night as soon as I exited I have a fantastic story idea I posted it as well but I think I will continue scars until it is finished then work back on the other one I'm going to start a new thread with just the story because you can't edit the thread title sadly