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December 20th, 2010, 03:31 AM
This is the prologue to my book Kid Download. It's long, I know, but if anyone wants to take the time to read it, I'll really like that. Love to hear some feedback.

Main Plot: A group of friends get dragged into a video game, because of mad man know as Creed is seeking to acquire ultimate power. The game is life or death and the only way to escape, find the Elemental Orbs and defeat Creed.

Also: There are no doubt of spelling errors and grammar mistakes.


Two long years ago a boy named Kaz Carmine was given an overwhelming destiny. He was chosen to protect the islands gods, The Great Elders. A madman known as Creed wanted to take control of the island and gain ultimate power. The Elders had a prophecy about a young warrior with a power of the three gods put together, and how he would save the world. They believed that Kaz was the chosen warrior. Kaz was no ordinary boy. He was trained in Kung Fu and Karate before he turned three. He had also mastered Soulrus at the age of seven, the youngest anyone has mastered the ancient art. He was watched very carefully to see if he was in fact the one with that destiny. Kaz has always had a temper but surprising enough, it helped him train. He became an unbeatable warrior from legend, he was more powerful than most people. Though his age was a setback, because growing up was a factor. Kazs temper had shown The Great Elders that he had much to learn, but he was much more powerful than Creed, even though his setbacks. As years passed, Kaz went through different journeys. On his eleventh birthday, Kaz was to survive in the forest, while making his way through in less than a month. He passed, but he was very mad about not being able to use Soulrus. As the Elders talked, they decided to bring Kaz to the temple. As Kaz arrived, he stood in a Soulrus Matrix. The Great Elders stood around the Matrix.
Kaz, do you know why you were brought here? Great Elder Osiris asked.

No idea, Kaz replied.
The Matrix, Kaz was standing on started glowing. Orbs of energy formed from the plants in the temple. They gathered at the Matrix. As the orbs were absorbed the Matrixs aura grew. Kaz watched as the Matrixs energy quickly exceeded anything he had felt before.
What the Hell! Kaz grunted.
Kaz stood there, amazed by the energy. He just kept watching it admit its flames of power. Slowly it disappeared, along with the energy signal.
That was amazing! What was that? Kaz praised.
That was your power. Increased by this Soul Matrix, Great Elder Hocus explained.
With the understanding of this power, youll be able to save not only this Island, but this planet, Great Elder Pallas added.
Im confused. You said that was my power, Kaz blabbed.
Yes. Kaz, the Matrix unlocks a power, only if youre the Destined Warrior, Great Elder Osiris replied.

Kaz looked at the Matrix. The energy had flowed through his body. Every nerve in his body had tingled.
Wait! What am I? Kaz asked.
Great Elder Osiris rested his hand on his staff. Rubbing his left hand, he looked straight at Kaz, as if he was staring into his soul.
You are The Destined Warrior, Great Elder Osiris said.

What? How? Kaz asked.
Just hear me out, Great Elder Osiris started.
Fine, Kaz grunted.
There is a man known as Creed. He wants to take the power of this island, so one day he can control this planet. You are the only one who can stop him, Great Elder Osiris explained.
If this wasnt as much as a surprise Id say cool, but Im more confused, Kaz stated.
Kaz, its time you head home. Take time to think about this. It is important that you understand youre destiny, Great Elder Osiris explained.
Ok, Kaz said.
Kaz walked himself to the entrance of the temple. The temple walls looked ancient. Many cracked pillars, smashed walls, and the ceiling looked weak, but the temple had never been destroyed. Kaz stood at the entrance, letting his eyes adjust to the light.
One more thing Kaz, Great Elder Osiris said.
Kaz stopped, then, turned around. He stared into the dark room, barely making out Osiris figure.
The Covenant Day. Remember that, Great Elder Osiris said.
I understand. Ill be thinking about it, Kaz replied.
Kaz walked out of the temple. He walked forward without letting his eyes adjust to the light, but he knew where he was going. He took the long curving path back to the village, passing many trees. The sky became cloudy, and dark. The air was moist, and smelled of rain. Kaz hurried along, barely making it to his home before the storm hit. As Kaz swung open the door, his grandfather Felix was standing there. He had a huge smile on his face.
Perfect timing sport, Felix grinned.
Yeah, it just started raining, Kaz commented.
No, were having ribs tonight, Felix corrected.
Kazs eyes widened, his smile grew. As soon as the food hit the table, Kaz had started pigging out. Quickly after eating, he fell asleep. Kaz slept through the night. As the days passed, Kaz just continued living his life, always remembering what the Great Elders had told him. Winter, came and went, Spring was fast, then, Summer arrived. There was unusual activity in the water, everyone watched as the wave became, stronger and higher. Kaz had come along way in his Soulrus skills. He had become stronger in sensing energy signals, as well as, gathering energy. Kaz sat on his roof, watching the ocean.
Something is under there. But what is it? Kaz wondered.
As the waves shifted from the middle of the ocean, stone pillars started emerging from the water.
What the Hell?
What is that?
Everyone! Step back!
Run for it!

