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October 19th, 2010, 11:50 PM
Here's the non-awaited third week of Twist. (*sobs at bold words*) I hope you like it! :)

Oh, and if you haven't read the first part, read Twist : Day One to Week 2 below-


Week Three- Exploration, Discovery, and a Map

I’m beginning to get used to it now. I should get used to it, because I’ve been here fourteen days. How many more days will I get stuck in here?

John is harsh today. He wills me to go on, even though I don’t feel like it. Even with the extra supply of tools and food, I’m unusually lazy today. In summary, John does not like it. I’m forced to run for about fifteen minutes before I’m allowed to walk again. Have I written that John is in much better shape than me? His muscles are more toned, his face is square, and he can run like Harry Williams. In case you don’t know who he is… well, how can you not know the fastest runner in the world?

I’m fully ‘awake’ now. I have no dizziness anymore, and I don’t hesitate. I’m free with my opinions and things that I write down. It feels refreshing to not have a low buzz in your head every moment, and not having a fuzzy haze on the edge of your eyes all the time.

I have something to say on an important but necessary matter. And that is clothing.

I have worn the same T-shirt and short, baggy jeans since I landed here. Pretty disgusting, until you hear that John’s been wearing his khaki shorts and his ‘I DO ALL MY OWN STUNTS’ shirt for almost a month! I guess I am gradually getting used to the seemingly pungent smell, but others would probably say that a giant skunk had sprayed us. Twice.

To solve this problem, we use laundry techniques. John’s water supply is enough to get our clothes cleaned and somewhat better-smelling. I forgot to mention that John has an abundance of ‘household appliances’, some of them being pebble-sized groups of something that looks like soap. We rub the soap balls onto the shirt, allow it to dry, and wear it the following day. We did all that yesterday, so I’m feeling refreshed for a lot of reasons today. How we looked like and what we wore yesterday is strictly confidential, but you can imagine what it would look like, if you have the maturity and common sense.

In case you are also wondering, I have no idea where the light comes from in Literealm. It’s actually very comforting to walk and see things. I know, however, it’s not natural light because the light is almost white. Everything is strangely brighter. It somehow makes me a little bit uncomfortable.


“Where are we going, anyway?” I ask John after I am done with my sweaty fifteen-minute run. I’m not the fastest runner.

“I told you, we’re going somewhere special.”

“I know that, but what base is it?”

“That’s a secret- you’ll have to grudge through the week to find out,” John says with a funny grin on his face. Whenever he puts that face on, I brace myself. Usually, it’s just a training regimen or some prank he has decided to pull on me. Although I am disgraced with his friendly antics, I know that we need this downtime. The other option is to be all dramatic without saying a word to each other, which makes a boring afternoon.

I’ve been getting much fitter after walking for extremely long periods of time, however. I have started to get better endurance and walk farther. I cannot even begin to explain to you how boring it is to spend an entire day doing nothing but walking and traveling. I do not know how John and I manage, but we manage to barely trudge through days. Sleep is a haven to the both of us. The only thing I do to pass time is to try and understand how to operate the tiny gadgets that John has collected. It may not seem like much, but when I walk involuntarily while tinkering with the small machinery, the day goes by fairly quickly.

We’re done for the day, and we decide to sleep in much earlier than expected. We decide to go another half hour before making camp. We’ve traversed a lot of hills, and we can tell because we could see a steep incline in the ground. Twist has hills and geographic features after all. “I like to call these the Discovery Hills,” John says.

“Why the ‘Discovery Hills’?” I reply. “It sounds pretty corny.”

“Watch and see,” John says. Twenty minutes later, I see a pretty sight, and realize why John calls these the ‘Discovery Hills’.

Everything down below us is littered with objects. Shiny ones, old ones, rusty ones, and almost every single type of half-trash you can find is right here. The key word is ‘half-trash’- none of them are valuable. “Over the years, the smart travelers picked out the best objects clean,” John told me. “When I came to this place, the only good thing I could find was some working pens and a small packet called How to Make a Boat. Why would anyone need to make a boat in a place with no water?”

I have no reply, so we walk on.

“Is this the surprise you wanted to show me?” I say.

“It’s a surprise in itself, but no,” John replies. “The surprise is roughly a couple days away still.”

Whenever I hear ‘a couple days’, I make a mental groan. We still have a ways to go.


The surprise didn’t come to me until I saw it. What I heard is a secret. I’ll get to that later.

We were getting pretty bored, and John and I were sharing on-the-go games with each other. I taught John how to play Fingers.

Fingers is somewhat simple- you start with one finger up in each hand. You take turns using one hand to either hit yourself or the other person. For example, if I went first, and hit John’s right hand, he’d have two fingers up. Then if he hit my one finger with his two, that’d be three fingers for me. If one hand has five fingers, he’s out. If you have no hands left, you lose.

You can also ‘divide’. If one hand has four, he can bail and clap his hands to make the fingers two and two. You can do it with two hands too. If a person has four and two, he can make it three and three. I don’t want to bore you with the monotonous facts, but once you play it it’s actually pretty fun.

One more thing- if you hit yourself, only one hand should be remaining with the total. So if I hit myself one and one, then I only have one hand with two fingers.

John was somewhat confused when I told him how to play, but soon he became as good as me. We had a lot of fun, and it takes hours away from doing nothing but hiking.

