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December 18th, 2010, 11:25 AM
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This is from my unfinished book The Last Vampire. It is the Book of Sara. If you like it I'll post more.

Book of Sara


Joseph Stocks was twenty four years of age when he was first seen by her. The year was 1995. It was a cold fall. There was no snow but the streets were wet. His breath could be seen as he exited the office building. The overhead bland yellow parking lot lights were mist that shone down upon him in a cold city way. This particular city was L.A, California. It is strange to a vampire like Nicolai to say the names of cities and states as he remembers a time when they were called something else or when they simply did not exist to the known world.
Joseph Stocks was wearing a dark suit. He had curly brown hair. His eyes were brown and very deep and thoughtful. The bangs of his curly brown hair nearly covered his eyes making for an even deeper expression. His face was long, sad, broken, and he had the look of many humans at that time; he had the look of waiting. Yes, Joseph Stocks was waiting to be saved. Werent they all? Most acted as if they had already been saved, some actually were in this time, but Joseph Stocks was one of the few who knew he couldnt be saved by anyone but himself. And further unique than that, Joseph Stocks knew he would not save himself because he didnt want to save someone like himself, Joseph Stocks. But he was a smart guy. You see the definition of a man had changed some, so they are guys or young men but to be a man you would either look the part or prove your worth in a world that didnt care anymore. Joseph Stocks was in no hurry to be considered a man. He had all the usual attributes of a man though. He had an office job, he visited his family often, and the rest of the time he sat in his room on the computer, using this new modern machine to connect to the outside world or work on his so called art. The only problem is the outside world wasnt ready for it. And it did not want Joseph Stocks. And even the place he lived, L.A, California, did not want him. But there was one thing that finally did want himsomething unimaginable and wrong.
Joseph put his keys in the door to unlock his car. He turned, or rather was forced to turn around, by a girl wearing black. He was afraid. His mind instantly shifted into fear. His eyes widened. His breathing became rapid as it clouded in front of his face from the cold. The girl was strong. She could kill him with her bare hands she was so strong. She was beautiful as well. She was a well picked beauty. She forcefully grabbed the side of his head and bent it to the side, exposing his bare, cold neck. Inside the neck the veins pulsated with warm life that would be hers. Instinctually, she moved in for the bite. Her fangs were exposed and her dry throat was calling. She let out a dry breath sound that was a calm hiss with her open mouth. She could feel her prey quiver with fear as she pressed her mouth against his skin. And the moment before the bite, she hesitated. She tried to bite down but she could not. Instead of a bite, she kissed his neck. She stopped, and pulled him away and looked into his eyes. A terrible mistake for the vampire to look upon her prey.
Im tempted otherwise. She whispered.
He was staring back at her with more curiosity than fear in his eyes.
Can you see my soul? Joseph asked.
Yes. She answered.
What does it look like?
It was such a question to her. Its beautiful. She answered, unable to hold back or lie. She looked at him with kind eyes, kind eyes that she had not used in what seemed like an eternity. Its almost as if you dont care if you die. She said. She could sense his thoughts but not listen to them. His vulnerability and beauty called to her. His eyes portrayed a strong soul and a limitless capacity to love. She could hear his heart beat not of fear but of love. She could see the blood in his veins flowing. And then she realized that the blood that was flowing through him was being pumped by a heart that was falling in love with her. The love was traveling through his entire body. Soon it would be unstoppable to reverse. She was allowing him to live, and allowing him to love her.
She stopped. She had to.
What is your name? Joseph asked. But she was gone. He didnt even get to see her leave. The vampire vanished with a speed too fast for his eyes.
However, the wind carried her answer. Sara is my name. She said with a whisper that reached his ears and made him look behind at the darkness. He wondered and searched, but nothing was found. Joseph knew that throughout his entire life from this moment on he would be looking behind himself in search of her. The love was instant, and would last forever, and the lack of knowledge would burn and scar until the day he died. That is, if she were to never return.


Joseph woke up from a horrible nightmare. He was sweating and his heart was racing. Outside his apartment window the rain was coming down hard and the second the lightning flashed he heard the roaring pound of thunder. The storm was close. It was all around him. Joseph tried to calm his breathing. Tears ran down his face as he panted. It was a terrible feeling for him to not know. To not know who she was, where she was, and who she was with was unbearable. He felt misplaced and his entire life was now unfamiliar and strange. The world was cold. Perhaps, to Joseph, it was always cold, but only now did he realize it. His eyes were open to the sheer wretched cold of the world and for one moment he saw the warmth and it vanished. But what was the warmth? Joseph thought on it. The warmth was her strength over him. Somewhere inside of him he knew she had power over his life. She could have taken it, right? She didnt take his life though. And did she feel what he initially thought she felt? The connection was so strong for him that he could almost hear her thoughts.
He tried to stop himself from thinking about it. He had work the next morning. He had to sleep, somehow. But the night would never end for Joseph. He clawed at the floor in agony until the sun came up.


I remember her eyes. Those pale yellow eyes. I remember the way they used to look at me, and how it made me feel. I remember her hair, so blonde. I remember her skin, so pale white. I remember how she made me feel. I never wanted without her.
Tell me more about her please. The psychiatrist said, sitting across from Joseph.
Like what?
How did you two meet? He asked.
I suppose I should tell you what I remember. You probably wont believe most of it, but I will tell you anyway. I wish Joseph looked down. He took a moment, and then looked back up and continued. It was in darkness. This much I remember from meeting her was that it was in darkness. Total darkness was all around us as she kissed my neck, she said she was tempted otherwise and turned me around. I stared into those beautiful pale yellow eyes and felt my entire body shiver with whatever that mix of feelings is that produces what you call love.
The psychiatrist finally interrupted, How did you meet before the kiss?
Meet before the kiss?
I dont think we did. You must be confused.
Try to remember. The doctor said.
No, I want to remember her, and how she smelledthat elegant odor that drifted through my nose and into my brain tickling all of my senses.
You must love her very much.
YesI miss her very much. She was something you could only have once in a total existence. I could not have treasured the time I had with her enough, for how brief was itbut a blink.
Do you need some time? The doctor sympathized.
No, despite my tears I can still tell you more about her. Ill begin.
The psychiatrist sat back in his leather chair, giving Joseph his full attention.

Joseph began. It was one of those dark nights that grow in power with the haunting yellow glow the street lights give off. The smell was foul, and the temperature was cold enough to see ones breath. I wrapped myself tightly in my jacket and headed to my car feeling the yellow glow lit street lights watching me passed under them. I felt the sting of loneliness but pressed on into the night. There were but two cars left in the parking lot and the far one was my own. My eye lids chilled with the air as I squinted to warm them up. Thats when I started to smell her, but I didnt even know it was her. I knew nothing at that time except the very fact that something was coming for me. Fear trickled down my spine as I walked faster and then faster towards my car with my key already drawn out my pocket. I reached the door, stuck the key in, and began to turn it when a strong force was all around me.
I never felt that kind of fear. I couldnt scream. It gave no effect to the force that was all around me. She put her hand against my face covering my left eye and pushed my head back onto the car top. I remember that hand, and how cold it was against my face. Then I felt the cold breezes of the night brushing against the skin on my neck. My tiny hairs rose with the sudden chill it gave me until suddenlyall was lost. I felt those lips. Those beautiful, wonderful lips touched my skin. They were dry, and cold, but they felt warm in my mind. I felt completely submissive to the elements at hand as those lips embraced my neck. I even realized just then my eyes had been closed the entire time, and thats when I started to feel something different. I felt sharp tips running across my chilled neck and then I felt her hand against my side, and it felt warm, and good. She lifted me up, and like in a daze I looked strait into her sadistically beautiful pale yellow eyes. Locked together for what seemed like forever I stood there against my car wanting her to feed me her very soul and anything else I could have that was hers. She spoke to me then.
I was tempted otherwise. The doctor reminded.
Those words hit all of my nerves giving me a sensation that cannot be described. I had not the strength to move or speak then, and I was shaking violently across my entire body. Joseph paused. Can you see my soul? I asked her then.
Yes. She said, still looking strait into my eyes with her pale yellow glance.
What does it look like? I asked her.
Its beautiful. She said, and when I turned my head she was there, staring at me lovingly. It frightened me at first but then it became very comfortable.
Then she said something that I dont really understand. It was something about me not being afraid of dying. But I am afraid, I just wasnt afraid of dying from her. Joseph paused. And then the strangest thing happened. I was alone, all alone again. I looked around and there was nothing left except the yellow glow of the street lights above me.
The doctor once again interrupted, She vanished?
Yes. Do you want me to continue?
Yes, Im sorry.
Joseph continued. I went home. I drove through the fog ridden roads back to my solitary. I rent an apartment from a nice family. They dont bother me and I dont bother them. I dont really do anything there except for going on the computer. I do some artwork with digital programs. Its always dark in my room. I never bought a light for the room simply because the glow from the outside street light kept it dimly lit, although I did close the shades so not much of it seeped in. I cant remember much since the past two months after it happened. I just remember dim yellow street lights. Its not important.
Do you ever talk with the family you live with? The doctor asked.
I never had any need for people. I feel so distant from them all the time and even in public I tune them out. I am always alone. At work I sit behind my desk while the people pass by it to get to the lunch room. I can feel their movement and see them in the corner of my eye but I never look up. In a way I hate them, but I never give them the credibility to effect me in any way. I stay at work late and only leave after everyone else has gone home already. I take the elevator down and walk the frighteningly empty parking lot back to my car expecting some force to brush against my neck again, but nothing ever happens. I was actually so disappointed and after a few days I began to think that I had only imagined it.
I see. The doctor said, completely submerged in the story.
So the routine goes on. I dream of her every night. I think of it constantly. I cant sleep and I cant eat. Its been two months and it hasnt gone away in the slightest bit. Im starting to have suicidal thoughts. So I came here. I want to know what I can do to help it. I want help.
The doctor was speechless. For a moment he felt completely unqualified to handle Josephs case. So he gave the textbook recipe. Im going to prescribe you some anti-depressants. He said. And I want to see you every week to monitor the treatment. I have to tell you though, Joseph, that this isnt going to be an easy thing to get over for you it seems. It will take a little while for the anti-depressants to take their effect and even then you may still have dreams. He began writing the prescription. But these will help you with your depression and through our sessions, and above all, time, we will get you through this.
Thank you. Joseph said with a tear in his eye. He took the prescription from the doctors hand and headed to the door.
Next week?
Next week. Joseph agreed. He left the room.
The doctor sat back in his chair, completely amazed, and smiled.


Days later. The dirty city. The day was freezing cold. Trash was everywhere on the ground in scattered colorful piles of disgust. Beyond the slums of his apartment building, driving in his car, Joseph arrived at the industrial side of the city. The office buildings were sleek blue with well kept grounds of frosted green grass and flower beds. Joseph parked in his usual space. When he got out of his car he stopped in the parking lot and stood. For a moment he looked around, hoping, but never expecting to see her. It was his usual routine. Every day he moved a little faster as his hope became more faint. Joseph moved on. He looked to the ground as he walked and entered the office building of his work.
He slumped in his chair as he worked. His eyes were tired and worn. Joseph opened his desk drawer and pulled out a container of anti-depressants. He put one in his mouth and swallowed. He put them back in the drawer and closed it. He gazed at the blank monitor on his desk as the day passed.
Later in the afternoon, his boss would come and ask if he was attending the office party later that night, which he would answer yes.


The night came. After a quick stop to change clothes at his house Joseph drove to the upscale residential area of the city. There were clouds in the night sky but the full moon could be seen. The streets were pale white from its bright glow. The party was being held at his employers house, the great Chris Harwell, a very wealthy investor and self made man. Joseph parked outside the house against the curb with the long line of cars. Joseph exited his car and stepped into the night. He was wearing a brown jacket over a long sleeved dark flannel shirt which was tucked into his blue jeans. He walked on the sidewalk towards the house. He could hear the music from the outside. When he arrived at the door there was a whisper in the wind.
Where do you go? The wind asked.
It was faint. Joseph shrugged it off as his imagination. He knocked on the door. The door swung open with a loud party guest greeting him. He entered the warmth of the house and the door was shut behind him.
Can I take your coat? The guest asked, not even looking at Joseph.
No, Joseph replied, Im good. He stepped in the next room. There was a fire in the fireplace and a lit Christmas tree. Alcoholic eggnog was being served at a table with chips and dip and deviled eggs and other such treats. It was at this moment Joseph heard the wind. He looked around. Then he could feel it, in his mind, the presence. It was faint at first and then the more he acknowledged it the more it came to him.
Chris Harwell entered the room and greeted his guests. Friends of me! He yelled. Drink, eat, enjoy! Then he spotted an attractive co-worker girl standing under the mistletoe. Get the fuck over here! He said as he walked up to her and gave her a large, intruding kiss.
Joseph could feel it so strongly. It sounded like breathing, but it wasnt his. Then he was able to hear more. The breathing wasnt breathing, it was the same hiss he heard from her, the night before.
Joe! Chris yelled and looked in Josephs direction.
Joseph looked at Chris, and then turned. He ran out the door. He ran into the cold night and pale street. He looked around frantically. Where are you?! He screamed. Is this some joke?! He yelled at the top of his lungs. Why did you have to enter into my life and make me this way?!
Joseph! A party guest who heard him scream was yelling from the house. Joseph get in here! She was standing in the open door.
Joseph ran. The tall black steel gates and fences that ran along the sidewalk had sharp points that made the view just look that much more cold. The houses were beautiful and covered in Christmas lights. The wealthy inhabitants must have been so much more happy than Joseph. Because even though the houses looked warm, outside the towering black metal gates the street was cold and empty. Joseph began to cry.
Stop crying. She said it to him in thought. It wasnt her voice though, it was a mix of the memory of her voice and his own. Joseph would have shrugged it off as his imagination, but it spoke again, uncontrolled by him. Please do not cry.
Joseph stopped crying. Where are you!?
Im here. Ive been here.
How are you speaking to me?
This, I do not know, for I have never been able to speak to someone this way before.
Where are you? Joseph looked all around.
I could show myself, but I feel shy.
You mean afraid. He said in a cruel way. He was angry at her for toying with his heart.
Yes. And being afraid makes me even more afraid. It is not something Ive felt in a very long time.
Why? He kept looking for her.
I dont know.
Then if you arent going to come out Im leaving. Joseph said and to his amazement he followed through and started to turn. He stopped. In the corner of his eye he saw a motion trail of a figure. When the trail stopped, the figure stood on the sidewalk near him. She was looking at him. And it was at that moment that Joseph Stocks got a full glimpse of Sara.
She was beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. She was slim and strong. Her hair was golden blonde. So yellow it was almost white. Her eyes were the most brilliant pale yellow that shined even in the darkness. Her eyebrows were blonde and smooth, a perfect fit to her face. Her skin was pale and flawless everywhere except her neck which had a scar on it. She was tall for a female, almost as tall as Joseph. She was wearing a long and thin dark leather jacket. She had a dark vest underneath that exposed her lovely neckline and cleavage. The vest was laced up not buttoned. The laces hung loosely over her skin. Her pants were pinstriped black suit pants. Her boots were tall, black, and heeled.
And it was at that moment that Sara got a full glimpse of Joseph Stocks. He was wearing a simple brown jacket over a dark brown and blue flannel shirt. His blue jeans looked old and worn which were held up by a thin leather belt. He was tall, six feet and one or two inches tall. He had messy, curly, brown hair. His eyes were a soft brown. His stature was just a small bit slumped, but who could blame him in the time that he was brought up. His skin was white, and not tanned from the lack of the sun because of the winter and smog of the city. He looked younger than his age. He was quite handsome in his humbleness.
I fell in love too easy. Sara said. Its going to hurt.
Youlove me? Josephs eyebrows arched upwards. Are you afraid to love me? Joseph asked.
Sara took a step back. Yes.
Im not. He said.
Why? She asked. I dont understand it. She almost commented on the fact that he was only human, but resisted the impulse.
Im in love. The only thing now I fear is losing you again.
So sudden? She asked the human Joseph.
Yes, so sudden. He answered. And youre in love with me?
You asked that already. Why so surprised? Look at you my darling. You are beautiful.
He heard her in his thoughts again. How are you doing that? He asked.
I dont know Sara looked as if she were going to cry. It must be a new gift.
A gift of what?
Please dont ask. She cried.
Why not? He insisted. Joseph took a strong step towards her. Are you in love with me or arent you?
Answer me! Joseph yelled.
Sara cried loud. I am. God save me I am!
Why is it such a terrible thing to love me!? Joseph screamed.
Im sorry, but I cant tell you. She cried more. She fell to her knees in weak emotion.
Joseph kneeled down to her. If you love me then you will tell me the truth before I die from the lack of it.
Sara looked up at him with her pale yellow eyes. If you loved me youd believe whatever I have to say.
I will. Joseph said.
Sara grabbed him fiercely but did not hurt him. She held him close. Oh God, I betray all my kind. My darkness. My doom. I doom us both! I will rot in hell for this!
Josephs mind was bent, racing. His only reaction to her was to hold her. The leather jacket around her was cold. He ran his hands up and down her back to warm it. Touching her would never grow old to him.
You say youll believe me no matter what? She asked of him.
Swear it!
I swear. He said calmly and assumingly. He would believe her. Even if she was insane he would follow her false visions and take them as his own. That was his commitment to her.
Then someday I pray youll forgive me of this. She answered his question. I am a vampire. She said.
Disbelief was his first instinct. But he kept his promise. He convinced himself of her word. He made himself believe her. How? He asked.
I was made by another vampire.
Joseph knew she was able to speak to him through his mind now. He acknowledged it and knew it to be fact. Dont do that! Just say it.
I cant find the words. She said.
Joseph put his hand on the back of her head. He held her face against his chest. He rocked her back and forth. He never knew he was so passionate. It doesnt matter right now. Nothing does. Your with me now and your never going to leave me again. He didnt have to demand it. She would stay with him forever now.
The moon was shining down on their unexplored love. From above, the dark figures held each other and from further up it was one single shadow.


