View Full Version : Monday (Short Story)

August 31st, 2010, 08:16 PM
This is a short story I wrote while extremely hungover in Edinburgh. Let me know what you think :)


He sat crouched in an Edinburgh pub, cradling his head. The hangover had reintroduced him to his unwelcome friend: apathy. He didn't care about the intense headache; the food had been nothing more than a joyless necessity. Cigarette rolled in moments, muscle memory snapping into action. As he stepped out of the pub, searing rays hit his tired eyes. The mid-day sun was out in force. He stumbled on to the pavement as he sparked up. A large American man walked enthusiastically out of the crowd, straight into him.
Watch where you're going. Fucking tourist, he growled.
As his eyes adjusted to the light, he walked meaningfully through Cowgate. As he arrived in Hunter's Square, he realised he had no destination in mind. Pigeons playfully tossed a piece of bread around on the kerb. Noticing The Tron, he thought for a moment... Fuck it: pint.

He bought a pint of Foster's and put Joy Division on the jukebox, making some meaningless banter with the barmaid. At least she seemed to enjoy it. He sat staring into space. The bar staff were busy preparing for the show that would take place later, except one barmaid. She stared at him: concerned? Disgusted? It didn't really matter.
The pint tasted bitter as it swept past his chapped lips at an alarming rate.
Cheer up mate, a well-meaning regular said.

He looked down at his scuffed converse. How could he? She was gone. He had been off with her all weekend: the only one he could ever bring himself to love. She hadn't done anything wrong. He had a habit of pushing people away when he needed them the most.