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November 26th, 2010, 12:30 AM
So I just finished this, and haven't refined it yet. And does yield similarity to the movie Avatar. But whatever, I didn't notice until I finished it. And it is it's own story, it just shares the scenario.

Alien Diary

This is the diary of Elusa Gliese. Translated from Opitian (Native Gliesian language)

Tebono 42nd, 2017
Hello, they are making us keep diaries of our experiences for some reason so, I guess I have to do this. I'm pretty excited for this job.

Tebono 46th, 2017
Well today is my first day of training for space exploration and research. I pretty excited, I worked for months studying and getting prepared. So I'll write how it went later.

Tebono 48th, 2017
Well I just finished my training session and they really like me, I get to go up to the pod on the next rising and they will show me their teleportation system and exoplanet transporter. I met some nice [Not translatable] and they told me about the alien genetic generator and cloning systems. Also they told me about the new technology to transfer your conscious to a new, alien body to be used to gain information about alien species. well, I have to go.

Sibvilin 1st, 2017
Today a great day in training, we get to go up to the pod today and learn about zero gravity and show us how to operate the [not translatable], we might be able to go to go on a star harvesting trip. Be back later.
Back from my training, I'm making good progress and we got to study and planet in which has intelligent beings on it, they called it Earth because they got a really old fashion radio frequency from it that said "Hello from Earth" so they assumed Earth was the planet. But they aren't very intelligent on account that it took 30 years for it to make it here. So that's their target that they are working on gaining information and getting a portal over there. Anyway, I have to [not translatable] and see my [slaves?].

Sibvilin 3rd, 2017
Today we went to an exoplanet through portal and it was fun, they had vegetation but it was in a very early stage of evolution, but it was edible and it was a good experience. They have a lot of harvesters there, it was kind of sad because not species will ever be able to evolve with the harvesters everywhere, but I guess that not my concern. We need resources. I've never had a diary before and I'm kind of liking this, maybe my [clones?] will be able to read it.

Sibvilin 4th, 2017
Today was very exciting, we were portalled over to a planet with animals in a very early state. they were quite dangerious and unstable, but it was very cool to see.

Sibvilin 5th, 2017
Well I just got through a class about "Earth" and how they are setting up a mission to it and check out the inhabitants. I really hope I get picked.

Sibvilin 7th, 2017
They picked me for the Earth mission! I am very excited, it will take a lot of hard work but be very rewarding as well. It's a crew of 135 and we will be travelling 437 [unknown measurement], but it should go by fairly quick. The objective is to gain information about the species and see if they are viable for slavery or simply disposable. They look really funny and communicated through audible tones, can you believe that? I've never heard of that before. The mission will last 5 Xlebots [7 earth years] and we leave in [5 days]. I'll be put unconscious for most of the trip there. But I'm really excited.

Sibvilin 46th, 2017
I just woke and we are approaching Earth's star, it looks to different from our dwarf star. We're harvesting a little bit and then we're off to Earth.
We are getting closer and it looks so beautiful and blue. But they say we can never admire or be mesmerized by the beauty because this is a job that is strictly for survival. If all goes well, we might be able to land a pod on it and hook us up in a DNA body that is similar in looks to the Earth species. We didn't expect this but it's going quit well.

Hilotsa 1st, 2017
Well today studies went well and we are going on to check out the planet in person! We are all excited and while the species isn't very smart as we've concluded, it's still going to be interesting. We will we checking out the food supply as well to see if harvesters will work here.

Hilotsa 2nd, 2017
We went down to the Earth yesterday and it was amazing, only the "humans" is what they are being addressed as were unfriendly and hostile. It's like they've never had contact with aliens before or something which would be very strange. Even in our human similar bodies they were freaking out anyway because of our pod and skin material and they ran away. They will be perfecting the DNA and making better artificial bodies so we can study something called "culture", which I have never heard of before. And I'm assigned to gain information because this species is like no others they have seen before. I kind of like them, but it's strictly forbidden to get attached to anything on Earth. Anyway, they captured a few humans to do tests and investigation on. But they're not cooperating.

