View Full Version : someone called Eric

September 21st, 2010, 08:35 PM
so this is a man called Eric - I have no plan for him or indeed any idea why he is here but I like the grey suit idea I think it has room to grow, something is a little menacing about such a deliberate choice of a dull colour. all suggestions welcome as ever and feel free to borrow any part of Eric you like :)

A grey business suit, neat presentation and cropped hair, on a monday morning in the finical hub of london he became a background feature. Eric was what you would expect the typical financier to look like; tall and thin, like a bean pole, his skin was dark and lined, as if returning from a mediterranean holiday spent in the sun, he wore glasses and had no real distinguishing features, in a word he was - scrawny; should he have been a friend of yours you probably wouldn't let him leave a party alone because of his apparent vulnerability. His eyes however had always set him apart, small with only a hint of colour, like a deep cool lake they could hold your attention for hours without any reason. There was one other thing that rather set Eric apart from that of his colleagues,you wouldn't know should you pass him by in the street. But concealed in his inside jacket pocket rested the heavy comforting weight of a loaded .2 revolver,