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December 15th, 2010, 03:43 AM
this is a space battle that practically wrote itself. the universe this takes place in has existed for years and always has subtle improvements to it. I've written a rough draft of a novel but i keep getting stuck with starting stories, too many of them, and i can never finish them so i decided to make a collection of short stories. this is just part of a whole and the whole is part of many. read enjoy and please tell why you did or didn't like it. critique if you may but also tell me what you want described more. also i've had to make up words and make several inventions because it is after all science fiction. voidance is a word i use to say space. instead of saying space ship all the time, although i still use it, i also like to use voidance vessel because they travel through the 'void'. enjoy.

How much longer til we drop out? said the captain. There was a light buzzing sound filling the bridge of the heavy ironclad class voidance vessel Triwater.

bout 30 seconds, said the navigation bridge officer.

Are the other three dropping with us?

Since the last check point, yes.

Good. Ready FRSD protocols.

Already done sir. the Triwater suddenly dropped out of slipspace. The buzzing stopped and the view screens turned on. The ship rattled and faint metallic thumping noises came from the hull. The captain looked towards the source of the sound and squinted his eyes in thought.

Captain! yelped the officer manning the sensor array.

What is it?

There are hundreds of large objects surrounding us.

Turn on visual sensors. The view screens towards the front of the bridge displayed the space in the gravity well of a blue and green world much like earth. Hundred of chunks of battered ships lay scattered across hundreds of kilometers of space. From bullets and rivets to the sparking wreckage of full sized battle cruisers. Broken fighters and mangled bombers drifted at high speeds from the battle ground and floating human and alien bodies floating through space. Space suits or no all were dead. Large chunks of twisted metal either from kinetic impact or from melting and resolidifying collided with the hull none were moving fast enough to do more than scratch the paint.

The crew gasped in amazement. Weve dropped out in a debris field, Said one of the bridge officers. Suddenly a view screen to the left of the main one changed its display to show the captain of a heavy cruiser called the Rockwell. Arm weapons captain, and scramble the crew. Theyre still here.

Get in formation captain Nullcay, Replied the captain of the Triwater. Two more ship captains appeared on view screens. One of them spoke quickly, theyve already detected us. I suggest we use invasive scans.

All ships use invasive scanning and pool the results in the main frame. The Triwater captain was already initiating scans from his chair.

Theyre grouping on the other end of the debris field, Said the captain Weizforth of the Napa. Most of their ships are moderately damaged, but one cruiser is only damaged minimally.

That will be our first target. Load all torpedo tubes, cannons, and rail guns. Are the minors ready for launch? asked the captain.

Most of them sir.

Make sure everyone is to their stations. I want our slip space drive purged and ready to go as soon as we can.

Theyre firing long range armaments. Seventeen plasma torpedoes, heading towards the Napa, one of the officers said.

Place the Triwater In the path and fire plate-missiles. Weizforth.

Already initiating evasive maneuvers.

Good. All ships fire pellet missiles around the debris field and towards those adamantine capital ships and accelerate speed.

Moving through the field without taking the proper maneuvers will cause damage to our craft. We cant just go barreling towards them.

Yes we can and we will. Fire foreword cannons to help clear the debris.

Sir the adamantine minors are not emerging from the capital ships.

Ready the minors for launch they must go on my mark. Nullcay, fire your MGC into the enemy fleet. All weapons must be ready to fire. The guardian must also be ready to defend us, they may have damaged ships but their guardians arent gone til they have no power left. three large projectiles were launched from the nose of the Rockwell the size of a tank and they sped towards their targets.

Our ships cant take the damage you two can, said the captain of the frigate Juneau. Your ships have more armor.

Right, Nullcay take the lead and the Triwater will be right behind you. Bring in the Juneau and the Napa in behind us. Well clear a path for you.

Aye, came the reply from the two frigate captains. The large capital ships aligned themselves accordingly. Unlike large trawlers or cargo vessels these ships really picked up speed and they were racing through the field. When they were half was through the pellet missiles struck harmlessly against the adamantines superior armor. However the human ships had advantages of their own. The torpedoes that were launched were only seconds away from impact. Like yellow and green comets the plasma bolts that were constantly directed by their vessels glided through space with long tails.

The plate missiles that were launched by the Rockwell were only rockets without warheads and just a large metal case filled with solid water ice. Some collided with the torpedoes but fourteen torpedoes still made it through. Three more impacted debris since they were harder to direct than normal missiles and torpedoes. Nine torpedoes still made direct contact with the Rockwell; the other two hit the outside edges of the Triwater. The Triwater being a ship made for bombardment was rounder than the other flatter ships. It was made so that as many guns as possible could be brought to bear.

The plasma struck the Rockwell hard but speed of impact made little difference to plasma weapons because they didnt damage using kinetic energy. They used extreme heat to melt away at enemy armor. The Rockwells armor was state of the art and very thick all four of the human ships had been rolled off the assembly line just six weeks ago and this was their third engagement.

