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December 13th, 2010, 05:41 PM
Warning: Contains mild language. Hope that his chapter was a tad bit better than the first.

Chapter 2 : Friends funeral and a destiny begins

It's been a week since my friend died. Ever since then i have been on a mission: To

get rid of the devil . So far nothing happened, but i sense that there's going to be a very

huge war about to start.
Today is Michaels funeral. I was invited to be at the his grave. So here i am in my

bedroom dressed in a dark suite with my hair dyed black, and my eye contacts were

navy blue.
Aaron walks in. "Sir, the car is ready to go." he said. Luke stands up from his bed and

wipes of the dust from the suite. He walks out of the house with his head hung low,

staring into the ground. Aaron opens the door for him. Luke sits in the car and Aaron

shuts the door behind him and walks to the drivers side.
Luke stares out at the cars going by him.
"You know sir, he was a good person and a good friend. Now he will live in your heart

forever." Aaron said.
Luke sighs. "Yeah." he said.

In Hell: The Devil walks in and takes off his cloak. Then he walks to his dark colored

desk and sits down.
"Marik, there's another person with that chain now!" devil announces. A shadow comes

out from the floor and turns into a man: his hair is spiky and is white. He's wearing a

black cloak with a black shirt and brown pants. His eyes are also brown and has a mean

look on his face. "Oh really?" he asked .
Another shadow comes out of the floor and also turns into a man: He has green hair,

yellow eyes, his skin is a mix of white and tan. He's wearing a green tank-top with white

pants and white shoes.
"I knew you were back sir." he said.
"Ah, it's good to see you again Noah. How long has it been?" devil asked.
"It's been two months since you were here sir. Was your trip great?" Noah asked .
"It"s been a great trip!" Devil said happily.
Another shadow appears from the floor and also turn into a man but this time it's and

old man: He's bald, has a wrinkly face, and is fat like a hippo. He's wearing a gray suite

with a black tie.
"Ah Krum , how's the big five these days?" Devil asked .
"Not bad sir! We assassinated a few people and angels!" Krum replies back.
"That's excellent news Krum! You've made my day!" devil says happily .
"Is it true sir that you've killed that kid with the chain?" Krum asked.
"Yes, that's true, but i think he gave it to that other kid that was there!" devil sad darkly.

"Hmm a kid huh?" Marik asked.
"Yeah a kid!" the Devil repeated.
"Then here's my chance to get that chain and try to get rid of him!" Marik said thought to


Back on Earth : Luke is still at Michaels grave. Michaels family is gone now. It begins to

rain. Luke continues to stand over his friends grave.
"Why did you give this chain?" Luke mumbles.Then he takes out the chain and grips it

"Why did you give it to me? Why did you have to die?" Luke shouts. A few birds nearby

fly away. Luke turns away from the grave and begins to walk away in silence, tears

came streaming down his face.
He then walks by his car. Aaron climbs out of the car to open the door for Luke.
"I'm walking home Aaron. Go drive this car home and await me there for more orders. "

Luke tells Aaron. He nods and climbs back in the car, starts it up and drives away.

It's ten minutes pass by. It's still raining. Luke is walking home with his head hung low

and his hands in his pockets. It becomes dark suddenly and it surrounds the street that

Luke was in. A shadow begins to grow in front of Luke.The shadow starts to look like a

human. It turns out to be marik, one of the devils apprentices.
"Who are you?" Luke asked.
"Call me Marik, the next holder of your Millennium Chain." marik said.

In Hell: The Devil gets a shudder. "Marik, Noah, krum get in here!" Devil orders. Noah,

and Krum appear, but Marik doesn't.
"Son of a bitch! He went after that kid! Both of you get him back!" devil shouts. Noah

and Krum both disappear.

Back on earth: Luke puts the chain around his neck. "You want it, then come and get it!

"he said. Marik charges at Luke first. A smoke bomb goes off in front of Marik. Two

other people appear holding Marik down.
"Noah, Krum, get the fuck off me! I was going to take his chain!" shouts marik at Noah

and Krum.
"The devil wants to see you! We will meet you again the holder of the Millennium

Chain!" Noah said. With another smoke bomb they were gone.

In Hell: Noah and Krum appear with Marik. The Devil stands up from his chair. "How

dare you go against my orders!" Devil shouts. He whips Marik five times. "For that, you

have to wash the whole hell!" Devil finishes to shout at Marik.

Back on earth: Luke finally enters his home. He enters his room, sits on his unmade

bed, and takes out the chain and stares at it. "Why do they want it so bad?"Luke

mumbled to himself.

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