Kaz stood up, staring at the fortress emerging from the water. As the fortress was fully emerged, water hit the island, flooding the beach. Everyone ran from the flood, as the water flowed in fast, people started getting dragged under. Kaz watched, frozen in place as people he knew were being killed. Bodies started floating out to the ocean. Kaz saw his brother, Jason running from a huge wave. Jason was running fast, then, he tripped. The wave slashed into him, dragging him under the water.
Jason! Kaz shouted.
Kaz jumped into the air. As he landed, he took of running. Water was flooding the town, Kaz jumped off rubble, and ran on walls to get through. As Kaz touched the water, he started gathering energy. Kaz saw that there was energy in the water, quickly, Kaz saw orbs of energy form around his body. His body glowed of blues flames, which admitted from his body.
Just need a little more! Kaz thought.
Kaz looked at the waves were Jason was pushed under. He was worried that the water held him under, drowning him. Kaz quickly ran over there. He reached where water met land.
Here goes something, Kaz said.
Kaz took a deep breath of air, then, he threw himself into the ocean. As Kaz dived, he looked for Jason. He didnt see him anywhere.
Where is he? Kaz thought.
Kazs energy was wearing out, and he still hadnt seen Jason, or his corpse. He looked down, as far as he could. There was nothing, then, Kaz looked up. There he saw Jason floating on his back, treading water. Kaz swam up, pushing the water behind him. As he threw himself to the surface, Jason was treading water, slowly pushing himself to shore. Kaz was extremely happy that Jason survived. Jason hadnt notice that Kaz was behind him. In a split second, Kaz heard a screech of a bird. As he looked up, a giant eagle swooped down, grabbing Jason. Kaz watched as the large bird carried Jason away into the distance of the ocean fortress.
When the Hell did birds get that big? Kaz bitched.
Kaz complained a bit, then, he floated out of the water. He closed his eyes, looked for the energy signal of his brother. As Kaz sensed, his eyes moved under his eyelids. After about half a minute, Kaz found Jasons energy, along with something else.
Found you, Kaz grinned.
Kaz held his arms back, then, threw himself forward. As Kaz flew, he looked for an entrance. It seemed that it had no way to get in, but Kaz start searching for an entrance covered by Soulrus. He flew around, pressing his hand against the wall. There was nothing, and Kaz was getting mad.
Damn Creed, putting no damn entrance! Kaz complained.
Kaz slammed his fists around the fortress. After making a complete circle, Kaz remembered something.
Wait! The Soulrus Matrix. If I draw it out, Ill be able to find anything dealing with Soulrus. Kaz thought.
Kaz grabbed his pouch, resting on his belt. He unbuttoned the top, then, dug his hand around in it. Kazs eyes widened as he pulled out a piece of limestone. It glowed of a green aura. Kaz pressed it against the wall. After quick motion, Kaz drew a circle, then, two triangles overlapping each other. After he had completed the Matrix, Kaz held his hands out at the Matrix. The Matrix started glowing, quickly, Kaz slapped his right hand against the Matrix. A wave of electricity surrounded the fortress. The bolts of energy collided with the fortress. Kaz floated in the air, watching the energy reveal the entrance was right in front of him. He rolled his eyes, feeling a bit stupid, but he was amazed he pulled off using a Soulrus Matrix.
Im coming for you, Kaz grinned.
Kaz jumped in through the entrance. It was dark, and very wet. Every step Kaz took sounded wet. After walking his way into the fortress, there was no more water. Kaz shook the water out of his hair, then, started looking around. The walls were bare, just old looking bricks, ivy, and moss. Kaz walked through the closest doorway, pushing past the cobwebs. He didnt want to wander endlessly, then, he closed his eyes. He started looking for Jasons energy signal. Kaz found it quickly. He saw that it was almost right below him.
Time more some Soulrus demolition, Kaz grinned.
Kaz held out this hand. He gathered energy was the surroundings. Letting the orbs absorb into his body. As Kaz gathered enough energy, he slapped his hands to the ground. At first nothing happened, then, the floor started to crumble. In a quick second, the floor fell down into the lower room. Creed had Jason locked in a dark aura chain, unlike Soulrus, but similar in a few ways. Jason was trying to break free, but Creed just laughed.
Boy, you just make me laugh, Creed said.
As Creed finished, Kaz with the floor, fell into the room. Creed quickly turned around.
What the Hell? Creed snapped.
Thats were Im gonna send you! Kaz snapped.

