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January 13th, 2011, 04:52 AM
Three Blind Mice
By JJ1027
Three lost people, each one searching for what is important to them in a strange new world, wrought by a common tragedy.

Three separate paths, intertwining as they all flee from a common force, united by one enemy none can overcome alone.

Three people with three things to search for. One seeking vengeance, one seeking justice, and one seeking herself.

Three blind mice. See how they run.
__________________________________________________ _____________________________________
It was nothing special really. Just an old picture in a worn down frame, sitting on top of the motel nightstand. It was a normal picture, just a man, his wife, and two kids. Nothing extraordinary about it. The man had hardly gone a day without looking at it in seven years. This small memory, captured years before, was all that remained of his shattered past. It was all that was left of the life he had once known. Since that fateful day seven years ago, Alex Lordon had kept it safe, to remind him of his mission. He sat with his hands folded in his lap, and looked at the faces in the picture. These were his family. His wife and children. Why would someone do this to them? What was the reason? He was determined to find the answers.

A sound from outside his window stopped his train of thought. The wind outside was blowing, and something had fallen. He knew what it meant in an instant. He rose from the bed and grabbed the picture from the nightstand. He opened the drawer and snatched up his gun and knife. He rushed to a suitcase that sat in the corner of his room, and hurriedly shoved the items inside. In moments he was at the door. There wasn’t a second to waste. They were coming again, and he had to escape.

Once he was out of the room, he broke into a full run, dragging the suitcase behind him. He had to leave. Had to get as far away from this place as he possibly could. All he could hear was the pounding of his feet against the asphalt, and the wind whistling all around him. He knew they were following him. He had to get away, as far away as he possibly could. He dashed past the check out office, and into the deserted streets. The light had left the sky by now, and he was running out of time.

On the other side of the street was a parking lot full of cars. He ran forward, barely escaping an oncoming car. He ran along the rows and tried to fight off his panic. Not much time left. He found a suitable car, and pulled a screwdriver from his pocket. In seconds he was inside. He soon had td the car hotwired, and pressed the pedal to test. As soon as he heard the engine, he stomped on the pedal and raced from the parking lot. Once the town was behind him, he let out a sigh of relief. Another night had fallen, and once again he was safe.

He hated this. He was a family man. He lived in a good neighborhood, raised two boys, watched football on Sundays. He didn’t spend his days stealing cars, staying in cheap motels, and running like a frightened animal. He was a good man, not a criminal. They did this to him. They destroyed his life. He was on the run now, but not forever. He was going to strike back. He would avenge himself.

The road was long and straight, and for miles he didn’t pass a single car. He tried to focus, but nevertheless his mind began to drift. It drifted back across the years, to that very afternoon. He could see their smiling faces as if they were still there, and he could smell the summer breeze in the air. They had gone to the lake for a day, to relax and fish. It had been a great day, full of joy and laughter. That night, he had gotten a call from a friend, and had to leave tem for the night. What he saw when he came home was more horrible then he thought a thing could be.

He remembered how his heart had dropped into his stomach as he drove up to his house, and saw it surrounded by police cars. The police had stopped him, and told him to wait outside. He told them he was the home owner, and they began to ask questions. Where were you tonight? Do you know why we’re here? Strange questions he couldn’t answer. He demanded to know what was happening. Again and again they ducked the question, and by the time they told him, he had already realized that his worst fear had come true.

“Sir, I’m afraid there’s been a murder here.” The words felt like someone had punched him in the stomach. He dropped to his knees, and the tears began to flow. This couldn’t be happening. It was a dream. It had to be a dream. But it wasn‘t a dream. For a long time, he couldn’t bring himself to stand. The officer looked at the broken man, and offer a hand to help him up. Alex stood up on his own. “I know how you must be feeling right now,” he said, “but we need you to identify the body.” The policeman lead him inside the house, and into the living room. The floor was covered in blood, and a gruesome trail lead down the hall, to the bedrooms. The sight made him sick.

