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  1. A Killer Witch 2,400 A Colonial town is stalked by a monster.
  2. Black book chapter one
  3. A story of La Chusa, a Mexican monster. 1,900
  4. The Safe [Horror; Mature]
  5. Big Trouble in Wonderland 1 of 4 1,800 Adult. A kidnapping in Wonderland.
  6. Gunfire on Thompson Ridge 8,500 Violence. Adult.
  7. Poor Dead Michael 3,200 AdultI already miss that beautiful, loverly, loooverly, boy.
  8. How to Cure a Bully 2,800 Wayne loved picking on kids, until they bullied him.
  9. Lonely in Space 3,800 A deep spacer loses, finds, and loses his girl.
  10. A Small Legacy
  11. Poor Tweedles 1 of 2 3,900 adult violence
  12. Nature is a Paradox. 1,800 Fantasy Romance
  13. War is for the Wicked 8,400 Violence. One man arrives at the War in Vietnam.
  14. The Bus Driver 1,600 Crime Remourse
  15. A Tale of two kings - chapter 1
  16. Chapter 5
  17. A Fool There Was. [Adult 5,400] The reminiscing of a man on death row.
  18. I Thought You Were Dead
  19. The Eternal Soldier 7,200 A company of screwups in the Vietnam war.
  20. La Momenti Autem Terminus First Draft
  21. An Innocent Prisoner. 2,900 Adele must serve part of an ancestor’s sentence.
  22. MaryAnne and snifflly 4,700 YA Comic book characters get their revenge.
  23. At My Papa's Trial 2,600 YA He had’a shoot that card cheat. You would’a too.
  24. A Forced Eviction 5,100 Adult War
  25. Negro Soldiers in the American Civil War. 8,700 Georgia Militia.
  26. BloodBall, The Most Dangerous Spectator Sport. Adult.
  27. A Prisoner In Afghanistan [Adult 4,200] A German imprisoned in an American compound.
  28. Ship of Death. Adult Mystery. 6,800
  29. The Imperial Georgia Hotel 4,500 American Civil War.
  30. The Sage's Daughter. Adult. 1,800 Based on a legend of India.
  31. Meet The Adjuster. 10k A teen might have bitten more than she can chew.
  32. Did I describe this location well?
  33. Falling Trees [5,800] A different sort of love story. The domain of the Wood Witch.
  34. Death in the Cornfield. 4,600 Adult Violence
  35. Coolest Invention
  36. Finding A New Home. Adult Space Opera 10,200
  37. A Warehouse of Death. Adult Drama. Of Life in a Retirement Home.
  38. A Guilty Pleasure [sci-fi/humor]
  39. Green Glass Killer. 7,800 A psychological study of a psychopathic mind.
  40. La Momenti Autem Terminus Redrafted (story is in English)
  41. Ozy versus an Angel Adult 10,700 A nice demon battles an evil angel from heaven.
  42. The Boston Massacre from the POV of a British Private. 5,800
  43. Cruising (WC 1,286)
  44. Poor Dead Doris. 19k. Adult Mystery. Murder & 60 year old Bank Robbery.
  45. Oscar Rat's third trip to the Middle East for the President. YA 3,800
  46. When a Crime Goes Bad 6k adult. Joey, trying to go straight, helps in a robbery.
  47. A Stranger In The Woods. YA 2,300 Kids meet a stranger on the way to school.
  48. Belling the Pres. 2,500 An Oscar Rat Tail
  49. The Scare - flash fiction (caution, possibly sensitive to our current situation)
  50. Grandma Ethel 13,300 Adult. How Grandma got her money.
  51. Zina: An Incendiary Matter [4.2k words; sci-fi/mature content]
  52. Harry’s Genie. 2,300 Adult. An ugly city dump diver makes a rare discovery.
  53. Little People. 14k Aliens came to Earth 75,000 years ago, bringing a monster.
  54. Escorting the Pope 1,800 Taking a dead pontiff to heaven.
  55. The Bunny Man of the Woods (short story 580 words)
  56. Simply Sammy 25k Adult WWII Story starting in the 30s
  57. The Safe World 2,6k YA Sci Fi Nothing can harm a human.
  58. The Ghostly Hotel. 800
  59. The Shed. YA Time Travel. 19k A coming of age tale.
  60. Home War. 3,800 Violence. Expecting a heroes welcome, cuckolded instead.
  61. Yevtaliya: Crying Over Spilled Compote [4.4k words; sci-fi/mature content]
  62. Santa One. 3,4k John has a affinity toward Christmas.
  63. Traveling in Cyberspace. Xxxxx 7,200 Joey rescues a crashed police woman.