Hilotsa 4th, 2017
Yesterday we all went down in a better human body and they are all frantic and insane. We're thinking it's because of us, we are on there viewing screens and everyone is not acting like they did in the studies we did. I am learning "English", a language they use so I can communicate much better. So they really want me to write and practice English when I learn it.

Hilotsa 6th, 2017
Hello, I'm talk in English and learn it. It going wil so far and I can talk to m now. It my be a little hard to read but I get better.

Hilotsa 17th, 2017
Well we've been here for a while and I've learned English pretty well, and now that I can communicate I've learned so many things about them, they are kind of nice and talking with audio is kind of fun as appose to our original way of talking, some of the other workers think so too. I met someone named Jessica on earth, she was really nice to me and she showed me the Statue of Liberty. They say the only reason for it was beauty and we never have that on our planets. Everything has to have a reason, but not on Earth. People have something called "fun" and I like it. But I can't get attached, they are picking up humans for slavery and then deploying harvesters and a portal.

Hilotsa 19th, 2017
I've learned so much about Earth, Jessica was showing me something called a "movie" and it's for watching. I really like Jessica, I'm not suppose to make friends but I can't really help it. No one knows about us but she is the only human that excepts me being an alien, all the others run and hide when they know I'm an alien. But not Jessica, I can't get attached to this. But I've never felt this way about another planet except my own. They don't need a reason or anything, the other workers say that's a really bad thing and they are destructive and a mess. But I don't know, it's kind of interesting. Jessica is the nicest person I've ever met, alien or us.

Hilotsa 23, 2017
I'm really sad, we are deploying harvesters and it's killing humans, so many and Jessica is very upset. It killed her "family", she says that's the people closet to you and they still have kids in a barbarian manor. I'm so confused, humans have things like passion and happiness. So many things we've never had despite our technology. They can go where ever they want and barely any restrictions at all. They're beautiful and I can't stop thinking about Jessica, I don't know what I'm feeling. I've never felt anything like this before and I don't know what it is. It's like [not translatable] or something.

Hilotsa 25, 2017
I'm in big trouble, they read my diary and what I said. They are gonna kill Jessica and I'm in confinement. I don't know what to do, Jessica says she loves me and I don't know what that means but I think it's strong friendship and we don't have friendship or anything where we live. I have to do something, I can't let Jessica die. I don't care if I ever go back to our planet, I love Jessica too and I can't let her die. No matter what.

Hilotsa 29, 2017
Oh my God, I got out of jail. 17 of the crew let me out, they've fallen in love with Earth too and we're going to fight for it. We are the only ones that can save the planet because we're the only ones that know the codes for the harvesters. They've already torn half the planet apart and it's all just deep crust with no plants or anything and they took 60% of the oceans. But Jessica is okay and in hiding. I have to go.

Hilotsa 35th, 2017
I stopped the harvesters and killed most of the crew. One of the crew that turned over to our side crashed the main ship and killed the rest of the crew. There is 6 of us left and my human body can't be supplied with power anymore so I have to use my original body. And worst of all Jessica is dieing, I'm so sad, I loved her. And I know what that means now.

That was the last note in Elusa's diary, the planet slowly recovered. Elusa's diary was found in a war zone as the aliens caused tremendous chaos and panic across he globe. A note as also found next to his human body which read:

I love you Jessica, you will be alive in my mind forever. I will never forget you. I am a human stuck in an alien body now. This planet will NOT fall because of my kind. Whoever reads this, please forgive us all. Please fight, I this planet will not die with me. This culture will live forevermore. Love will prevail.

Since 2017, Elusa has gained a great fame and it is greatly misunderstood if he is still alive in his alien body or if he attempted to transplant himself and failed. The planet will never fully recover but we will keep something that meant betraying his own kind and possibly dieing for, which is our passion and love. We cannot let it die.

The end.

So what do you think? Looking forward to feedback.

Verum Scriptor
November 26th, 2010, 12:51 AM
To be honest, I was so absorbed in the story that I forgot to pay attention to things that might need improvement. Great story, I could not stop reading until I got to the end. Love the diary format.