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November 9th, 2010, 05:23 PM
She took his arm and guided him down the decrepit hallway. The flickering lights dangling by exposed wires every few feet were disorientating. almost as if he was going through a kind of temporal shift, a continuous assault on his senses. He was unsure where he had been prior to this hallway. The sounds of their feet clashing against the steel grates echoed through the hall and with every step the sound was intensifying. He could almost feel it in his teeth. He shifted his head in an attempt to absorb his surroundings. The steel walls seemed to be slowly falling apart. The rust seemingly absorbing the surrounding area. This didn't seem like a location he would chose to visit let alone be easily forced through. However every time he had a slight feeling of apprehension he would look at the hand guiding him and the feeling instantly flowed out of his mind. "She is wearing a cute white wristband" he began to think, however he was forced from the seclusion of his own mind. She picked up the pace and they descended deeper down the hall together. Her grip straining his wrist and he knew if he lost his footing now she would have dragged him the remainder of the way to the destination. was there even a destination?

He recognized the tone of panic in her voice.

The lights began to go by faster and faster accelerating to an almost frenzy of light. He tried closing his eyes only he could still see it penetrating the darkness. Tears begin forming and started sliding down his cheeks. Her grip on his wrist intensified and in a single pull he was off his feet. He felt as if the floor was falling away from underneath him. He could only see a door now a few feet in front of him with a single light dangling precariously over it.

"Dont open your eyes!" He heard her cry

He knew he had to go through this door. something behind it called out for him. he shot out his arm in a desperate attempt to grasp he knob. his finger tips were now touching the cool metal and in an instant he could spin it and know why he was there. Then a massive groan coursed through his bones and he shot up in bed. Sweat trickling down his face. completely disorientated. This wasn't the first time he had heard that voice and somewhere inside he knew it wasn't the last.

He was confused why he felt so anxious. His fingers slid down his face touching every drop of sweat not as if to wipe them away but to confirm that it was indeed his own. The memories were beginning to subside, as if collapsing in on themselves. He felt a wave of remorse, but was unable to figure out why exactly. He glanced at he alarm clock lying on the floor by his mattress. 4:00 he could almost feel the numbers mocking him and could see them shifting the the liquid crystal display almost as if they were laughing at him. He felt the sudden urge to grapple the electronic device and liberate it from his studio apartment in two solid motions, a yank out of the socket and an throw into the adjacent wall.
Too much effort.
He fell back, content, he knew the pillow would catch his cranium. Anyone else in this situation might be worried about missing some kind of job. Lapsing on some sort of responsibility. The knowledge that lost hours of sleep would lead the the disillusionment of a family member or friend when the person in question failed to perform his duties society had presented him.

Yeah no worries there.

He wasn't sure there had ever been anyone else concerned with his day to day decisions. No colleagues to depend on him, no siblings to call on him, and the parents that had gifted him with breath took their last a few years back. He had been living off what little money was bequeathed to him, and it was dwindling. The street lights that illuminated the parking lot outside of his apartment shone through the window, and he could just make out the ceiling fan above him. The blades slowly spinning. Every rotation gliding through the stale air that permeated through his home. Was it his imagination? Did it almost seem as if they were slowly speeding up. His eyes were having trouble fixating on the fan and every time he would blink it seemed as if it shifted slightly. As if every cycle the fan became slightly different. The blades were now metal and slowly growing longer. He could hear them tearing the air. He blinked again, the color had gone from a soft gray to now a rusted magenta. He blinked again a few flakes fluttered down to him. The rust landed on his nose and as he reached for the flurrys. He was now standing, looking up at the fan. His head shifted forward.
He was back in the hallway.

