View Full Version : A Passage from The Blue Stone

November 24th, 2010, 12:32 AM
I had this crazy dream last night, and I wanted to give a try to write my first story, I usually only write poetry but why not.
Please give me your thoughts on this.

It was a cool day to be walking the streets of Barcelona, the sun was out and there were few clouds in the sky. A light breeze ran through the streets of this modern-ancient city. I was walking with my best friend Kylie touring the city and just having a girls day out. Tomorrow was the most-awaited sixteenth birthday, and Kylie was helping me shop for party outfits. Unlike Kylie I wore something comfortable to shop in, I wore my Bermuda jeans, with a stylish tank and jacket, with my chucks, she on the other hand wore an expensive blouse and jacket, skirt and knee-high boots. We were two totally different people, but closer than most twins. I have one other best friend, and his name is Julian, and no we are not going out, actually I am pretty sure he has a thing for Kylie. I actually had no idea where Julian was. Even though we were shopping he always went everywhere with us, come to think of it, he had been super distant lately. I wonder if something happened between him and Kylie. I made a mental note to ask Kylie when she interrupted my thoughts. "What about this one?", she asked me while holding up a golden strapless dress. It was really gorgeous as their was silver lines dancing around the dress making a labyrinth of patterns on the dress. I took the dress from her. "Wow! Kylie I love it! How much is it?," I asked her as I turned around the price tag. $1,000 even. "Oy, mom and dad would kill me." I handed the dress back.
"Oh come on," she protested, "this is going to be the most important birthday of your life!"
I sighed, "I'm pretty sure this won't be the most important birthday of my life."
She rolled her eyes at me and shot a glare that said you have no idea. Kylie was seventeen, but seriously your sixteenth birthday couldn't have been that important, right?
I went over and started looking at other dresses, when I felt someone grab my wrist, when I turned around Kylie was staring at me but the whites of her eyes was all I could see. "Kylie?" She than gasped for air and her eyes returned to normal.
"Kylie, what the hell was that all about, are you okay?" She than rushed me out the door and onto the street running towards the east part of Barcelona.
"Kylie!" I screamed at her while we were running. I stopped and she looked at me frustrated. "Kylie what the hell is going on?" I demanded of her.
"I don't have time to explain, I just have to get you home.", she breathed hard.
I just looked at her, and she grabbed my arm and we started running again, and even though my mind protested, my heart told me to keep running and not to look back.
We eventually made it to my house, which was on a nicer part of town , and really gorgeous, I had lived here my whole life. All of this seemed far away, as we rushed into the house and upstairs in my bedroom, where Julian was packing my clothes.
"Julian?" I just breathed and stared so confused as to why they were acting so strange.
"What in the world is going on?" I demanded again out of both of them.
"We don't have time to explain Ara, we just have to get you out of here." Julian yelled at me. He was carrying a back-pack and was wearing jeans and shirt but in his pocket was a hand-gun. My eyes got really wide. "What the hell is that for?" I yelled at him, and Kylie immediately told me to shut up. I went quiet and we all sat still and quiet for a moment, but before I could say anything, there was a crash of windows breaking down stairs, and tons of voices. Julian closed the suitcase, and Kylie grabbed my arm and we quickly rushed out my room staying close to the wall.
I could barely see her at first, but she was tall with dark skin, and silver hair. She had silver eyes and a long silver dress hugging her body tightly, her voice commanded those who were roaming my house. "Find her quickly, she has to be in here" was all she commanded. Kylie and Julian pulled me into my fathers study. Julian quickly shut the door and we went over to a picture, that my mother had drawn of a land, that was beautiful serene and completely magical. Kylie pulled off the painted and there was a very small door, enough for a human to fit through but it didn't have a door knob on it or no means of entrance. Kylie moved her hand over the door and quietly said aberita, and the door opened. Kylie moved into the dark tunnel when we heard noises from outside the door, quickly Julian pointed to the door commanding, bloqueo, and the door locked. Next thing I heard was pounding and screaming, Julian pushed me into the tunnel and he quickly followed. I couldn't see where I was going I just quickly moved, and where I would end up, I had no idea, but I knew somewhere deep in my heart, that my life wasn't what I thought it was.