The moon became hidden by dark clouds and the night brought down a terrible rain. Rain that was thick and cruel. Joseph and Sara entered his apartment soaked with rainwater. The apartment was a single room with a small bathroom. Joseph was cold. Sara was not. They sat on his bed. They stared at each other deeply and studied each others faces.
Sara could see the very life force of Joseph Stocks. He was the only mortal she had ever seen completely. It amazed her. His thoughts were radiant and completely about her. She couldnt quite read what he was thinking, but she could see that it was about her. His thoughts were genuine too. He was thinking of her in a way she had never been thought of before, an angel. She saw his craving of knowledge of her. He wanted to know everything about her in the most specific details. And then she saw his desire for her physically. It was a beautiful thing to see, the male need, not just want or desire, of her body. It was a natural sight since he was mortal and looked upon her as if she were a mortal herself. Sara saw his blood flowing inside of him. She could see the waves of his heart beat. She could see, in great detail, a birthmark under his arm and the layers of it from childhood to adulthood. And it was then that she saw some of his past. She saw him as a child, playing with toys in a backyard. She saw him growing. She saw his first day at school. She could see the knowledge he had gained over the years. And then his first love and the hurt it left behind. She saw him losing his virginity and felt a slight sense of jealousy. A mortal feeling of insecurity passed over her as she saw his past experiences with the opposite sex. The feeling scared her. It passed, soon after, when she saw his work and slow deterioration of spirit. His motivation for excellence and dreams were gone. And then she looked at his love for her and the impact it had on him. He was alive again. How very ironic it was to her that she felt mortal, alive, and so did he, from their connection. They were both alive at this moment in a way they had never been as mortal or immortal. Time had nothing on love. It bent for its power. And the world, unnatural forces and natural, the demonic ways of the vampire, and the simple ways of the human life, would all make way and bow down to love. Love was, and is, absolute. To Sara, the way Joseph saw her and wanted her was the most complete and trustworthy feeling she had ever come across in her life and unlife.
I cant believe youre here. Joseph said. Am I dreaming you?
Sara smiled. She never smiled after she died, yet here she was, smiling. It was beyond her control. He continued to surprise her with mortal emotions. He got to her. Im real.
Joseph lightly smiled back. No, you are a dream.
Sara dropped her smile and looked at Joseph with strong love in her yellow eyes. Ive never felt this way before. She said.
What way?
She thought of it. If she lied to him would he know? It felt as if he would. He was in her mind in some way, as she was in his. In love. She finally said.
Joseph gave a big, bright smile.
What do you love Joseph?
You. He said.
Do you love anything else? Or anyone else? She asked.
Nowhere near as much as you.
What do you like to do with your life? She asked.
I dont really know. He said. I work, I sleep, I work some more. I like to read. I like doing artwork.
Artwork, that was what I was looking for. She said.
What do you mean?
I could see something was there, a talent, but I didnt know what it was. She said.
Im not good at art. He laughed. I just mess around.
Show me. She said.
Joseph got up. He turned on his computer and opened an image file. It was one of his. A photograph he took and then digitally edited with an art program. It was of an alleyway. There was a metal fence, and a door, with a green light above it. Ivy was growing along the brick walls. There was a puddle on the dirty concrete ground. But the way he made the light enhanced was unlike anything Sara had ever seen in a photograph. It was digitally changed. It was perfected in a way that would only appear in another world. She was amazed by the coloring he brought out of the simple picture. There were so many brilliant textures to it. She was unknowledgeable of the digital world and to see this was like seeing a Van Gogh for the first time. She studied it. She was amazed.
Stuff like that, Joseph said, I take a picture and then edit it with an art program. Nothing special.
Nothing special? She said. Its beautiful Joseph.
Joseph clicked his mouse and brought up another picture. It was a sundown. And the lights, again, were unbelievable to Sara.
Saras mouth dropped in disbelief. More? She asked.
Joseph showed her another. It was of a winery. The sun behind the thick hills was an exotic luminance. Such use of orange, yellow, red, pink, and purple in a real photograph could not be manipulated with paints, it had to be digitally edited.
They are so beautiful. Im so proud of you. She said.
Joseph smiled. It was the first time he had someone say something about his work. Anyone can do this now. He said.
Anyone can paint, anyone can draw, anyone can write, but vision is a talent, and you have it Joseph. Sara said.
Joseph looked at Sara while she stared at his pictures. The glow of the computer screen on her pale skin was taunting to him. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He wanted desperately to touch her face.
Sara looked down at Joseph. You can touch it.
Joseph lifted his hand. He slowly moved it closer to her face. Sara closed her eyes. The tops of his fingers ran against her cold, lifeless, but smooth and soft skin. Joseph moved away from her. He walked to the other side of the small room and looked away from Sara.
What is it? She asked.
How? He asked. How can you read my mind? How is it possible for you to be so cold if you are not a dream? You say you are a He could not find it in him to say the word. but what does that mean?
If you love me you will believe me. Sara said.
Joseph turned to her. Im trying!
I didnt believe in such a thing myself. Until one day, far beyond desperation, I was held and bitten and killed and turned into something of a monster.
A vampire? He asked.
Yes. Although it has been called many names, this thing that I am, but yes, thats what you would call it.
I dont believe in vampires. Joseph said.
You believe in me though, Sara explained, And I am a vampire. It was still difficult for her to say it to a mortal, but Joseph was able to bring it out of her.
Everything Ive heard about vampires in stories is true then? Joseph asked.
Some of it. Sara answered.
What parts?
Please, cant we just not talk about it right now? Please can we just be together for a while longer? Sara walked closer to Joseph.
Joseph took a step away from Sara as she moved towards him. I need to know. Sara could see the emotion of deep fear in Joseph, which was hurting her. Do you kill people? Drink their blood? Do you sleep in coffins and only come out at night? Do you hate garlic or crucifixes? Is silver deadly to you? If I believe in God, will I go to hell if I love you? Do you have no soul?
Sara sat on his bed. Just sit down ok?
Joseph hurt. Tell me!
I will. Sara tried to calm him down. Just sit down and I will tell you everything.
Joseph hesitated, but his love for her gave him the trust to sit down beside her.
What was the first question, Joseph? She asked.
Do you drink blood?
Sara stopped. She didnt want to think about any of it at that moment. She just wanted to be with him for once and hold him and see what it felt like. But what did she feel like to him? A corpse? How awful. She began to cry. She buried her face in her hands. She must have looked so mortal to Joseph. Everything movement, thought, emotion, and act that she was doing or feeling was not like a vampire. Yes. She said with a muffled voice.
You kill people? Joseph asked.
Please dont ask me that. She said.
Do you?
I dont want to talk about this now
Do you kill people and drink their blood? Joseph repeated his question.
Sara burst into more tears. She sobbed in a way she hadnt in what seemed like an eternity.
Are you just some crazy person who thinks they are something they arent? Joseph asked. You would have to be to love a guy like me.
Sara looked at him with the most hurt, and offended face Joseph had seen.
This is just some big joke isnt it? Joseph said.
You doubt yourself like you doubt me Joseph! Sara stood. Her voice erupted in the room and frightened Joseph. But if I lied to you I think youd know it. Or am I the one being lied to?
I feel like you are telling me the truth but I cant understand it. And I dont want to believe it, that you, this beautiful sweet thing to me, is a killer! Joseph yelled.
You want more proof? She asked.
Sara opened her mouth, wide, and exposed two fangs as she hissed.
Joseph looked at her fangs with disbelief and surprised fear. It was disturbing to see yet somewhat beautiful in a dark way. Are they real? He asked.
Sara closed her mouth. She gave a small laugh. And then another laugh. Joseph laughed with her.
Sara grabbed Joseph and held him close to her. Dont you see my love? This is why I need you. You give me life again! You make me feel! I love you so much. Please believe me. Please trust me. I need it so.
A part of me wants to. He replied. Joseph held her back. He put his hands on Saras waist and felt her hips, then wrapped his arms around her. She was cold. It was in his instinct to try and warm her, but the more he held her the more he realized she was not getting warmer. The room they were in was not getting her warmer. His love was not getting her warmer, yet.
Dont ever let go. She said softly. They laid down on the bed. Joseph was on top of her. Sara ran her hands up and down his back as she held him.
Tears fell from Josephs eyes. Please tell me you havent killed.
Sara began to cry with him. They looked in each others eyes. I have my love. To survive I had to.
Tell me the truth! Joseph cried.
I will. Sara began. I will tell you everything I know as best I can. You deserve to know. She kissed his warm cheek. I am immortal. She said strongly to Joseph. The sun will burn me to ashes if I do not hide from it. If I do not feed I am in terrible pain. I have no problem with silver, but others do. Garlic does not harm me but I couldnt stand it even when I was living. She paused. I can walk in a church and pray if I wish and I will not have God strike me down. I believed in God when I was alive, but now I am not so sure. I do not fear death so I do not fear God. I fear this. This is all I fear: you. I am so afraid of your power over me and how it is making me feel. And the love I bring to you. It frightens me to no end. I dont want to hurt you. I dont want to even imagine feeding from you which is so strange to me, a vampire. I want to make you happy, and not like a pet, but like a lover. I want you to love me. I feel so much and I see you. I can see everything about you. I can feel your thoughts and I can talk to you in them. You call me a killer, but I kill like the hawk kills the mouse to survive. I only feed once in a near month, it is all I need. I cut the marks I leave on their body so it looks like a stab wound. I then bury the body.
Joseph was hurt, disgusted and confused. How many vampires are there? Joseph asked.
I dont know, but there arent many, or at least not here. There is too many ways to trace kills these days. Too much scientific evidence for vampires to hide and to feed. Every life is on paper now. I am a rare one.
What if you were to not feed from humans? Joseph asked.
Then I would feed from large animals, which causes me to be in pain and to be weak, but it is better than if I hadnt
Joseph sighed. He wanted his love to be innocent. He longed for her to be pure and without sin. That way he could love her and not be damned for it. If I love you, I will be damned. He said.
No, you wont! Sara held him tightly.
How do you know? He asked.
I wont let it happen. Sara said. She was being blind with her mortal love.
You are so cold Sara, you make me cold. He said.
Sara cried. Im sorry. She said.
Are you always cold? He asked.
Im not, Sara paused, When I drink.
How long are you warm after you drink? Joseph asked, still uncomfortable with the idea of holding a killer.
A week, She answered, Maybe two.
Do you want to make me a vampire? He asked, shaky.
No. She said. Please dont ask that again, no. I would never do that to you. Sara said.
Is it bad? Joseph asked.
It is worse than death. Its lonely and there is always pain and darkness and death. It means you are damned. Sara answered.
Are you damned? Joseph asked.
Sara held him tighter. Not with you my love.
They laid together and held each other, silent, and motionless. Josephs mind raced as he was held by Sara. What she told him was not setting well with him. A killer by human terms was in his room. Yet how could this beauty, this rare and marvelous girl be a killer? The only thing he knew for certain now was that he did trust her, and he would continue to trust her even if he was a fool to do so.
Joseph fell asleep. When he woke, the sun was out, and she was gone. She had been so quick and gentle in her departure that he was still in the exact same position he was before he slept. Joseph sat up in bed and leaned his back against the wall with the only window. Behind him the rain had slowed to a light drizzle. Joseph spent the entire day in deep thought, thinking, contemplating, considering, and waiting for her.


She came back. Joseph was sleeping and she woke him up with her touch.
What time is it? He asked, drowsy.
The night has just started. Sara answered. She looked so happy to see him. A smiling vampire, how unimaginable it was. I missed you so much it burned.
Sara climbed in bed with Joseph. He held her, and was surprised to find how warm she was. Youre warm. He said.
I did it for you. Sara looked human. She hopped up and sat on his chest in a cute manner. She was less pale, with tone and color in her skin. Her eyes had turned green. Her face looked alive and full of emotion.
How many? Joseph asked in a worried tone.
Three. She answered.
Joseph held her face. Her cheeks were warm. He brought her close to him and kissed her soft full lips. You cant do these things. He said softly with much hurt.
I chose them carefully for you. They were very bad.
Sara kissed him and held him close to her
It doesnt matter. Joseph kissed her back. They are living people.
Sara kissed his eyes and forehead. Tell me what to do and Ill do it.
Joseph ran his hands up her chest and pulled off her jacket from her shoulders. I dont know the answer.
Sara grabbed the bottom of Josephs shirt and lifted it up and began kissing his chest. I dont either. All I want is you.
Joseph grabbed her and positioned her on her back. He laid on top of her and ran his hands up her arms to her palms. That is all I want as well.


Was it possible? I supposed it was, but I never imagined a vampire going through with it. Beyond my belief, they made love. The damned laid with the human that night. She of course had a different experience than him. It was watching his pleasure that satisfied her. And I had to question, would a child be possible from such an act? Surely her reproducing organs were dead inside, but where was the clarification of this? Vampires knew so little of themselves. Their capabilities continued to surprise me. Thankfully, there was no child between Joseph and Sara. But that was not to say something was not terribly changed after that night


Joseph and Sara were laying in his bed, naked. Sara was staring up at Joseph as he looked to the distance in thought.
What are you thinking about? Sara asked.
You cant read my thoughts?
Sara closed her eyes. She concentrated. She listened to his thoughts.
I want to know you. I want to know where you come from. How did you get this way? How can I ever be one with you if Im just a man? What is to become of us? Are there others?
My love, you must not ask these questions.
It will ruin everything to answer them.
What if I have to know?
You dont.
What is happening to me? Joseph looked at Sara.


She had passed a terrible power to him. I still can not believe it. They were able to communicate without words. He was a mortal, yet through their love he was becoming acute of vampire gifts.


Sara stood. I didnt even consider that you might be hungry. She said. Im not used to mortal needs, it has been so long. Are you hungry?
Actually I am. Joseph answered.
Then lets go. Wherever you want and whatever you want to eat. She said.
They left the apartment. They were courting as a mortal couple would. Such would outrage heaven and hell.


The diner was quite full for it being nearly midnight. There was some kind of celebration that had ended that drew in crowds of young people. They were all dressed up. Sara was a slight bit scared to enter at first, but she followed Joseph in. His company seemed to make it alright to walk into mortal territories. A waitress approached them and looked at them both. When she looked to Sara there was a moment of silence. But the moment passed and it was shrugged off by the waitress as just a stunning feeling of seeing something absolutely beautiful. They sat at a booth against the wall. The menu were given to each of them. The men in the room gave glances to Sara and were probably wondering what a guy like Joseph Stocks was doing with this perfect beauty.
This is sort of scary. She said to Joseph.
I agree. But its still worth a try. Besides, people nowadays dont believe in anything. Even if you stood up on the table and shouted that you were a vampire they wouldnt be convinced.
Such a change. Sara said.
A waitress approached the table. Can I start you off with something to drink?
Sara covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.
Joseph grinned. He then looked up at the waitress. Ill have a coke. He said.
Anything for you hun? She asked Sara.
Sara hesitated. Im fine. She said cautiously.
Ok, be right back with that. The waitress left.
Joseph looked deeply at Sara with curious eyes. How old are you love?
Please, Joseph. Sara said.
I deserve to know that much Sara. He insisted with much strength in his voice.
Please just eat first, Ill tell you after. She said.
The waitress brought the coke and set it on the table in front of Joseph. She had also brought water and placed it in front of Sara.
Are you all ready to order? The waitress asked.
Ill have a cheeseburger with fries and no onions please. Joseph ordered.
How do you want your meat cooked?
Medium. Joseph answered.
The waitress jotted it down on her notepad. And for you hun? She asked Sara.
No thanks. Sara said defensively.
The waitress gave a funny look at Sara and shrugged it off as her being stuck up. Ok Ill be back with your cheeseburger and if you change your mind hun just give me a holler. The waitress left.
Tell me now. I can handle it. Joseph said.
1853. Sara said. It was when I was born. Sara waited to see Josephs reaction.
Josephs mouth slowly opened as a reaction to the unexpected answer. He was working hard to believe it.
Could she really be one hundred and forty years old?
I dont think about age Joseph.
Your so beautiful.
I am unchanged. If I am cut I heal. If my hair is cut it grows back.
What about dirt? Does that magically come off you?
No. I must wash it off. I do that for you. I am clean and smell good because I want you to desire me.
The waitress brought the hamburger to the table in front of Joseph. She was stunned to see Sara and Joseph just staring at each other, eyes locked, motionless, and not speaking. She quickly walked away.
Its not magic either Joseph my love. Its real. I died from some kind of nocturnal virus. It makes my flesh weak to the sun and strong to the darkness. The virus kills everything in my body except for itself, which is all it needs to keep itself alive. It is a gift and a curse.
Does making love with you mean I have the virus?
I dont think so. Your body can fight it off very easily if your blood is not drained or your body weak.
Then why can I talk to you in thought?
I dont know Joseph. Eat love, you are hungry.
Joseph took a bite of the burger. He smiled at Sara.
Sara smiled back. She reached under the table and held his free hand.
Do you have a last name Sara?
Not anymore.
There arent enough Immortals to need last names.
When you were mortal did you have one?
What was it? Please tell me.
Sara wanted to hide her past from Joseph. She didnt want to spoil the night. But she also wanted to be known by him, if at least it be little by little.
It was Mathews, Joseph.
Joseph smiled at the new knowledge of Sara. He continued eating. He ate fast. He was very hungry. When he finished and the check came, some young men dressed in matching sports uniforms approached the table, sloshing from drunkenness.
Im Kean. One of the sports guys said.
Im Mike. The other one said. Say, we had to know. What the fuck is a beautiful girl like you doing with a loser like this?
Sara turned. More curious than offended. She looked at the two offenders with indifferent eyes. Joseph was stunned at what he heard and was having trouble grasping it.
What does he pay you to hit that? Mike said.
I dont think she liked that Mike. Kean said.
I dont think she likes us. Mike said.
I think she doesnt like us because she thinks we suck, since we lost the game and all. Kean said. But we sure could use something to show for it.
You want to come to our house party baby? You can bring your little bitch if you want. Mike said.
They still think Im human!
You act happy about that.
Well of course, its working. We can be together in public my love!
You arent actually considering going to this house party after what theyve said are you?
Why not Joseph? It will be fun. Nothing can happen to you if Im with you.
But they insulted me.
So what do you want to do?
Joseph stood up. Guys, if you call me a loser or hurt my one true loves feelings one more time Im going to punch you both. He said calmly and confidently.
Mike and Kean laughed.
Im serious. I think you should apologize. Joseph said.
Mike smiled. Then he drew his fist back. His fist then fired and started its course to Josephs face. Before it arrived at its destination, Sara had grabbed the fist with vampiric speed and drove it into the table breaking two of his fingers.
Mike screamed. What the fuck did you do bitch?!
They still think Im human, dont they?
Kean stepped in for his friend and pushed Sara. Before Kean knew it, Sara was behind him and pushing him to the floor. Kean turned and looked up at her in disbelief. Mike, dude, this bitch is fast! He said.
Get the fuck out of here Kean! Mike said as he ran for the door.
We wont forget this bitch. You fucking lesbian and your faggot friend are going to pay! They ran out of the diner. The people that watched seemed happy to see them leave. They started clapping.
Joseph smiled at Sara.
For a moment there I was thinking of you drinking their blood.
Some people deserve it my love.
Youre right Sara.
Lets go.
Sara and Joseph exited the diner while the people inside still clapped for them.