After our umpteenth game of Fingers, John looked at his receiver and compass. “We should be almost nine hours away by now. It’s getting near noon- we should make base and eat lunch.” We were walking in Literealm, so there was no dark surrounding us. I couldn’t see anything for miles- John had better be right. We were almost out of food. I was determined to stay up through the ‘night’ and go to John’s mystery location nonstop. But first, it was time to eat some slightly molded turkey sandwiches.


After we gag and choke through the unpleasant meal, I think about what my ultimate goal is, to be free. If I can do that, then I’ll rejoice for an infinite amount of time. If I want to be free, then I must find a way out. To find a way out, I must explore and learn more about this place. Will the exit be near a wall? Will a certain hole in a base be big enough for us to escape? Is there no exit at all? I sigh. I must be patient.

The only good side to where I am right now is that it is not dark. Even so, the light is not natural and it is a hazy white glow.

I hate the dark. Especially underground.

And now, I must stop writing, because John and I are going to finish what we started. I am going to see what John Riley has in store for me.


It was another amazing leap to my escape. John has overdone himself.

After about thirty kilometers John stops me. I don’t argue- my legs feel like jelly.

“This is it,” he says.

“Uh, there’s nothing here,” I reply. Did John really bring me out here for nothing? Was he trying to kill me, in the middle of nowhere so noone would find me? I start to run.

“Hey, come back!” he says. I refuse to listen.

“Look, I don’t have any weapons,” he calls out. He’s running for me. Suddenly, I slow down. I have trusted John too much over the week to believe that he is going to kill me. Still, the idea lingers in my head as I catch up to John.

“Did you think I was going to kill you or something?” he asked with a frown on his face.

I am too embarrassed to answer.

“Look, you may not see it right now, but you will. Look what I brought with me.” He holds up a small shovel. I understand immediately.

“Do you have a spare?” I ask. He throws me an even smaller shovel. Hey, it’s better than digging with your hands.

After we dig for about ten minutes, I feel something blocking the path of the shovel. “Hey, John, I think I got something here,” I call out.

John is digging about four feet away from me, with no luck. He strides towards me. “I think this is it! Go on, I’ll help you.”

“Is this the surprise?”

John shoots me a what-do-you-think-it-is-stupid look. I stick my tongue out in reply. I am in good spirits. What could it be?

Some more clearing out the area leads to the answer. A hoard full of maps. Real, full, expertly-drawn maps. I am almost coming to tears, but then I remember to be strong and not be a puny wimp.

“I can’t believe it! You hid all these?” I exclaim.

“It’s all yours,” John replies back.

“Do you have maps in your bag?”

“Yes, in fact I do.”

“What?! You should have told me!”

“Yes, I could have, but that would have spoiled the surprise, no?” he asks me with a sly smile. I am slightly mad- but John is the type to keep secrets from me, anyways.

Well, there goes Number Three- Try to find a complete map.

John is my best friend here in Twist. I hope it stays that way.


We are making camp now. It is Day 21, as far as I know. Lots of things has happened this week. I make another list.

1. Discovery Hills
2. Complete Map
3. Three Weeks in Twist

Why would Leo call this place Twist? It’s really scary and it doesn’t fit this place. I try to come up with better names for this place. While I do that, I multitask by making another To Do. These are getting helpful.

To Do’s- List Two

1. Try to explore for an exit.
2. More human contact! Possibly travel in a group someday.
3. Home Base Makeover.
4. Gold Base One and 100!
5. Look for better food.
6. Be free.

As I compare the first list from the second, I am surprised. In two to three weeks, my goals have started from primary and important to just optional and more relaxed. They have become more secondary. Of course, all the primary duties- health, clothing, travel- are still number one on my list. But other than that, I really don’t have to do anything. I can just take my time.

However, one thing stays constant even though my goals have changed. Be free. I repeat that over and over in my head, until the ‘be’ is dropped off. Free. Free. Free. Free to aboveground. Free to my family. Free to live my life.

How wrong I was to take freedom for granted. I will my brain to etch in my mind that one day, freedom will come. And I will cherish every part of it.

October 22nd, 2010, 11:32 PM
I wonder if I should just end the story (agonizingly) here, and make it a 'short story' with a cliffhanger (sort of) ending, or make it bigger. Actually, I seriously intended this story to be shorter than this.

EDIT: Here's a short one.

Week 5- Planning

It’s Day 30. Today’s just about as far as I wanted to be in this place, but I must accept the fact that I will be here much longer than that. John and I are tidying up my base and packing an abundance of food for a long trip that we will take. I’m getting used to walking and jogging now, and my muscles have been getting more toned. It is the only option, because I need to stay fit to survive.

I’d never thought that I would die of hunger in this place, though I came close a few times. I looked at this place more like a jail than the ‘wilderness’. Do people die in jail?

Anyways, John has another thing planned out for me. Now that we have the maps, I can show John exactly where we should go. I’m still fuming slightly about the fact that John had the maps all along, but I don’t complain or pout. I decide that John did that for a reason, although I can’t quite determine what exactly the reason is. We decide to go to the Gold Base nearest from us, B100. Because it is one of the most well-known, John tells me that we might actually be able to make another person join our two-man group. That would further help an item on my refined To Do list. I think it is Number Two.

Another matter I must address is how John and I do our business. Of course, we respect each other’s privacy. We look away and read How to Read a Boat respectively, looking away, while the other person digs up a hole. After I read the book for the umpteenth time, I just try to fill in whatever I might have missed in this journal of mine. After John or I’m done, we get a move on again. I shouldn’t have to explain any more than that, because that’s other matters.

It should take about a week or so for John and I to make this journey. When we’re close to getting there, I will write as such. But for now…