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  1. Amazon.com putting the screws to POD publishers
  3. Short story/poetry market - GUD Magazine
  4. The 2010 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award
  5. An whole new approach to getting published... that works
  6. Agent Search 101
  7. Whoopee! I’m “published. Now what?
  8. Go, Queenslander!!
  9. Online Publishing
  10. Independent Book Festival
  11. Bookspan - book clubs
  12. A Resume with a Query Letter
  13. My Tapestry of Internet Writing An 800 Word Statement
  14. The Pyramid of Publishing Success
  15. Publishing Basics
  16. Reasons not to be afraid of piracy
  17. Hav the guts to fail... or you aren't going to make it
  18. Publishing Process for Non Fiction?
  19. A new world of publishing beckons
  20. Is your interior book design as important as your book cover?
  21. I found this great book cover blog-site for inspiration
  22. What's that website
  23. Help finding publisher for strange format
  24. help please I am completely lost.
  25. Brand new here--need some direction
  26. Major deals for debut writers
  27. Plan of action for Publishing?
  28. advice sought
  29. Fonts
  30. I want to be published.
  31. Nothing too basic
  32. Helpful info on Publishing Profits
  33. Publishing a Comic
  34. So, say (hypothetically)...
  35. How Do I Start Publishing
  36. Where can I publish my writings on an old slapstick comedian, Larry Semon?
  37. A Couple Questions About Publishing
  38. What makes a good Synopsis?
  39. Not sure what to do...
  40. Submitting something already on your blog
  41. Examples of Blogs Made into Books?
  42. Authors Online - any good?
  43. Literary vs. Mainstream
  44. A foot in the door(?)
  45. Is it better to finish your novel first?
  46. A collaboration of short stories. Legal input?
  47. Submission Guideline Puzzlement
  48. Children's stories with illustration
  49. My blogging experiment
  50. Looking For Newer Writing Magazines
  51. Getting feedback in the childrens' picture book market
  52. New to Writing, Publishing Information?
  53. My character wants to whisper. How do I show that in a manuscript?
  54. PubIt! by Barnes & Noble - Easy eBook Publishing!
  55. XinXii.com - Worldwide eBook Publishing
  56. How realistic are my hopes for getting published
  57. The Winding Path of a Budding Author
  58. Online publishing
  59. New Writer needs help setting fee for corporate client
  60. New to publishing
  61. A Question About Republishing
  62. Published Poet interviewed on CBC radio today!
  63. Editor
  64. More rejection letters to share.
  65. Just A Tad Overwhelmed...
  66. How much to charge...
  67. Questions from a would-be writer - is this a good ideea?
  68. Question
  69. Proof-reading
  70. Book Design
  71. All Work and No Joy Makes Forums Boring as Heck
  72. Kindle Publishing Service, royalties and tax
  73. Exclusivity Agreement
  74. standard non-compete clause in an anthology contract?
  75. So, the story’s finished, and polished, and repolished. Then what?
  76. Back cover testimonials
  77. An atypical question
  78. Can You publish the same book with a different title?
  79. Contests that accept previously published material?
  80. How much $$$$?
  81. Converting a blog
  82. If I publish a chapter of my manuscript...?
  83. The Pressure of the 99-cent Novel
  84. Getting Published
  85. Somewhere to Submit a Short Story?
  86. Well, I went and did it..
  87. Print on Demand Publishing
  88. Poetry book
  89. My paperbacks will soon be available
  90. I'm on a roll
  91. Magazines that will take my work HELP
  92. The downhill slide with self-publishing
  93. Thinking about Kindle
  94. My book's back cover blurb
  95. Need Help Clarifying These Guidelines
  96. Is this the future for self-publishing?
  97. I'm a writer, not a Business Man
  98. The fallen piano of bad news (And those who were crushed beneath it)
  99. Writing the story of Life with Joe
  100. The LuLu, Smashwords, Kindle, POD information thread
  101. My little secret...
  102. Short Story Publishers?
  103. The Threat of E-Book Piracy
  104. new ebook idea....
