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  1. Two parts poetry, one part opium and a dram o' Scotland's finest
  2. So You Want To Be A Writer- by Charles Bukowski
  3. A Glass Half Full, by Felix Dennis
  4. Overplayed but meh
  5. A look at language(adult language)
  6. Poem o' the Day
  7. James K Baxter
  8. Averno by Louise Gluck
  9. The Ultimate Gift
  10. The Reading
  11. Merry Christmas To All
  12. half-caste
  13. The Motel
  14. Ariel - Sylvia Plath
  15. Core of Everything by:Rhealyn Letada
  16. Poetry by colin leslie dean
  17. Your favorites.
  18. Suggestions
  19. The Lover Pleads for Old Friends - W.B.Yeats
  20. Morrison-from the book- The Lords and the New Creatures
  21. Are you giving Edna St. Vincent Millay her Propers?
  22. This Time Imperfect- Davey Havok from AFI
  23. The Path of Pain
  24. Nick Cave - Wild Rose
  25. The Concrete River by Luis J. RodrÃ*guez
  26. A Dance For Militant Diletantes By Al Young
  27. The Waste Land - By TS Eliot
  28. Who's The Hardest Poet To Understand?
  29. Greatest Thing to Come from a Lawyer
  30. Lost
  31. Your Favourite Poets
  32. Pete Sinfield - The Night People
  33. Casey at the Bat
  34. The Smoke Off
  35. The Person Within (A literary interperation)
  36. The River Nile
  37. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  38. The Road Not Taken - Robert Frost
  39. William Blake
  40. Remember
  41. Hello, any professors of literature . . . . .
  42. She walks in beauty
  43. Do It Anyway
  44. Half close your eyelids, loosen your hair...
  45. To Eliza
  46. Regime Change - Andrew Motion
  47. Write em Cowboy
  48. Celebrate the Prose Poem: A Story About the Body by Robert Hass
  49. Please help me find poetry!
  50. Charles Bukowski
  51. "Keep My Memory Green"
  52. e.e cummings
  53. From a Distant World
  54. Desert Places by Robert Frost
  55. Wilfred Owen - Dulce Et Decorum Est
  56. Fastest way to publishing.
  57. What- no Shakespeare?
  58. Sylvia Plath
  59. Walt Whitman, 'O Captain! My Captain!'
  60. Shaking things up a little
  61. Beauty - by Charles Baudelaire
  64. Ogden Nash anyone?
  65. Maya Angelou
  66. Metallica the unforgiven trilogy lyrical discussion thread
  67. Poetry Garbage/Influences
  68. Los Novios - Paz
  69. Birds
  70. "The Romantic Dogs" (poetica infrarealismo)
  71. A poem from a book, I am reading.
  72. Ogden Nash & Spike Milligan move over, make way for Norman Lindsay
  73. Sexless solitude and other poems
  74. Her Story by Maigrhead Medbh
  75. 'La Vita Nuova' and Other Dante Works
  76. H.D Doolittle
  77. James Joyce
  78. Antonio Machado's La Saeta (in Spanish)
  79. Two of my favorite quotes/excerpts:
  80. W.B. YEATS anyone?
  81. Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  82. Wilson: To A Sleeping Child (who is Wilson?)
  83. Pablo Neruda
  84. The Colonel by Carloyn Forché
  85. Favorite lyricists?
  86. Julia de Burgos
  87. Highway 61 Revisited - The great Bob Dylan
  88. What is your favorite poem by Longfellow?
  89. Favourite poem list.
  90. Leonard Cohen
  91. Cowboy Junkies
  92. And what of Charles Bukowski?
  93. "the shooting of dan mcgrew"
  94. Make way for Norman Lindsay
  95. The worst poet?
  96. Fear - Raymond Carver
  97. We need more stuff like this:
  98. The Psalms
  99. "I must create my own system of be enslaved by another man's."
