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November 1st, 2010, 01:37 AM


I'm going to die here, by the hand of the Guardian?

Cold, alone, and nearly numb, Marie laid in pool of her own blood. Her teammates had all abandoned her after an accident they had caused, but of course she blamed the Guardian.

He came, we fought, the roof crumbled and now here I am. Here I'll die. And here was the last time I saw him.

Marie's vision blurred with every painful breathe she took. The pain that filled her body warped through her thoughts at the memory of the Guardian's face. She remembered the shock that filled his eyes as the metal walls creaked then caved in, and finally falling atop the only person who dared to attack him.

She had reached out for him, to grab him and pull him to, hopefully, be in the same position as she was. But no. She hadn't touched him. She had lost every thought of harming him after the warmth had flooded her senses. A fire that started at first with his gaze then his touch, even if it was in a fight, but finally it ended at her heart. The shock had transferred from him to her she realized what was going on. Love was never made for me. It's some trick of his. It's always a trick.

Why do you deny your heart?, a small voice called in the back of her mind, It's love, you feel it, you want it, and right now he will give it…

The metal gave another creak with the entrance of a newcomer.

"Hello." A loud voice called.

The same warmth as before started in her body, reactivating all of her feelings, including the pain.

"Is anybody there?" The voice came closer, too close in Marie's opinion.

"Leave…" Marie's voice called out to whoever was coming. It scratched her throat as it came again, "Leave now!"

Her demands didn't come much louder than before. The intruder lifted metal slab after slab searching for the owner of the demands.

"Let me help you. Just tell me where you are." Just as the intruder called back to the harsh voice it turned to find her. In the same moment the two locked eyes. My mind doesn't do you justice Guardian, Marie thought staring at his filthy but still perfect face as he walked towards her.

The Guardian crouched next to Marie looking over her body that was covered in bloody gashes. He followed the dripping blood down to the pool beneath her then back to pile of shredded metal she had crawled from.

"You're hurt." He stated.

No, I'm just bleeding for the heck of it! She wanted to yell at him but couldn't find the energy.

"What's your name?" he asked.

"Ma…rie" she struggled to answer.

Gently he brushed his fingers along her cheek, she felt cold under his touch, and a stronger feeling shot through her veins when he spoke, "I'm so sorry for all of this Marie."

He continued to stroke her cheek as she stared into the wonder of his shining emerald eyes. You do love him…

November 1st, 2010, 03:57 AM
it is beautiful but sad.
I like the descriptions of movements

Did you mean 'Gently her(she) brushed his fingers.... ' second paragraph from last.