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September 4th, 2010, 08:16 AM

New to this site..I just started a new story (title) & it is presented in a blog format. It's fairly new so there's only a few entries but I wanted to post anyway. Questions/Critique encouraged!


Entry 01
I never wanted to be famous or a huge movie star. I never wanted to be rich or popular eitherI just wanted to be me, whoever that is Chloe Swift

Hey there! Tomorrow Ill be doing my first porno but its not what you think..Ill just be in the background as some sexy masseuse, away from the action. I dont think the camera will even be on me for that long which Im grateful for..I really should be used to hungry eyes watching me, but Im no fan of extra attention. Leave that to the spotlight chasers, give me simplicity..

I grew up in Shady Pastures, trailer park in western Nebraska, with my hollow mother & four different stepfathers. My biological dad was in & out of prison so there isnt much to be said about him.. Mom, or Janet, was hardly involved. Eric, stepdad #2, knows me better than she does..Any money Janet got went straight to her habit of the week. I honestly didnt care that she was killing herself. I was more concerned about the safety of my little brothers..Anyways, I got a waitressing job at 16 to save up & run away, yaknow typical small town tale. Unfortunately tips came in pennies but I got word of a gentlemens club in the next town..On my 18th birthday I auditioned & started the following week. It was great pay & I met some cool folks (cool as you can get in Bumblefk USA). I made enough so we didnt eat generic food & my brothers didnt have to wear the same underwear 3 days in a row..But 4 months ago after 3 years of working there, the joint was shut down. Benny, the owner, had a heroin side hustle & cops had caught onto him. They said hed been selling for 3 years, but it was actually 5yrs. I know because 4 1/2 yrs ago the heroin he sold my mom was so potent she went into a week-long comaI threatened to squeal on him but he promised to make it up when I hit 18. Guess that helped my try-out. Benny made good on his word sending every customer my way, urging high tips. But he was still a drug pushing scumbag, good riddance.

Just a small introduction but I should wrap it up. Kind of weird going to bed when Im usually just getting started. Oh well thats life, always changing. See ya soon!

-XoXo Chloe


Hopefully this is in the right place..I'm ahead about 3 weeks ahead writing wise but might skip a day posting to give it the more journal-feel. Slow pace & then pick it up gradually..You can read other entries in the link in my sig or right here (http://porndiaries.wordpress.com). Thanks!

-Sarah C.