  100. The Most Difficult Poem Ever to be Written?
  101. Josh Ritter - The Curse
  102. Margaret Atwood's Half Hanged Mary
  103. The Fighting Spirit of a Southern Man (Language)
  104. End note: Why do we go to Church?
  105. A Song- Joshua James - The Soul And The Sea
  106. Works of xlwoo
  107. The moving on song
  108. English translation of the poem Denial by Nobel Laureate Greek poet Giorgos Seferis
  109. Robinson Jeffers
  110. Does anybody know the other verses?
  111. Dutch Lullaby - Eugene Field
  112. InMortality, by Benjamin Cook
  113. Translation: Poem in Tune of Pusaman
  114. Snow 1936 (Translated)
  115. A translated peom: Butterflies in Love with Flowers by Su Dongpo
  116. Ryan O'Neal of Sleeping at Last
  117. A Translated Poem: Sweet Smell Around Us
  118. A Translated Poem(4): A Water Dragon Chant, By Xin Qiji
  119. Poets famous during their lifetime?
  120. A Translated Poem --Long Yearning
  121. The Madness Vase by Andrea Gibson
  122. A translated poem: Looking In Dusk in Jin Ling by Gao Chan
  123. Roger Mcgough poetry..makes me laugh
  124. A Translated Poem: Everlasting Longing By Lu You
  125. A Translated Poem: Buterflies Love Flowers By Lu You
  126. The Lanyard by Billy Collins
  127. A SONG OF LIANG ZHOU (Translated)
  128. brace yourself for The Richard Yates in person
  129. Translated: Untile (1) by Li Shangyin
  130. Translated: Untiled (1) by Li Shangyin
  131. A translated poem: Sheng Sheng Man/ Li Qing Zhao
  132. Untitled--Li Shangyin
  133. Translated: lPusaman-On The Soap Mouth Cliff of Jiangxi by Xin Qiji
  134. A Translated poem: Jiang Cheng Zi / Su Dong Po
  135. A Translated poem: Huan Xi Sha by Yan Shu
  136. A Translatred Poem: After Another Poem By Jia Dao (Tang Dynasty)
  137. A Translated Ci By Xin Qiji: Pozhenzi
  138. A Translated Ci --Yi qin e By Li Qingzhao (Song Dynasty)
  139. She is gone, by David Harkins
  140. Elementary by G Yamazawa
  141. A Translated poem: Pusaman by Su Shi
  142. Hijab Scene #7 -- Mohja Kahf
  143. Old favourite: The Eagle by Gareth Parsons
  144. Translated: The Butterfly Lingers over Flowers/ Ou Yang Xiu
  145. A Translated Poem: Sending A Friend Back Home
  146. A Translated poem: Much Sorrow By Chairman Mao
  147. A Translated Poem:Writing The Grief And Indignation / Lu You
  148. Three Translated Ancient Chinese poems
  149. The River City/ Su Dongpo ( Analysis Translation)
  150. Butterflies Love Flowers (Parting with Li Gongze At a spring evening) Su Dongpo
  151. I Love You Girl (Translated Lyrics)
  152. Anne Sexton's
  153. Jumping Out Of The Chest /Tang Fu (Translation)
  154. Charles Bukowski's
  155. The Jin Song
  156. Philip Larkin's..(language)
  157. Getting Drunk
  158. A Twig of Plum Blossom By Wu Huaichu
  159. sylvia plath..ariel
  160. The Ode of Resentment (translation)
  161. W H Auden Funeral Blues
  162. The Faults of Qin (A Translation work)
  163. John Berryman
  164. Philip Levine...working class poet
  165. Dylan Thomas
  166. ted hughes
  167. She Walks in Beauty, Lord Byron
  168. Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins
  169. The Tune of Linjiangxian By Yang Shen
  170. Donald Hall
  171. On being asked to write a poem against the war in Vietnam.
  172. A Poem by Ernest Hemingway
  173. The Rising Crane
  174. A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  175. Writing that grabs you, maybe.
  176. A Poem Everyone Should Read
  177. Anyone familiar with Judy Ruiz
  178. Ode to the Moon By Liaokang
  179. Sharon Olds - "The Language of the Brag"
  180. To Meet Others
  181. Where is the next Lawrence Ferlinghetti?
  182. Absolution
  183. A Handful of Thyme
  184. The Ballad of the Lonely Masturbator
  185. The More Loving One
  186. Swimming to New Zealand
  187. The Tantrum
  188. Advice to Colonel Valentine
  189. Ars Poetica
  190. Magna Est Veritas by Coventry Patmore
  191. Consolation for Tamar