They stood out in the rain. Even still, the night fell warm for Joseph and of course temperature for Sara was a thing of the past.
Want to have some fun? Sara asked.
Beating the shit out of people isnt fun? The poorly experienced Joseph joked.
Do you trust me? Sara asked.
Yes. Doesnt it show?
She grabbed his hand and then they were off. It was beautiful. Like streaks of clothes and motion trails flying in the air. Sara was excited. She was screaming with joy. Joseph was frightened at first but realized how safe he was in her hands. They lifted above the rooftops of the small buildings. Sara ran across the roof knocking over a few antennas before she spit roof dust into the air as she flew again over tree tops and streets.
How fast are we moving Sara?
I dont know Joseph, probably between an arrow and a bullet.
How am I able to stand this?
Youre with me.
I dont understand it. Im not a vampire.
I dont understand either. But you love a vampire, and that vampire loves you.
I am different now arent I?
Maybe, and maybe not. It could just be love.
They landed and ran across traffic covered streets dodging cars. They were not seen because of their speed. Some freakish gust of wind is what the pedestrians would see. They ran into a residential park after jumping over the black metal gate. Grass spit up from the ground as they traveled. Trees blew in their direction. Dogs began to bark and little rodents ran out of the way. Then another jump and they were out of the park and back in the city heading to its heart. More dust gathered up at their feet as they zipped through. To Joseph it was like moving in slow motion. Every step he took would take so long to finish, but when it did the power of that step felt like it would break through the roof, and the distance he covered from that step was phenomenal. Sara and Joseph, holding hands, created a sonic force around them as they shot onto the freeway and lifted off from it. They touched down one last time before climbing the U.S Bank Tower, running immensely fast up the sides of the walls so as not to fall. They were flying, even though none of them could fly, up this massive pale white building. When the reached one of the highest peeks Sara stopped, and held Joseph above her. Joseph felt the wind catch up to him and press against the front of his body blowing his jacket open and into the air behind him. Saras hair flowed into his face. It helped shield the imminent kiss. And what a kiss she gave him. Pure love and trust and excitement all wrapped up without words in a single lip gesture. They held each other like gargoyles on the top of a phantom building.
The rain clouds gave way to the moon which was on fire with an orange glow. Joseph and Sara looked up at it with their cheeks pressed together. Joseph was first enticed by the softness of Saras eyebrow, then his attention was directed solely on the demented moon. The glow was so powerful that the entire world was blanketed in an orange glow. The clouds that lightly passed made it look all the more haunting. There was something terribly wrong with that moon. Which meant there was something terribly wrong.
What do you suppose that means Sara?
Its nothing.
Are you sure? I feel like Im being watched.
Its just the moon Joseph.
Joseph let go of Sara. He strolled around the ledge of the rooftop. He was higher up than he had ever been in his life. He had never been on a plane or tested his fear of heights. If he had the fear before, he wouldnt know it, because at that moment Joseph was completely unafraid of the altitude he was at. He looked down. His eyes were sharp. He could see better than he had ever been able to in his life. His vision flowed down the endless row of windows all the way to the ground where pedestrians walked. He could even see the color of some of the umbrellas they were holding, even the folded up ones.
Take me back down Sara. Joseph said.
Whats wrong? You must tell me.
Im not myself. Joseph said.
Sara walked up behind Joseph and wrapped her arms around him. She brought him to the bottom of the building with ease.
They stood next to the streets as cars passed by them. Sara looked at Joseph with her green eyes which were alive from her being well fed. She had the look of a beautiful, kind angel. Joseph, Im sorry, She said.
Its ok Sara. Joseph held her. He put his arm around her waist and a hand on the back of her head. She rested her cheek on his shoulder. Joseph took a deep breath of her hair which smelled of a traditional vanilla. It was intoxicating.
I got carried away. She said.
No. I had a great night. Im just a little confused right now, and tired. He replied.
Sara opened her eyes and stared at the ending night. She lifted her head up and kissed Joseph softly. The sun is almost up. She brushed her hand through his messy hair. After all the wind they passed through Josephs hair looked adorable to Sara. Can I sleep with you?
Joseph looked at Sara. She looked mature, as if she had died in her mid-twenties. Her hair was amazing. It articulated her mood perfectly. The wind had not been able to touch the will of that hair, which looked the way it wanted to look. A single collective bang hung down her right eye. The rest of her hair flowed behind her neck and shoulders. Joseph smiled. He grabbed her and squeezed her tightly. Of course. He finally answered.
Sara took Joseph by the hand and brought him back home with vampiric speed. When they entered his apartment Joseph helped Sara block out the window with layers of cardboard. After that they hung a black sheet over it and held it up using thumbtacks. They crawled in bed. They held each other.
Will you ever tell me more about your past Sara?
Yes. Give it time Joseph and eventually I will.
I love you Sara. I love you more than Ive loved anything before in my life.
I feel the same way Joseph. I love you too.
You do?
Joseph fell asleep first. Sara stayed awake and thought about where she was. She was laying in bed with a mortal while the sun was up outside. She wondered if it had ever happened in all of history. She thought about the powers that were growing in Joseph. She was in a small state of disbelief over the fact she could communicate through thought with her lover. She liked it too much to doubt it, or to worry about it. She loved the fact he was able to share in some of her experiences, and she was able to share in his. She wanted to do everything with him. Sara hoped they would soon travel together and see wonderful things. She wanted to walk with him and let him show her off to his friends, if he had any. She wanted to date him as modern mortals did. It was not only the best moment of her immortal life, the anxiousness that love brought her and the impatience of wanting to share in every experience possible, but it was also the happiest she had ever been in her living life as well. Sara fell asleep with a smile on her face as she buried her head in Josephs arms.


Joseph woke up first. He got out of bed and put on jeans and a t-shirt. He checked the time. It was four in the evening and the sun was not down yet. Joseph stared at Sara. She was still when she slept. She looked dead, which was difficult for him to take in. He worried for her. It burned his heart to see her in such a way. She was not breathing. Yet still she was beautiful. Her face like a sleeping angel. Her hair flowing over her shoulder. Her breasts were still, motionless as she was not breathing. Joseph loved looking at her. Even the disturbing vision of looking upon a dead lover was a fluid enticement to him. He knew she would be standing and speaking when she woke but for that moment he knew what it would feel like to lose her. It was unbearable to think of her dying, again. He craved more of her. He would not be done with his lifetime without knowing all of her and experiencing every different and possible moment with her. He was curious of her past but understood it to be difficult to speak of. She was intelligent the way she spoke. He knew she had seen things and learned things to make her confident in her speech and knowledge. He wanted to speak to her. He wanted to share hours, days, of conversation with her. There would be no satisfaction in Sara for him. Even though he would never spend more than a day away from her he would crave her until he died. He would lust for her in every way possible. Joseph felt suddenly artistic from looking upon her. He turned on his computer and began to work on some of his art. It was a photograph he took of the city. He was editing its beauty with digital perfection.
My beautiful Joseph. My human love. My terrible secret. Walk in this garden with me please.
Joseph turned. Sara was still and her eyes were closed. He was hearing her dream of him. Joseph smiled. He cried. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. The photograph of the city was not what he wanted to be looking at, it was her. Joseph didnt know if vampires showed up in photographs but he wanted to try anyway. He grabbed his camera out of its case and turned it on. He pointed the camera at eye level with Sara sleeping. Her one hand under her cheek and her other across her breasts. She was gorgeous. He took the picture. The flash did not wake her. It was false light and he knew she was too strong to be harmed from it.
This is my garden. It is the only place I find sanctuary in this terrible dusty town. I wanted to take you here Joseph because I know youve never been here. What? Yes of course I want to show you.
Joseph listened to her dream as he downloaded the picture on his computer. There she was. No mystical vampire vanishing. He had taken a picture of the undead and there it was for him to view. It was beautiful. The black sheets behind her, the bareness of her naked skin, the exposure of the top of her breasts, her leg bent over her other leg so that all her nakedness was hinted but not fully shown. And then there was the image of her death. She did look dead. She was pale and still and her eyes looked like they had been closed for decades. Joseph began editing the lighting of the picture to glorify her in art.
Sara awoke. She sat up and looked curiously to what Joseph was doing on the computer. She approached him from behind. He didnt notice her and was a bit startled when she put her hand on his shoulder.
What have you been doing my love?
Ive made you into art.
Sara looked at the picture. It was breathtaking. It was endlessly beautiful. She could have never imagined seeing herself in such a way. He captured her with pure genius as she was laying on that bed. The lighting was perfected. The background was darkened out of the picture and she was radiant. Her skin emitted light and her closed eyes were shaded to show the depth of her rest. Sara studied it further. She looked dead in the picture. It made her weep. She did not want to look like that to her lover. She would try desperately to look more lifelike to him. She would makeup her face and comb her hair and feed more regularly to keep her skin warm.
Its beautiful Joseph. How do you do it?
Its not finished yet.
What will you do with this?
With your permission, Sara, Id like to post it on an internet forum site and see what people think?
What people?
The world. Everyone. Dont worry love, they wont believe you to be a real vampire. This is simply a digital rendering of a human person to them.
Sara considered it. Did she want to be seen on such a wide scale? What would they think? Would they enjoy Josephs brilliance and her beauty?
Do whatever you want. I want what you want Joseph.
Joseph turned his head. Sara kissed him. His warm lips gave her life.
What do you want to do tonight Sara?
I dont know. Have anything in mind?
Do you like movies? We could sit in a dark theatre in the back and hold each other while we watch a movie on the big screen.
Ive never been to a movie theatre.
Then I will take you Sara my love.
Sara kissed Joseph again. She jumped up on the bed and sat like a giddy child. She felt warm and alive in the apartment. She was astonished she slept through the day with her mortal lover. The emotion of love and the safety and energy of being with Joseph was overwhelming to her.
Joseph finished his piece of art and posted it on the forums for the world to see and comment on. He turned off his computer and went to Sara. He let himself fall on her and hold her. Her body was soft but powerfully strong. He was certain she could break him if she wanted to. She was such a rare lover that he had found, or had found him. She could touch him in any way that he would want to be touched. With Sara, Joseph could fly over buildings, speak with his mind, and be completely safe by any element at hand. He kissed her all over her face, starting with her eyes, then her cheeks, and down to her lips and chin. They made love, just as satisfying as the last time and just as forbidden.

To be continued...

Aj DeNecochea
December 18th, 2010, 11:26 AM

The movie theatre was dark enough to make Sara comfortable sitting next to people. The movie was “Twelve Monkeys”. Sara was beside herself watching it. The technology was difficult to take in for her. The movie was a gorgeous collection of images, imagination, sound, music, and story. How could all the forms of art in the world combine so magnificently? Moving photographs were the future and would continue to be for a long time in human progression. There was nothing that tickled the senses like the experience of the movie theatre.


I, Nicolai, fell in love with movies sometime in the early 1990’s. I watched them as much as I could. Not only did it pass the time and make the world of forever seem not so cold and dull, but it gave me inspiration and some knowledge. I had to make sure I was not fooled by Hollywood’s tendencies to incorrectly portray the world. I loved knowing that every outrageous story I saw had been forged from absolute truth. It was comforting to know that the human mind still sought the unknown and had theories and visions on such. Not only that, and in total irony, but these movies of perceptional truth made the real and hidden truth completely unbelievable to the American human population. If they caught me on video climbing walls or sucking the blood of a victim it still would not be considered real. Technology was a great and terrible thing for a vampire. It had the power to keep us safe and to destroy us at the same time.


Sara held Joseph’s arm tightly. The handle of the theatre chair was hard to maneuver for them to hold each other. She grabbed it and tore it off of the chair and put it under her seat. Joseph laughed and moved closer to her. They held each other better and more close. The movie struck incredible emotions in Sara. It surprised her and made her afraid. She couldn’t believe her emotions. She had not felt fear in what seemed like an eternity until she met Joseph. And the movie, the true humanity in all its terrors and insanity was manipulating her senses.
I’ve wasted my immortal life. I’ve thought mortals ill. Now I see they are capable of more things than any of us know.
I’m glad you like it Sara.
When the movie was over Sara was in tears. She had been surprised by the ending.
“Thank you Joseph. I loved it. I never knew I was missing such beautiful art.”
They went to the concession stand of the theatre. Joseph bought food. He was starving. He devoured a hotdog and soda then ordered popcorn and candy. He felt awkward eating with Sara who didn’t eat at all. He wondered what people would think in the future when he ate at restaurants like some brute while his girlfriend had nothing at all.
Don’t worry what other people think Joseph. We have each other.
What would happen if you did eat?
I would cough it up.
Sara and Joseph stood at the concession stand with the crowd around them. They stared at each other and shared a conversation that no one else could hear.
Does it hurt to eat real food?
No, it is very uncomfortable and it just feels abnormal now, after so many years without.
When did you try it?
When I was first made like this. I tried to get along as mortals did. It took me a while to give up my old ways of life.
And now?
It’s coming back to me, because of you Joseph, I feel like I’m living.
But you aren’t.
Sara’s expression changed. She looked hurt. Joseph wondered if it was the first time he had hurt her.
I don’t think about it so I don’t hurt.
I’m sorry Sara.
It’s ok Joseph, I am the one who’s sorry.
Joseph gave a small kiss to Sara. He smiled at her.
Am I what you want Joseph?
Joseph looked at Sara. He knew that if he had a doubt in his mind she could read it. He didn’t doubt it. He loved her and would love her forever. She knew it.
Good. Then lets see another movie.
I must move Sara! I need to walk, to stand. Don’t you get tired of sitting?
Well I do, so let’s go for a walk.
They went outside into the cold of the city night. They held hands. They walked the sidewalks as stores closed around them. Of course all the men they passed turned their heads and attention to Sara. She was a diamond in the sea of rot. This put jealous emotions into Joseph. Sara read his thoughts but did not acknowledge them. She did not want to spoil their evening. So many things had already been swept under the rug. She would add to the pile and live out her blind love. They walked in the direction of Joseph’s home. Sara held Joseph’s hand and leaned against him sparing no distance between them. They didn’t talk and barely thought, just felt each other as they walked through the dark corners of the city.


When they arrived at the apartment the first thing they did was make love. Joseph could hear Sara’s thoughts, fantasies, and moans in her mind. She craved his blood but held back the instinct to bite into him. Her fangs were receptors that tingled with the temptation of his blood. She would let them run across his skin lightly and that was the closest she would come to biting. Joseph loved the vulnerability it made him feel. He was in the hands of a killer, a hunter. She could read his thoughts. Sara immediately knew where Joseph wanted to be touched or what he wanted to see and she complied to his every desire. No man alive could ask for a more intimate lover. And no vampire could have asked for a more caring and honest mortal.
After they made love they held each other. They spoke with their mind.
That was beautiful Joseph.
You are perfect Sara. This love is perfect. But I’m afraid it’s too good to be true. I am afraid of losing everything.
Don’t talk like that Joseph. This is forever.
Forever is a very long time my love. What if forever breaks us apart? I tell you, I’m not worthy of this. I’m not a good enough man.
Then who is? If not you who is this perfect man I should be with?
Maybe he is a vampire.
Are you going to turn me to a vampire?
I couldn’t bear it! I wouldn’t survive seeing you like that.
Then you’ll watch me grow old and die? I’ll be an old man living alone and every night visited by a girl who looks young enough to be my great granddaughter. We will exchange thoughts by night and by day I’ll sit alone and read or watch television in wait for you? What happens when I die? Will you find a new lover?
Don’t ever say that to me again! I am in this forever Joseph. We are soul mates and I love you more than you would ever believe. There will be no other but you!
The words soul mate echoed in Sara’s mind. Joseph heard it. He heard that she had called another man this name before.
Maybe one hundred years after my death you’ll finally find your second soul mate.
Sara burst into tears.
Joseph leaped out of bed. “I want to know right now what is to become of us!” Joseph screamed. “I want to know if I’m some vampire infatuation!”
Sara grabbed Joseph, naked, and fell to the floor holding his legs to her chest. She wept on his bare skin. “I mean it Joseph. I love you and there will be no other. I’ll swear with blood by this!
“Then do it!” Joseph screamed. He was frantic.
Sara stood. She bit into her wrist and bled.
Joseph gasped. He ran to her and held her. “I didn’t mean it love. Please, I was just angry, oh God I am so sorry!”
“I’m sorry Joseph. You are right to feel this way. You need to know and I’ve been pretending that nothing bad can happen. I’ve been blinded by love, a love that I will not lose.” Sara’s wound healed quickly. The blood stopped running. The floor was still stained with her act. She grabbed a used towel from the end of the bed and wiped the blood up with it.
Joseph knelt beside her. “You need to tell me. Tell me your life before this. Tell me what happened and how you were made.”
“I will, soon, but not now.” Sara threw the bloodied towel to the side. “Please be patient with me.”
“I need to know what is going to happen to us.” Joseph said.
“I don’t know!”
“Then we need to find out. If we are to stay together we need to plan our future.” Joseph held Sara and looked at her face.
Our future cannot be told my love. But I assure you of one thing only. That I will love you forever.
I don’t want just your love Sara, I want you. I want to be with you.
We will be.
I want to be assured Sara!
I assure you Joseph. Nothing will break us apart. Not even death.
Thank you for telling me that. It is all a man wants to hear, this certainty from a beautiful woman he is not sure he can have.
Sara cried. She sat on the bed and held Joseph. Joseph was crying on her breasts. The world had made Joseph’s self esteem so terribly low. Sara wept for him.
“You are my last love Sara, this I will swear blood on.” Joseph stood. He looked around for something to cut with.
It’s not necessary my love. I believe you. Come here.
Sara grabbed Joseph and held him. They kissed. They made love. They made love for hours.
Joseph woke. He was in Sara’s arms when his eyes opened. He loved the feeling of being next to her in the morning. He felt her skin. It was a shade colder than last night. He got out of bed and looked at his clock. It was the middle of the day. He had time to kill before being with her again. He thought about his job. He was supposed to go to work that day but he didn’t. He looked at his phone. There were many unheard messages. He didn’t care. He unplugged his phone. Joseph was beyond that world now. He didn’t care if he got fired or didn’t pay rent. He was with Sara and she would keep him safe. Joseph turned on his computer. He had been curious all night about how the picture did on the Forums. He fired up the website and looked at his entry. It was amazing. Ten thousand views and seven hundred comments on his work. It was even on the main page of the website! He sifted through the comments.
“Oh my God, it’s beautiful!” One poster said. There were other comments.
“This is truly professional. It belongs in a gallery.”
“You could sell this.”
“She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Who is she?”
“Nice job!”
“Can you sign one for me and send it? Email me please!”
“I’m using it for my desktop background now!”
“My absolute favorite piece of work on this site. Nice one!”
Joseph stopped reading the comments. He would have felt pride if it was more his work than her picture. In a way he resented Sara for her beauty. He turned and looked at her. She was sleeping, peacefully. She knew she was loved and she did not worry as he did.
What lies ahead for us my love?
Joseph felt less vulnerable and weak when she was asleep. He felt like he was the powerful one. And he was by day. He had at least that much over her. But by night she was as strong as ten men and he was nothing more than a helpless mortal.
Sara woke. She was anxious to start a new night with Joseph and go on another date as if they were a normal couple.


As the week passed they went to restaurants, theatres, and walked the streets arm and arm. Mortals thought nothing of it. The men envied him. But something stirred on the internet. It was a desire to see more of Joseph’s renderings of Sara. When he told Sara of the sudden explosion of his works popularity she was immediately excited. She wanted to pose again for him, this time awake. Even I was horrified at what they chose to do next.


