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  1. Third-Person Characterization: Distant vs. Close
  2. Naming & Surnames - determining right and wrong
  3. Theme and when to address it (if at all)
  4. There are only two plots, or: How to have an existential crisis in writing
  5. Plot vs story. What's the difference?
  6. Shifting perspective on the Main Character
  7. The Climactic Ending
  8. How much description needed for sense of place?
  9. Being Your Character
  10. What would be the best way to mix a supernatural human creature like this?
  11. Can elves be called "Men and Women?"
  12. Which of these two plot scenarios is better?
  13. How do you define change in a story?
  14. Should antagonists have convenient flaws or only inconvenvient?
  15. Best way to break the Female Hero's "Happily Ever After" stigma???
  16. What's a better way to make this character part of the plot?
  17. Inner conflict to be understood. A subjective definition inside.
  18. Multiple ways of adressing my character, how to prevent confusion?
  19. 1st draft weak on character. Too late to fix?
  20. Developing characters *after* First Draft?
  21. Plotting
  22. Romantic Development Between MCs
  23. Is it bad to put yourself in your characters' shoes when writing?
  24. A different definition for conflict.
  25. Help! I need a name for a smuggler
  26. Write a character introduction
  27. True and false victims
  28. Could use some help spicing up this plot point
  29. Crafting an imperfect mentor
  30. Writing a character who HATES Women.
  31. When Your Characters' Goals Get Lost Due to Focusing on the Plot
  32. Crafting the Rebel resistance
  33. Creating an Intimidating Villain
  34. I've been writing a romance about a rich girl and a poor girl
  35. My Book
  36. names for a secret police force in the USA
  37. Experiencing outliner's block for plotting my story
  38. nuke in orbit
  39. Painted myself into a corner... now what?
  40. Comments on character profiles
  41. How to power a motorcycle in a dystopian world?
  42. Assassin's whispered credo
  43. what would you call...
  44. How to make my protagonist a better leader?
  45. Any ideas?
  46. Angel or prophet of destruction
  47. How to avoid script errors? Is "Another World(s)" a cliche?
  48. Cultural Appropriation
  49. Covid novels
  50. question about women's clothing
  51. Ghost Story with Explanation
  52. Stuck on an Idea
  53. What do you think of these two characters?
  54. Fascination with People
  55. A somehow surprisingly compassionate murder.
  56. Writing an Antiheroine who ditches her family's traditions and society's expectations
  57. Tips on writing scenes for an aromantic heroine?
  58. Newbie- Writing Fantasy Involving differnelt cultures
  59. Does this come off as a coincidence in my plot and can I fix it?
  60. What are some fantasy story ideas?
  61. FMC cutting her hair
  62. How to handle episodic plot structure
  63. Up-to-date info on airline stewardesses...er, flight attendants?
  64. How do I (not) include pop culture fads in a period piece?
  65. "Creative Minds" Plot Development Help
  66. New World Creation
  67. Would this be okay in a novel for young teens?
  68. Wild-West Dragonrider Story
  69. Very dramatic personalities and very dramatic happenings. Is this interesting?
  70. Sci-Fi and Wizardry. How Can I Make It Work
  71. How do I write characters in a satire?
  72. The Right Ages
  73. How to Address A Character
  74. writing someone who stammers
  75. Girl name: young, then as a petulant teenager.
  76. Sorry - one more question, this one about snooty parties
  77. Is it possible for this character to kill this other character accidentally?
  78. Does anyone know how I can approach this plot hole or plot gap?
  80. Need help with adhesion romance beat
  81. Do any of you use dramatica?
  82. Keeping Plot and Character Elements Organized in Long Works
  83. Thoughts on the synopsis
  84. Opposite timelines - confusing or intriguing?
  85. Is it unreasonable for writers to put their own fantasies in their works?
  86. Prologue (Should I or Shouldn't I)
  87. Social Worker vs Guerilla Soldier: a case study in relational warfare :D
  88. How do i make dialogue sound natural?
  89. Is there a way I can make this scenario less confusing to the reader?