  105. The Publishing Industry's War with Amazon
  106. Editor or proof reader
  107. Publishing First Rights
  108. Getting your book reviewed????
  109. Might be a long shot...
  110. To Cut or Not to Cut...
  111. Well it's official! I am published.
  112. "Publishing" Online
  113. Publishing Genres
  114. Blog writers, what are the first steps for creating a blog?
  115. Sending Short-Stories to Magazines
  116. Appropriate amount for movie rights?
  117. Punctuation, Typesetters, and Artists, oh my!
  118. Question about a submission
  119. Cookbooks?
  120. Harlequin
  121. Suddenly unsure that I even want to be published...
  122. Genre, Theme, Subgenre??? HELP!
  123. Has anyone ever been easily published?
  124. Posting work online
  125. Writing Group for completed full length novels
  126. Ghostwriting advice
  127. Anyone ready to take the pledge with me?
  128. If someone could please help me.. I'd appreciate it.
  129. I often wonder...
  130. Copyright
  131. Published books / Being a reader vs Being a writer
  132. Steampunk in the U.K.
  133. Copyright before submitting manuscript?
  134. Helpful website
  135. Short Story Accepted! Now What?
  136. Print on Demand companies?
  137. Web-serial
  138. Am I charging too much or not enough?
  139. Compiling 10yrs worth of Newspaper columns into a book
  140. Unbound ... A new idea on publishing ?
  141. Newbie to the Forum with Time Management Question
  142. Genre Hell
  143. State of the Publishing Industry? + My Thoughts
  144. Penguin Books Jump on the Self Publishing Bandwagon
  145. Publishing a chapter from my WIP
  146. Publishing a Video Game Reference Book
  147. Lacking Credentials for your Bio?
  148. The Requirements of Publishing
  149. Multiple Submissions?
  150. Those really cheap e-books
  151. Can anyone recommend a trustworthy self publishing co'?
  152. Just finished my book don't know what to do with it
  153. First Submissions
  154. Pseudonym
  155. Can someone elaborate on this phrase please
  156. Some questions about publishing
  157. This thread is for those who want to be published. Tell me WHY you do.
  158. Who's to say...?
  159. Has anyone ever thought about publishing their book for free?
  160. Canadian Indie Publishers, Kindle, Smashwords, etc. And GST
  161. Back in the old days...
  162. too many words for a first-timer?
  163. Publishing recipe books..
  164. Regarding quality of works
  165. Publishing a Novel between online friends
  166. Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon; copyrights?
  167. Advice for publishing a short story
  168. Advice for getting this published(first book in a series, Epic fantasy, first book)
  169. Pitching an uncompleted manuscript
  170. Promoting your books
  171. Publishing Fantasy as a teenage author: is it possible?
  172. A Tad Late
  173. That First Submission - Devastating Letdown or Status Quo?
  174. In this thread, we share our rejection letters.
  175. proposals: help!
  176. How to publish my book in USA
  177. Alternate ways to see if your book is worth publishing (by not getting an agent)
  178. How to get published
  179. Short stories with a twist - which publishers?
  180. NYT bestseller Lawrence Block on self-publishing: All changed, changed utterly...
  181. First Person narratives seem so popular today
  183. What do people mean by memoirs exactly?
  184. Harlequin author Ann Voss Peterson earned $0.11 per book sold
  185. Publishing an Individual Chapter from your Novel?
  186. Animosity Towards Publishers and Editors?
  187. Will content writing for sites like textbroker help?
  188. law wrangling (for beginners)
  189. Publsishing via 'Kindle'
  190. Copyright Date
  191. Publishing Only One Book?
  192. How editors in a publishing house work
  193. Lunch with publisher - help with what to expect
  194. Professional Pay?
  195. Finding people to publish my Scifi shorts?
  196. Help with "writer's resume" ?
  197. First Short Story - Contest, or General Submission?
  198. I Will Edit Your Manuscript for Free
  199. Bestselling fantasy author Terry Goodkind finding success with self-publishing
  200. Formatting a manuscript (specifically, font)
  201. Pitching an Illustrated Children's Series Without Illustrations (Can it be done?)
  202. Potential copyright issues due to early drafts?
  203. Anyone else been told that novellas don't sell?
  204. Rejection letter competition!
  205. Editor Keeps Writing to Me
  206. What word processor or typewriter (!) do you use to write on?
  207. Chances of Getting This Published?
  208. What do you do to attract traffic?
  209. Where do I begin?
  210. Odd question about word counts...
  211. Another A List Writer Decides to Self Publish
  212. An exciting moment
  213. Help me, I'm torn...
  214. Nearly finished my first 'book'
  215. I have two choices....
  216. Madness at the library
  217. Getting published - some questions
  218. Help with submission guidelines.
  219. College-aged authors on tight budgets
  220. Series or Stand-Alone books...
  221. Pricing on Amazon?
  222. Short Book of Poetry
  223. Smashwords vs. Amazon Kindle Direct
  224. Finding a publisher halfway into your book
  225. Who publishes rubbish books?
  226. Delightfully bad books?
  227. Awards?
  228. A egal situation
  229. Publishing rights and Internet forums.
  230. Niche Genre - Self Pulish or Traditional?
  231. Online Game Questions How much to charge?
  232. I have a question....
  233. I'm ready to get published
  234. Blogging my book - bad idea?
  235. Cover Images
  236. Random House and Penguin merger has given me pause...
  237. Good proofreader in London?
  238. Harper Collins
  239. An Encouraging Rejection
  240. First rejection letter
  241. An Idiot's Guide to Publishing
  242. Publishing and Pen Names
  243. Back to the drawing board!
  244. how many books published by a particular publisher per year?
  245. Can age interfere with publishing?
  246. Best blog site for stories?
  247. Help I Need Some Advice
  248. New to, well, everything.
  249. duotrope set to charge writers
  250. Authors who have gone from self to traditional publishing and vice versa?