As soon as were free from the debris I want the Rockwell heading straight for them, the Juneau and the Napa flanking him. As soon as youre within range take the initiative. The Triwater will be above firing. As soon as you three have engaged and meshed with the enemy Ill come down from above. Board them if you have to and as soon as our slip space drives have been purged I want everyone to disengage and jump back to Malarian as soon as you can. Dont jump until give the order.

Captain were almost out of the debris field.

Our ETA?

Thirty seconds. The debris from the battle were colliding and bouncing off of the heavy armor of the Rockwell but the Triwater was not so armored. The debris that hit the higher and lower deck caused dents in the outer hull. Several of the cannons had been damaged but repairs would have to wait.

Open all cannon bays and loosen up those rail guns. Is that MGC still on target?

Yes sir, on target and at full speed.

Are the minors ready?

Yes sir.

Five seconds.

Steady men. This is it. Prepare to fire. the formation of ships emerged from the debris field and the Triwater immediately started turning upward. The two frigates picked up speed and were gliding at the Rockwells flanks.

Now! Let em have it! every gun that pointed forward fired from every ship but the Triwater fired. Hatches opened up on the human ships in formation. The 5.0 decimeter rounds shot from the barrels of the cannons without a noise. The huge cannons recoiled back, reloaded, pulled forward and fired again. Missile banks fired high speed rods of tungsten rocketed forward to gain maximum velocity and use the force of the blow to inflict damage to the adamant ships. Rail guns on the top on bottom of the three human ships started spilling out small 3.5 decimeter rounds from the front of the ship.

Minors such as fighters and bombers emerged from the under on top side of the ship. Dozens of them flew out at top speed just to create distance between them and their mother ships. The reason for this is the adamantine ships had fired their forward guns towards the human formation. Plasma bolts the size of a human head glided through space. Missiles with electrical subverters flew straight toward the formation.

this piece has no good stopping point i can place more on at anyone's request.

December 15th, 2010, 04:04 PM
I think you need to show me more vice tell me. Maybe it is the abundance of sentences which start with 'The'.

There are grammatical issues, but you mentioned this is a draft so I expect some, still there were obvious ones that should have been caught prior to posting as this piece reflects the writer you are.

Edited : Oh that 'Yelped!' stopped me dead in a read. It sounded too puppyish

Still there is a story here, so go for it :)

thanks for the read


December 17th, 2010, 03:58 AM
this is more of the same story. oh please tell what and where those grammatical errors are. I'm human and i can't see them all even if you tell me they exist. also what do you mean by vice? do you mean characters should show some fault? its hard to do but i can do that? what kind of fault? yes i can fix up the 'the's in there it will take a bit though. as to the kind of writer i am. character, plot, and action are higher on my list of ways to improve a piece than grammar and spelling. why fix the grammar and spelling if the plot, story, and characters are crap. i also rely on auto-capitalization that's a vice of mine. this is the next piece of the story there is more at anyone's request.

Sir the adamantine have turned up their throttle. Theyre accelerating to attack speed.

Formation, slow down to attack speed. You dont want to overtake them.

Sir the adamant guardians are assaulting the computer systems. They are attempting to takeover our navigation systems and helm controls.

Just defend the computers dont strike back unless I give the order. Our defenses have to hold. Sir theyve released minors and theyre scattering. Theyve also launched pellet missiles of their own.

Tell the minors to spread out and scatter as fast as they can.

The adamantine cruiser that had been targeted before by the Rockwells MGC was in full reverse trying to decrease the total speed of the flying chunk of tungsten. But it was too fast; it crashed into the undamaged cruiser. One huge hole was torn through the armor, and into the decks behind. The heavy tungsten bullet sunk in deep but the armor of the cruiser slowed the shot down enough to lessen the damage.

Hundreds of tungsten rounds the size of a cow, were driving towards the adamantine fleet. Hundreds of their plasma counterparts were driving in the opposite direction. As the human ships advanced at high speed the adamant ships just started to move towards the three ship formation.

Captain, the first volley is almost upon the formation. Theyll strike in twelve seconds.

Captain Powell, the adamant carrier has no main power says my scanners. They can only launch minors.

How about AM weapons?

Anti-minor weapons are minimal power. Their reactor is in the middle of a partial breach. Their power production is under 50% some where we cant pinpoint their exact power production.

Volley strike in four seconds.

The Triwaters minors will do their best against it but you have your orders. The volleys struck the formation. Dozens of plasma bolts struck the three ships in their strong frontal armor. Plasma impacted the heavy armor of the Rockwell but did little damage to the ship. Hot plasma pouring over the armor and melting large blobs of armor away and impacting the hatches for several of the ships cannons melting them shut. However the two frigates were not so lucky. The plasma bolts struck in the heavier frontal armor and melted away whole sections of armor and almost exposing the deck beneath to space.

Missiles from the adamantine ships curved around the front of the ships and struck the medium armor of the sides. Exploding on impact from the force of the blow and using plasma heads, melted through several decimeters of armor. Explosions rocked the three human ships as they took on the barrage of weaponry. The first barrage usually caused no loss of life or damage to any systems but only wore away at the armor that protected them. Any missiles that were trying to strike the completely unarmored engines were intercepted by missiles of their own.
Just after firing the captain noticed one of the more critically damaged adamant vessels turned its right side away from the human vessels. See that cruiser, way on their right flank. Scan that and tell me something. the bridge officer at the extrasensory station began to initiate scans.