Joseph set up his apartment as a studio. The bed still was still under the window but everything else was rearranged. He painted the back walls black and set up lighting rigs on each side of the room. Black tarp covered the floor. His desk and computer sat next to the camera in the middle of the room. A large knife and an open bottle of rum sat on the desk. He barely ever drank but tonight was different for him. Joseph connected the camera to the computer so that everything the lens beheld was put on the monitor screen. He was ready. He sat in the chair, naked, clicking away at the mouse.
Sara ran the tips of her fangs down his bare back. She could feel the very shivers it sent down his flesh. Her body gave way to the first ache of hunger since the last time she fed.
I still don’t know if I want you to do this.
I want to. But it will make me weak. I’ll need to feed after.
Joseph turned. “Then I don’t think I want you to.” The idea excited him. It was Sara’s idea but he added to it.
“If you ask me not to feed, I won’t.” She said.
“Won’t that hurt?” Joseph put his hand on Sara’s cheek. She closed her eyes.
“Terribly, but I’ll do anything for you.”
Joseph took another drink so he could stand the discussion. “Then if you must, from now on, make sure your victims are female.” He said.
“Because,” Joseph slurred, “I would be terribly jealous if it was a man you held and took into yourself.”
Sara had never thought of it, but it seemed reasonable. The act itself was almost comparable to that of making love. A person was held, embraced, and a life was taken, not created. She nodded her head in agreement.
They began. Sara was wearing only a shirt which she removed. She walked to the end of the room and stood in front of Joseph. His hands were shaking just from the thought of it. His stomach was weak and his loins were heated from the anticipation of it. He was already excited, turned on, from the moment that would soon come. His concern was also for Sara. His care and love made his heart tremble in the fear of seeing her in such a vulnerable state. Sara moved forward and grabbed the knife from the desk. Joseph put his hand on top of hers to stop her. He hesitated to let her do such a thing.
You’ll be ok, right?
Yes. I’ve suffered worse injuries my love.
But it will hurt.
It will be ok.
Joseph’s hands were shaking a lot more now. He didn’t know if he could let her go through with it. He wondered if the sight would be more than he could handle. He grabbed for the bottle of rum and drank a large mouthful of the alcohol.
Sara held the knife at her side. She seemed very confident and unafraid. Her bare body was a work of art in itself. Such an act was completely unnatural and unbefitting of such beauty, which is why it would be so magnificent to capture.
“You’ll have to record it quick, before it heals.” Sara said.
“Yeah, I’ll get the shot quick enough.” Joseph said. His whole body was trembling. He wasn’t ready for it.
Before Joseph could change his mind and stop her, Sara cut at herself. She sliced at her arm all the way to the bone. She let out a loud shriek as she let the sharp blade cut from her arm across the top of her breasts all the way to the other arm.
Joseph was taking pictures like crazy. He concentrated all his energy on the shots and not of Sara who he couldn’t bear to see in this pain.
The blood quickly flowed down her breasts and collected in her bellybutton which continued to fall down her naked thighs. The bone in her arm was exposed from the first cut she made. The wound was terribly deep and would have probably been fatal to any mortal.
Joseph continued to take the pictures.
Sara’s face posed for the camera. Her mouth was open. She struggled a half smile. Her eyes were wild with pain and excitement. Her arms were stretched out and her fingers were like spider legs. Her hands were surprisingly gentle and kind despite the horror that was happening to her body. She was a fount of blood and it poured out of her and collected into a large pool on the black tarp under her.
As Joseph continued to capture the image the wound in Sara’s arm was healing. He took photos of her blood stained body healing itself miraculously. The wound would close and the flesh would mesh together. The healing moved just like the cut did, across her left arm and chest and then right arm. Soon she was completely healed.
Joseph kept shooting until there was nothing left to behold. He saw Sara weaken. Her body swayed a little. He left his desk and rushed over to her. He was too excited. His mind went wild with the erotic memory of what he had just beheld. It was a feeling of total lust mixed with a heartbreaking care for her vulnerability and danger to her body. He couldn’t help himself. He grabbed Sara and pushed himself on top of her. They made mad love in a pool of her blood. Joseph licked it. He cleaned some of her blood stained body with his tongue. The taste was not like human blood, though he didn’t have anyone’s but his own to compare it to. It was fiery and thickly intense. It was a red passion fruit that was too intoxicating to not be evil. Sara gave her last strength in her body to allow Joseph to release his uncontainable excitement into her. It took three releases for him to start to calm down. When he finally did, they laid together in her blood, and talked with their minds.
Can I go with you when you feed?
I want you to stay here Joseph. I don’t want you to see it.
I want to now.
You’ll think me evil.
Maybe I already do Sara.
Don’t say that, please.
It’s ok. I like it.
Listen Joseph, I love you, oh how I love you. You fill me like nothing else I could ask for. I am in a drunken daze from the love you give me. You satisfy me, even without your blood you still satisfy me completely. This is pure, our love. And I am an impure being and I don’t want you to be like me in this sense. Stay here. Let me feed, from a female so you will not be jealous, and I will return very shortly.
“Fine.” Joseph said, a bit dissatisfied. He sat up and looked at Sara. He ran his hands down her arms were the wound was. He checked to see if everything was alright. It was. He stood. He grabbed for the bottle of rum and drank what was left of it.
Sara stood and jumped in his bathroom to shower.
Joseph put on some blue jeans and rolled the blood covered black tarp paper up and went outside to throw it in the dumpster. When he returned Sara had already gone. It already seemed like a lifetime since they had been apart. He could feel the disconnection in his heart and in his mind. It was extremely strong. He started to cry. He was surprised at how soon he missed her and how painful it was. He was sobbing uncontrollably. He fell to the floor and held himself. His heart screamed with pain. His stomach turned on itself and his mind felt broken. He cried out. He crawled across the floor to the desk chair and forced himself to sit up. He sat on the chair and looked at the computer images. The disturbance of the images altered his feeling in a way. He had to take his mind off the pain. He forced himself to work on the digital art. Looking at Sara’s pictures seemed to help the disconnection in a way.
He worked on three pictures. The first he would call “The Cut”. The second he would call “The Body’s Rain”. And the third he would call “The Healing”. The first was a picture of Sara initially cutting herself. The picture showed her when the blade was at her chest. Her face looked surprised and in pain. He adjusted the lighting so that it emphasized her face. The blade was artificially shined to make a glimmer off the metal. The second picture was when her arms were stretched out, one hand with the blade in it, the other with her fingers out like spider legs, gentle, and soft. Her face looked forward past the camera. Her eyes were sharp and deadly. Her mouth was half open and her jaw bones clinched and strong with agony. In this picture he emphasized on the blood. He brightened the color of it so it stood out from everything else in the picture. Joseph then noticed that Sara’s eyes had turned back to pale yellow from the bleeding. They were no longer bright green. He used this in the picture and brightened them so the eyes stood out. He went back to the first picture and made sure the eyes stood out as well as the second. It would shock people to see the eyes change from the blood loss. He went to the third picture now and emphasized on the line of healing that had just passed her chest and reaching her right arm. He worked. He clicked at the mouse of his computer furiously. Joseph felt like a natural and for the first time he actually felt like an artist.

Sara was on a high rooftop in the city when she saw her victim. A female as Joseph requested there would be no males. Some vampires can read the minds of their victims, but for Sara, Joseph was the only mortal she could read the mind of. And for him to read her thoughts back, Sara only just started considering it.
This isn’t natural, is it?
Can you hear me from this far away Joseph?
Sara felt terribly weak without Joseph. She felt dizzy, as if she was going to fall off the roof. She gathered herself with her hands. She looked down at this female victim she was about to consume the life of. She was a bum, wearing rags and smelling of booze. Her eyes were bloodshot and her fingernails were mostly long, some broken off. From under her blanket a single leg was showing with its white skin hidden by dark, long hairs. Sara could smell her from here. She could sense every smell. She could tell the girl was on her period. She could smell the blood and the sweats that indicated she were taking some sort of drug. She smelled the booze which was all over her body. The female was in her forties. She would have been attractive if she weren’t in this current state. What was her crime to be punished from above for? Sara searched the mortal as other immortals did to find convictions. It rarely worked for her, but she tried nonetheless. She could find nothing. She could only think about Joseph.
Sara jumped down to her. She tried to be quick but when she landed it burned. Sara fell over and the woman, passed out, took no notice. Sara was weak. And thankfully her victim was asleep. Sara felt panic in her heart and her belly was turning. The feeling scared her.
What is happening to me?
Sara grabbed her victim and bit into her neck. The woman woke, too stunned to scream. Sara drank her blood dry. Now she knew what happened. This woman killed her husband who was an honest man because of jealousy. After prison she slept in the streets, begging, sometimes whoring herself for money. Sara drank every last drop. The woman died. The visions of her ceased. Sara felt much better. Her body was warm, though temperature didn’t matter to her, it was just comfortable for Joseph that way.
Sara grabbed the body and flung it over her shoulder. She fell and the body tumbled over her.
What has happened to me?
This is because I’m away from Joseph. I can’t stand it! I have to get back to him!
Hide the body!
I’m not supposed to kill in the city. I’m not supposed to kill at all. I’m supposed to drink enough to survive. He taught me how to drink without killing.
Nicolai. The first time I’ve been able to think that name since Joseph and I were together. I can’t burden Joseph with these thoughts, these terrible burdens, these fears, and my past. If Nicolai were to find out…
He won’t. And if he did, he’d never do that. And he already knows I kill. He knows I think morality is a human attribute and not for the immortal.
He loves me too much to see me die. He wants me to be happy. He’s tried so hard. But he can’t make me happy. Only Joseph can now.
Sara concentrated very hard. She grabbed the body over her shoulder again. She jumped furiously. When she landed she was in the exact same spot. She couldn’t do it. Sara sighed.
“What now?” She asked herself. She set the body down where she found it. She took her fingernail and cut a wound across the pinhole bite marks so it looked like one slash. A mysterious attacker would be the report. And it would go on the bottom of the pile for this female.
I have to get to Joseph.
It was easy jumping out of his window into the night and to the city, but now she was feeling the effects of their distance. Her heart was in a panic and her stomach turned and twisted inside. Her legs felt week and her head hurt. She ran, almost tripping over herself. She got to a narrow street of the city and hailed down a taxi. The taxi took her to Joseph’s apartment. The driver gave no mind to her. She was warm and beautiful. He smiled at her and asked her name.
“Sara”. She answered truthfully.
“Can I have your number Sara?” The driver asked.
“Just, give me your mine and maybe I’ll call.” She replied. She had no intention of calling but she grabbed the number anyway. She put it in her pocket so the cab driver could see and it made him feel better. Sara went into Joseph’s apartment

Joseph wasn’t able to finish his work. The heartburn was too much. He was laying on the floor gasping and crying. He twisted and turned from the agony. Then, in a sudden, the pain slowed. He got to his knees. Sara was in the room, looking at him. They both crashed into each other and held one another so tight it hurt.
That was too painful. It was just too painful Sara.
I know! Joseph I love you. I can’t be apart from you. You can come with me next time.
Please, I can’t think about that. I can’t think about that. I can’t think about that!
I’m sorry I’m this way my love!
Oh God, but how I do want to see it happen. It would excite me, turn me on!
Joseph kissed Sara. He could taste some of the blood of her victim on his teeth. He cringed.
I’m sorry baby! I should have washed my mouth out!
Joseph was disgusted. He started crying. He turned away from Sara. “This is so wrong!” He said through tears.
Sara went to him. She grabbed his shoulders but he shrugged them away. “I had to. You said I could!.”
“I know I did.” Joseph said with undecided regret.
“My Joseph, I’m so sorry!” Sara began to cry. “I love you. I want to be strong for you. I want to be full so I’m warm for you!”
“You only had one tonight right?” Joseph turned and asked.
“Then that means you’ll be cold even sooner?”
“I’ll be warm for a few days.”
“Oh God!” Joseph turned. “How am I going to stand this killing!” Joseph turned and looked at Sara. She had the saddest look of guilt and hurt on her face. It pained him deeply to see her sad. She was so beautiful. With such beauty he could forgive her for anything. And he would. He went to her and held her. “Don’t cry my love.” He said. “It’s all ok. We’ll figure it out.”
Sara glanced up at the pictures Joseph was working on. She was in shock. Their beauty was so deep, that the world had never seen such art. “Oh my Joseph, I am so proud of you!” She moved with vampiric speed to the bathroom and washed out her mouth with water. The water was of no temptation to her. She let it fall out her mouth. She then ran with vampiric speed back into his arms and kissed him. She could feel him getting aroused against her. She put her hand down his pants and used her vampiric speed to satisfy him in the quickest way he had ever been satisfied.
I love you so much.
I love you too Joseph. Are you going to post those pictures to the world?
With your blessing I will.
You have my blessing my beautiful mortal.
Then when I finish them, lots and lots of people will know us. Maybe we could even make some money.
If it’s money you want…
No Sara, I must do it the honest way.
Joseph then finished his work while Sara held him from behind.


Nearly a year passed. They made millions. It started with Joseph submitting his work to the internet which then became high in demand. People started ordering prints from him. He charged more and more for his work. Sara posed for him again, the shots became more and more demented. She would cut different parts of her body and give a beautiful grin or smile or look to the camera. Nobody would have guessed that this spectacle was actually real. The cuts were too severe for a human person to live through and Sara kept reappearing in his art. Joseph was commended for its realism. Eventually a very wealthy rock band bought his work and used it for the cover of their album. That’s when Joseph became famous. His art started selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Sara and Joseph used the money to start traveling the world. Joseph was a mortal but he had given up the light. He slept during the entire day. When he woke, Sara would have gifts waiting for him. She didn’t steal them, Joseph wouldn’t have allowed it.
They never left the side of each other. They stayed close together. If they parted they would become weak and powerless. Their bodies would ache. Their hearts would panic. Their minds would burn. Joseph stayed somewhat near Sara when she hunted. He only watched her kill once and he couldn’t stand it again. He would walk the streets while she hunted in the alleys. She hunted only females of course, so that Joseph wouldn’t get jealous. She drank mostly the homeless or elderly, but sometimes she would crave young blood so much that she would cross the line. Joseph could read her thoughts and he would get extremely upset with her when she killed anything under forty years of age.
Eventually, Sara drank too much. She wanted to keep her body warm for Joseph, but to do that she had to drink much more than a vampire needs to. She became addicted to blood. She drank more and more often. Her kills were getting careless. Luckily, in that age, there were no worthy vampire hunters, but there were other vampires, somewhere, and if one was smart enough one could track them down simply by reading death certificates or following the obituaries.
Joseph had entered a state of complete denial about Sara killing other human beings. He let his thoughts become demented, twisted, and perverse about everything that was happening around him. He had to cross a line between innocence and death to love his vampire.
Their love was stronger than ever. Joseph, with his newly acquired wealth, started dressing in rich suits. His hair was always combed back. He bought the most expensive and wonderfully smelling colognes. Sara would breathe him in after he got ready for the night and she would be intoxicated by his newly found confidence. He had also become very powerful. He had more power than he himself even knew about. One night…


Joseph was standing outside the closed shops in a bad part of Queens New York. They liked staying in the poverty infested parts of the cities they traveled to just as much as the luxurious parts. The dangerous part of the slums was an attraction for them. They would stay in a terrible, beat down dwelling of a motel in the most dangerous part of town and hold each other through the night knowing, absolutely knowing, that they were perfectly safe in each others arms. Joseph had tickets in his pocket for a luxury cruise to Italy. They had chosen to travel by water to be absolutely sure that if something were to happen Sara would be safe from the sun. She could hide from the sun on a ship. It was in the sky that they were afraid. Suppose the plane couldn’t land in time and the sun came up? Joseph wouldn’t allow such a risk for his most precious possession. They had driven across the country by night. They stopped at all the major cities on the way for Joseph’s various art shows. He would collect payment via online transfer since he was never awake by day to visit a bank. After his last show, where the famed piece called “Impaling” which showed Sara with a sword and…well, you can use your imagination. Needless to say he made over a million dollars alone off of it. It was enough for him to take a long break from the underworld of art. He needed one. He had become king of the underworld of art. Joseph never wanted such a title.
As he walked the street, waiting for Sara to finish with her meal in the near alleyways, he looked up at the orange glow of the street lights. It reminded him of his first encounter with Sara.
Three black men approached him. One of them was tall and well built. The two others were small but walked as if they were tall. They smelled of filth and dressed only a step up from homeless attire. They looked at Joseph, with his beautiful posture and new black suit and expensive blue tie, and they thought him to be weak.
“Pretty boy!” One of them said as they approached him from all sides. “What you doin’ pretty boy?”
“Hey, my man, can I borrow twenty?” Another said.
“Excuse me?” Joseph asked, suddenly on his guard. They were very intrusive with him.
“Can I borrow twenty? You speak English mother fucker?”
“Pretty boy!”
“I don’t have twenty dollars.” Joseph lied. He had several hundreds in his wallet that he didn’t want to show to these men. Suddenly he thought.
Why the hell am I afraid?
It’s a reaction. I’m so used to being afraid in this situation. I’ve been mugged living in Los Angeles before, twice.
I have Sara now. Nothing can harm me.
Can it?
“Yo, I don’t think this punk likes us very much.” The tall one who hadn’t previously spoken said.
“Maybe we should just fuck him up right here and take his wallet.”
Joseph saw the tall one swing his fist at him. He watched how incredibly slow it was. He had more than enough time to anticipate it. He even had enough time to think about it.
Do I let him hit me and see if it hurts?
No, I won’t be hit. I want to stop this.
Joseph hit his fist away and the tall man’s arm went straight into the face of his friend. His friend shouted in pain and held his nose.
“Mother fucker!” They shouted as they rushed him.
Joseph moved faster than they could see. He grabbed the arm of the tall one and swung him around as if he were a doll. Joseph couldn’t believe it. It was as if the man was weightless. He swung him so that his feet hit both of the men beside him. He released the tall one and let him fly across the street to the buildings on the other side of them. The tall one became instantly unconscious as he hit the side of the building. His body fell for some time before smacking against the pavement of the sidewalk below.
Joseph swung fists at the remaining two. They were quickly dispatched and left bleeding on the ground at Joseph’s feet.
When Sara came to Joseph’s side he was looking down at his open hands.
“What happened?” She asked with concern. She ignored the cries of the men below.
“I don’t know.” Was all Joseph could say. He couldn’t believe his strength. It was inhuman.


When they reached Italy they stayed at a very beautiful hotel. Their suite had a roman dcor with long white pillars. Beautiful curtains hung around the balcony doors which overlooked a wonderful view of Florence. There was an enormous bathroom with a hot tub that flowed more like a fountain than a bath. In the bedroom there was a canopy bed. It was the most beautiful and expensive room Joseph and Sara had ever seen.
Later they would cover up all the windows and cracks in the doors to keep Sara safe from the sun.
Joseph held Sara. They were both naked standing in front of the balcony doors. Joseph held Sara’s smooth, breathtaking hips in his hands. Her waist was small but her hips were formed. Joseph stepped back, keeping his hands on Sara, and he looked down at her body. He studied it. Her skin was pale but toned from the human blood that ran through her. Her belly was adorable. It was smooth, slim, but it poked out a little from her sides in such a cute way. Her breasts weren’t large but they weren’t small either. They were intrusive. They hung outwards magnificently as if it were a sin to let them stay unsupported by cloth or by touch. Her shoulders were defined. They were small but her neckline to her shoulders was very strong. She would look great in a strapless dress. Her neck made him starve to kiss it. Sara’s scar made her neck look vulnerable, which added to the attraction. He loved her sharp jaw line. He adored her eyes which were yellow when she was hungry and green when she was fed. Her long, light blonde hair that flowed to her sharp shoulder blades made him shiver with love.
“What?” She said with a laugh.
“I wish…” He started.
“Yes?” She asked.
“I wish I could make you mortal.”
A pink tear fell from Sara’s eye. She held Joseph close to her letting their chests come together and their hearts beat against each other.

They went dancing that night at a night club which played electronic funk music. They showed up driving an expensive blue sports car which made heads turn. Sara would always make the men around her look and lust, but Joseph had recently become the attraction of the women around him. Inside, they danced together in the middle of so many other people with fog and sporadic colored lights around them, not following the rhythm of the music but just holding each other in a slow dance. They talked to each other in thought.
Yes Sara?
I want you to know that I’ve never been this happy before.
I love you.
I love you too.
Sara closed her eyes and pressed her face against Joseph’s chest. She moved her face up to his and kissed him softly. She had her arms wrapped around his neck. She looked over his shoulder at to young girls staring at Joseph and she could tell they were talking about him. They were even going to make a move on him, as a pair. Sara gave them a look, such a look, that contained a pure evil in her eyes and a power over their very lives that made them walk away in different directions leaving their light red drinks and fruit on sticks behind.
That is when she saw me.