Kaz! Jason smiled.
Kaz walked out of the cloud of dust. He stared down Creed, but Creed did the same back.
What are we have? A damn staring contest? Kaz asked.
No, Creed grunted.
Ill start this then, Kaz said.
Quickly Kaz ran over behind Creed, his speed caught Creed off guard. Kaz threw his foot forward, sending Creed sliding into the rubble. Kaz cracked a smile as Creed scraped his face.
If youre really as strong as they say, why did I just kick you so easily? Kaz wondered.
Creed lifted his bloody face from the ground. Blood dripped from his mouth, and under his left eye. He looked over a Kaz, with ever second, he grew more hatred towards Kaz.
Damn boy plays dirty, Creed grunted.
Kaz took off running at Creed.
Theres no such thing as dirty in a fight! Kaz shouted.
Kaz jumped into the air, then, he threw his foot down. Aiming his stomp at Creeds head. As Kazs foot reached Creeds head, he quickly rolled out of the way. Kaz stomped his foot into the floor, then, Creed grabbed Kazs leg. Quickly he flipped Kaz onto his back, then, Creed stood up. He stood over Kaz, laughing.
Ill do what you just tried, Creed said.
Creed threw his foot down, onto Kazs head. In a split second, Kaz slipped from out under Creed. As Creeds foot hit the ground, Kaz grabbed him from behind. Creed tried to slip out of Kazs hold, but Kaz held on tight. Kaz smashed Creed into the floor, then, he flip him over onto his back. Creed was locked between Kazs legs, then, Kaz started punching away at Creed. His punches were strong, each blow to the face, left marks, each shot to the chest, caused him to cough up blood. Kaz stopped as Creed stopped moving around. He knew he wasnt dead, but he was very weak.
Had enough? Kaz asked.
Creed didnt look at Kaz. His blood covered face, his lifeless body. Kaz felt that he had delivered enough damage for Creed to understand. Kaz stepped over Creed, leaving him a chance to get up, but he didnt move.
I dont have to kill you, but, I can leave you to drown with his fortress, Kaz said.
Kaz threw out his hands, he started admitting flame like energy from his body. Blue aura orbs fazed through the walls, gathering with Kazs body. Kaz pressed his hand into the ground. In a quick second, Kazs energy burst out of his hand, destroying the ground below. As the floor crumbled into the ocean, Kaz floated under the fortress. He saw that there was a dark aura, keeping the fortress afloat. Kaz flew back up into the fortress, he saw that Soulrus bound Jason. Kaz jumped over to Jason. Standing next to Jason, Kaz touched the Energy shackles. His energy shattered the shackles, releasing the hold on Jason. He pulled himself off the wall as the shackles turned to dust, disappearing into the air.
Jason, you move on ahead. Im going to take out this fortress, Kaz explained.
Okay. Seeya at home, Jason grinned.
Jason walked over with Kaz to the hole Kaz had made. They both jumped down, Kaz floated above the water, while Jason dove in. Jason swam under the supports, pushing his way back to shore. Kaz watched as Jason swam his way back to shore.
He needs to learn how to fly with Soulrus. He can barely swim too. Kaz thought.
Kaz still had extra power from his demolition of the floor. He held out his right arm, pushing his hand as far as it could go. Quickly, Kaz slapped his left hand behind his right. A small sun like orb appeared in Kazs hand. It rapidly grew, the energy was growing larger and larger. Shortly, it was bigger than Kazs hands.
Your grave is forever with the fish, Kaz said.
Kaz released the energy. It flew into the barrier, smashing clear through it. As Kaz watched the blast go through, he flew at the barrier. Kaz threw his right fist into the dark barrier. As it made contact, the barrier shattered into nothing, just dust blown away in the wind. Kaz cracked a smile, see that Creed was finished. The fortress started slipping into the ocean, but Kaz was still underneath it.
Shit! I need to get outta here! Kaz snapped.
Kaz flew up from under fortress, as the fortress smashed into the ocean, Kaz barely escaped. As he flew, he wiped the sweat from his face. Kaz arrived back at the village. Even being almost destroyed, the villagers gathered together, marveling the day Creeds plan was overturned. Kaz was surround by his friends and there families. Every person in the village was thanking him, shortly, The Great Elders made their appearance. Kaz used them as a way to duck out, and head home. After following the long cursing dirt road, he saw Grandpa Felix and Jason sitting on a fallen tree. Kaz walked over there, they both had huge smiles on their faces. Kaz looked tired and confused.
Kaz, put all your thought of this behind you, Felix explained.
Sounds good to me, Kaz agreed.
Think about this. Were having ribs tonight, Felix grinned.
Thats what I need, Kaz laughed.
After the whole event of Creed and his defeat, the village became very calm. Grandpa Felix made the decision that it was time to move. Kaz and Jason felt upset from moving from their first home. Grandpa Felix insured them that it should be a good change of pace. They moved to the States, settling down in a small town in Illinois. Kaz wasnt to amazed or impressed by the outside world. The only thing that interested him were cars, but he was only 13 years old at the time. Jason was very friendly with others, and making friends left and right, while Kaz was being a loner. Kaz turned 14, then, quickly it was time for Kazs graduation. He had no friends, he hadnt talked with one person in his grade. Kaz didnt raise his hand, or even stick out as a person. The week before his graduation, he walked Jason over to his friends house. Jason knocked on the door of an averaged sized house. Everything seemed to be well kept. As Kaz looked around at the house, a small boy cracked opened the door. He didnt open the door much, just enough for Jason to slip through.
Hi Billy, Jason said.
Billy waved. Kaz looked at Billy, his brow furled. Billy let Jason in, then closed the door slowly.
What the hell is his problem? Kaz thought.

