View Full Version : Prologue of my story.

November 3rd, 2010, 07:51 PM
~My son and I had a horrible life. We both lost the one's we loved, we both were forced to mature early, and we both had a painful death.

~"Orlando I have something to tell you before I leave this world." my son said coughing up blood due to a large boulder crushing his leg's and his stomach.

~"No Brandon you won't die, not yet I promise." Orlando rushed over to try to push the boulder off of him.

~"Leave the boulder be my friend." My son wheezed.

~"Why? I could easily push this boulder off of you." Orlando said while looking into Brandon's lifeless eyes.

~"I want you" Brandon coughed "To leave the boulder on me, because I can't live with myself anymore" my son's eyes got watery.

~"But what about Rose? She needs you!" Orlando said trying to convince Brandon that he needs to live.

~"No my friend" My son licked his lips "I killed the one she really loved, I killed Abayomi!" My son started to weep.

~"But, why?" Orlando asked appalled that his friend actually committed the murder.

~"I did it because I loved" Brandon started coughing up blood again. "I loved Rose and I couldn't stand losing her to another man." Brandon wiped his nose of the mucus that poured out of his nostrils.

~"But Rose loves you now I can see it in her eyes." Orlando said.

~"She only loves me because I used Cupid's bow on her." Brandon confessed. Orlando then just stared at my son in utter amazement. "I killed Abayomi, I killed him." my son started to break down in tears again. "My pride killed him, and now it is time for me to leave this world." Brandon took a knife from Orlando's knife belt and swiftly slit his own throat to end his mental suffering.

~You are probably wondering how did my son get to this point of wanting to commit suicide. Stick around and I shall tell you everything from the beginning