So if you made it this far and haven't had an aneurysm or blood isn't shooting out of your nose. I have a second chapter and will post if anyone is still interested

November 10th, 2010, 08:41 AM
He closed his eyes and threw his palms into them in an attempt to force them to adjust to his surroundings. His hands slid away and the area around him came into focus. He began examining every aspect of the <strike>hallway</strike>, his head craning in all directions. He was more lucid, more aware of this <strike>hallway</strike>. He now recognized it as a place he had frequented as a child, but as time passed the walls fell into disarray, and the <strike>hallway </strike>had slowly closed in on itself. This used to be a room, no a field. When he was a child he came here and would run for what seemed miles. The sun would feel as if it could burn his skin. Aromas of flowers would assail his senses. He wasn't alone in this world either. Children, adults, the old and young would join him. However in this state the memories of his past seemed almost inconceivable.
His hand reached out to study the wall closest to him. As his hand got closer the wall seemed to distort itself, coiling back and almost cowering from his touch. His curiosity peaked, but in an instant his thoughts were shattered by a massive sound originating from what seemed to be the walls. He fell to his knees, hands frantically grasping at his ears. He wanted anything to end the reverberating chaos penetrating his ear drums and eviscerating his brain. A feeling of shear solitude swept over him. He had never felt so alone. He was now curled into a fetal position. His throat felt as if it would began bleeding from the intensity of his screams. Tears rolling down his eyes from the pain. He felt himself being broken, willing to give up his very existence to make this stop. He felt a weight on him that was unfamiliar. A warmth grew inside him as something draped itself over his body. And spontaneously everything stopped, no more noise no more pain. His eyes slowly opened and his trembling hands began to slide off of his ears. He could hear another person breathing. The soft sound echoing off the steel <strike>hallway </strike>surrounding him. He rolled onto his back and her face was right in front of him. He could just barely make out a few of her features through the silhouette from the dangling light behind her. But somehow he knew she was smiling.
"Come on!"
She was much smaller than him, but still had the strength to lift him to his feet. The cold sensation of the floor on his bare feet brought him to the realization that he was wearing the same clothes he had fallen asleep in. Boxers and a light flannel long sleeve button up shirt. He had no time to consider his wardrobe however. She had taken off in a mad sprint. Her robe flowing behind her.
"Wait!" He cried out still exhausted from the violent episode he had endured.
His legs felt atrophic but he started following her. Gradually increasing his speed to keep up. Every stride seemed to be easier than the last. He knew where they were going. To that door. He never wanted to be inside it so bad. A feeling had sprung up in himself that seemed to give him strength and a desire he had never felt before. He was closer to the girl now. The white robe seemed to be gliding from her shoulders. And her strides were massive almost as if the robe gave her a kind of propulsion. He reached out his hand to let her know he was right behind her. His fingers could almost touch the soft material.
"Slow down!"
"We can-"
Her words were interrupted by an unseen force. Her frail body was slammed into the wall. His feet instantly stopped and he tumbled forward from the momentum. His body rolled over on himself and he scrambled to his hands and knees. Spinning around just in time to see her body slump to the ground.
Her body was then thrown into the other wall like a human pinball. He watched as the girls body was pinned with such force slips of rust exploded off the steel, and the wall was dyed crimson with her blood.
Her eyes fluttered open and she actually smiled at him. He didn't understand why. She let out a soft "Run"
she seemed to float away from the wall and was suspended like a crippled marionette. Her robe flew open and seemed to be much longer than he remembered. Then in a brilliant light, shattered into a thousand feathers. He attempted to shield his eyes from the light but was sent flying down the <strike>hallway</strike>. His body felt like a rag doll and eventually slammed into the ground that seemed to bow and give with his weight. He coughed and gasped for air to fill his depleted lungs. Struggling to understand what had just happened he slowly got up off of his back. Sitting, perplexed by the events he witnessed. Gazing down the hallway he was just shot down. Letting out meager sounds of confusion. Then he saw it. The lights illuminating the way he had come from started bursting.
Light by light, a dark force was progressing its way down the hall. He had no time to think, he scrambled to his feet and charged in the opposite direction. It was harder to move his feet, they felt like massive bricks and his muscles seemed to be non-responsive. Sweat was stinging his eyes and every time he glanced down at his feet he could see the darkness attempting to absorb them. His head shot forward and he could see it. The door. He knew in just a few feet he would reach it. The light above the door swinging wildly and fluttering between light and dark. If it went out nothing would protect him from the darkness. His fingers touched the cool knob and almost instantaneously threw the door open.