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Colin Martin
December 4th, 2010, 07:18 PM
I would appreciate any input on this descriptive. It's from my first novel I started a few months ago. 8)


Dad had signed me up for piano lessons last year. I had dreaded the idea so much before I started that I had nightmares about it for a week. But after I found out that I was a natural, I really enjoyed the lessons. I was learning to read music and was moving into more complex pieces. Piano was not only fun, it was a bit of a getaway for me. I would get grooving just enough to get lost in the music. All those dynamics and emotions were coming from me and this large musical box. What an experience!

It really hit me at my parents Christmas party last year when my Dad insisted that I play a number for the guests. He wasn't being pushy about it, he just wanted to show me off to his friends. I picked Debussy's “Claire De Lune” because I loved listening to that on Youtube, and I figured it would be too easy.... I told you I was a natural. Everyone gathered around the living room where our piano sat. It was a gorgeous black Yamaha Grand that my Dad bought just before I was born because he wanted to get into playing again. He had a natural talent as well, but he worked too much to really sit down and enjoy it. So he lives vicariously through me.

“Everyone, my daughter wants to play a song for us.” Dad pretended that it was a random act by me and that he didn't really plan the whole thing out (that's what I love about him.) “She is really getting good. Everyone find a seat and check this out.”
I was a little nervous at first, but the smile on my Dad's face helped me find that warm and fuzzy place. I started the piece softly and slowly. I felt in control of the notes.... I wanted to own them. At that moment each note seemed to have a life of it's own. I slowed the piece down just a bit to let it live before it's short existence faded away forever. The room echoed the notes just right... letting them hang for just the perfect amount of time.

I held the sustain pedal down to keep the notes ringing in the air. I imagined keeping the music alive as much as I could... finding the meaning in each note just like they were little souls. Some were short lived, some made a larger impact just like each of us. I slowed it down... slowed it down. I looked up to see the notes as colors hanging in the air before me. I was seeing the sounds and notes with my eyes. As I held the sustain, the note would shimmer there for just a second, hang in the air and then slowly and faintly dissolve into tiny sparkling flashes as the volume faded away, just like fireworks. I was at that moment creating a life with sound. I didn't rush the next passage.

I wanted the life to be fully expressed before fading away in oblivion. Each note had a color, brightness and tone. I swore at that moment that the people gathered to hear me play could see them too. As the piece came to a close, I watched the last tiny remnants of life gently sparkle away until the last note shimmered into the darkness. I sat there quiet in my contemplation... head bowed towards the floor.

“Holy shit....” someone murmured from the darkened room.

“I told you she was good, didn't I?” Dad said proudly.