View Full Version : The vital essence (extract of Lisbon)

October 27th, 2010, 06:09 PM

She grabbed his neck with one hand, digging her nails in his nape and, just at the time of the final contraction before ejaculation, with the other hand on his chin, she turned his head sharply to one side in a single calculated and brutal gesture, and she broked his neck. Crack! The dry sound of the broken neck accompanied the posthumous ejaculation of the now dead man.

It did not take long to undress the cadaver. Now the most important thing! Making him go away ... She pulled him to the other end of the room, next to the wall facing the inner courtyard of the farm, and opened a floor hatch. The black hole of a wellhead, like a dead eye, looked boldly at her and the sound of groundwater filled the room. She took his naked body and threw him inside that gate to hell.

"Already" ..!- she said laughing!

Her paintings, mute witnesses to this madness, looked on as if paralyzed.

Panting from the effort, she picked up the jacket, shirt, shoes, underwear and pants, as well as documents, and other personal items he had, and threw it all into the fire into the chimney she was previously set. After checking that there were only ashes, she washed the glasses humming her favorite fado and finished the task.

The street was empty and cats hissed when she passed.