As the officer opened the door, he revealed he true horror of the scene. On the bed, his wife was lying, blood dripping from her neck. Her throat had been slit, and there were stab wounds on her body. Alex could look no longer. He turned for the door and stopped on the spot. The officer looked at him. “It says in your files that you have two sons, but neither one is here. We are acting under the assumption that they have been kidnapped. We are doing the best we can to find them.” Alex nodded blankly. He was only partially listening to the officer. Something had caught his eye when he had turned around.

It was hanging from the doorknob, tied to it by the tail. A little white mouse, dead and with gouged out eyes. It was so small that he nearly didn’t notice it there. He had seen it only by chance, but now he couldn’t take his eyes off of it. There had to be a reason for it to be there. It was a clue, the only clue he had. When the officer stopped talking, he reached the doorknob and opened the door, taking the mouse at the same time. He would find who did this. That was the first thought in his mind. At that moment he could think of nothing else.

That night was only the beginning. In the following days he was questioned, accused, and ultimately forced to run from the law or be put in prison for killing his wife. He couldn’t let that happen. He had to find the killer. Find his sons. So he ran. He ran and never stopped running. Since that day he had been searching for something. And he had found it. But his mission wasn’t over. The rules had changed. He was no longer looking for something. Something was looking for him.

It was a week after the death of his wife that things once more took a turn for the worse. Alex hadn’t heard from the police since the night of the murder, so when two officers showed up at his door, he had hopes that it was to say they’d found his sons. The true reason for their coming was not nearly as pleasant. They came into his house, and in no time he could feel a sense of hostility from them. It wasn’t very long before the purpose of the visit was made clear. One officer, who seemed a bit older to Alex, began to speak in serious tones. “Hello, Mr. Lordon. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but my partner and I would like to ask you some questions. I‘m Officer Fowler, and this is Officer Duncan”

Here the second cop chimed in, his tone more conversational than his superior’s. Alex only now recognized the second officer as the man who had shown him the body of his wife. “It’s about what happened to your wife. We just want to get some details on where you might have been that night.” Immediately, Alex knew that he was a suspect. The thought disgusted him. He had an alibi for that night, so he would tell them and be done with it. “Start at the beginning please. Anything you can remember may be helpful.”

Alex looked up at them with a defeated expression. “I wasn’t home that night. I had a call from a friend, and had to leave.” His voice lacked all life. It was as if he himself had died that night, something he wished for. It was preferable to this. He had to remind himself why he couldn’t die. “Anything else, Officers?” Officer Fowler wore a scowl, and Alex could see the explanation didn’t satisfy him. Officer Duncan simply looked at him with an expression of sympathy. He wasn’t sure which one was worse.

“And can we talk to this friend of yours?” Officer Fowler asked. “We need a name, Mr. Lordon. You don’t seem to grasp the severity of your situation.” The room suddenly went quiet. Alex looked taken aback by such a blatant accusation, and Officer Duncan was almost as surprised as he was. “We have a murder investigation being conducted, Mr. Lordon, and the victim is your wife. We know from questioning neighbors that the two of you were having problems, so you can either talk to us, or talk to our friends down town.”

Alex felt the anger rise inside him, and before he could stop himself, He was on his feet and advancing on the older officer. The man’s partner jumped up immediately and stopped him in his tracks. “Please have a seat, Mr. Lordon,” Officer Duncan said, holding his by the shoulder to keep his from Officer Fowler. While his anger had not subsided, he knew well enough that he was already in trouble. He had no need to make more.

He let out a sigh, and took a seat. “Her name is Jennifer Wells. She’s a friend of mine. I was on my way home when she called me and asked for help.” He wasn’t sure how smart it would be to say anything more than that. He could see that the officers were not yet done. It wasn’t until nearly an hour later that they finally left. He had bent truths, withheld information, and flat out lied, but he had kept Jennifer’s secret. That was the important thing.

From that day on, he could tell he was being watched. He would see the police everywhere he went, and would sometimes catch glimpses of Fowler and Duncan from the corner of his eye. He was a suspect in the murder of his own wife. Maybe even the only suspect. His sons were missing, and the police were too busy watching him to find them. He thought by that point that it couldn’t get any worse. It wasn’t long before he realized how wrong he was.

