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  11. I forgot to include my synopsis!!
  12. I forgot the 'stamped' part of the SASE!
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  17. Do you have to find an agent to find a publisher?
  18. an offer of representation based on a partial - what should I think?
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  23. Reliable publishers/agents who accept email submissions?
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  27. Can an EU author contact a US agent?
  28. A really good agent is interested in my book - need advice!
  29. when is it okay to reply to an agent's criticism?
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  31. UK Agents or publishers who deal in the horror genre?
  32. Submitting a Manuscript
  33. Should you tell an agent/publisher that you self publish?
  34. Are these agent-less submission options any good?
  35. will an agent accept a writer based on a novella?
  36. recommend an agent?
  37. Querying agents: Is interest genuine interest?
  38. Finding an agent outside your home country?
  39. Author-Agent Go-Between?
  40. So…looks like I have an agent now…
  41. When to look for an agent?
  42. The Quest for an Agent Begins
  43. Going to an Agent / Piublisher when already self-published on Amazon?
  44. Is it a bad idea to send a second version of a full ms to an agent?
  45. Agent Advice Please :)
  46. Could literary agents be the vanguard of quality self-published novels?
  47. Two Literary Agents walk into a bar
  48. Manuscript Requests Hook Agents
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  50. Enticing agents with an offered contract?
  51. Banks, Speed-Dating & Finding an Agent
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  54. Meet and have your next agent fall in love with you
  55. Why you can't/shouldn't take rejection or criticism seriously.
  56. Twitter & other stuff for those of you looking for agents
  57. Appropriate Time To Ask Agent For Update On MS
  58. Submit through an agent or directly to a publisher?
  59. The Great Agent Hunt - Good News So Far (I think)
  60. Piece written by my agent about what he looks for in submissions and next steps
  61. Multiple submissions to agencies
  62. Stuck finding an agent or publisher
  63. Finding a Publisher
  64. Hi! Have questions about AGENTS...
  65. Unsure if agent has received my full MS Request.
  66. How long should I wait for agents with full MSs to get back to me?
  67. Back to the old drawing board
  68. How long should I wait before sending MS to someone else?
  69. A middle way, between big publishers and self-publishing
  70. A List: of Some Brighter Stars within the Publishing Galaxy
  71. The process of seeking agent representation
  72. Traditionally publishing a picture book after self publishing 2 MG novels
  73. How to Get Your Book Published by Jane Friedman
  74. What's the deal with publishers?
  75. How long do you give an agent to look at a full MS?
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  77. Finding an Agent?
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  79. Bayview's Bellow
  80. Deciding between two small presses
  81. Do agents prefer you to have no previous books published-they want to Discover you?
  82. What are the benefits of getting a short story traditionally published?
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  84. Candid Article about Book Advances earned by a Traditionally-Published Author
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  92. My manuscript has been requested. Should I inform other agents?
  93. Is ths good or bad
  94. Net Profits on royalties - common or shady?
  95. Word count when an agent/publisher requests the first X pages of a manuscript
  96. What are the Paying Terms of a Literary Agent?
  97. This is clearly contract breaching on multiple levels, right?!
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