View Full Version : Not For God or England, for Harry

May 27th, 2010, 08:02 PM
A singe word, when heard, sends a man unperturbed,
Into the jaws of the beast, his price no saints day feast,
No flags to hold his cross, caring not of any personal cost,
Cursed Un-able to accept Unacceptable loss……

Past the dog with three necks, one for each severed head,
Through the forest of the Nosferatu’s ten thousand living-dead,
Past count Dracula and Dante’s flaming basement submission
Ancient sword and shield honed to bright precision.

The dragon surrounded by the army of the dead,
Casually looked up, and with nonchalance he said,
Here's the king has sent his jester on to us this dull-day,
To entertain my court do you intend to dance, sing or play?

Too the dark cackling hoard, the man just drew his sword,
I come with a single word ,so absurd, and drastically perfect,
I will take your dragon’s heart to my king and serve it,
As a dish on which he will dine, As the trial to that return that's mine.

They fell on him from every side, eager to be the first to stretch his hide,
But with the patience of man chopping wood, he stood, and stood,
The more he slew, the more the further grew, and in turn the more he slew,
Before too long, the seathing throng, was gone, strewn around the cavern,
One stood amidst the carnage, looking striaght back at the dragon.

So my army you have defeated, the dragon hissed whilst still seated,
Now you face a much sterner test, he added to puffing out his chest,
But in a flash as fast as lightening, swung with all the might in him,
A single blow aimed at the heart, tore that dragon’s whole chest apart.

The dying dragon dying at his feet, now another’s king's banquet meat,
Looked up at the man and gasped, how could you come here to my own layer,
With an old soldiers sword, not the golden lance of a dragon-slayer,
This word you said, so absurd, you came with must be heard, for it must be great?

”Daddy,”” said the man, dragons still beating heart in his hand,
"To hear that word, spoken true, dragon, you have no idea the things i could do."