It was three days after the interrogation when a squad car appeared outside of his door. From within, three officers, fowler among them, leapt from the doors and rushed to the house. Fowler raised the megaphone he’d been carrying to his mouth and shouted for Alex to hear. ”Alex Lordon, you are under arrest for the murder of Alice Lordon and Jennifer Wells Please come out with your hands up, or we will be forced to come in.”

Alex felt hiss whole body lurch, and the feeling of horror he had the night his wife had died returned to him. First his wife and children, and now Jenny too? It was too much for him. For that moment, sanity left him, and he rushed in a panic out of the kitchen where he was preparing dinner, not letting go of the knife, and into his bedroom. He snatched up a suitcase and furiously threw clothes into it, along with the family picture on his dresser. He went into his dresser and pulled out a handgun he’d bought for defense. He could hear the cops preparing to break and enter, so he took a deep breath, and looked forward at his bedroom window.

What happened next was a blur of pound and speed. His feet pounded the floor as he raced toward the window, dragging the suitcase with him. He braced himself with his free hand, and ran just as fast as he possibly could toward the window. From the front of the house he could hear the loud cracking of wood that meant the were coming in, but before the thought really registered in his mind, he jumped up, and collided at full speed with the hard glass.

Pain shot through his whole body as the glass shattered at the blow. He landed hard in the dirt, with all the cops in the house behind him. He struggled to his feet and raised the gun defensively in front of him before he took off running again. Behind him he could here Fowler shouting for them to chase after him. Alex ran like a mad man, ducking behind cars and houses. Once or twice a bullet whistled past his head. In front of his was a house, and in the driveway was a large SUV with a man just getting out. Alex raised his gun and fired a warning shot as he ran to the car. He jumped forward and grabbed the felling man. “ I don’t want to hurt you, but I need those keys.’

“Okay, okay, but don’t hurt me! I have a wife and kids.” Tears ran down Alex’s face as the panicked man forced the keys into his hand. He took them and jumped inside the car. He started the car, turned it to face the cops now only feet away, and floored the gas pedal. The lucky officers managed to jump out of the way, and Alex spent many nights trying to forget the crunching noises made by the less fortunate. Alex raced as fast as the car would take him out of town, pursued by police the entire way. As he left the houses behind for trees, he veered off the road and lost them in the woods.

With that escape, the transformation was complete. Alex Lordon, average family man, had become a fugitive from the law, accused of the murder of his own wife and friend. He was a man who had lost everything, and he was determined to find out why. That night he slept in the SUV, dreaming of the family he had vowed to avenge.

Mike Duncan looked firmly at the man standing across from him. Bill Fowler, his superior, was glaring intensely at the young officer. “No can do, Sir.” Duncan’s voice was stern and confident. “I am sorry, but I don’t think we have enough evidence to make this kind of move.” Duncan couldn’t believe his own words. Was he really going to risk his life for a stranger like Alex Lordon? If he thought it would serve justice, in a second.

Fowler’s eyes burrowed into the younger man. “ You are out of line, Duncan. If the chief were hearing this, you’d be off the force.” The older man was fuming with anger. Who did Duncan think he was? That rookie couldn’t catch a cold, let alone a killer. Partnering with him was just downright disgraceful for a senior officer like Bill Fowler. “And Don’t talk to me about evidence, green horn! We have two missing children , a dead wife, and a bad marriage. Not to mention that little surprise we got when we checked up his little alibi.”

Duncan’s face fell at the mention of the events from last night. He had to admit that it looked bad for Mr. Lordon. It had started when he went to pay Jennifer Wells a visit to ask some questions. He went looking for a lead, but all he found was another horror show. Blood was everywhere, and there was a body in the bedroom. Looked just like the scene at the Lordon house. Only difference ifs they couldn’t get a positive ID on the body. For someone you could find in any phone book, Jennifer Wells was quite the recluse. No living family, employers or customers, and none of the neighbors ever saw her.

Those same factors narrowed down suspects. No one knew her well enough to have a motive. Alex admitted he was there the night she died, and fowler was right to say that was enough evidence to take him in. still, something felt off. He knew it was stupid to trust his instinct s over evidence, but he couldn’t help it. He didn’t know how to prove it, but Alex Lordon was innocent. “ If you do make this sting, bill, don’t expect me to be in on it. I Will not put an innocent man in prison.”

