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December 7th, 2010, 11:05 PM
I was leaning forward, after having applied a tourniquet and just put in the jelco for a IV line and to draw some blood on a very nice lady who I had triaged. The family was very appreciative of my paying a bit of extra attention to them and we were bonding nicely. I had just pierced the skin and was hooking up the first of 5 blood tubes when what obviously was postnasal drip decided to go with gravity and I could feel it starting to stream down the back of my nostrils. Oh no...this would not be cool.

Sniffing seemed like the only option...both hands were busy and not a tissue in sight. I tried standing more upright and change position so that gravity would redirect what seemed like a constant stream of a yet unidentifiable liguid. I actually thought I had a nose bleed it was so steady.

A quick prayer went out. Oh please God, don't let it just drip. I pictured that happening several times almost in slow motion and it was frightful.
This lady was now referring to me by name and looking right at me while I drew her blood. I thought of how when you are out shoveling snow and the sinus vs the great outdoors kicks in and your sleeve almost seems like a workable option. Obviously that was unacceptable but a variety of scenarios went through my mind on how to deal with this. I managed to have efficient enough sniffs to keep it under a count that would have them suspect I am a cocaine user in my down time between triaging patients.

OMG...it was horrible. I managed a steady stream of small talk, drew all 5 tubes of blood doing what I had to do and fought off the nightmarishly horrific thoughts of one drip making its way forward and onto the floor, wrapped up operations and in a cool and casual way made my way out the door and dashed to the closest tissue box.

Nursing makes me sick!!

December 7th, 2010, 11:12 PM
Lol! Poor you! Sinus drips just don't always cooperate, do they? Glad you managed to make it through such a potentially embarassing situation. :)