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December 27th, 2010, 11:46 AM
Warning:This story contains war-like situations, mild language and gore violence. You've been warned.

Chapter 4: The first battle begins!

Inside the devils demon-planes: Mariks phone rings and he answers. "Marik, we have a

plan that can work!" Noah said through the phone.
"What's the plan?" Marik asked.
"Kidnap the guy with the chain friends! They might be his weakness!" Noah said. Marik

flips the phone shut.
Outside the demon-planes, the marine jets shoot rockets at the demon-planes. The

demon-planes get a direct hit.
Inside the plane everything is shaking. Marik falls on the floor and quickly stands up.

"Damn bastards!" He murmurs.
Outside the demon-planes begins to change. Two machine guns come out of each

side of the demon-planes and begins to fire back at the jets. The jets dodge the bullets

and fire back. Two rockets blow up one machine gun and the demon-plane begins to

fall down.
Mariks plane is still in the air. "Fire fast!" He orders.
The jets target Mariks planes now and hit it directly. "Oh fuck!" Marik shouts.
The demon-plane turns into a huge fire ball and it smashes into the ground. Somehow

Marik and the demons survive. Few people run away.
Outside of Lukes house a huge blue colored transport plane is hoovering above the

ground waiting for Luke. Luke runs from inside the house and jumps into the transport

plane. The plane staarts to rise higher and higher. Then another transport plane rises

higher and higher from Luke's backyard and then another.
Luke looks down from the window. "Wow we're pretty high up! If we get shot down the

we are screwed." He said to himself.
Two robots who look like they are captains enter the room: Their bodies are grey and

they have a mouth like humans do and have blue caps on and they have black eyes.

Luke programmed them to have feelings like humans do. He didn't name them yet.
"Captain A and B."Luke said.
"Sir, we got some information that the enemy planes have crashed into a park just a

few minutes ago."Captain A said.
"How?"Luke asked.
"It seems that the marines tried to defend themselves!" captain B said.
"Wow!" Luke said surprisingly.
"We'll be by the enemies crash site soon sir!" the pilot informed Luke through the

At the crash site: The park looks like it had been hit my a bomb. The demon-planes

pieces were scattered everywhere. Some places were still burning, trees were down,

dirt was all over the place, some buildings, cars and people were destroyed or gone

and some were flattened like pancakes. The demons begin to put up some walls to

defend themselves. They already built a little bunker that seemed to go underground.

One demon-plane actually survived the attack from the jets and destroyed them. The

pieces of the jets began to fall to the ground. The pilots that got out in time were gliding

down now but the demon-planes shot and killed them. The police and SWAT teams

have started to surround the place where the demons are building up the walls and they

notice them. The demons take out rocket launchers and fire at the cops. The cops and

swat cars explode into fireballs. Some people scream and run for cover.
Luke looks through the windows again and notices and demon-plane circling in the air.

"Begin to fire at the plane!" Luke orders. Luke's three planes begin to fire at the

demon-plane and it is shot down.
"Start the landing process!" Luke orders once more. The three planes separate and

land in three different locations. All of them two blocks away from the crash site.
"Begin to unload the soldiers and the walker machines!" Luke orders again.
The transports planes open up. Robot soldiers with guns begin to file out of the planes

in rows. After the half million soldiers were outside and waiting for further commands,

the fifty thousand walking machines (looks like At–At from star wars but it doesn't have

people controlling it! It walks by itself. They also have two arms which have one

machine gun with unknown amounts of ammo in both arms) walk out and also wait for

orders. Some soldiers come out on hoover bikes (Look like speeder bikes from star

war but the bikes hoover over the ground and can go higher in the air! It also has a

machine gun in the front which shoots by itself. It has easy handling with fast

acceleration of a thousand miles per second.)

Luke takes out a hologram of the surrounding. The two captains are with him. "Our goal

is to get to the center! That must be where the Devils apprentices are! I will take one

hundred soldiers and fifty walker machines. We will try to surround them first then

attack head on! Me and my soldiers will head straight to the center! Your objectives is

to get rid of their demons and secure the place!" Luke orders. The both captains nod

and walk away.
Luke's one hundred soldiers and fifty walker machines were ready for Luke at the

entrance of a transport plane. "Soldiers you will go straight until we reach the bunker! I

will take the hoover bike and try to get as far as i can!" Luke says. He walks back inside

the transport plane and starts up a hoover bike, sits on it and drives outside, past his

soldiers and puts on a microphone. "Captains A and B, begin you objectives!" He

orders. The battle begins.