“You really think that’s what I’m doing, rookie? You aren’t worth taking with me!” Officer Fowler left the station n a huff, leaving Mike Duncan standing alone. He didn’t know if this was the right decision, but it was the one he had made. He took a seat on a nearby chair, and thought back to the scene at Jennifer Wells’ home, and to the very moment he knew that Alex Lordon was innocent.

He still remembered the blood. He didn’t think that he would ever forget the blood, even if he lived to be a hundred years old. It was like the Lordon house all over again. It was on the floor, the walls, everywhere. Finally he couldn’t look at her any longer. He turned around and went to leave the scene, but suddenly he heard something fall behind him.

He spun on his heels, and saw that a picture frame had fallen. He bent down and picked it up. Suddenly, another object fell. This time a book from the bookshelf in the corner. Then another book fell, and another. Now the room began to shake, and Officer Duncan hit the ground, thinking it was an earthquake. Soon objects were flying across the room, and there was pandemonium. The lamp fell from the nightstand and broke on the ground. A fire started as the bulb broke, and Duncan tried to run for the door. Objects pelted him from behind.

Then he saw it. A tiny object hanging from the doorknob. A tiny white mouse was nailed in place, and it’s eyes had been gouged out. The tiny creature was all but skeletal, and seemed to have died quite some time ago. If that was the case, the why was it’s leg twitching. Duncan stopped for a moment, transfixed, as the little creature began to squirm and move. The heat of the fire brought back his senses, and mike Duncan rushed forward and grabbed the struggling creature, ripping it from the door. Instantly it was still. A moment later, Duncan realized that the fire had stopped. He turned around, and saw the room was just as it had been when he arrived. It was as if the fire and the falling objects had never happened.

He never told his superiors what had happened, but at that moment he knew that Alex Lordon could not be guilty. Whatever had killed those women, it couldn’t have been him. It was something much worse. And if his experience was anything to go by, it wasn’t yet over. Something was going on, and he wanted to know what. All he knew was that Alex Lordon could help him. He was the only one who could help him. And he was on his way to a cell right now.

Officer Duncan pulled the mouse out of his pocket, and ran his eyes over it. This was a clue. It was the only clue he had. He couldn’t lose it. He had to hold onto it no matter what. Mike Duncan stood up and went to the door. He could at least check on Bill. He had to know when Lordon was in custody. He left the building, got into his car, and drove off toward the Lordon residence.

As the house came into view, Duncan began to get a sinking feeling. The capture should have been done by now. The scene was instead one of a large, disorganized mob searched the house while Officer Fowler shouted into a two way radio. He parked his car and jogged up to his partner. Fowler was shouting at him before Duncan had a chance to speak.

“Well what do you know? The greenhorn decides to show!” His tone was intentionally nasty, and Duncan knew it. “Well, it’s too little, too late. Your friend got away.” Shock spread over Officer Duncan’s face. Within himself, he felt a slight relief. IF he could find him before the police, then Lordon could help him.

In just over a week, Alex Lordon’s life had been turned upside down. His wife and best friend were dead, his children were missing and he was accused of the crimes. He was on the run from the police, living out of a stolen SUV. He couldn’t been caught. There was no way he could let himself be caught. But to stay on the run, he had to keep moving. This thought was all that got him moving the day after he escaped the police. He had to find a town, and more importantly a place to stay.

He knew there was a town just a bit north of him, and it was small enough to hide in. He could stay there for a night, but he would need a new car the next day. He couldn’t allow himself to be tracked down. It meant he had to steal again, which he hated. It couldn’t be helped. He sat up and looked at the dashboard of the SUV. Scrap papers, some letters, a bill and some money he had found were lying on it. He had searched the car before he went to sleep. The money wasn’t much, but it may pay for one night in a cheap Motel. Food was another matter, but that would have to wait.

He sat up in the driver’s seat and turned the key, beginning his search for the little town. He soon found the main road in a few minutes, and drove north. His whole world felt fake, like a dream he couldn’t wake up from. Nothing felt real but the pain he in his heart. He drove down the road in something of a haze, trying is best to concentrate on what he was doing. It wasn’t too long before the town was in view. It was a tiny place, but it had a motel which was all he needed. This was the type of place he had to get used to, living on the run.

