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  1. can you write a 50 word story? try it!
  2. Three Word Story
  3. Life is like a...
  4. Who might you be?
  5. 100 word story
  6. The New Bad Writing Competition...just for laughs! (LANGUAGE)
  7. The WF Challenges Tea Room
  8. Song Title Story Challenge
  9. 100 Word Story Challenge!
  10. The Microfiction Thread
  11. Interview with your MC
  12. Interview With Your Antagonist
  13. Spontaneous Writing Challenge
  14. Your Story In One Sentence
  15. Short Sentence Stories
  16. Do Something With These Words...
  17. Intro sentences
  18. Short Story Mix and Match
  19. Collab writing: Add a chapter picking up where the last one left off.
  20. The Mentor's Challenge
  21. Write/Add to story based on orginal picture
  22. Mentor Monthly Challenge: February.
  23. #001 A Bad Story in 20 Comments
  24. Eternal Story
  25. J. J. Maxx's Daily Dose of Dialogue!
  26. Can you make a sentence a story?
  27. The Wordsmith's Challenge
  28. Autumn Haiku Challenge
  29. NOVEMBER Short Story Mix and Match(S.S.M.A.M.)
  30. The Picture/Plot/Situation Challenge!
  31. Write a Story or Poem inspired by this Animation
  32. The Great Race: Prose Writing Challenge
  33. Tone and emotion
  34. Thin air and the stream of consciousness
  35. Flash Fiction Challenge - 500 Words or less
  36. LET'S FIGHT!
  37. this map specific, worldbuilder, 650max fiction challenge
  38. Let's Write a Novel in August!
  39. The Neverending Story
  40. Describe a scene game!
  41. Death
  42. The scrap of writing that our brains wanted to create
  43. Grab a partner! - Collaborator challenge (Intrigue)
  44. Proposed new challenge: The Paragraph Prompt
  45. Collaborators Unite! May Picture Challenge