Kaz looked around, he saw a kid about his age, fixing a skateboard.
He gets shy around people, The kid said.
I can tell, Kaz replied.
The kid wiped his hands off on his pants.
Well then, my name is Shred, Shred said.
Shred held out his hand.
Really? Kaz wondered.
What? Shred asked.
Your name isnt Shred. You skateboard, no doubt its a nickname, Kaz grinned.
Yeah, just a nickname. Its really Philip, Shred laughed
Thought so, Kaz laughed.
Kaz shook Shreds hand. He looked over at the skateboard Shred had been working on. The truck was uneven, and the bolt looked as if it had grass or dirt stuck in it.
I think I know what you need to fix the board, Kaz said.
Thats good. Im clueless, Shred replied.
Shred handed Kaz the board. As Kaz grabbed the board, he noticed that the graphic had been worn. I look similar to a Soulrus Matrix, but cartoon like. The board was well cared for, besides the graphic. Kaz looked at the truck, and he was right. There was a huge chunk of grass, locked into the bolt, and the truck.
Do you have a wrench that fits this bolt? Kaz asked.
Shred dug around his toolbox. He shuffled around the trays, then, he pulled out a large wrench. He handed it to Kaz. Kaz grabbed it, then, he clicked in around the bolt. He loosened the bolt until it came off. Seeing that the truck was crammed with dirt and grass. Kaz pulled the truck, then, placed on the driveway. He wiped the dirt and from the board, then, removed the grass. Kaz throw the board back together. He handed to Shred. When Shred grabbed it, he looked all around it. He cracked a huge smile.
Thanks, I gonna try it, Shred grinned.
Shred jumped onto his feet, then, he took of running down the driveway.
This is gonna be good. Kaz thought.
Shred tossed down his board, then, jumped on. Kaz amazed that he could do something like that without understand how the body can be enhanced with Soulrus.
Wow, Kaz awed.
Shred started skating back up the driveway. Kaz saw that there was a ramp next to the garage. He watched as Shred launched of the ramp, then, did double kick flip. Kaz watched, amazed as Shred landed perfectly on the ground. Kaz clapped, Shred bowed, then, laughed.
Good as new, Shred grinned.
Glad I could help, Kaz replied.
Kaz turned around, and started walking away. He waved goodbye as he started leaving the driveway. Shred stood up.
Yo! You want to go skate around town? Shred asked.
Kaz stopped in place. This was the first time anyone had asked him to do something with him. In that second, Kaz turned around and smiled.
Sure. Ill like that, Kaz said.
"Nice. You know how to skate? Shred wondered.
No, but Im a quick learned, Kaz answered.
Kaz grabbed a board and followed behind Shred. At graduation Kaz and Shred started hanging out. Throughout the summer they hung out. They were great friends, and Kaz was very happy. As their freshman year started, the homework started piling up. Kaz was having the hardest time keeping up as the year slowly passed by. As the year was coming to a close, Kaz was extremely tired. It was Friday morning and Kaz was trying to over sleep.