He parking in front of the Motel, and walked in, still only half aware of himself. His clothing was ripped and bloody, but he didn’t care. He wanted to get a room, and sort things out. He walked into the little front office, and immediately drew the eyes of the woman behind the counter. His appearance made her nervous, but he didn’t care. He walked to the desk and dropped the money onto the counter. “I’d like a room for one night.”

The woman looked at him uncomfortably for a few moments, and then tentatively reached out and took the money if front of her. “Umm, well, yes sir. We have a room available. Let me get the key.” She turned away and was soon back with the room key in her had. She gave it to him and told him it was just off to the right of the office. He left the office, and began to move his things from the SUV to his motel room. He was done in only three trips.

He came in for the last time and shut the door behind him, taking a breath to steady himself. It was time to get started. He went to his bags and took out some things, which he spread across the top of a desk in the corner of the room. He stared at the objects, running his eyes from one to the others. A picture of his wife and children, a book of notes, a few newspaper clippings about the murder, and the dead mouse he found at the scene. These were all he had to go by at the moment, but they had to be enough. He took up a pen that was on the desk, and started to write some more notes. He looked at each of the items, analyzed them, wrote down anything important.

The Notebook was filling fast. He had a description of the scene, and a detailed description of his wife and children. Now he wrote the key points of the articles, and the names of those who had written them. He wrote in the names of Officer Duncan and Officer Fowler, and wrote a description of Jenny. He had to know everyone connected to the case as well as he could. When this was done, he turned to the mouse. This was the most enigmatic of his clues, but he had to keep note of it. There had to be a reason for it.

He took up his pen, and wrote a few lines to describe the creature. Small, white, and with no eyes. It was apparently long dead, with skin clinging to it’s ribs. There was little more of note, except that it had been hung on his door when his wife was killed. He put his pen down and went over his notes. He was in the middle of reading when a small noise made him look up. What he saw was beyond what he could understand. The mouse was beginning to twitch.

He reached out to grab it, but before he could it has off and running toward the door. Before he could catch it, he was caught off guard by the sound of the tableside lamp falling. Soon the room was in chaos as more objects began to fly around the room. He soon realized that the things were pelting the mouse. He ducked out of the way as broken glass, the note book, and loose clothing all flew at the mouse. He could simply not believe what was happening.

What happened next was almost to fast to process. There was a loud bang as the door was kicked in and someone entered. In one fluid motion they plucked up the mouse and narrowly avoided the glass. The intruder mumbled something he couldn’t hear, and the room was suddenly just as it had been. She walked to the bed, and sat down beside the shocked Alex. He knew who she was as soon as he saw her long brown hair and square rimmed glasses. He had never been happier to see her before. “Jenny,” He said it a muted tone. “You’re alive.”

“Thank you for noticing,” she said, before she got up and waked toward the door. “ I’ll be right back with my things.” Alex didn’t know what to say. His mind had never been quite so burnt out. He fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He heard jenny reenter with a few bags. “We need to talk.” Understatement of the year.

January 13th, 2011, 05:37 AM
“Thank you for noticing,” she said, before she got up and waked toward the door. “ I’ll be right back with my things.” Alex didn’t know what to say. His mind had never been quite so burnt out. He fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He heard jenny reenter with a few bags. “We need to talk.” Understatement of the year.

Very nice ending, loved how she was unmoved by his reaction. Curiosity is kept, and thanks to some different elements thrown in, like the earthquake like effect, it isnt your average murder story. overall, a good start.

That night was only the beginning. In the following days he was questioned, accused, and ultimately forced to run from the law or be put in prison for killing his wife. He couldn’t let that happen. He had to find the killer. Find his sons. So he ran. He ran and never stopped running. Since that day he had been searching for something. And he had found it. But his mission wasn’t over. The rules had changed. He was no longer looking for something. Something was looking for him.

This could be due for a little revising, as there are more effective ways to add emotion to your paragraph without sacrificing sentence variation.

She walked to the bed, and sat down beside the shocked Alex. He knew who she was as soon as he saw her long brown hair and square rimmed glasses. He had never been happier to see her before. “Jenny,” He said it a muted tone. “You’re alive.”