I had traveled a great distance to find her. Never mind how I did it, I’m a vampire hunter. At the time when all this was going on I had an assassination attempt on my life. It was a young rogue vampire by the name of Sinclair. He was dressed in a tight black shirt and black jeans with a silver spiked belt. His boots were black, his socks were black. He wore a chain that hung low down his thigh and attached to a wallet in his pocket. He was the only vampire I had known to wear makeup. He was a modern vampire, a new born. He wore black makeup around his eyes and black lipstick. His hair was gelled and spiked. He had his left eyebrow pierced with three silver hoops. The left side of his lower lip was also pierced. He was made by The Nomicon. It was an order of vampires who followed (or worshipped) the poetry of a desert madman.
The name was Abdul Alhazred. He had written a book of black magic called The Necronomicon sometime around 730 A.D. It was said that the very origin of vampires was in this book. It also contained spells, in which evil spirits could be conjured and controlled.
I often told myself that I was the greatest vampire in the world. I believed it. I believe it especially now. I carried with me a pride that could not be deterred by the devil himself. I was unstoppable and my fury was quite a thing to behold. The world was my garden and I walked it freely. Any vampire in the area where I nested would soon be dead. I hunted them by the daylight, as I am a rare vampire that can bask in the sun without a shred of worry. My feathered blonde hair flowed much beauty in the wind as I had rode my black motorcycle down the streets. However, by night, I was cautious. I won’t say afraid, but I was cautious. I would sleep in chapels. I would spend my nights in the churches of God. Also, I found comfort near God. Most vampires were afraid of him. They were afraid of churches. It was irrelevant if such things had any effect on them. The places of God kept them away regardless. So they would become my hideout when I wasn’t killing the undead.
I didn’t think I was doing Gods work. I thought I was absorbing the powers of my enemies after they had fallen. Every vampire I killed made me stronger, more powerful, and strangely gifted. I felt more human when I killed, not unlike Sara when she felt more human when she loved Joseph.
The Christian world comforted me indeed. I had been places in the world where human beings don’t know God and it is frightening. When you leave your home you might be nervous. When you leave your country you might be afraid. But when you leave faith itself you can be downright horrified. It isn’t necessarily faith, it is the civilization you know itself, and when the walls come down you are alone in a way you’ve never been alone. There is even a feeling in the air that is altered. The world seems dead and the isolation can drive you to insanity. In lands scarcely known, where humans still ate other humans, the idea of God is your only warmth.
I was very selfish with God. I used him against my enemies. I never prayed. I thought I could no longer be heard by God. I even doubted his existence. I was damned. I was forsaken.
So when this insolent peasant came into the church where I slept and tried to kill me, The Great One, Nicolai, up on the high ceiling rafters where I slept, I had to respond with vengeance. I stuck him in the gut with his own sword which he sought to destroy me with. I held him down outside the church and waited for the sun to rise.
“You’ll kill us both!” Sinclair screamed with blood pouring out his mouth.
“Good sir, I am forever! I cannot die!” I yelled. “If you want to leave you can, but you must first tell me what I so long to hear, my son.” I loved talking down to other vampires. I loved it so very, very much.
He told me what I needed to hear. Afterwards, I watched the sun burn him into ashes.
Sinclair was able to enter places of holy worship freely. It has to do with the fact that the weakness of the holy fire effects all vampires differently. Crucifixes, holy water, churches, signs of God, prayer, and garlic; these things might repel a vampire, and then again they might not. However, a vampire cannot use the holy fire against another vampire. It takes a certain kind of human to use this as a weapon, namely a priest or a person of God. I still didn’t understand it completely.
Sinclair was but a peasant only worthy of noting because of his bravery in trying to slay The Great Nicolai.
I carved a note to Sara on the ceiling rafter where I slept. It simply said “Going to kill. I will find you”. She would know what it meant. I grabbed Sinclair’s sword and held it at my side as I walked into the rising sun, with every intention on using the weapon as a symbol against my enemies. They would suffer by the very sword they sought to make me suffer from.

I worked my way up the blood chain. I don’t even care to mention names of vampires who meant nothing to me or weren’t worthy of noting. Immortals were easy to scare. Death frightened them for they were damned and parting from earth meant Hell. Or at least that is what most of them believed. On some rare occasions a vampire would believe in only himself and that there was no such Heaven or such Hell. When I encountered this rare breed I would show them what Hell was. I would show them that it was not some distant lake of fire but my wrath itself. They all talk before the sun rises. They cling to immortality more than a human clings to his or her own small life. I was on a beautiful track. I killed quick. I acted fast. I traveled with much speed. My search led me across the entire world to the lost city of Bam, Iran.

While I traveled and hunted vampires I learned things about The Necronomicon. The mad poet had written about “The Old Ones” which were beings that had lived beyond our world. These “Old Ones” were powerful beings that wished to live on earth. They fell in love with the women of earth and mated and created a race of “Super Humans”.
This is not unlike biblical scripture which speaks of “Watchers” or “Grigori” which were angels that lusted for the flesh of women and fell to earth to mate with them. They became damned, cursed, and their offspring were abominations. The children of the fallen angels were giant humans that had supernatural strength.
The mad poet also wrote how to conjure such beings or spirits. A practice which few knew how to execute.
The book itself was handed down to various scholars to translate. It was even translated to English in the early 1900s. Apparently every scholar who came in contact with the book and read its pages fell victim to strange happenings. They would start to hallucinate and see visions of spirits or hear screams in the night.
A vampire with black eyes that I had interrogated after a long, fierce battle mentioned that he was a part of an elite group of the Nomicon clan who was sent to locate the book and recover it. The worshippers wanted to keep it out of human hands and use the book’s power to summon an ancient god. Believe it or not, the vampire had to steal it from the hands of Adolf Hitler, which was not an easy task. It was then that he told me where the book was kept. Before I bathed him in sunlight he had warned me that I was meddling with things I could not fathom and that the very history of vampires could be learned from this tome. He then recited a poem to me from the Necronomicon:
“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange eons even death may die.”
Then the sun slowly ascended burning up his legs, and then waist, and then chest, and then his face until he fell apart into many chunks of burning ash. He was looking at me as he died with his deep, pure black eyes. I imagine his last thought was how I managed to cheat death from the sun.
I never forgot that poem. And for its beauty I will note the name of this vampire. His name was Blake.
Of course I shrugged all this off. I didn’t care about the origin of vampires and the many theories behind it. Why did I care that some opium addicted poet wrote a fictional book, and that people took it too damn seriously? I cared about my name being known to all those who attempt to counter it. I would show them that this was my world. The name vampire belongs to Nicolai and Nicolai alone. I care not about super beings or armies of the undead. They mean nothing to The Great One, Nicolai, self proclaimed and crowned king of all he wishes.

The city of Bam, Iran, was haunting to see. An ancient city of dust that’s populace had vanished mysteriously. I had taken a jeep and drove it across the sands of the desert to reach this fallen city. The recently deceased vampire Blake had spoken of this city and its significance towards The Nomicon, order of vampires who worship The Book of Necronomicon. What simple minded idiots. I parked my jeep against the high walls of the fortress. I walked in the city as if it were my home. I carried the sword at my side, the sword that traveled the entire distance with me. I looked to the sky. The sunset was gorgeous. I jumped on a high rooftop and watched the night sky come to life. Absolutely beautiful.
“I am here to speak with The Nomicon! The order of those who keep The Necronomicon!” I shouted with much arrogance.
Such peasants. I thought.
I waited.
Then I saw it. Distant lights that flickered in a small dwelling far on the other side of the city from where I was sitting.
Maybe they are out to feed. I thought.
Surely they dined on tourists. Which only added to the forbiddingness of the city. Disappearing tourists? Sure, that’ll keep their secret, but no longer. Nicolai is here.
Soon all this will be mine.
Three high priests that were vampires in white robes with the most glorious gold jewelry approached me. They spoke a language I didn’t understand. I could tell it meant “Make yourself known”.
“You see this sword?” I asked, knowing they didn’t understand, “This sword came from the desert from the looks of it and I fucking hate the desert!”
I started swinging. I did my thing. I beheaded two of them and watched the other run away with pure fear. It was laughable. I let him lead me to one of the hundreds of houses in the city. I followed him, as he shouted for more help, down his secret door which led to the underground of the city.
After I got the general idea I sliced off the head of the High Priest I was following and then cut out his heart.
Now for the rest…
I walked down the spiraling stairway to the bottom of the underground dungeon. I followed him through many gates when we reached a massive room with giant golden pillars supporting the high ceiling above. All the furniture in the room was gold. The candle sticks, the tables, the seating, the pots that beautiful desert flowers were in, the wonderful fountain which brought water from under the ground, the golden curtains that hung all around, were all beautiful. I was astonished for about half a second and then I saw the army of The Nomicon. There were nearly two hundred of them by what I saw. The Nomicon must have been turning all the prey they fed upon into vampires. The newborn were weak. They were guarding a massive double doorway made out of gold.
I laughed. “Is that all you could muster, my sons? Your army is small compared to my power!”
The war began. Two hundred Nomicons versus Nicolai The Great One. I moved faster than they could have anticipated. I started slicing off arms and legs and then heads. They bore red armor of their human ancestors which was antique now and easily penetrable by a simple sword.
I am Nicolai. I kept saying that to myself as I sliced through them. I dodged swords and twisted my body through them bringing my sword with me as it sliced through undead flesh. I heard screams and shrieks all around me. I jumped high in the air and brought my sword down under me into the skull of another undead soldier. I laughed wildly. My feathered blonde hair flowed as I cut them down. I’d see a sword coming at me and I’d instantly dodge out of the way and execute the attacker. I moved in ways impossible for a human to move, and apparently, impossible for those undead to move as well.
The fighting was beautiful. I was killing with such romance in the way I moved. Some time later they were all on the ground, headless, armless, legless, and sometimes heartless. I had to quickly cut their heads off and collect them in one of the golden curtains. Before I left I looked at the double doors they were defending. I kicked them in with my awesome strength and saw before my very own beautiful blue eyes, The Necronomicon itself.
“So that’s what you fucks have been hiding? How lovely.” I grabbed it. I walked outside with a massive curtain filled with two hundred vampire heads in one hand and in the other my sword and The Necronomicon.

I sat on a rooftop staring off in the distance, contemplating my victory. Sunrise eventually came. I threw the curtain of heads into the light of day and I heard screaming as I saw the smoke rise. To my surprise, The Necronomicon caught on fire from the daylight as well.
I was curious about the book but my pride overcomes. I left it to be destroyed and got in my jeep and drove away. Nicolai lives on. The end of The Necronomicon and the vampires who keep it.

I had gone home to Los Angeles. To the church in which I slept. I saw no note from Sara. I scanned all of L.A for her and I found nothing. I tried to communicate with her from thought but it didn’t work, it never did.
Is she wondering about me?
Does she still love me?
I miss her. I must see her.

My coven, is simply called “The Coven” to spite those who try to make covens without my permission. There are rules.
1. Never kill a human being.
2. Never make another vampire.
3. Never join another coven.
4. Never let knowledge of a different coven go unsaid.
5. Obey Nicolai.
These were the rules of The Coven. I am Nicolai, and only I can make vampires. Also, there can only be one male vampire in The Coven and he is in charge of all female vampires in The Coven. Of course, I had only made one vampire thus far. I had planned on making more, eventually. Maybe not, I don’t know. It was just Sara and me, and I liked it that way.
Sara broke the first and fifth rule but I didn’t care because I loved her no matter what she did. She was my soul mate. She told me so and I believed her. I wanted to get her back and hold her and tell her about my travels and that The Coven is safe. I wanted to show her my new powers from my recent victory. I wanted her to know that I would always love her and ask her if she loved me too. I wanted to make her happy. I saved her life, so she must always love me, right?
“Of course she loves me.” I answered.
With my power as an absolute, I hunted Sara not to kill but to love.



Sara was dancing with Joseph in an electronic music club in Florence, Italy when she saw Nicolai. Nicolai was on the second floor balcony behind black guard rails with people dancing all around him and brushing against him. He was terrifying her.
What’s wrong?
We have to get out of here Joseph.
Sara panicked. They moved with vampiric speed out of the club and back to their beautiful hotel room.

“What is going on? Please tell me!” Joseph cried.
“Oh, God, he’s here. He saw us together!” She was in tears on the canopy bed of their room.
Joseph was pacing back and forth behind her in the room. “Who is here Sara?”
Tell me!
I can’t!
Oh, God, Nicolai…
Who is Nicolai?
“Stop reading my thoughts for a minute!” Sara yelled.
“What?! You’ve never said that!” Joseph shouted.
Sara turned to Joseph. She grabbed him by the shoulders and looked deeply into his eyes. “Listen to me my only love, and listen and believe me. I will go tomorrow to the nearest church or chapel and there I am sure I will find him. I will speak to him about this. You must wait here tomorrow. Order room service. Stay inside.”
“You’re starting to scare me Sara.”
“Will you do this for me Joseph?”
Of course I will. I’ll do whatever you ask you know that my love.
I love you.
But, Sara, is Nicolai…are you…
Listen to me now Joseph. We are soul mates. We are forever. There is nobody else but you and me, ok?
Ok Sara.
“I’ll wait till tomorrow to speak with him.” Sara said.
“I mean ok.” Joseph said out of thought.
Sara kissed him and pulled him on top of her on the bed. She put Joseph inside of her and ran her fangs across his skin.
Drink me. I want my blood inside of you. I need it inside of you.
Are you sure?
Sara hesitated. She couldn’t imagine hurting Joseph, but she knew he wanted it. She could tell it made him jealous for her having so many other human’s blood pass through her and not his. She ran her fangs to his shoulder and then bit down. Joseph flinched with pain but soon the sensation overcame the hurt. He started to enjoy it. Sara tasted his blood. It was like the sweetest fruit on earth. The nectar of his life force spilled out her mouth and down her chest. She stopped and held his wound. When she lifted her hand she was surprised to see that it had already healed fully.
They made love until their worries stopped. And if their worries began again, then they made love again.


The sun rose and fell by the time they woke. Sara dressed in tight black jeans with her laced up black vest and her usual long black leather jacket. She rarely wore anything different. She put her hair in a ponytail which was very uncommon of her. She put on her black boots with the heel that gave her more height and authority. Joseph watched her dress while laying in bed. He was enchanted watching her get ready. It made him want to cry, all this love he had for her, it was hard to keep inside.
Hey Sara?
Yes love?
I just want you to know that I love you very much. I will always love you very much.
I know Joseph, I love you too. Always and forever.
Sara approached the door. “Promise me you’ll stay in the room?”
“I promise.” He said. “Are you sure everything is ok?” He asked with a shaky voice.
“It’s going to be.” She said and then she was gone.

Sara jumped with vampiric speed from rooftop to rooftop. Her hair and jacket flowed behind her as she moved. She was a beautiful blonde streak in the sky above. The night sky was orange from the glow of the moon which was a mere thumbnail. The sky was disturbing enough to be a bad omen. The clouds were teasing the senses by enhancing the evilness of the moon. Sara suddenly stopped on a high rise by swinging herself around on a flag pole. Her motion was graceful and swift. Her one hand was on the pole and one foot was on the ground as she spun herself around to the direction of the chapel. It was a beautiful church with its own bell tower. It was the only lit building on the block. Flickers of candlelight shone through the tainted glass of old saints. Sara stopped. She thought.
He’s in there. I know it.
He’s alone. Even now I still care about him. I don’t want him to be lonely.
I still love him, in a way. I always will. That can never die out completely.
He does not know what I need, but he thinks he does. He won’t ever think otherwise.
Nicolai is too strong to change. He is selfish in the most loving ways though.
Now that I have Joseph he has lost me. Who will he have? Who will take care of him? He is so tortured. Sometimes I wonder if he hates himself. I wonder if he hates what he has become. He gets such joy when he thinks he is fighting for a cause but in the long periods of the nothingness in between he is so lost, and hurt, and angry, and sad.
Am I a fool for thinking we can work it out? If he only knew Joseph he would like him. Joseph is a good man. Nicolai respects humans even more than I. Would he not get along with Joseph?
I must tell him the truth. He loves me. He will understand. He is not evil, he fights for good, or at least what he believes is good. The vampire killer. I wonder if didn’t kill them out of his own selfish ways just to keep us safe? Is it selfish that he tried to keep me safe from them as well? Then again, it was never me that they cared to kill. They only wanted him dead.
He will understand.
I must face him now.
Sara jumped off of the roof and landed gently on the street. She walked towards the chapel. Every building surrounding her seemed to lean towards the chapel, as if giving way to its will. It seemed like such a long walk to those long, elegant doors. She heard nothing but her own footsteps. Sara opened the doors.
The church was dimly lit. The candles on both walls flickered from the soft breeze. There were red clothed benches on both sides of a long red carpet that led to a shrine of a crucifix on the far wall. Sara walked very slowly into the room. She looked at the dancing firelights as she paced. She stopped in the middle of the aisle and looked up at the ceiling. On the ceiling rafters, hanging, was Nicolai’s black jacket tail. It slowly flowed upwards over the rafter like a snake crawling on its belly making a similar sound and then disappeared.
“How did you find me?” Sara asked.
From the shadows above, Nicolai spoke. “I’m a vampire hunter.” He said with a dry and emotionless laugh.
“I’m glad you did.” Sara said.
Nicolai let the shape of his shadowed face be shown. His silver eyes glowed fiercely with a light of their own. “Are you?”
Before Sara could see him move he was already standing opposite of her some ten feet away on the red carpeted aisle. “You’re faster.” She noticed.
“I’ve acquired a few new gifts of my own since the last time we spoke.” Nicolai took one elegant step forward and stopped. He looked down, saddened. He had come to a realization. He looked up at Sara. “You don’t love me.” He said.
“Yes I do. I still do.” She replied.
“No,” He said. “You’ve changed. I can see it.”
Sara was shaking. Her heart burned and panicked from being away from Joseph. Her legs were weak. “What do you mean?” She tried to hide it.
“You can barely stand. You are weak.” Nicolai said. “Why?”
“Maybe I’m afraid.” She volunteered.
“Please.” Nicolai shrugged the idea off.
Sara sighed. “It’s because I’m away from him.”
Nicolai took another step forward and then stopped. “Ah yes, him. The mortal. The man.”
“His name is Joseph.”
“Is it?” Nicolai said rudely.
“He’s a good man.” Sara said.
“One will never be good if they love evil things.” Nicolai said coldly. “It stains them.”
“I love him Nicolai.” Sara admitted.
“If you loved him you wouldn’t have done this to him.”
“Done what? What did I do that was so bad?” Sara leaned against a near bench. “He’s happy. He is in love. He is wealthy now. We have a life together!”
“You have a life?” Nicolai sneered.
Sara looked away from Nicolai.
“What is to happen to you when he dies? Or are you thinking about breaking another rule?” Nicolai asked.
“They are your rules and yours alone! You made them!”
“I made them to protect us.” Nicolai said.
“To protect yourself.” Sara added.
“You haven’t the slightest idea, my dove. You know not what I’ve done for you.”
Sara stood. “You saved my life, and I thank you for that! I do, I thank you for that! Please can’t you just understand that I’m in love with this man?”
“You didn’t answer my question.” Nicolai said. “What happens when he dies? Are you going to turn him into one of us?”
“I don’t know.” Sara said. “I just know that I love him and I would do anything he asked.”
Nicolai took another step forward and stopped. “You lied to me Sara.”
“I haven’t lied to you.”
“Yes you have.” Nicolai said with his eyes closed. “You have betrayed me.”
“I’m sorry you think that way.” Sara said. “Because I haven’t.”
Nicolai’s eyes opened suddenly. When they did Sara’s mouth dropped in fear. He gave her such a look that made her step backwards. He was glaring at her with powerful eyes of hatred and pain. He was going to react on his hurt if she didn’t stop him.
“Do you know what it was for me to give you this darkness?! I scarified myself to save your life! I betrayed a promise I made long ago to God himself that I would not create another monster of darkness! I betrayed that promise to save your life! And to love you! We were supposed to love each other!” Nicolai started to drip tears. “We were supposed to be together for all eternity! You said you loved me! You said we were soul mates! You liar! You traitor! You betrayed me you insolent bitch! This is how I am repaid for saving your life? I have to find you with another man, a human no less, in Italy?!”
Sara was frightened. She didn’t know what to do.
Nicolai fell to his knees and cried. “What did I do to make you stop loving me?” He said with tears. “I would have done anything for you!”
“I was alone!” Sara shouted. “You were fulfilling your destiny, never taking me with you! Maybe I wanted to see the world too! But you had me stay in L.A!”
“For your own safety!”
“Am I not strong like you? I can handle myself! You treated me like a doll which you took out whenever you wanted to play. I was alone! I hunted alone! And yes, I killed. I drank a human life until they were dead, unlike you, because you’re so perfect! You don’t need blood to survive Nicolai, but I do! Maybe you don’t, but I do!”
“You have no self control Sara.” Nicolai said.
“I am immortal, like you Nic, and I don’t need self control. I want to be free! I want to have fun! I want to love and be loved! I want Joseph. He makes me free! He makes me strong and powerful and complete!”
“You don’t even care that you’ve hurt me! You don’t even care that I’m here, suffering because of you!”
“You are so selfish Nicolai!”
“I am not!” Nicolai screamed. With lightning speed he grabbed Sara around her throat. He held her that way without squeezing.
Sara stopped breathing. She was deathly afraid of his hand on her neck. It was cold. Nicolai was always cold. He never fed enough to be warm. He never took a human life. He was stronger than Sara. Nicolai never hurt as much as she did from the thirst.
Nicolai retracted his hand. “You are ungrateful for all I’ve done.”
“I’m not.” Sara said. “I’m very grateful.”
“Then show it!” Nicolai shouted.
“How?” Sara asked.
“Keep your promises. Come away with me. We can travel like you’ve always wanted. I’ll give you what I should have given you before. I will give you a freedom you’ve never dreamed of.” Nicolai smirked. “Of this I can promise you.”
Sara cried. “I can’t!”
“Then you never cared and you never loved me.” Nicolai said.
“I did love you!” Sara screamed.
“And now?!” Nicolai shouted.
“I don’t know!” Sara put her face in her hands and cried.
Nicolai turned away from Sara. “Get away from here now. Part from me. I know you not.” He grabbed a pink tear that fell from his eye and squeezed it. “Leave me to my eternal heartbreak.” Nicolai said with weakened words.
Sara held her hand out to Nicolai. “Nicolai please!”
Nicolai was gone. He had left without her even seeing him go.


