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  1. Animals are Wanted
  2. Areas of Expertise
  3. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Native American Lore
  5. Japan???
  6. spiders
  7. Extra sensitive hearing?
  8. Police Ranks And Their Roles
  9. Egypt
  10. Motorbikes
  11. Japanese Myths
  12. Advice Needed on Sci Fi Story Idea
  13. Managing a Vegetable Garden
  14. American slang in 1970s
  15. Ambulances/Police Cruisers
  16. What does it take to network 30Million minds implanted on your head?
  17. Diet Books
  18. Hollywood hot spots and food
  19. The devil/fiend
  20. Vampire Research
  21. Mac Cadam
  22. Need some help with an idea for my fantasy story.
  23. geography in fantasy
  24. Motorcycle research?
  25. Private Investigators-cum-writers - How do you locate a “missing” person?
  26. A question for the British
  27. Clothes (Female Responders Preferred).
  28. Bus Terminals in Las Vegas, Nevada and San Francisco/Oakland, California
  29. The Definition of "Steampunk"
  30. Breaking Out of a Secure Facility
  31. Distance Question?
  32. A Question for Police Officers or Ex-Military.
  33. What is the name of this type of computing
  34. Electricity/ Generator/ Post-apocalypse question
  35. How to talk to children?
  36. 13 Earths - collision problem
  37. Does anyone know where I can find
  38. Military Ranks
  39. What if . . . ?
  40. Love story.
  41. Any theology buffs? Wondering about sin.
  42. Yet another new idea
  43. Another Question for the Ladies (OX, That Means Stay Out).
  44. What would emotions taste like?
  45. Do you know the answer to this question?
  46. Teen Sitcom Into SF Thriller
  47. When do children start calling their mothers "Mom"?
  48. King Louis XVII, digging through rumors
  49. Anyone speak Japanese?
  50. Antarctic Doctors?
  51. Research-thread
  52. Ear piercings
  53. Single White Female Syndrome and Sociopath
  54. Anyone know about ranching?
  55. Naval combatants question.
  56. Question on United States Constitution
  57. Ever have a source stonewall you?
  58. Future tech
  59. the dog ate my lab results?
  60. locations and time line
  61. Police Question
  62. Victoriana evolved
  63. Working fantasy-creatures: centaurs?
  64. JFK Airport, Terminal 4
  65. Destroying an in-flight ICBM
  66. Physical Therapy for Gunshot Wound?
  67. Hello all + Question about energy weapons
  68. Does anyone have extensive knowledge on boats?
  69. Religion
  70. Organized crime/undercover police
  71. Am writing a book based on a RPG game I played..
  72. Fencing
  73. Weird question on "fingers"
  74. Sources for effects of injuries
  75. The female mind
  76. Research - necessary or cheeky?
  77. How Vague/Specific should one be?
  78. info on charlemagne's time
  79. More Apocalyptic questions: Power Grid, wind turbines, radio,
  80. 5 major forces of society?