“Thank you for noticing,” she said, before she got up and waked toward the door. “ I’ll be right back with my things.” Alex didn’t know what to say. His mind had never been quite so burnt out. He fell back on the bed and stared at the ceiling. He heard jenny reenter with a few bags. “We need to talk.” Understatement of the year.

Seems a little redundant to me that she would sit down just to say something that short, then get up immediately afterwards. Other than a few grammar mistakes, this story has some good potential heading for it. good job:) feel free to comment on my writing called "Half-breed" if you wish

January 13th, 2011, 07:03 AM
Thank you for the input on this story, and I'm glad you like it. I will definitely check out Half breed, and work on editing for this piece. I may have a little revision to do up near the beginning.

Jenny let out a long sigh, and tried to figure out what to say next. Over course, Alex was talking before she had the chance. He could be so rude sometimes. “We need to talk? I my wife was killed, my sons are missing, and until about five minutes ago, I thought you were dead! Not to mention that-” Before he could finish, she put a hand to his mouth, and he fell silent. It worked every time. Alex shifted position, and waited for her to speak.

“I know what’s happened Alex. You don’t have to scream it at me.” Her tone was measured and precise, with a hint of annoyance. She was trying for patience, but she didn’t really have much experience talking to people. In fact, out side of Alex, she couldn’t think of any personal contact she’d spoke to in almost a year. Maybe a bit more. Being alone was easier for her. She never liked people, because they always reminded her of family.

“Now if you want me to explain, I suggest that you shut up and let me speak. Things haven’t been great for me lately either.” Well that was the understatement. She knew it would only make him mad if she didn’t explain how she was alive, so she was going to have to give him all the details. Why is it that people never seem to accept facts without a story or explanation? That was just one more thing she would never understand. As she began her story, her mind drifted back to the scene. She was hardly aware of the Motel room anymore.

She was back in her house, and Alex was on his way over. Alex was the only person she could really stand. All others were painful to be around. They reminded her of the family she lost. Alex was never like family. He was easier to be around. She called him a lot, and he always came to her. But now he was leaving, and she was alone again. She never liked that part of shutting out the world. She hated being alone. Unfortunately, she wasn’t.

She made her way to the Kitchen and began to prepare dinner. She never ate very much. Just a little chopped chicken breast would do for now. She pulled the chicken from the fridge and got a knife from the drawer. Before long she was busy chopping. She didn’t hear the window in her bedroom open, and she didn’t hear the person come in. It wasn’t until she heard a book fall from one of her many shelves that she stopped chopping and listened.

A few more items fell, but the reaction was weak at the moment. This one wasn’t very dangerous yet. Unless this was some sort of trap. But without a doubt, it was one of them. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone. There was nothing to be done about it now. Jenny Wells would have to die. She couldn’t stay here anymore. She walked slowly toward her room holding the knife tightly. As she approached, more and more things began to fall. Glass broke in a nearby room, and her eyes darted to the direction of the sound. Soon sounds of glass filled the house.

They were toying with her. But not for long. In an instant the air filled with a whistling sound, and a sharp pain shot through her shoulder, and blood dripped onto the floor. At that she took off running for the bedroom. Whistling glass flew after her, and soon she was covered in cuts. Blood was dripping to the ground, and she knew that couldn’t be good. The scarlet red drops began to expand and contract like a living creature. She needed to end this quickly. As she ran into the bedroom, she saw a pretty blonde woman smiling slyly at her. She spoke with contempt in her voice.

“ I think you know why I’m here. You can’t run any further, little girl.” The woman raised her hand, and fire burst into being before her. Jenny was bloodied and weak, with glass all over her body. She wasn’t sure if she could fight, but she had to try. “Are you ready to die,” she said cheerfully over the roar of the fire.

Jenny began to whisper something under her breath, and raised the knife. Books began to fall from the shelves, and the smile fell from her enemy’s face. “You have one thing right. Jenny wells will die in this room.” She began to whisper again, and the books in the room began to fly. They pelted the blonde, and the fire began to wane. In rage the woman let the fire fade, and rushed at Jenny. The knife went in with a sickening sound, and Jenny ripped it out. In her own rage, she stabbed the woman several times, and slashed her throat. As she settled her breath and realized it was over, she began to cry. She had killed again.