  64. Poor Crazy Kenny 16,6k adult A problem of anger management?
  65. One Bloody Mission. 5k Violence. Mercenaries wipe out a militant camp.
  66. A Soldier in Time Adult 3,400 Time travel as used in wartime.
  67. The Summit of Yyingrigotl (Part 1 / NSFW)
  68. Helpful Aliens. 1,500 A Different Type of Invasion.
  69. The Googler Instant Permanent Secure Packaging Device. YA 3,600 Sci Fi
  70. The Day After [sci-fi/humor; mature content]
  71. Appearances Can Be Deceptive First Draft
  72. The Industrialization of Consciousness(Sci Fi, 4,993)
  73. And The Drums Rattled On 1,217
  74. Appearances Can Be Deceptive Second Draft
  75. Sins of Our Fathers: Guns, Bodies and Teenage Sweethearts [sci-fi; mature content]
  76. Appearances Can Be Deceptive Third Draft
  77. The Summer of '30: The Start of Something Incredible (7.1k; scifi, mature content)
  78. Opening teaser for my WIP The Huntsmage (578 words)
  79. A Billion Stolen Faces: 1800 words
  80. Vampyro
  81. Appearances Can Be Deceptive Fourth Draft
  82. Appearances Can Be Deceptive Draft 5
  83. Hail Casesar (horror/ some language)
  84. Belzarbi and Anjuman First Draft
  85. A Fair Bargain [sci-fi; mature content]
  86. Paranoia Black
  87. Anger of an Eternal Child - A Tale from Tellus: Prologue (1057 words)
  88. How Would You Classify My Writing?
  89. Daddy's Money - Complete Feature-length screenplay
  90. Rhianna and Karenna First Draft
  91. Title:The First Victim (Horror) 2520 words
  92. The Omega Protocol - Part One [sci-fi; mature content]
  93. Once Upon a Dinosaur (fractured fairytales)
  94. Once Upon a Dragon (fractured fairytales)
  95. In a Pig's Eye (fractured fairytales)
  96. The Dance of a Cockroach (fractured fairytales)
  97. Once Upon a Walrus (fractured fairytales)
  98. Once Upon a Alligator (fractured fairytales)
  99. Once Upon a Kangaroo (fractured fairytales)
  100. Hotbox! — Complete Hard-SF Novella, 7.2K words
  101. The Hoot of an Owl (fractured fairytales)
  102. Adorable - A short story, perhaps turning into something longer?
  103. The Omega Protocol - Part Two [sci-fi; mature content]
  104. Stanford is Magenta
  105. Returning to our Ancient Roots First Draft
  106. The Adventures of Ethel and Enid: A Lucky Escape
  107. Cindy (400 words)
  108. Chapter excerpt Fantasy/Horror 3.7k words looking for critique and advice (mature)
  109. The Omega Protocol - Part Three [sci-fi; mature content]
  110. The Demon Beneath the Dome - Fantasy, Short Story, 4k words
  111. Of Schrodinger And Of Cats{possible short story}
  112. Jamal and Rasil First Draft
  113. Romances in Long Poems
  114. Scarlet Thief
  115. Don and Rafael First Draft
  116. Ode to Phil Connors
  117. The Omega Protocol - Part Four [sci-fi; mature content]
  118. Hot Fuzz: The Pandemic Edition [sci-fi/humor; mature content]
  119. Cheng and Jayani First Draft (Epistolary)
  120. Red Christmas*
  121. Stay (I Missed You)
  122. Arabici
  123. Until We Meet Again (fantasy/tragedy)
  124. The Lowlifes [Crime fiction; mature content]
  125. The Wake Forest Promise
  126. Untouched by Fire (Fantasy, 1,200 words)
  127. Insomniac Nights - 11,500 words - Also in Fiction Workshop
  128. White Lion of the Trinity River - Western, ~2,700 words
  129. Annie - Short Story - Fiction Workshop Re-Post
  130. Archer/Elka
  131. Sixty Seconds to Drop [sci-fi; mature content]
  132. Tinder (Flash Fiction)
  133. Words (flash Fiction)
  134. The Lowlifes: Enforcers [crime fiction; mature content]
  135. aids
  136. Skywalker and the Outlanders*
  137. A second life. Chapter 1
  138. A Drink Too Much, A Word Too Many [sci-fi; mature content]
  139. Hot Fuzz: Community Service [sci-fi/humor; mature content]
  140. Idea Seed
  141. Reminder!
  142. Arpina - SciFi WiP
  143. Men (Novel) (Chapter 1) (2501 Words) (swearing)
  144. The Miracle Team
  145. [Collab] Vranger and Pip present "Hagglin' Over the Price"
  146. [Collab] epimetheus and -xxx- present "-/un/spoke n-"
  147. The Rise of the Blobwoman