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  4. Who designs your cover when you self publish?
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  30. Does this work as a self-publishing plan? A litle help....?
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  53. Have any of you submitted any of your writings for self-publishing?
  54. ebook publishing I have no clue what I'm doing
  55. 14 STEPS that I took to Self-Publish my book
  56. 10 Lessons from Writing/Self-publishing my 1st Book
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  60. Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner! (book contest winner)
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  65. read this before you self publish !! scoop on 48 'self' publishing companies
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  69. Self Publishing.
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  72. CreateSpace versus Nook Print Services
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  74. Formatting Kindle on my Android Phone?
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  76. To ISBN or not to ISBN, that is the question
  77. What Publishing services do you Recommend?
  78. Cover Conundrums!
  79. Self Publishing Advice Needed
  80. Is self publishing better for longer novels
  81. Which cover do you like best ?
  82. How and Why to Create an AUTHOR BUSINESS
  83. Finding Speaking Opportunites Related to Your Book
  84. Question about using Sigil
  85. My first foray into promo
  86. Does font make or break your cover design?
  89. Romacing the Covers
  90. Where does it go???
  91. ISBN Shell Shock . . .
  92. CURRENT RULES for getting Amazon Book Reviews
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  96. Ebook and print for small scale
  97. Check your Credit Card Statement if you bought ISBNs from Bowker lately!
  98. Oct/Nov is a tough time to get a book self-published!
  99. Is KDP Expanded Distribution worth it?
  100. Published or Not?
  101. My ebook Project Eye
  102. Work flow for a self writer
  103. Where to shelf it?
  104. Don't forget to REGISTER YOUR BOOK with the U.S. Copyright Office
  105. Your 2018 Book Sales?
  106. Beware of SCAMS!
  107. From blinking cursor to published novel...
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  112. Never, ever, do this.
  113. What is the Preferred Ebook Format?
  114. BOOK SALES so far this year?
  115. What are the Steps for Uploading Ebook to Your Paypal Account?
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  118. What to do if your book is PLAGIARIZED!!!
  119. Do You Use a Plain PDF File of Your Written Work on Your Website?
  120. Building an eBook using MSWord, FrontPage, and MePub
  122. Translation Rights
  123. How to get your book into LIBRARIES
  124. Self Pub Success?
  125. Serialisation
  126. What is your FAVORITE RESOURCE for indie authors?
  127. Self-pub Promo: Prolific Works
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  130. Question about EMAIL LISTS
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  133. Pen name or not to pen name
  134. Dipping my toe...
  135. Celebrating 3 years as a self-published author!
  136. So much advice, so many options- where do i start
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  138. Opinions on posting before publishing{please and ty}
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  142. Changing the title of your book, thinking it might be weak
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  144. I have a friend that made an ok book.
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  146. Copyrighting a book of monologues
  147. KDP Select Question for Those Experienced
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  152. MISTAKE to Launch a NEW (nonfiction) BOOK during the Pandemic?
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  155. Need copyedit if doing a developmental edit?
  156. Can being a control freak reduce your chances of success as an indie author?
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  161. Any good alternatives to smashwords?
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