I was right to be angry. She didn’t have the slightest clue what I had done for her. I saved her life by betraying myself. I kept those evil children of darkness away from her. I wanted us to make our own world. It hurt me deeply to know she wanted to be a part of that cruel, dying world. The world of the devil. She was a part of it. She had fallen, my angel. I could not save her from herself.
Eternity is not an easy thing. How can one understand the commitment you make to another for forever. Forever, it is such a long time to promise to love someone. I had made that commitment to Sara long ago. Perhaps I was rarely around, doing things that were more important than her or even me. That does not excuse her actions. She selfishly loved the mortal Joseph with the stupidity to ignore the consequences. I was not ready to accept that heartbreak.


Aj DeNecochea
December 18th, 2010, 11:27 AM

Sara entered the hotel room. Joseph was watching television on the couch with a plate of room service in front of him. He had eaten a lot of red meat. No dessert. He turned. He was happy to see her. He rushed up to hold her.
Ah, my love. I am strong again.
I missed you Joseph.
They embraced each other. Their combined strength returned as their bodies pressed together. Joseph had gone through such torment being away from Sara for what seemed like a long time. He knew she had been through the same weakness.
I kept my promise, but I can never let that happen again. I can’t worry like that. I was unable to stand. I was on the floor crying, worrying for you. I don’t know what is going on. I don’t know who Nicolai is and you won’t tell me!
He is the one that made me.
Joseph looked into Sara’s green eyes. “He made you? You mean a vampire?”
“Yes.” She answered.
“Why is he here?” Joseph asked.
Because he still loves me. Because he is angry with me for loving a mortal. He thinks I betrayed him.
Did you?
I don’t know. I don’t think so. Maybe I did.
Is he going to try to hurt us?
No, he isn’t like that. But I can’t leave him like that. He saved my life once upon a time.
“He saved your life?” Joseph asked.
“I would have died if he didn’t turn me. It seems like an eternity ago. Yet we still talked about it like it were a recent event. I guess arguments never really change with time.”
“Maybe I can talk to him.” Joseph said.
“No.” Sara responded. “We are just going to leave here.”
“Will he find us again?” Joseph asked.
Yes. I can’t lie Joseph, but yes. He will always be able to find us.
“Then we must fix this now.” Joseph said. “We can’t run.”
What are you suggesting we do my love?
“I will talk with this vampire Nicolai.” Joseph said. “I will thank him for saving your life, because if he hadn’t made you an immortal I would have never met you. I will tell him I am in his eternal debt for this. I will offer him anything that I have to give. I will ask for peace and his blessing for your hand in marriage.”
Marriage Joseph?
Joseph kissed Sara. He pulled her ponytail lose and brushed his hand through her hair. “Yeah, if that’s ok with you.” He smiled.
“I love you!” Sara kissed him wildly. She had a big smile through her kisses.
“I love you too Sara.” Joseph said. “Everything is going to be alright. I’ll make it all better for us.”

Through the balcony doors, in the darkness, Nicolai was watching them. He would not let his presence be known. His reflexes were extremely tuned beyond that of any normal vampire. His speed was immensely superior to human or undead vision.
What is this I am hearing? It is as if they are speaking in thought.
They are!
How is this possible?
It’s not!
He is strong as well. Too strong. I underestimated this entire thing.
This is not natural. This is not supposed to be.
And her…communicating with him…through thought, when we have never been able to do that. Why him? I was her first true love! Why him? Why would you do this to me Sara?
I cannot live through eternity alone!
Nicolai started to cry.
I deserve better than this!
Hear my thoughts! If you can speak to him you can speak to me! Hear my thoughts Sara! Can you hear me? Can you hear me?!
He watched her holding Joseph. She heard nothing. Her eyes were closed and her head was against his chest. Joseph was cradling her and rocking her.
Nicolai’s fist clenched tightly in rage.
This peasant, this boy, how can she love such a simple man?
Gods made love to create the likes of me! How am I outdone by this boy? How?!
Such time had passed between coming home to see Sara. I thought I knew her. I didn’t know what she was capable of. I didn’t know what she wanted.
No, I did know. And I knew what was best for her! And I took care of her! I would have gotten her a house if she had asked. I would have made her a vampire sister so she wasn’t lonely while I hunted the damned! Why didn’t she trust me?!
She betrayed you. She broke your rules. She killed human life selfishly. She has become truly evil and now with this human peasant bastard she has desecrated herself.
I can’t live through eternity alone! What am I going to do without her?!
Oh Sara, I love you! I still do! I want to forgive you and be forgiven. I want to fix this. I want to start over and do things the way I should have done them before, with you!
Nicolai held his heart. It ached with pain. Even with all his power and all his strength he was weak in that area of his soul. He closed his eyes tightly. He stood on the black railing of the high balcony and fell backwards. His body gracefully descended into the darkness below.


Deeper into the night the chapel seemed darker. Many of the candle lights had flickered out and the windows were mostly pitch black. Sara held Joseph’s hand as they landed on the street from a quick jump over a near rooftop. Their landing was graceful leaving a clap against the stone that echoed around them.
“He’s in there?” Joseph asked.
Sara nodded. She turned to Joseph. “Maybe we should run. Maybe there are places we cannot be found!”
“I’m not going to hide from this rogue.” Joseph stated.
Such courage in you my love. I want you.
I love you my darling Sara. I will keep us safe.
We will keep each other safe Joseph.
“But my love,” Joseph said.
“Yes love?” Sara asked.
“It is now my time to ask you to wait for me.” He said. “For I am going in there alone.”
“No Joseph, let me come with you.”
“I need to talk to this vampire alone.” Joseph said, feeling frightened and anxious inside.
“No sweetheart, no.” Sara pleaded. “Let me go with you. We have to stay together so we can keep our strength.”
“You must trust me like I trust you Sara. Will you trust me? Everything is going to be alright.”
Sara looked into Joseph’s eyes. She could see how serious he was about handling the situation. “Yes, I trust you.” She finally said. “Go my love, and come back soon.” She gave him one last kiss. She put her hands on his cheeks and it was like she was taking his soul into her with her lips. Sara pulled back a little with Joseph’s lower lip still in her mouth. She sucked on it and then bit down letting a small amount of blood pour into her mouth. She drank her lover into her body. His blood was like symphony and it had all the notes of his entire life written into it. She drank until his wound healed up completely. She pulled away fully. “I love you Joseph.” Sara said. “My fianc Joseph Stocks.”
A light drizzle of rain began to pour as Joseph walked away from Sara still holding her cheek. He let go and looked strongly in her bright green eyes. “I love you with all my heart and all my being.” He said.
Sara started to cry. “Come back to me.”
Joseph nodded. He took his hand away and started his path towards the dark chapel of Nicolai.


Joseph stepped into the chapel. He had worn some of his old clothes that reminded him of his past before Sara which seemed so far away now. His clothes were dripping wet from the rain outside the chapel. The rain was coming down even harder. It would be a fierce storm worth remembering. Joseph shivered. He closed the chapel door behind him as he entered. He took slow, heavy steps down the red carpeted isle. The room was dimly lit. There were candles on both walls but few were on fire. He looked at the sweet innocence of his surroundings. He tried to remember the last time he had been to church. He tried to ask himself if he still believed in God. Suddenly he became very afraid. The thought of another vampire scared him deeply. He felt another shiver that was heightened by the wetness of his clothes. He had gotten used to Sara and her vampire ways but this was an entirely different vampire all together. It was a male vampire. It was probably unkind. Joseph thought of the name Nicolai. It sounded elegant and fierce to him. It was a pleasing name to say out loud, and so he said it.
“Nicolai.” Joseph whispered. There was no answer. The room around him suddenly felt much larger than before. He felt small in this chapel. He was a tiny insignificant mortal. He had stepped in the middle of an age old lovers quarrel. Was Sara ever his own?
Of course she is. This Nicolai cannot read my thoughts. I know it. I feel his presence in the air and in my fears but not in my thoughts. Sara is mine. She was always mine. Our love exceeds the dead love of Nicolai.
It is fate. She and I are powerful together.
I can give her much more than this Nicolai ever could, and I am not even a vampire.
Joseph felt better. His confidence was returning. He stepped in the middle of the room and stopped there. He looked up at the high ceiling rafters. He had the strongest feeling that he was being watched. Eyes were on him. They weren’t human eyes either, they were like the eyes of a beast.
“You are brave” The voice startled Joseph. It echoed through the room. “However, you are but a boy to me. I should have you bow.”
Joseph’s hands were sweating. They were also shaking. A drop of water fell from his wet hair to the floor.
“Do you know who I am?” The voice asked. The source of it could not be determined for it echoed in the chapel as if it were the room itself speaking to him.
“You are Nicolai.” Joseph answered with a weak voice.
“That is not what I asked.” Corrected Nicolai. “I asked if you knew who I was. For if you did, you would not have been brave enough to enter this place.”
“I am not afraid.” Joseph said.
“No?” Nicolai taunted.
The candles all blew out. The room became pitch black dark. Joseph felt like screaming but he suppressed it. His hands clenched tightly. His eyes squinted as if he were about to be hit. He heard a loud thud behind him. He gasped. He turned around. He could see nothing in the darkness. He could only hear the rain pounding against the roof outside.
Can you hear me Sara? I am so afraid right now.

Sara sat on a nearby rooftop overlooking the chapel door. She stared at it as it closed. Her Joseph was in there with Nicolai. She had never thought such a night would come. Her heart was racing with nervous fear. She meant to stay close to the chapel so Joseph would not be weak in the circumstance of Nicolai losing his temper. She didn’t think Nicolai would hurt him. Sara had never seen Nicolai hurt a mortal. He never killed. He never drank. She was more of a murderer than he was and it was on that thought that her stomach turned.
I am a killer. I see now what this means.
I am in love with the innocence of Joseph. I have made him impure with my love. For this I will pay. I don’t think there is any way out of that.
He is so beautiful in his mortality, my Joseph.
And Nicolai, you were right, it is wrong to kill. Somebody loves those mortals I feed on like I love my Joseph.
Yet how could I survive if I though this way? How can I live as a vampire and value human life as you do Nic?
Once we get out of this mess and everything is sorted out I promise not to kill another human being for as long as eternity keeps me. I will drink, but I will not kill. I will finally listen to your rules Nicolai, as absurd as I once thought them to be, I will finally obey.
All I ask is for Joseph.
Lightning flashed and suddenly a great amount of rain started to fall on Sara. Thunder roared soon after. Sara coiled her body and then jumped to the rooftop of the chapel. She landed just below the bell tower.
I must stay close to Joseph so he can stay strong.
She pressed her ear against the roof. It was a futile attempt to hear anything going on inside. She felt like opening the doors and rushing in but she had made a promise. There was nothing more forbidding to her now than breaking a promise to Joseph.
“My Joseph,” She said as she pressed her wet, rain dotted hand against the roof tiles, “I love you so much.”
Can he hear me?
Joseph, are you there?
There was no answer. Another flash of lightning. Sara began to cry. She then heard the thunder. The storm was getting closer. The rain was becoming angry. It poured down harder. The streets below were flooding and a river of rainwater was flowing down the front of the buildings. Sara felt like praying, but the thought of God waiting to punish her made her fearful in asking him for something she wanted. Her tears mixed with the rain.

Joseph heard a great and powerful organ playing. The initial sound of the song made his heart bang against his chest in surprised fear. He gasped. His body jumped. His hands were shaking violently. He heard himself scream. The organ was turned up on a high volume. The sound was deep and chilling. Joseph could feel the music sending vibrations up his teeth. The song made him understand the loneliness Nicolai must have felt. It wasn’t a song to make him fearful, it was a song to make Joseph understand. He realized, in those strong sorrowful notes, that Nicolai loved Sara just as much as he did. Joseph started to weep. The music sounded torturous. There was nothing to be seen in the darkness. He was forced to hear Nicolai’s song play out.
Suddenly the windows all flashed with light. In a flashing instant, Joseph saw a dark figure at the end of the room playing a massive piped organ. It was like seeing a ghost. Joseph didn’t think he could stand it much longer. He felt like running out. He turned and looked at the direction of the door. He waited for lighting to flash again.
Help me.
Lighting flashed again. Just as Joseph had reason to believe, the door was boarded up with a large wooden beam. It wasn’t that Joseph couldn’t lift it with his new, unnatural strength, but the time it would take would give Nicolai a chance to forbid it.
The song ended. The music stopped. The air became terrifyingly silent. The image of the ghost that Joseph saw could be standing right in front of him for all he knew. He cringed at the thought of another flash of lightning which would reveal a face just inches in front of his. Joseph cried out. He was in terrible pain from the fear. Nicolai had made his point.

Sara hung tightly to the roof. The rain was pouring down the tiles which made her grip unsteady. Her hair was dripping and hanging around all sides of her face, covering her view. She could only see the tiles in front of her to which she clung to.
Joseph I need you to answer me.
Sara felt painful fear. It filled her mind with a fiery burn. Yet she was still strong. Her lover was close enough to her so that she could maintain strength. Their connection was as lovingly masterful as it had ever been. Just as Sara was about to relax on this thought her hands slipped under the water which flowed over it. Her body lost balance. She was falling.

“Are you still as brave as I thought you to be?” Nicolai echoed in the darkness.
Joseph felt like begging for the light to come back and for Nicolai not to scare him with his appearance. “Yes.” Joseph answered with much fear in his voice.
“Do you still want to talk with me?” Nicolai asked. “Are you ready to see me?”
Joseph felt like crying. He held back the tears. “Yes.” He answered again.

Nicolai could see the boy in the darkness. He was cowering and he didn’t even know it. His body was slumped, crouched almost. Nicolai could smell his sweat and sense his fear.
Joseph possessed more humanity and humbleness than Nicolai had ever in his mortal or immortal life. The cowering boy below was wearing a simple brown long sleeved shirt and blue jeans. His curly brown hair was no longer dripping wet. It was short and messy which gave a hint to the artistic intelligence behind his looks. His face was smooth. It looked as if he didn’t need to shave much, however there were signs of a thin and short beard growing with light brown hairs. His eyes were deep brown and they portrayed his life’s sorrow and loneliness. Nicolai could see much depth in the boy. He almost respected him. Almost.
Joseph was still cursed. He had been in bed with the devil. He had loved the dark angel and had taken the powers of Hell from that love. For that he would suffer judgment.
It is time, Nicolai thought, To reveal myself to Joseph.

Joseph waited. His eyes burned from the sudden vision of light in the room. Candles burst into flames one after another until the entire room was not only lit but extremely lit. The tainted windows looked down at Joseph with judgmental glass eyes. Joseph heard a roar of thunder. The red carpet looked like a river of blood running down the aisle of seats. Joseph took steps backwards. He didn’t see Nicolai, yet.
“Behold,” Nicolai’s voice boomed, “The Great Vampire!”
Joseph cried. What he saw was too much for him. He gasped heavy breaths from an overwhelming sight.

Sara landed on the street with a heavy wet clap. She slid several feet into the side of a dumpster. The dumpster was dented from her impact. The sound was muffled under the thunder and rain above. Sara tasted blood. She struggled to open her eyes. She grunted. Her bloody hands shook in the rain. A river of red water was flowing past her. She cringed and waited for her body to heal. Rain washed her defeat away.
She was about to stand when suddenly she felt what Joseph was feeling. And to her surprise, she was seeing what Joseph was seeing. It was exactly what Joseph was seeing. Sara screamed.

Joseph saw Nicolai. Nicolai was floating in mid-air in the middle of the room. His hair was wild and blonde. It was beautiful. It flowed perfectly around his head. He had the hair of an angel. He was wearing a very long, black leather jacket which had a tail that hung past his levitating feet. He had black leather pants held by a black leather belt with a small square silver clip which reflected the many fires in the room. He was barefoot. His pale bare chest was exposed. His muscles were shaped with a masculine beauty. His face was sharp and intense. His skin was pale and hairless save for the top of his head. He looked as if he had died in his early 20’s. He was beautiful. His eyes though, his eyes were terrifying to Joseph. They were liquid silver. They shined down at him with beams of silver light. Joseph had to cover his eyes for a moment with his hand they were so bright. Then suddenly, Joseph saw the wings. They weren’t physical wings. Nicolai might not even know about these wings, but Joseph saw wings, six of them. The six wings made his heart pound heavily and his mind burn with disbelief.
“Oh God!” Joseph shouted. “What are you?!”
“I am Nicolai The Great One!”
Joseph looked at the wings. They were transparent. He could see the walls behind them but he knew they were there. There were two wings coming from Nicolai’s high shoulder blades. The left one was extremely longer than the right one. They were both liquid black. Two more protruded out of Nicolai’s lower back. Finally, two more were extending out of Nicolai’s lower thighs. All but the top two wings were liquid gold. They shined with much glory. Joseph was taken back.
“You have wings!”
Nicolai didn’t seem to understand. “I don’t need wings to fly my son!”
Joseph ignored Nicolai’s grandeur and looked back at the wings. They were starting to terrify Joseph and he was starting to figure out what they were.
Joseph could see the wings were starting to move. In the lower right thigh he could see a black book with an inscription on the cover. He could see this book being put in a blaze of fire and the wing turning gold because of this. He could sense, not see, but sense that from the small wing on the lower right thigh Nicolai was able to withstand a blaze of fire. He was resistant to all forms of fire because of this sin being lifted from the wing; from Nicolai.

Nicolai watched the boy who was in complete astonishment towards him. He was being looked at like he were a god. Nicolai smiled.

