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October 30th, 2010, 03:56 AM
The Hotel
By Lee

Hotel, your house on the go, a place for a short stay; yet, staying, also implies destiny.
In a hotel, you will meet so many people, those who are traveling, job searching, escorting or, those who just had a fight with the wife, those who are young and rebellious, those who are getting laid Alternatively, you can meet some other people, who might just missed you by time, or by place, however, you are closely related to them despite all the distances.

I stayed in a small hotel, simple but neat, in L city. After a long day of work, I just wanted to watch a little TV and kill some time, which was why I was quite upset when I couldnt even locate the remote. I opened the drawers to find them empty, but wait there I saw the corner of a white envelop.
Curiously I opened the envelop which was blank outside, but there seemed to be quite some materials inside.
Curiosity killed my anger, so I opened it and there came a letter of a few pages.

I am SO happy today! At this time tomorrow, I will be at the Disney Land. And better yet, MOM is also coming back! Is mom coming home? Lord, please, PLEASE, let mom come home.
It looked like a prayer from a little child. Although I had sympathy for him, I was not interested enough to keep reading. When I was about to fold the letter back, however, I glanced another line underneath, which made me wonder this line looked like from a grownup, not a child.

Today is so blank. At this time tomorrow, I wish I could be an analysist at JP Morgan.
Hah? This is a young man searching for a job. Then would the next line come from another person?

Today is a fine day! I will be at this very bed, making love to Tina!
This line had a strikethrough, and another line with delicate handwriting answered:
In your dreams!
This must have been a couple. I smiled and continued.

Making love is wonderful, en, is it? Or maybe I made love to Allen today. I think I fell in love with Allen, should I tell him? Tomorrow Tomorrow What should I do tomorrow?
Who is him? Is it Allen? If not, should it be the womans husband?
From a little child to a baffled woman, it was getting more complicated, would there be more surprises?

I am so bored today! I want love with mysteries If you are as romantic as I am, you will find my phone number somewhere in this room.
Oh yeah? I looked around without thinking. I am not romantic, but I am definitely curious. Where could this lady hide her phone number? Wait a second, should I just assume this line was from a lady? It could easily be a masculine man, the very thought of which made me frown.
Just when I was about to keep reading, the light went out and the room was totally dark.
I stumbled to the door, where I heard noises from outside. They were talking to each other wondering what was going on. I made out from it that the electricity was out.

I opened the curtains. Wow the moon was beautiful. Why not take walk outside? I put the letter in my pocket and stepped into the darkness. I couldnt see ANYTHING. All of sudden, a soft little hand touched me. It was a little kid about five or six years old. I was surprised that he didnt scream for help in such darkness.

Quite some people gathered in the courtyard. A young man was pacing around in agony, his eyes looking down at his feet. Yet his agony apparently had nothing to do with the electricity outbreak. Not too far, a young couple were French kissing sweetly as thought they had been all alone. In the corner, a woman in her thirties were looking at the sky, mumbling to herself. Next to her, a charming man was glancing at their left side. Followed his sight, I saw a black rose and a girl with black long hair.

There are other people in the courtyard, but for some reason they evaded my vision. I looked about aimlessly. On the second floor, I saw a masculine man finished a beer, looking down at people in the courtyard, with a strange laughter

Again I unfolded the letter, with the dim light, I read the following line.
Today I killed that son of a bitch! At this time tomorrow, I am in Mexico, two hot girls in my arms, hah hah
I gasped, what is this? Some sort of joke from a killer, or a prank from a stranger? Should I call the police? But what can this piece of paper prove?

Yeah, what can it prove? I signed, then looked at the last line on the letter.
Today is pain. Yesterday was also pain. Ever since the beginning, pain, always. To live, to suffer. The pain, why am I still alive? This time tomorrow, I will die on this very bed. The last person who gets here, be my witness.
Hah??? This is a shocking suicide note! Where is this guy? Is he really dead? I looked at the rest of the papers in horror, but they are all blank.

Starting with a childs innocent words, ended with a desperate suicide. Could this be the law of life? Is death the destiny of everything?

I felt lost, looking at each person around chaos, endless chaos.
However, I suddenly realized, whatever happened sequentially in the time line are spattered into the space; yet at any give time, anything occurring in the space can also be placed in the timeline the same way. Everything has order, so much so it is horrifying.

If there is order, there will be no change and there will be a destiny. If there is a destiny, there is God, hence the salvation.

I returned to my room. Lying on bed, I was wondering what I should add to the end of the letter to break the ending of death. Nonetheless, to continue with their format, what am I doing at this time tomorrow? I don even know.
Maybe, I would write it down tomorrow.

Hotel, your house on the go, a place for a short stay. Actually no one would tell you how long you should stay. When you feel like leaving, just take off.
Life Maybe life is the name of a hotel, could it?

I didnt want to know a tomorrow with order.
My room number was 213.
The electronic clock on the desk was broken; it always pointed at 15:29.

October 30th, 2010, 04:09 AM
"I didn't want to know a tomorrow with order"

What a great line!

"Hotel, your house on the go, a place for a short stay" Very lyrical at times, and I get the sense that this comes easily to you.

October 30th, 2010, 11:28 PM
Hi thank you so much for your encouragement! This is a little mystery story with an "answer" to guess...
I appreciate your time reading and commenting!