  81. Captain being forced out of command?
  82. Doing stories about Fariy Folklore
  83. A Detective's Job
  84. Paris and le Champs-Elysees
  85. San Francisco
  86. Story Takes Place in New York - I've never been there!
  87. Quick question on sight in relation to distance.
  88. Fictional Business for a story.
  89. Unclaimed belongings of the deceased?
  90. Robert James Dixson
  91. Relocating a character
  92. High School?
  93. Martial Law
  94. Here's my first research question: expensive cars 1970s
  95. Name?
  96. Questions about inheritance and abandoned houses
  97. Quarantine
  98. The Immortal Mind: Theorectical Operation of Perpetual Sentience
  99. Research-1950s
  100. Possible french words?
  101. Where to start when researching a True Crime book?
  102. Need bus schedule from 1980
  103. Motorcycle Research
  104. External Metal Fire Escapes
  105. Angelic beings
  106. Were blind people neccesarily put in boarding homes in the 1950s?
  107. Research question
  108. What education is recommended for the individual who wishes to be a surgeon?
  109. Medical question - Caesarian birth. Any doctors in the house?
  110. Vicars & Curates ~ Church of England
  111. True Crime
  112. Am I allowed to say this?
  113. I love this section but...
  114. Areas around Boston . US?
  115. God as the bad guy
  116. Slang -- current word for Pervert
  117. Booklist needed. Can you help?
  118. Vincent Black Shadow mo'bike:1953 model.
  119. Trying to find a quote
  120. Roman empire
  121. A bit of help with description please
  122. German?
  123. Any Submariners??? Navy Peeps??
  124. lacking knowledge on military conduct
  125. Do police cars play have regular radios or just police radios?
  126. Anybody out there make their own curry?
  127. Ghost/Paranormal Tales from Your Region.
  128. Anyone who has lived/spent a lot of time in Chicago
  129. Need Some Help Collecting Basic Info
  130. Navys in the past
  131. Medieval Titles
  132. info on horses
  133. I need some info on Miami
  134. Hand guns? Ammo?
  135. Long Island
  136. campfires
  137. Super Powers ?
  138. Question regarding legality of writing about celebrities
  139. italian exclamation
  140. Making up a man-eating culture
  141. Post-apocalyptic plausibility
  142. Regency England
  143. mach 1 speed
  144. Researching the English Designations/Titles
  145. A picture's worth a thousand words (when you know the basics.)
  146. Working in a hardware or home improvement store
  147. Any Historians of the 20th Century American West Out There?
  148. French control of North Africa?
  149. Clothing/Armour of Particular Periods of Time
  150. Ships and cannons
  151. Bodies
  152. Regency Research
  153. Marines: When do they leave the plane?
  154. Moscow, 1939 - How much research is enough?
  155. Military training camps - Who's the head honcho?
  156. Adoption in the US
  157. What do you call a lay-by or rest area?
  158. Tailoring: leather jacket
  159. How well do you remember first grade?
  160. Clothing terms
  161. First post! Questions about setting for a horror-western...
  162. Does this sound like a realistic case to get sued over (and lose)?
  163. Mirrors
  164. Untying Rope
  165. Hidden Castle
  166. Melee in Science Fiction
  167. Anyone ever see a Catholic ordination ceremony?
  168. Document-no ctrl necessary
  169. Need to Decide on A City
  170. World War One no mans land
  171. Anybody knows a 100% blind person?
  172. Blackout curtains
  173. To invent a new language, or not to invent a new language?
  174. Facts, and more Facts
  175. A question about losing milk teeth
  176. Tower of London
  177. Cafe culture!!!!
  178. Character development
  179. Flight Crew Training
  180. Computer help needed
  181. Wild at heart ring
  182. Something that has been bugging me: Medieval Fantasy and the measurement of time
  183. how a virus spreads - help
  184. Brain growth
  185. Revolver backfire
  186. The Person on the Inside and Outside?
  187. San Franciscans.. please help!
  188. A wealthy Man's Will
  189. Need Help to Write a Scene of Violence
  190. Police Work Questions
  191. Carrying a sword
  192. Nazis in hiding
  193. Coma Info
  194. A little help with conjoined twins?
  195. Aliens
  196. Incorporating Demonology and various cultural mythologies into one story.
  197. Parkour/Free Running
  198. Secret Passages
  199. Integration question
  200. White collar jobs - the specifics
  201. Measurements
  202. A little bit of help.
  203. A point of principle
  204. Chinook - helicopter
  205. Shot in the foot?
  206. Armor
  207. Using song lyrics
  208. good surrealist authors?
  209. The God Particle
  210. Help with physics...
  211. If there was no electricity...
  212. Air Force Life
  213. I need info about Denver please
  214. A name that will drive me insaner...
  215. Adding subtle Irish slang into a piece without going overboard. (Long)
  216. Evolution of technology
  217. World-Building: FOOD
  218. Types of magic...
  219. Units of measurement in times of yore
  220. Melting point of swords
  221. Allusions
  222. Mixing dark and light themes
  223. Drugs in the water supply?
  224. Franciscan Monks/Jesuit Monks
  225. Is it plausible for someone to confuse a voice on TV for someone in that room?
  226. Well-known adventure novels set in England in the period from C 1400 to C 1700
  227. Would my MC's situation lead to shock?
  228. God and Goddesses
  229. Any Devil Dogs out there? Need some information about the US Marine Corps.
  230. Wild/Old West Questions; LANGUAGE Warning
  231. Fantasy economics help
  232. Police pursuit across state lines
  233. Geography Inquiry
  234. politically correct word?
  235. A Post-Apocalyptic Story: Some help needed! Climate change
  236. Riding beasts
  237. Exothermic Reactions
  238. Historical Romance research
  239. Roman Egypt
  240. Dabda
  241. Scary small towns
  242. small town mystery
  243. Buddhism and buddhist quotes on beauty
  244. Sounds from guns
  245. African hair/features when someone is half African and half Caucasian (or half Asian)
  246. for a book im writing
  247. Physics - space travel
  248. Faeries/Fae different types
  249. Rolled a 20 on a fault combo check
  250. Help with a character reaction