Joseph looked closely at the next wing, which was on the lower left leg. It showed a great white fire being overcome. A vision of a face appeared. The face was half black and half white with menacing fangs that pointed upward. Joseph sensed that this was Nicolai’s forgiveness from the Holy Weakness.
Joseph jerked his head up and looked at the wing above it, the left wing on Nicolai’s lower back. It made him feel as if a great tragedy had happened. He saw a man’s face who had long dark hair. He looked almost like Nicolai. This man was nothing but a head. There was no body. Joseph cried. The wing was showing Joseph a pool of blood being cleansed and evaporated. The curse of thirst had been lifted from Nicolai when this wing had turned gold so many years ago.
Joseph turned to the wing on the right side of Nicolai’s lower back. It showed a brilliant light and radiant fire from a star. Joseph continued to weep at these visions of another world. There appeared before his eyes a stone face with a beautiful roman styled hair dressing. It’s eyes were sharp and devious. Fire enveloped the statue and Joseph could see the fire being calmed and killed. The wing was bright gold and had the mark of the sun on it. The curse of the sun had been lifted and Joseph realized at that moment that daylight could not harm this vampire.
The last two wings were unwritten. They were black, unlike the other four gold ones. Joseph looked at those wings above Nicolai’s shoulder. He looked at the larger of the two, on the left side of Nicolai. Inside it was flowing black circles, preparing to give a vision. Joseph waited and the vision did come. It showed a red metal being. The being had the face of a demon. It was a terrifying red metallic face that Joseph could not understand. Then the wing went black again without any curse being lifted.
Joseph looked to the last wing on Nicolai’s right shoulder. It was small, and humble. It was black and it started to swirl into a vision. Joseph’s mouth dropped. His eyes began to tear. He put his hands over his mouth and cried.
It can’t be!
It cant be!
No! Please no!
It can’t be!
Oh God, it can’t be!
Joseph saw his own face in that wing. The wing swirled back to black without a curse being lifted, yet.
Joseph fell to the ground, crying.

Nicolai was astounded. He couldn’t believe the reaction Joseph had to him. Joseph looked as if he had seen the devil himself. He felt like comforting the boy, but then he remembered his evil. He remembered Sara and his love for Sara. Nicolai tricked himself into thinking Joseph seduced Sara with his mortality and evil power.
Nicolai descended.

Sara cried. She had seen everything Joseph had seen. She was shivering and crying and there was a pain all around her.
“Nicolai!” She shouted with wet cries. “I understand now! I understand everything! I am so sorry! Please no! Please don’t! Not the fifth wing!” Sara screamed. “NOT THE FIFTH WING!”

Joseph shook his head. He could see no more wings for a moment but when Nicolai landed in front of him they came back. Joseph felt a blade go through his chest. He gave a surprised cry into the room.
“You thought you could trick her away from me?!” Nicolai screamed. “You will have such an honor to die by my hand!”
Joseph felt his body heal around the blade.

Nicolai was dumbfounded. He had underestimated Joseph’s strength. “What the hell?!”
The blade came out of Joseph’s body with ease. Joseph now had the blade in his hand.
Joseph swung the blade. He saw Nicolai hold out his hand in defense. Joseph slashed off three of Nicolai’s fingers on his right hand.
Nicolai screamed. He fell to the ground. He was under Joseph’s wrath.
No, I am Nicolai. I cannot die and I cannot be beaten by this mere peasant!
Nicolai flipped up in the air and kicked Joseph dead in the chest.

Sara screamed. Her vision returned. She was no longer seeing through Joseph’s eyes.
“JOSEPH!” She screamed.
The street was completely flooded. The water was up to her knees. Sara jumped out of the water and landed on the flooded steps of the chapel’s entrance. She kicked at the door and fell backwards into the water. A flash of lighting hit the top of the bell tower and cut the steeple in half. The half of the bell tower was now falling towards Sara.
Sara closed her eyes, held out her hands, and screamed.

“You peasant fool!” Nicolai screamed. His cut off fingers were flinging blood everywhere. He rushed towards Joseph.
Joseph jumped into stance and started swinging his sword at Nicolai before they collided.
Nicolai smacked the sword out of Joseph’s hand and punched Joseph against the side of his face.
Joseph barely felt the hit. He punched Nicolai to the ground. He jumped up and kicked Nicolai while he was down.
Nicolai’s mouth spit up blood. He threw Joseph off of him and watched as Joseph landed on a near bench which broke under his fall.
“Accept your fate, son!” Nicolai went to grab Joseph but he was gone. Nicolai looked up. Joseph was in the air already and heading towards Nicolai.
Joseph hit the floor. Nicolai had moved with vampiric speed behind Joseph. Joseph felt a punch go into his spine and he heard a crack. He yelled with pain.
Nicolai turned Joseph around and punched the side of his face. He punched again. And then he punched a third time.
Joseph fell to the ground and got back up as soon as he landed. He put his fist upwards in an uppercut and hit Nicolai under the chin as hard as he could.
Nicolai went flying in the air. He landed on a tall candlestick which broke under him. The fire had no effect on him. He struggled to get up but eventually did.
Suddenly the sword was at Nicolai’s throat. Nicolai’s eyes turned to the direction of Joseph who was behind him.
“I just want to talk!” Joseph said. “Please?!”
Nicolai calmed himself. He swallowed his own blood. His wounds healed up and his fingers suddenly grew back. He smiled. “Very well Joseph,” He said with a steady voice, “Let us talk.”
Joseph trusted Nicolai and lowered the sword.

Sara’s bloody hand lifted out from the wreckage. It pressed against the wood and stone debris and lifted the rest of her body up. She had been badly injured. She was still in a hurry to get to the door. She swam past the floating parts of what was left of the bell tower and approached the door. She tried to open it but it was locked.
Joseph my love! I’m coming!
She kicked the door in with all her strength. The door opened.

Nicolai acted with all the power of his speed. He pushed Joseph back—grabbed Joseph’s sword from Joseph’s hand—Turned himself around in a spin—Stopped with his back facing Joseph—Thrust the blade behind him—Stabbed Joseph in the heart with the thrust—Pulled the sword out—Flipped himself around—Faced Joseph—Sliced at Joseph’s throat—Cleanly cut Joseph Stock’s head off.
The board holding the doors closed was split in half and the doors swung open. Wind and rain poured in fiercely.

Sara felt herself faint. She fell to the carpet of the chapel. Her body was pushed further into the doorway by the rushing water coming into the room. She slid smoothly against the floor. Her head came into contact with a bench which jolted her into consciousness. The first thing she saw was her wet hand under the water being lifted up by her weak willpower. Her entire body felt dead. Her entire body felt alone. She had been disconnected somehow. She could no longer feel or smell or taste the water which entered her open mouth. Her eyes adjusted. She could still see. She heard the water around her. She could still hear. Sara slowly got to her knees. She then slowly stood and looked around. Her head turned and the rain from her wet hair was gently tossed into the air. She saw Joseph’s body, slumped against the wall, completely stained with blood.
Her heart felt like it was ripped in two. She felt the pain explode out of her chest and through her right arm and then slowly down the rest of her body. Her body went into convulsions. She was building up a great cry.
She was having difficulty focusing and believing the sight which she saw. It was her body that was reacting to it, not her. The sight of her dead lover was watered out of view by immense tears. Her body let out a great cry. Her pain echoed through the walls of the chapel.
Sara fell to her knees. She kept trying to focus on her lover by wiping the tears away but they wouldn’t stop coming. She reached out to touch him. She crawled to the hand of her dead lover’s body. She held its hand to her face. She could feel nothing. All was numb.
“Joseph?” She asked with desperate tears.
Sara’s eyes closed and tightened against the tears. Her heart was burning with ache. It felt as if her chest were going to cave in against her. Sara groaned in pain. She cried out again. She screamed and cried. Then Sara opened her eyes and focused upon the head which was on the floor a few feet away from the body. The expression was lifeless and unfamiliar. It did not look like him. It was nothing at all like him and his past beauty.
“JOESEPH!” Sara screamed. She grabbed the body and then scooted over and grabbed the head. She held them both to her chest and cried. She cried for a very long time.

Nicolai was on the ceiling rafters watching Sara. He knew what regret meant for the first time in his life. The new power flowed through him and he felt very different than before. Joseph’s death had changed him in a way he could not understand. This power was vile from the regret. This change felt ill and wrong. He did not know what he had destroyed until he saw Sara holding that body and holding that head and letting her tears touch them both.
Nicolai felt like running. He felt like hiding. He felt like going under the ground and sleeping for a few hundred years until he didn’t remember the names of Sara and Joseph. His life, which he had once tricked himself into making complete sense of, was now meaningless to him.
Sara’s eyes went to him. Powerful, glowing yellow eyes were on him like death. Her hair was revenge on the corner of her eyes. He knew what she meant to do. He was prepared to accept her vengeance as well.

Sara looked up at Nicolai with unfiltered hatred. “How could you?!” She screamed.
“It wasn’t me Sara.” Nicolai instinctually said. “At least, it didn’t feel like me.”
“Do you know what you’ve taken from me?!” Sara cried. “You fucking monster!”
“I will forever live to regret it.”
“I will make sure of it!” Sara screamed. “You bastard! You monster! You terrible thing! What are you?! What are you?! How could you do this to me?! How could you kill the only thing I ever loved?! I hate you! I hate you so fucking much!” Sara let go of the body and head and stood. She glared at Nicolai. “I will avenge him in a way that will strike terror in that black heart of yours! I will make you suffer until you know nothing but pain! I will end you, you fucking bastard!” Her words were muffled with screams. They were hard to understand. Her face was like a demon.

Nicolai was afraid of her for the first time. The hatred in her face was quite a thing to behold. It was doubly unsettling when it was coupled with a beauty like hers. She struck fear in Nicolai, which made her a rare thing of existence.

Sara cried. She held her heart and fell to the floor and cried. She was empty. She was disconnected. She would never hear the thoughts of Joseph or see his love in his bloodstream. She would never hear his voice or look into his sad brown eyes. She would never see him create art again. There would be no more love. He would never be inside of her again. His powerful and warming organ which filled her so completely was now a cold and lifeless object. Sara cried out again. She wanted desperately to hear his voice. She wanted to remember everything about him. She needed to write everything down as soon as she could so that she wouldn’t forget a single, a tiny and single moment of Joseph Stocks, her eternal soul mate.
“Can you see my soul?” Joseph had asked.
“What’s it look like?” The voice of her memory asked.
It’s beautiful Joseph my love. It’s absolutely beautiful. It will always be beautiful. In this life or the next.
Sara could sense the sun was coming up soon. She felt tired and ready to sleep in a dark enclosure. Sara turned. She saw out the door of the chapel that the sky was becoming less dark and turning blue. The rain had slowed to a light sprinkle. She ran outside and jumped to the roof. She rested on the broken edge of the steeple.

Nicolai followed her. He saw that she had jumped to the roof. He walked around to the back of the chapel and then jumped on the roof with her. He stood a distance away, behind her, and watched. He could not ease her pain but he would keep her safe and alive. He would protect her life even if she meant to destroy him. His love was undying for Sara and as selfish as ever. A wicked tear fell from Nicolai’s eye.

The sun was rising. Sara could not feel anymore but she knew the warmth was there. It was coming to kill her. She was ready for it. She was ready to meet Joseph in the next life. If her beauty went to Heaven or Hell she would go there and love him. Not God nor Satan would stop her. No force and no afterlife would stop her from holding her Joseph again. She ripped her vest open and tore the laces apart. She threw her jacket and broken vest off and exposed her bare chest to the sun. Her pale breasts and light pink nipples wound touch the sun for the first time in over a century.
The sun came up. Sara let out a weak cry as tears fell down her cheeks. Her body bent backwards. Her chest was held straight out for the sun to destroy. Her tears now fell up her temples and into her long wet hair. Sara let out another weak cry. She closed her eyes. The light of the sun flowed up her chest and to her neck and then covered most of her face. Sara could see the light through her eyelids. She felt nothing.
Sara opened her eyes. The light hurt her vision but did not burn it. She bent forwards back to her straight kneeling position on the broken steeple. Her mouth dropped. She was speechless. She didn’t understand. She turned, and looked at Nicolai.
“What…” Is all she could say.
Nicolai knelt down beside her. “I made you, my love. All the powers I had when I made you were given to you, Sara.”
“Why didn’t you ever tell me?”
“I wanted to protect you.” Nicolai said. “Or maybe I wanted to control you. I guess it was my way of loving you.”
Sara gathered her jacket up and put it on over her bare skin. It was left open exposing the middle of her pale chest and stomach. She stood. She turned to Nicolai but looked away from him. “I hate you.” She softly said.
“I know.” Nicolai accepted.
Sara gracefully fell off the rooftop and landed on her feet. She gathered up the body and the head of her dead lover and walked into the sunrise with the intent to preserve his remains underground where she would sleep as well, in the same coffin, but not before her vendetta with Nicolai was over.



Sundown. A small neighborhood in a beaten down residential area of Los Angeles. I was home again. I approached Tim and Mike as they were playing basketball on the driveway of Tim’s small house.
“Niccy!” Tim shouted as I approached their driveway.
The neighborhood was at the end of a street which turned into a circle of houses. Theirs was the left middle house. The basketball hoop was attached to the roof above the garage. There was a bench on the small lawn with rusted weights. The fences that surrounded the house were an uninviting metal.
Tim and Mike were both black. Tim was bald and Mike had his hair in braids. Tim was the older of the two. They were in their early twenties and had been friends since high school.
“Yo Nic, slam it!” Mike said. He tossed the ball in the air.
I jumped into flight and grabbed the ball in mid air. I slam dunked it in the high basket above the garage and dropped gracefully to the ground.
“Yeah Niccy boy!” Tim said with a laugh.
“Why don’t you go pro man? Make some mad money?” Mike asked.
“I’m rich enough.” I answered.
“Oh yeah,” Mike said, “I appreciate you helping me out like that. You know, gettin my moms out of debt like that, I’ll never forget it man.”
Tim picked up the ball and held it against his hip.
“How about you Tim, how’s the house?” I asked.
“It’s aight.” Tim answered. “I know you wanted me to move out of the hood and all, but I can’t leave my homies behind and everything.”

My human friends. What? Aren’t I allowed to have human friends? Just because I’m a vampire doesn’t mean I’m not popular. I had friends. Especially in the hoods of L.A at the time. Tim and Mike were tough. They were built to survive the dangers of the dark side of humanity. I looked out for them as best as I could. Few vampires make human friends. Part of the reason vampires don’t associate with humans is because of mortality. The death of a friend is too painful for a vampire to live through. However I could withstand it. I accepted the death of my past mortal friends and was thankful that they could die. I envied their death. Tim and Mike knew I was a vampire. I didn’t hide the fact. I taught them what to do if another vampire ever came around. The streets of L.A was a feeding ground for vampires before I came. There were enough deaths in such a place to hide their existence completely and still drink every night freely. I put a stop to that. L.A was now Nicolai’s territory and they knew it. Vampires stayed away from the entire west coast because of me.
Tim and Mike had thick skin. They were able to handle the truth. In a way, I prepared them. I helped them see the light through my darkness. They were better men because of it.

“What you doin home Nic?” Tim asked.
“Waiting.” I answered.
“Waiting for what man?” Mike asked.
“They are coming for me.”
“Who?” They both asked.
I smiled. “All of them.”
“Why?” Tim asked.
I widened my smile. “I’ve been a bad boy.”
“Shit.” Tim said. He knew what that meant. He had seen a taste of my worst.
“That’s not all.” I said. “Feel this.” I moved my face close to them. I showed them the hairs growing from my cheeks and chin.
“So what,” Mike said, “It’s a beard.”
“I haven’t grown hair on my face in two hundred years.” I said. “Feel my hand.”
They felt my hand. They could see it was warm.
“My flesh is alive!” I said. “It’s fucking alive! It’s growing hair and it is warm.”
“Your eyes have changed man,” Mike said, “They blue now.”
“They were blue when I was alive.” I said. “They are blue again!”
“So what does that mean?” Tim asked. “Are you human again or some shit?”
“No, that’s the thing.” I said. “I am immortal still. If I am cut I still heal. But my skin gentlemen, my skin is alive.”
“I don’t get it.” Mike said.
“A vampire is a living being in some form. The skin is dead but it is kept. The virus changes the organs somehow but it keeps the skin in a never changing state. The blood of a vampire rejuvenates any injuries and kills off any sickness.” I was talking more to myself than I was to them. “My skin though, it is changed. It is alive. I produce warmth in my blood now, but the virus still remains.”
Tim shot the ball and made a basket. “Fuck man, I’m glad I’m not a vampire.”
“You trippin Nic,” Mike said with a laugh, “You straight trippin man.”
Tim moved in front of me. He pointed at me. “You need help man? You need protection from those peeps that are comin for you?”
“I wouldn’t get you two involved in a thing like that.” I answered. “I’m at ease like I’ve never been before. I am ready to accept my fate.”
“You know we got your back man.” Mike said.
“Thanks,” I said, “But I’ll be fine.”
“We goin out tonight?” Tim asked Mike.
“Yeah man, I just gotta stop by my house and get my shit. You comin Nic?”
“Yeah, I’ll go.” I answered.

Meanwhile, Sara was singing somewhere in America.


The scene was terribly saddening. It was a dark bar with a small stage at the end of the room. There were people standing and sitting all around. It was an open mic night. Anyone could stand up and sing if they wanted. Sara told them to cut the music out all together and she stepped to the stage and sang with her wonderful voice. As soon as she started the entire bar was silent. They watched in amazement. The men were enchanted by her cold beauty. They planned to approach her after she sang and try to cheer her up, maybe offer to buy her a drink or take her home with them. She was simply lost somewhere in America.
She sang.
“In a world of hate, our love…
Too strong it had to be overcome,
Lay roses on my heart, it is done,
If I could I would burn from the sun.”
She was still beautiful but her face was thin and bony. Her cheek bones protruded and her eye sockets were deep. She hadn’t slept and the vampire virus was not able to rejuvenate her beauty fully. She was feeding though. She was feeding more than usual, even for a gluttonous vampire. She drank almost ten victims a night without remorse. She planned to drink the entire bar dry after her song; her beautiful, sorrowful, broken hearted song of hers.


Meanwhile, I was dancing in a night club which played hip hop music. I had come with Tim and Mike and two of their friends who didn’t know I was a vampire. I had a beautiful human Spanish girl by the waste and was dancing with her. I let my newly blue eyes hunt. They traveled until I picked out another girl from the crowd. She was Spanish but her skin was lighter than the one I was dancing with. I could see her shiver with lust for me. My confidence was a bright light in the room. I danced with pride. I knew that any of these people wouldn’t stand a chance in a fight against me. I knew I was forever, and it showed.
The song ended. I approached the bar. Tim and Mike were sitting with their girlfriends on the barstools.
A rather large black man approached us. He was probably a linebacker for his college football team. The man was bigger than me but never stronger. “Who the fuck is whitey?” He said with a threat and a complete underestimation.
Tim stood and stepped directly in front of the man, his toes almost touching the man’s shoes. “You best back off son, this is one whitey you don’t wanna fuck with.” He assured the linebacker.
Another football player sized man stood next to the linebacker. “There a problem?” He asked, backing up his friend.
“Yeah, pretty boy whitey over there is takin up all the women!” He shouted.
Mike got up from his stool and stood next to Tim.
I was standing behind them with a smile on my face. I was on the verge of laughter. “Come on guys, I would never hurt any of you. I’m a friend of my people brother!”
“Your people?!” The linebacker shouted. “Oh that is it!” He stepped past Tim and Mike and swung at me.
I grabbed his fist and pulled him unwillingly on the dance floor. I started to dance with this huge man. I was laughing. He was struggling to get out of my grip. The people were astounded by my strength.
The linebacker’s friend was staring at Tim and Mike.
“What?” Tim said provokingly. “What?”
“Buy these men a drink!” I said with a laugh to Tim and Mike. “They’ve earned it for their bravery!”

