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September 25th, 2010, 03:07 AM
There are three kinds of vampires in the world, there are the ones that are born human and converted at some later date, there are the ones who are born into it, and then there are the Halflings. Halflings are what you get when one parent is a vampire and one isnt. I am of type number three.

If you think that being normal is boring then spend a day in my life I guarantee that by the end of the day youll want your own life back.

This cant be happening this is so not happening. I told myself as I stared in the mirror, against the backdrop of the yellowish walls my alabaster reflection seemed even paler than usual, whether that was due to the horrid lighting or really true, I had no Idea. I had always been a really bad liar but this was just pathetic. I couldnt even convince myself that there was some other explanation for what I saw before me in the mirror of the girls bathroom. Even born vampires go through a process where their vampire side became dominant and their physiology shifted from ordinary human to vampire. As a Halfling (Mom is human and Dad is a vampire) I had never known exactly if I would make the change at all for years I had hoped that I never would. Today though, I was showing every sign of the change that I could. I could pass off the fatigue as being from staying up working on homework, I could ignore the sensitivity I now had to any kind of harsh light as a migraine and fool myself into thinking it was true. Those things both had other possible causes, but the fangs? They didnt.
I didnt have the small human fangs that everyone else did. When my baby ones had fallen out when I was eight they had never grown back in adult size. Dad had explained to me that this was normal for vampires and Halflings. Hed told me that they might never grow back in at all but if they ever did it would mean that I would be like him when I grew up. My fangs growing in was an undeniable sign of the change, I sign that I couldnt pass off as having some other cause. So naturally I was taken aback when I was the perfect sharp cones of white marble sticking out of the gaps in my upper row of teeth.
I could feel tears coming up and forced myself into a stall. I took out my cell phone sent a text to my friend Clair, as the only one who knew about my familys heritage she was also the only one I could count on to understand. She had lived with us since her parents had gone away to Europe without her. She knew a lot about us because of that. Its not like you can hide the fact that your dad is a vampire when your best friend lives in your room.

Help! Trouble! Code Red! I need 2 talk 2 u NOW!

I sent the text message and prayed she would come. It was very near the end of lunch and I feared that I wouldnt have time to explain what I needed to.
When Clair did arrive she called my name. Amy! Amy come out, its me! I came out. My black hair hung in lose tangles as if I hadnt brushed it. I took her over to the mirror and showed her the fangs growing in. When I explained exactly what they meant she asked me if I was leaving school early. I said no but told her to go to class ahead of me and pull down the window shade by our desks.
I cant take harsh light, especially not sunlight the fluorescents are bad enough but the sun is unbearable. I cant leave but I also cant take the sunlight.
Its ok, its going to be ok. She said trying to calm me. She couldnt possibly know what its like but she knew enough to know that this was a very big deal. That was all she needed to know. I didnt want her to know just how much this could make things change until she had to. It would freak her out too if she knew the whole truth and I needed her to be the one who wouldnt freak out. Sometime between now and the next couple of days my eyes would go from brown like my mothers to red like my dads. My problems with harsh light would grow much worse until I would never be able to go out in the sun again, in time even harsh electric lights would become a problem.

A few hours later I was feeling even worse. A strange red blur was starting to invade my field of vision and I felt physically weak my headache almost unbearable. Thankfully I had managed to get through the rest of the school day. I crossed myself and prayed my thanks to God that my troubles had gone unnoticed. My family and I held a deep rooted Christian Orthodox faith, that I was alive at all now was a blessing at this rate and it felt right to thank the lord that no one who was clueless to my real plight had interceded. Clair helped me out and on to the school bus. Mercifully covering us beneath her black umbrella she took the window seat so that the sun wouldnt reach me. The bus kept hitting bumps in the road that only seemed to make me more ill and the ten minutes from school to our house seemed to take forever.
When we arrived home and made it inside I was laid down on the sofa and given water and food. All noise in the house ceased and a damp cloth was placed over my eyes. It took hours until I recovered; when that happened I got up to find my mom and Clair whispering nervously to each other and my dad on the phone, talking swiftly in some other language. Whats Dad doing? I asked.
My mom answered Hes trying to get you a transfer hes trying to get you into the school he went to in Italy.
A transfer? I gasped. You-you mean I have to leave town? Education got rather complicated for young vampires often they were either homeschooled or sent to a special vampire academy some were like regular schools and some were boarding schools a few that I knew of were both, they all had one thing in common and that is that classes were held at night. I had never known never wanted to entertain the possibility long enough to think about what my family would do.
Yes dear, there arent any vampire academies close enough to here for you to be safe.
Do I have to go all the way to Italy?
Lets just say that not all vampire schools are as tolerant in certain aspects plus your father has always insisted that you attend the same school he did but hes also trying to transfer Clair as well.
Clair spoke up then, You mean I get to come? she said smiling living with vampires was nothing new to her.
Yes its not often allowed but the head mistress at this particular school owes our family a favor
They let humans in this school? I asked surprised
No my mom answered, actually they rarely allow Halflings, as I said the head mistress owes us as you kids would say big time.
Great, once we got to our new school we would be a rarity Clair would probably be the only human student there and I would bet that there werent a lot of Halflings among the students either.
Dad put the phone down from the look on his face wed both gotten in.

The transfer was immediate we spent the rest of the night packing and our flight to Spain left at five AM the next morning. I could tell Clair was more than a little scared why wouldnt she be?
Everything is going to be different now isnt it?

Richard Smith
September 26th, 2010, 09:42 AM
I'm not big into the modern vampire, give me Nosferatu or Dracula anyday. There isn't enough darkness here, not enough fear. I like the halfling idea, it has a lot of promise, but the execution seems to be lacking.