She set the woman on the bed, and began to pack at a leisurely pace. There was no need to rush. If she was attacked, then the police were already busy. She wondered idly who it had been this time. Who was it that lost everything? She couldn’t worry about it now. She picked up her bags, and climbed out of her window. There was only one person who could identify her, and she could speak to him later.

It was later, as she spend her time stalking the shadows and waiting for a chance, that she discovered his predicament. He was the new victim, and he was blamed for her death. Well nothing to do about that. She waited in the forest as he made his escape, and guessed at the town he was going to. She walked through the night and slept in the forest on the outskirts of town. In the morning she rose and went to the town motel. She could tell that something was wrong, and found his room.

As she finished the story, Alex looked at her blankly. “So yes, those are the basics. Any questions?” Alex had questions alright, but what he needed no was to compose his own thoughts. There was something big happening here, and now he was in the middle of it.

Mike Duncan arrived later that day along the main road, and drove with his eyes wide open along the main road. It had been an uphill battle to get permission to pursue Lordon into the next town, but Duncan couldn’t afford to lose him. Something was happening here. Something had hurt people, and framed Alex Lordon. He couldn’t let this continue. He had always wanted to help people, to protect them. That was why he was a cop. But there was more too it then that.

He couldn’t help but think back to the events he had seen at Jennifer Wells’ home. He had been attacked by things he could not understand. He wanted to know why. He wanted to understand what these forces were. And to do that, he needed Lordon. So to that end, he drove to the motel and walked into the office. After a few moments conversation, he had a room number. He made his way to the room and knocked on the door.

A voice answered from inside. He knew immediately that it was Alex. “Come on in. It’s open.” Officer Duncan cautiously opened the door and stepped inside. In an instant, he felt something heavy come down on his head with great force, and fell to the ground, unconscious. When he woke up, the first thing he felt was the ropes on his wrists and ankles. He was in the tub of the bathroom, and Alex Lordon was in front of him.

“You know officer,” he said, in a somewhat distracted tone. “I’m really sorry about all this. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I never wanted to run from the law. I have just had a bad week, that’s all.” Duncan tried to answer, but his mouth was gagged with strips of an old T-shirt. From the other room, he heard someone sweeping up glass. He guessed it was a potted plant that had been in the room for decoration. Well that explained what had hit him.

“Now, what are we going to do about this? I can’t have you following me, but I don’t want to kill you either. That leaves me with very few options, Officer Duncan. Now I am looking for something. And I intend to find it. I want to know who killed my wife, and I want to find my boys. That’s what will happen to me. But what happens to you depends on you.” Duncan’s eyes were wide, and he feared for what would happen next.

“In a few minutes, my friend is going to come in here, and I am going to take off that gag. When I do, you are going to say if you will come with us, and help us solve our little dilemma. If you will, then great, you’re a good cop. And if not, well we have a plan for that too.” Duncan Ran the situation through his mind again and again. Ultimately he realized what he had to do. He would help them, if only to find out the truth he sought.

When the woman walked in and the gag came off, Mike Duncan’s jaw dropped. What was she doing there? He remembered his situation and choked out an answer. “ I’ll come with you.” The woman glared at him with anger that Alex had not seen in her before.

“No you aren’t,” she said coldly. She turned away and began to walk away. Alex called to her and she turned back.

“What do you mean, no he’s not? He just said he’d help us!” Alex was surprised, and angry that she would deny help.

“We don’t need help from the police Alex.” She didn’t want to get into this.

“Oh so we don’t need the squad car, the resources, the extra set of eyes-”

Jenny turned to him in rage, and he took a step back. “We are Fugitives, Alex! Like it or not, the cops are our enemies, and we can’t have one with us!” She took a breath, and regained a calm voice. “Leave him.”

“But he’ll follow-”

“If he does, the we’ll kill him. Now let’s go.” Alex reluctantly agreed, and the two left Duncan, tied up in a bathtub. Even now, he lied there in shocked silence. How long had it been? Days? Years? More like a lifetime. He never thought he would see her again. Not after her parents and brother were killed. He was sure she was dead. But he would never forget her face. His mind went back to times of his childhood. To his first really good friend.