Some time later we were all drinking at the V.I.P section of the club, drunk, and laughing whilst surrounded by girls. I loved mortals. That night I had realized that I did indeed love every mortal human being brother and sister of mine with all my heart and unconditionally without a care for the choices they made in their small but precious lives.
I excused myself and went into the bathroom. I had not drunk a sip of alcohol, as my body would never allow it, but I felt nauseous. The bathroom had white tiles and was filled with colorful graffiti writing. I walked over to the sink and ran the water. I let it run on my hands. My living flesh which reacted to touch like I were alive again. The water felt wonderful and different than before to me. I wondered if this was how water felt when I was alive. I couldn’t remember. I splashed it on my face and felt refreshed. I looked in the small dirty mirror at myself. I stared into my dark blue eyes. I touched my thin beard again. I had been touching it all night long. I was amazed at my complexion. My skin was still pale but it wasn’t cold with blue veins running through my cheeks. It was brighter with a redder tone. It had warm blood in it and not from a mortal victim but from my very own blood. I was enticed by how much I looked like a mortal. I could make more human friends. I could walk among them completely. I didn’t have to deceive them or hide. I could even get a tan if my flesh were in fact alive. Would the virus repel it? I didn’t think it would. I could love again. And it was on that thought that I realized that my once dead reproductive organ was filled with life again.
“Hot shit!” I yelled. I was beside myself in the experience. My flesh was alive and I was still immortal.
A man stepped in the bathroom and saw me looking at my own penis. He excused himself and walked out of the room. My face flushed with embarrassment.
No way…I thought.
I looked in the mirror. I saw my face was actually blushing from the embarrassment.
“I’m alive! I’m alive!” I was laughing and crying and smiling all at the same time. “I’m alive!” I kept repeating.
I’ll grow a beard. I’ll get a tan. I’ll feel what it is like to make love again! I’ll swim in the ocean and feel the water like never before. When I was alive I was never in the ocean. I will experience everything as a mortal can and I have an entire eternity to do it!
Then it dawned on me. They were coming. My prophecy was going to be fulfilled and I didn’t have much time left.
I looked at my face in the mirror with this realization imprinted on it. I cried. I felt the tears run smoothly down my warm cheeks. I wiped it away with the warmth of the smooth flesh of my hand.
“I don’t have much time.” I said to myself.
Can I reproduce? Can I have a child with this living body? Would I be able to have a son, a living son, to carry my blood to my human people?
I was overwhelmed.

I spent the time I had left enjoying every possible experience I could with my new living body. I swam in the ocean with my eyes open. I felt the waves against my skin. I swam and rolled in the sand naked, despite the human’s around me who were both disgusted and aroused at my behavior. I surfed once again. The feeling was a hundred times more exhilarating with mortal feeling. I even won a medal for the wicked tricks I could do with my board on the waves. I went to restaurants and tasted food in my mouth. I tried swallowing but my organs were still vampiric so it was soon coughed up. I still tasted everything I could. It felt great on my living tongue and the taste felt human again. I would talk to kids and make them laugh. I would talk to people, all kinds of people, and listen to their stories. I watched people. I wasn’t self-aware. I followed them and observed their lives. Every human has a terrific story that I loved to watch. I could have done that forever.
I danced. I drove and felt the wind against my hair. I would actually get cold shivers. My body could heal against any temperature, even blazing fire, but I now felt the pain of it. Before, cold or hot temperature was just a discomfort. I liked pain. I felt physical pain when I was a vampire of course, but only from being cut or shot or falling a great distance and things like that. I had missed physical mortal pain. I even got a bruise from falling which healed itself almost instantly.
I could sweat. My body actually sweat. Cold sweats and hot sweats, I loved them all. I loved feeling itches on my skin. It was wonderful! Mortal men and women take such things completely for granted. They don’t realize that these little peeves of the flesh are so imperfect and original and so beautiful.
I never got around to making love. I wanted to. I wanted to feel it once again for the first time in over two hundred years. I came close. There was a girl I had danced with who offered herself to me, but I didn’t love her. I started to feel the guilt of Joseph’s death. I didn’t want to hurt another in such a way ever again for all eternity.



Months passed. Sara had traveled the world gathering up every vampire she could in a plot to destroy Nicolai. She was uniting the clans. They were easily persuaded to travel to Los Angeles to destroy The Vampire Nicolai. She recruited all of them.


Among the clans were some that I had heard of:
The Red Blood Clan – From Antarctica. The last werewolves left in existence who fed upon the beasts. They were ruled by a ten foot Russian man who wore a red cloth over his face and tied the back in a knot and let the two tails hang down to his lower legs.
The Sixth Star Witches – A group of witches and a single sorcerer who haunted old local European country villages and perform some kind of magic. They often fed on children from the village.
The Dread Guard – Vampires who owned a large European castle and defended its borders with their most useful weapon: Fear.
The Neo Nomicon Clan – The few vampires I didn’t find that sought to restore the Necronomicon and recover it’s writings.
Tote Nazi Bruderschaft – The Dead Nazi Brotherhood were German vampires who went under the ground during the Second World War. They resurrected from their graves underneath a hidden bunker just as Sara was rounding up the clans.
The Four Brothers – Chinese undead ninjas who were all brothers taken by a single master vampire. They killed the master after he had trusted them with the dark power and became internationally known thieves.
Cirque du Mort – French vampires who use their gifts for entertaining by performing mortally impossible circus feats for their public. They changed their stage name for the mortals, but to all those who knew what they really were backstage called them Cirque du Mort.
Amenhotep – A ten foot tall bald vampire from Egypt. He was supposedly the oldest vampire in existence and ruled before Moses. His eyes were orange. He wore desert camouflage pants and left his large, muscular chest bare.
There were others, but I never got to know their names.

Let it be known. Vampire clans were dangerous to vampires. A clan is a gathering of vampires and it is very difficult to conceal its existence from humanity. Vampire slayers would soon challenge the clan and defeat it. Other than that, there are terrible quarrels within the clans that caused them to fall apart as well. Clans were very difficult to uphold and they were extremely fragile, especially in the 90s.


The clans united and joined Sara. They made her the Queen of The Undead Army against The Vampire Nicolai. Sara journeyed by night to Los Angeles to exact her revenge on Nicolai.



War, it came for me. I had anticipated their arrival but I never could have guessed there would be so many. I saw a vampire army with a number near a thousand. The size of it made me tear up with pride.
From all over the world they came.
They rose from graves to be none other than Nicolai’s bane.
I thought it to be so beautiful. I was ready for my end. I thought I had lived too long for my taste. I was also ready for a great victory. I wanted my name to be known forever by mortal and immortals. If I lived through such an onslaught, if the last thousand vampires on earth were to fall by my hand, I would not only be immortal but I would be inevitable. My power is absolute. I wanted to be the greatest vampire who ever existed without contest. I wondered, with much ecstasy in the thought, how much strength and power I would possess if I did kill them all. Would I become a god? I smiled up on the rafters as I looked at them through the circular tainted window high above the church doors.
Sara was leading the army. She knew where I slept. She knew I had too much pride to leave my sanctuary. Also, I think she knew that I wanted to be punished for my crime against her, as she did in fact know that I loved her forever and ever. And somewhere deep inside her vengeful and broken heart I knew she still had love for me.
“Give me my judgment my darling.” I whispered.


“The vampire Nicolai, he rests in that house of God! He threatens all your lives and mine!” Sara shouted with a powerful and confident voice to her army of vampires. “While he is still free to slay vampires you will never be safe!”
“But we cannot enter the house of God!” A vampire shouted.
“All nonsense! You are free to enter for he has desecrated this house into darkness!”
“Kill Nicolai!” The army chanted. “Die Nicolai, die!” The voices were thunder outside the church.
“Do not underestimate him!” Sara screamed. “He is powerful indeed! He will heal faster than any of you! He will jump higher and move quicker than you will anticipate! He may even know how to shape shift or turn to vapor! Do not falter! Fight until he is overcome!”
The army raised their various weapons in the air and gave a strong battle cry.
“For Joseph!” Sara screamed. She was the first one in the church.
The army followed her in. A third of them instantly burned to death from entering the church. The rest continued inside with extreme rage against Nicolai.

Nicolai had lit the room with candles. He had also put on rap music to fight to. He was on the high rafters looking down at Sara and her army.
“Are you ready to pay for your crimes against your own kind?” Sara asked.
“You are all sinners! I send you all to Hell for you are all damned! I am Nicolai! My power is absolute!” Nicolai shouted. “I cannot die!”
“We shall see!” Amenhotep, the ten foot tall monstrosity shouted. His orange eyes were possessed as they glowed in the darkness. He was the first to jump on the rafters.
Amenhotep had a large spear in his hand and was swinging it at Nicolai.
Nicolai dodged the spear with quick anticipations. He back-flipped out of a final attempt by Amenhotep and then kicked his opponent off the ledge.
Amenhotep fell from the rafters and landed on his feet, cracking the ground under his massive body.
The Four Brothers, anxious for battle, jumped on the high rafters with swords and daggers drawn to fight with Nicolai.
Nicolai jumped in the middle of them and knocked away two daggers with his sword and cut the two swords in half with his strength.
The Four Brothers fought with fists. They landed blows on Nicolai, one after another, moving quick.
Nicolai dropped his sword and fell off the rafters. He fell towards hundreds of vampires awaiting his arrival under him. He jumped off a vampires head and landed back up on the rafters to continue fighting The Four Brothers.
One of The Four Brothers swung a kick to Nicolai’s side.
Nicolai grabbed the leg and unsheathed a concealed dagger from his own attacker’s shoe and then stabbed at the vampire’s crotch. The vampire screamed in pain. Nicolai threw him aside. Nicolai approached three of The Four Brothers and swung fists landing them in key places on the bodies. He was faster than all of them. Nicolai’s fist went into an uppercut which knocked another of The Four Brothers from the ledge.
Amenhotep grabbed a bench and pulled it out of the ground. He threw it up at Nicolai who was fighting Two of The Four Brothers.
Nicolai ducked as the bench knocked the rest of The Four Brothers off the ledge.
Ten vampires from The Dread Guard jumped on the rafters to fight Nicolai.
Nicolai grabbed one of the Dread Guards and twisted his head around and then took his sword. He used the sword against the rest of the incomers. He swung gracefully, with speeds that made motion trails that lasted three seconds, and cut up his attackers.
The roof broke open in the chapel and four witches on broomsticks were pointing at Nicolai with wands.
Nicolai looked up at them and smirked. “Hey ladies!” He said mockingly.
The Sixth Star Witches shot purple electricity from their wands at Nicolai.
Nicolai hit the incoming beams of energy away with his sword. The beams went back to the witches and fried them to death. Nicolai was hit by a sword. His hand was cut off. He jumped away and killed his attacker with his sword. His hand instantly grew back.
“That’s too quick!” A vampire screamed as he ran towards Nicolai.
Nicolai sliced his head off and threw his body at two other vampires trying to jump up on the rafter. They fell to the floor with the body.
The moon was full and the clouds had parted from its view on the church. Suddenly ten men turned into werewolves in a most grotesque fashion. The room smelled of these beasts. The leading one, Red Blood, jumped on the rafters as he was changing into a wolf.
“Red blood!” His brother’s cheered.
Red Blood grabbed Nicolai around his waste.
Nicolai cut Red Blood’s ear off as he was thrown.
Red Blood felt a terrible pain in his ear as he threw Nicolai. Blood rushed to his eye.
Nicolai grabbed the side of the wall and hung on to it, defying gravity. Thirty vampires rushed to the wall and jumped at him. Nicolai jumped to another wall, and then another as he was followed. Soon he was back on the rafters.
Red blood hit Nicolai up off of the rafters with the back of his claw.
Nicolai jumped off the ceiling and landed back on the rafters with his sword swinging at Red Blood’s claw.
Red Blood howled in pain as his claw was cut away from his body. He bit at Nicolai.
Nicolai shoved his sword down Red Blood’s throat and kicked it in further.
Red Blood howled in bloody gurgled screams of agony. He fell to the ground.
The rest of the werewolves and a few vampires jumped to the rafters.
Nicolai jumped to an adjacent rafter as he fought them. He started fight dancing to the rap music, which only made the vampires more angry.
French Cirque du Mort vampires did fantastic feats to get to the roof. As Nicolai was fighting off many vampires and werewolves they all held hands in mid air and made a collected body force that knocked him off the rafters.
Nicolai felt jolted. He fell to the ground. Instantly his arm was cut off from the never ending vampires. He jumped to save his life. He landed on the rafters and his arm healed back.
“All of you! Get up there!” Sara screamed. She kicked the CD player in so that it stopped playing Nicolai’s rap music.
Nicolai killed vampire after vampire with his own fists. He hit them so hard their heads fell off and their chests caved in. He grabbed two swords from two dead vampires and swung them in the air above his head like a helicopter. He sliced through Neo Nomicon vampires and Tote Nazi Bruderschaft vampires.
One of the Tote Nazi Bruderschaft vampires shot Nicolai with an old World War II Lugar pistol. He shot again and hit one of his comrades in the back.
“Fuck! I hate getting shot!” Nicolai shouted. His wound healed with the bullet still inside. He sliced the shooters head off. Then he quickly dug through his own skin to get the bullet out. The wound healed once more.
A werewolf from The Red Blood Clan bit at Nicolai’s throat. His jaw clenched around Nicolai’s neck.
Nicolai felt a terrible pain in his neck. He couldn’t scream. He thrust his sword into the heart of the beast and then cut it’s head off while it was still attached to his neck. Nicolai threw the dead head off the ledge and gave his neck time to heal by dodging sword and spear attacks from the vampires.
More vampires poured in the chapel door. Only a quarter of them burned up upon entry. What was left from the entire army was now completely inside the chapel.
Nicolai’s neck healed. He swung his sword and killed two more vampires with the force. He stabbed at hearts and cut off heads. Four more vampires died before they fell off the ledge. There were screams coming from all directions. Nicolai dodged gunfire as he ran around the entire room’s walls and stopped directly where he had started from. He cut another vampire’s head off and kicked his body off the ledge. He back-flipped away from an oncoming strike. He landed behind the vampire and cut into his heart from behind.
Amenhotep roared. He jumped on the rafters with bare hands being thrown at Nicolai. He grabbed a vampire head which was laying on the rafter and threw it at Nicolai.
Nicolai was knocked down by the head. He dropped one of his two swords.
Amenhotep grabbed Nicolai by the legs and started to swing him around.
Nicolai cut his own legs off and fell into the air. His legs grew back. He landed on the floor and instantly jumped back up to the rafters.
Amenhotep screamed with fury and impatience. He threw Nicolai’s old legs at him.
Nicolai dodged his legs and laughed. He swung his sword at Amenhotep.
Amenhotep grabbed the sword with his hand. It cut his palms. He threw the sword and Nicolai off the ledge.
Nicolai was swarmed by jumping vampires that brought him to the ground and held him there. “No! I must kill Amenhotep!” Nicolai lifted himself up with over thirty vampires hanging on to him. His strength was massive. He jumped back on the rafters as few vampires fell from his back. With vampires still left clinging on his back, he swung at Amenhotep.
Amenhotep dodged the sword strike and punched Nicolai.
Nicolai felt bites all over his arms. The vampires were drinking his blood. He moved himself so fast that they were all but one flung into the air. Nicolai screamed. He stabbed at the vampire on his back until it fell off.
Amenhotep stepped up to Nicolai and hit him with both fists to the chest.
Nicolai slid backwards but did not fall from the rafter. He looked at Amenhotep and smiled.
Amenhotep looked at Nicolai and smiled.
Nicolai jumped.
Amenhotep jumped.
They collided in mid air and fought while falling down to the ground filled with vampires dead and alive. Nicolai and Amenhotep landed. A huge dent went into the floor.
Nicolai jumped into the air towards the rafter.
Amenhotep grabbed Nicolai by the ankle and pulled him back down.
The vampires continued to swarm Nicolai.
In the mess of things, Amenhotep could not be seen by Sara. Then, all of a sudden, Amenhotep appeared with his head halfway off his body from a great clawing of this throat from Nicolai. He fell to the ground and was motionless. Sara moved in to help the swarm.
Nicolai tried to fight them off. They kept coming and holding him down. They were biting him but he healed too fast. They would get their fangs stuck under his skin. He broke their teeth off as they struggled.
A few vampires fell back in absolute pain.
The pile was active with clawing, biting, punching, kicking, and grabbing with Nicolai in the middle of it. Nicolai kicked two vampires out of the pile at the same time.
The two vampires collided with a group of candles. They were burning.


Undead flesh is highly ignitable and easily burned.


Soon the entire church was up in flames. Vampires were screaming as they were lit on fire.
Nicolai was impervious to the fire. He got up and ran through it and fought standing in the middle of flames. He used the flames to his advantage.
Sara started to hear sirens. She quickly jumped on Nicolai and held him down. A hundred more vampires came and held him down, some still burning.
“You can’t stop me baby, I’m forever.” Nicolai said to Sara who was the first one on top of him.
Sara was aroused by this statement. She felt an old fashioned love for Nicolai coming for her. She fought it off with the desire of vengeance. “I don’t love you Nicolai. I love Joseph!”
“You mean the dead guy?” Nicolai smiled.
Sara bit out Nicolai’s eye.
Nicolai screamed in pain. “Whore!” Then his eye grew back. “I can see.” Then Nicolai heard a great and massive weight hit the ground, cracking the wood, and making a huge banging sound. “What was that?!” Nicolai desperately screamed.
“Your fate!” Sara screamed in his ear.
The vampires swarmed around Nicolai. They all lifted him up and into the steel box. They closed it up to his chin.
Nicolai looked up at Sara, struggling to get out of the massive metal case he was put in.
Sara looked down at Nicolai with disappointment and tears in her eyes. “What do you have to say to me?” She asked, and she would make it Nicolai’s final words.
Nicolai took a moment to think. He paused. Then he looked up at Sara and said with a huge menacing smile, “See baby? I did unite the clans after all.”
The box was closed and sealed. It was then put in a much larger box. The vampires carried it out and sped away before the mortal fire engines arrived on the scene to witness a terrible fire at a blood stained church.

“Thanks to our mortal Japanese friend for designing the case.” Sara had said. “He will live forever for his contribution.”



I could not have thought of a worse fate. Sara and her vampire clan secured the locked metal coffin cautiously so that no amount of force or aging could weaken it. They attached large weights around it and dropped it into a massive abyss in the middle of the ocean. I felt myself sinking down to the center of the earth. I had been buried alive so to speak. I was alone, all alone, in darkness. I couldn’t move my arms or legs. The only thing I could see through the darkness was the lid of the metal coffin just a couple of inches in front of my face. I screamed. It was so futile but I screamed anyway. The scream filled the box but never left it. You can’t imagine the pain I was in. It was indeed the worst pain I had ever felt or ever could feel and it would last me forever.
I was Nicolai The Great One. I was defeated by an army of the last vampires on earth led by my own child.
I made her like a child, I loved her like a soul mate,
She was older than me mortally, Yet I was older than her immortally,
Ironic, is it not?


December 18th, 2010, 01:43 PM

This is wayyyy too long for me to read. I don't understand why you would post so much. If it is just to show an example of your story, then a smaller section would serve that purpose...but you posted 22 chapters.

this is what stopped me.

Your continual change of tense from past to present. It is something you need to fix. I made it up through the first section and the constant change tore me right out.

the other thing is your passive voice. words like 'was/were/the' continuously used in description. That is something else you can refine. It will improve your story and also change it from Tell to more Show.

Good luck with this piece