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December 29th, 2010, 09:23 PM
To me, my hands are beautiful. I cannot express to you how much my fingers and palms mean to me. I look down at them, and I see 5 digits protuding from my skin. 5 means of expression. They are accompanied by my hand, to form a fully functioning extension of my whim, and will. They can be open, flat, welcoming or alternatively they can be closed, clenched, a fist. A hand can say so much, and it is only a starting point of my body. I look, I observe, and I see 5 tendons. These tendons are lined with arteries and veins, bone and cartilage, muscle and tissue. They continue throughout my body, following their own path, supplying each and every cell with the nutrients, minerals and fuel they need to survive and grow. Blood and lymph vessels, all interwoven with nerves, organs, working in complete unison. My body is a symbol of uniformity. My body is a temple of harmony and peace. It is a sanctuary and a vessel for my mind. Everytime I gaze at my hands, I am always carried on a wave of thought in an ocean of possibilities and speculation. It amazes me, and enlightens my spirit that I can possess a biological marvel and a natural miracle that is mine, to do with as I please.
My body holds a great philosophical weight for me. It represents order. All these intricacies, all these cells and evolutions sustaining my life one minute at a time. My body is a utopian society for a multitude of processes. I constantly contrast it to the world around me. The universe is defined by chaos and disorder. Stars are born onto this great cosmic plain in the most violent of ways. Comets are sent hurtling to unknown destinations at terrifying velocities, destroying distant cousins, aimless and without motivation. Huge fragments of creation are anniliated every second. Our very theory of how it all began, is an explosion, yet here, on this rock, this pale blue dot, we have several billion organisms with the most inspiring biological phenomenon and most importantly, free minds. Minds being protected from the hostility of the enviroment around them by millions of chemical reactions, unified in one selfless goal to maintain and protect.

Sometimes I stumble along the path or occasionally I am pushed, and I hurt myself. I dare not walk the path again, so I lurk in the shadows, dwelling in negativity. I glare narrow-eyed from my cave of thought, at the society that hindered my progression. I angrily rile in contemplation. Here we are, born into this world, defined and outlined by peace and order. Our bodies are a very beacon to this notion. Yet, somehow, this obvious feature, something we see everyday, when we sneeze on the street, eat our supper, or argue with one another, goes completely hidden to their everyday motivation. I find it strange that as free minds, we have come to mimic the chaos of the heavens.

I reach this wall in my mind, and then I stand up into the light. This is not what I choose. I can create my own destiny. I am not defined by my mistakes. Everyday I retrace my steps back through the hall of mirrors to the pure mind I was when I was brought into this world. Afterall, I have these hands. If they are scarred, my body will heal them, until there is no trace, and no reason to be angry, fearful or alone anymore. So, as a free mind, I choose to share with you my open hands. They are an extension of my will, and my whim, and an emblem of the order and tranquility of my body, for you to do with what you will.

Richard :/
January 1st, 2011, 05:47 AM
Wow, that was really beautifully written. You seem a lot smarter than me :) haha. I wish I could write as descriptively as you and with as much balance. The pace of this is amazing.