He remembered her smile, so unlike the glare she wore now. He remembered lazy summer days where they would walk together for no real reason, and to nowhere in particular. He remembered how it had all ended so suddenly. So Violently. He knew she had been missing from the scene, and for so long he wished that she would be found alive. That she would be ok. He never saw he after that day.

She was the reason he became a cop. He wanted to protect people. To save people. He wanted to see to it that no one would ever go through what she had ever again. It was his gift to her. His last gift to his very dearest friend. And now he had seen what he had always hoped for. He would never mistake her for someone else. He was absolutely positive. The woman she had just seen was April Masters, his first real friend, and someone he had lost so many years ago.

For many minutes he struggled to get out of the ropes. When at last he had, he stood up and left the room. Once he saw the parking lot, he looked for his squad car. It was gone. They took his keys while he was unconscious. His gun was gone too. He cursed to himself and went to the office. He had to make a call and get a car. He had to pursue them. Now he had even more reason to find them. All around him, mysteries were forming, and he would solve them. He had to solve them.

Alex sat uncomfortably in the passenger’s seat of Mike Duncan’s squad car, while Jenny drove down the road, quiet and unreadable. Questions filled his mind about the events of the morning, but her silence was suffocating and for a long time he couldn’t break through it. At long last he took a deep breath, and began to speak. “So where to now?” She was silent for a long time.

“Now?” she said at last. “Now we go and find them. Where’s your familiar. Did you bring it?“ She didn’t look up from the road for even a second. Alex was confused as she spoke. He had no idea what a familiar was, and here was sure he didn’t have one. She sighed impatiently. This was just one more reason she didn’t like people. They could be so stupid about anything that was new or unusual. She supposed she might be being a bit harsh. “That mouse I stopped. Do you have it with you?”

Alex dug a hand into his pocket, and pulled out a small bundle of cloth. He unwrapped it, revealing the small animal. “Yeah, I still have the creepy thing. Why? What the hell is it?” Jenny rolled her eyes, which annoyed Alex. “Don’t treat me like an idiot Jen! I’ve been through hell this week, and I don’t need more problems!” Jenny stayed quiet, and took her time answering him.

“Like I said, its called a familiar. It’s also the reason they are chasing us, and losing it would be a very bad thing.” Her words confused and disheartened Alex. He hated this thing. It was unnatural, and frightened him greatly. Now he couldn’t even throw it out. This just kept getting better and better. He wasn’t sure how much more he could take. “So you have it, good. First order of business is to get to another motel so we can plan. Then we can go after them.”

As she spoke, Alex hoped for only one thing. If they really were going after the one’s who had destroyed his life, then he had a chance to find his boys. That was all he wanted in the world, and he would do anything to get it. He leaned back in his seat, and closed his eyes, daydreaming of his boys. Jenny drove on, letting him rest after his long ordeal. The road stretched out before them for miles, but a long drive didn’t bother her. It gave her time to forget about Mike. That was something she needed to do if she was ever going to focus. She would need to rid herself of as many distractions as possible if she was going to confront them on their terms. They would be waiting for them.

February 3rd, 2011, 01:36 AM
I'm very excited for this story to continue! I did notice a few misspellings and a awkward moments in the writing. One thing I noticed was that it took three trips for Alex to get his things from the SUV to the motel, while he jumped out of the window with only a suitcase. This doesn't really make sense to me. ;)
Besides the grammatical errors, it is a very enjoyable story that is definitely keeping me hanging and wanting more. :grin:

February 3rd, 2011, 05:31 AM
The SUV hadn't been unloaded from a trip to the grocery store when he stole it. I should likely have mentioned that, but I might have forgotten to.

February 7th, 2011, 11:08 PM
Your only reference to food or groceries was here:

He had searched the car before he went to sleep. The money wasn’t much, but it may pay for one night in a cheap Motel. Food was another matter, but that would have to wait.
You never had a follow up and said that he got groceries. You should add that in, as it is confusing for the reader. :grin: