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October 29th, 2010, 12:58 AM
This was done in a skills class. we had to write a story that had 4 twists to it.

An evil charter
An explosion
A beach/the ocean
talking animals

So its sort of random but i got a great grade on it and so i figured i would post it.
Please let me know what you think of it and what i could improve on.

An amazing artist once said “All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players”. If that’s true I’m the one working in the background; changing scenes and places. The one who sees and does what no normal person will ever see. My name is Nix Reslain and I’m a ‘Time Jumper’. I got it from my fathers side. I’ve never actually meet my dad but I know he’s from a long line of pure blooded Jumpers dating back to the sixteen hundreds. My mother was not a jumper. I’m a half breed. A product of a one night stand. Being a jumper I can ‘jump’ from place to place, time period to time period, and universe to universe. But being a half breed means I cant be sure I’ll end up where I want to all the time.

Thought Earth was the only universe? Its defiantly not. There’s Cyrodill where I meet my destiny and also trained as an assassin. There’s Ruthlast from where my best friend hails from along with hundreds of others that I still have to find.

At the moment I was sitting at a big red oak table with said best friend in his lab. The Ruth was working with chemicals, odd pungent smells filling the room, the hiss of reacting chemicals, and the sound of him continuously scribbling on a sheet of well worn paper.
I watched him trying to figure exactly what he was working on. Was it a new explosive? A deadly acid? The cure for cancer? All where possibilities with him. His wings tensed; pulling themselves closed to his body before relaxing and his tail twitched showing his annoyance. I always thought his bat like sea blue wings where a beautiful colour and his devil like tail matched them perfectly. His Blue hair was a deep sea blue -almost a black- and his tiny black knobby horns on his forehead where drowning in it.

He was dressed in his favorite outfit. Slightly tight black and white striped pants, combat boots, tight black V-neck and a white lab coat all especially designed for his wings and tail. All of this was topped of with a black top hat accessorized with a blood red rose. His ivory skin had a slight blue ting to it. He was a sea or maybe even the whole beach. I giggled at my conclusion involuntarily. He cocked his head at me but then went back to work. He was well used to my strangeness by now. He was a sea though. Beautiful on the outside; pristine. Perfect. But on the inside he was a strange mysterious void full of mysteries mankind would never find all the truths to. I think that’s why we had both become friends. We where both seas in our own right.
“Hey, Melik, your wings are extra blue today.” I was smiling like a fool just like I always did. I couldn’t control it, why try? The comment was random just like everything about me, but he was used to it. He actually might have loved it.
“Thanks little bird.” The Ruth grinned the devils grin. I was Melik’s Bird like Kristal was his ‘sweets’. he had cool nicknames for everyone. The nick name had originated years earlier in Cyrodill and the reason behind it was “You’re a jumper Nix! You can be anywhere you want in the beat of a heart. You can fly nix. You’re a bird. My little bird.” he hardly ever got eccentric about everything but at this time he had been sugar highed, a rare mood that I loved.
I glance down at the red oak table tracing its grain patterns with my fingers. I pushed my hair from my eyes and tilted my head slightly at him. “What’re you makin’ anyway?”

“Well, I’m trying -key word trying- to make a miniature explosive that when detonated will create a monster sized explosion. It should be able to take out everything in a half mile radius.” he grinned obviously pleased with his idea. “It’s…a present for our friend Dr. Marks.” The devil smile returned to his face.
Marks was our enemy. Or Melik’s at least. Marks was all Ruth’s worst enemy. He had massacred thousands of them using their DNA in hopes of making the perfect spices. Kris -who was also a Ruth- had got together a small group of her friend in hopes of ending his rampage. Together the group was Me, Melik, Kris, and a young man named Riley Patterson who was the only human of the group. We all lived in a underground house, we all fought together, and we all hated Marks for our own reasons. Exploding him would be the most beautiful thing to ever happen to him.
“I think we should throw a huge part when he’s dead.” Melik said, smiling softly at me. I was beaming now and I nodded spastically at him; dirty blond hair, Amber eyes and my elf like features moving up and down in a blur.

“I agree completely! By the way, you know Dementia could talk?”
His face scrunched up in confusion at this.

“Your ferret?”


“Highly doubt it Bird.” he shook his head, then set his things down giving up all together on his explosive. He sat down at the red oak table that I already occupied.

“Being a mad scientist is hard work, hu??” I asked laughing. He nodded, his laugh load and rich and filling the room with its sound. “Wanna head somewhere?” he know I meant time travel. I ran over to him, grabbing his arm to pull him out of his seat.

“Where to, little bird?”

“You’ll see.” I whispered words of travel and suddenly darkness. Time travel. It was weird and something I would never get used to. Ever. It was almost as terrible as worm hole travel. The sudden darkness would then be burned away by a sudden light so bright it felt as if your eyes where being burned right out of their sockets. All that along with the felling that you’re guts had been shifted from a fall off a sky scrapper. The cherry on top was a lovely head ache. It was all well worth it though; especially when traveling with Melik.

When I was able to open my eyes and shake off the headache I glanced over to be sure he had fallowed me. He had and was looking just like he always did after travel; like he had kissed a fright train. Time travel was a bit harder for him since he wasn’t a time jumper.
I looked around making sure I had jumped accurately. Perfect. An old gothic town surrounded us. A ghost town. A beautiful church stood proudly in front of us. I flopped down on its steps and Melik soon fallowed as I gazed out into the frailer streets of the vacant town which had once been a bustling lively little 1800’s town.

“So, whatta ya wanna do now?” My voice sounded explosive in the empty little town and I jumped slightly. I felt the older shift to allow his wings room to spread out and give us well deserved shade from the violent sun.
“We only just got her bird.” he mumbled quietly. He was trying to stifle a laugh I noted. He wasn’t annoyed. I glanced up at the demon to make sure I was right. That devil smile reappeared on his lips. I burst into laughter. Their was no stopping me when I laughed. Anyone in the normal world would have dubbed me insane in a second; I had fallen onto my side from the uncontrollable laughter, in a ghost town, having the best day ever with my best friend who happened to be a ‘demon’. the laughing made absolutely no sense to me but I figured Melik thought it did. I looked up at him again to see his smile had broadened; reviling four serrated canines before he shook his head, dark blue waves falling over his face hiding the ting of embarrassment in his eyes. I on the other hand kept laughing, leaping up from the steps to pace my own ghost town. A world that looked akin to what Earth had looked like in the 1800s. This earth had died long before the 1840s though. Me and Melik had found it and taken one town as our own. A home away from home. Somewhere we could go if our first home got to insane. It was the groups hag out and meeting place.

And this was my life with Melik Rose. The Ruth who was once a full fledged solider for the Ruthlastian army. A killer turned mad scientist fighting only for his friends and to find out what memories Marks had taken from him. He would go from trying to stop me from asking to have a rap battle with I’m to trying to make explosives to eating microwavable meals with Kris on the couch being utterly lazy.

This was my life and I loved it.