It will take bit sir.

Tell me when you have something. just then the human volley struck the wounded adamant ships. Not targeting any particular ship the chunks of tungsten struck the damaged adamantine ships, but unlike their human counterparts they had very little armor and half of the shot struck parts of the exposed interior of the vessels. Venting compartments and spacing crew members. Shells crashed into walls between compartments and into sheets of armor.

When a human shot struck the heavy armor of the front end most shots broke on impact or bounced off. It was not so with adamantine weapons, using plasma no matter how much armor a ship had on it, it would melt off the same amount of armor every time. Human weapons were at a disadvantage here when striking the heavily armored front end if the ships armor was thick enough to strong enough it did little damage. This is what missiles were used for to use brute force to open a hole by hitting the enemies cannons and batteries. After that the main guns could blast through the heavy frontal armor.

The cannons on both adamant ships and human kept firing as soon as they were reloaded. More shots blazed through space toward their enemies.
Sir the formation will be in meshing in 30 seconds.

All ships fire when in range. The three other captains all acknowledged and kept speeding on their way firing their heavy frontal cannons every eight seconds. Missiles fired from both sides and struck their weapons systems, flying around the ships human and adamant missiles struck the others missile tubes, cannons, and rail guns but none of the missiles could penetrate to the engines of any of the ships.

Sir their minors are heading for intercept trajectories.

All minors, engage the enemy, their minors must be destroyed. At that command the human minors headed straight towards their own ships to defend them from the enemy minors.

The formation is meshing now.

This is where it really starts. All personnel fire at will. The human ships had finally made contact with the adamantine fleet. The ships began to fly amongst each other firing their side batteries. The side batteries that were not facing the enemy before open fired. Guns fired and recoiled as tungsten rounds fired and hit their target not a second after they left the barrel. Shells ripped through the medium armor of the flanks of the ships. Plasma bolts melted away sections of armor and melted guns away. Tungsten shells struck missile banks and plasma batteries.

Fighters weaved in and out. These nimble minors shot down enemy bombers and protected their own bombers from enemy fighters. Anti minor guns fired trying to get just a couple of shots to strike the small craft. Pellets missiles looped around trying to find the right time to explode like a space shot gun. Rail guns on the top and bottom of the ships slide back and forth trying to fix a bead on the capital ship next to it or above it. Bombers flew fast trying to stay out of the crosshairs of the enemy fighters and AM turrets.

Every weapon that these ships had they were using them as fast as they could. After only a minute the first human casualties began to inflict. The cannons of the adamantine ships had melted through the armor of the human ships and had begun to fire into the decks underneath. The green and blue plasma was so hot that it began to ignite the atmosphere on the human vessels.

The adamantine ship may have been more numerous but the previous battle had already knocked out a lot of their weapon systems. Most of their minors were gone and they had just sealed their hull breaches and because of only four more human vessels had arrived. Little did the adamantine know was that these ships had the best of everything. Their shells traveled faster, the armor was stronger, their guns more accurate, and their missiles hit harder. Now it was time for the Triwater to enter the fight.

Engage thrusters. Full speed ahead. The Triwater started to move forward. Its heavy chemical fuelled thrusters gave out enormous power to move the heavy ship forward toward the fray. The Triwater was made for meshing combat. It had heavy armor on the sides of the ship and its batteries were much closer together. The Triwaters minors charged in ahead of their mother ship and began to engage. The Triwater came closer enough to fire but the captain had not given the order.

Captain those scan have come back the adamant cruiser has no armor and its right side is almost completely gone.

Lets take out the carrier first then take care of the cruiser. Get us moving towards that carrier, I want our minors out of the way. The Triwater changed course and started towards the carrier that was still sending minors out. Before the Triwater could fire its weapons an almost completely destroyed adamant frigate had gotten in the way purposely.


Change heading left toward the planet; if we cant get the carrier well get that cruiser.

Sir the frigate is following. They have no weapons and their life support is offline. But they still have engines.

An alarm went off at the console controlling and monitoring navigation, the officer manning it said, sir the adamant bombers are targeting our main engines. The captain knew what this meant. A ship that was helpless in a fight but could catch up was a dangerous enemy.

I want full thrusters.

If we do well over shoot the cruiser were going for. We have to start slowing down.

Make it so. Bring our fighters back and get those bombers off our tail if they damage our engines too much well not be able to do much of anything.
Some of the fighters returned to keep the bombers at bay but adamant fighters were also there to take care of their bombers and there began a cosmic dog fight behind the mass of the Triwater.

Were in the mesh sir.

All batteries fire! the Triwaters side cannons fired into neighboring adamant ships, ripping pieces of metal from the damaged frames of the adamant ships. Plasma bolt returned and melted armor and guns from the ships. Concentrate the rail guns fire to the port side.