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  1. First interview
  2. Kickstarter
  3. My short story collection "Underneath" is now available for download!
  4. Dereliction of Duty: Set For Release 30th September, 2011.
  5. THE EQUINOX - A Novel of Horror by MJ Preston
  6. The Star War Factor by Robert Staniford
  7. The Woodcarver's Son
  8. The Legacy of Aaron Geist
  9. Great news . . . and a free book!
  10. Ebcubex - Anthology
  11. Dereliction of Duty Paperback Now Available!
  12. In the Devil's Name - Debut horror novel available for Kindle
  13. Virtual Book Tour
  14. Free Kindle novel - historical/slavery
  15. Odd Things
  16. New blog
  17. my romantic comedy is being published
  18. Gunn by Dakin Dukane
  19. The WF I-Sold-A-Story/Poem Thread
  20. final desperation
  21. New novel, "Wendigo"
  22. Chase hits the cyber-stands!
  23. New Horror Anthology - Under the Knife
  24. (Another) New Horror Anthology
  25. Kindle users get a free copy of my book
  26. My review of Outline 4D
  27. Coming out soon!
  28. Seventh Sanctum
  29. What comes around, goes around.
  30. Free for two days only! MJ PRESTON'S REVELATION LAMB
  31. WF FRONT MAN SAM makes back cover of THE EQUINOX
  32. The Abomination of Norma
  33. Book Give-away
  34. Another Sunrise
  35. A Read for the Train.
  36. News Story About "Another Sunrise"
  37. Radio
  38. Flashes of Brilliance Facebook Page
  39. Get a free Kindle Copy of my Novel
  40. Flashes of Brilliance Blog page Nominations
  41. Cattle Market by Potty!
  42. Potty interviewed on TV Skywriter!
  43. LM Successes in the Great Out There
  44. Author Interviewed by Push Back Radio
  45. The Art of Madame Whitsome
  46. Chase for less than a buck!
  47. Things could always be worse. (Plug for Spank the Carp).
  48. Promotional sale - ...and Remember that I Am a Man.
  49. Artha
  50. Promo Trailer For One Last Cast
  51. Recent Stephen King interview.
  52. New release: Reflections in a Black Mirror
  53. Heads up
  54. Somewhere with the Wind now for sale!
  55. Chase on sale!
  56. Gina's Dream/El Sueño de Gina - New dual language book release by Ria Stone
  57. Creep: A Collection of Poetry and Flash Fiction
  58. Somewhere with the Wind book giveaway- now free on Kindle!
  59. I fell in love again last night (with a Wonderbook).
  61. Thee Wee Man - LM flash fiction story published
  62. Radio Slot With Rense!
  63. Author Interview with Willie Meikle is LIVE!
  64. Want to ask Margaret Weis a question?
  65. Writing Forums on Social Media
  66. A Very WF Blog
  67. PitchWars
  68. Twitter News
  69. Need a Blog Title
  70. Feature Guest Interview vs. Author Interviews
  71. Managing Story Length - Great article from 'Slushpile Avalanche'
  72. The Anthology Conference 2015 - 6/5 - 6/7 - Portsmouth, NH
  73. Have any questions for Ann VanderMeer?
  74. Going on tour this month
  75. FREE ebook for horror writers
  76. Coming Soon: An Interview with K.M. Weiland
  77. Free promo this weekend
  78. Durty Diana
  79. The Power of Point of View - Alicia Rasley
  80. Inkarnate Maps Beta
  81. Do you have a question for UK Author - Benedict Jacka?
  82. Want to hear your work on our next podcast?
  83. Mantle of Darkness
  84. The Wolves of Langabhat
  85. Submit questions for fantasy writer Karen Miller!
  86. Website Changes
  87. Homepage Feedback
  88. Open call for August Podcast submissions!
  89. Welcome to The Quiet Room
  90. Coming Soon: An Interview with Brandon Sanderson!
  91. Writers of WF Book - A Call for Submissions!
  92. Trick or Treat, Smell my...Competition!
  93. Questions for Kristen Lamb?
  94. WINNERS- Halloween "Trick or Treat" Competition
  95. My Cruel Invention: A Contemporary Poetry Anthology is now available for Pre-Order!
  96. Love Hurts. A Speculative Fiction Anthology -> Available 12/1/15!
  97. Open call for Podcast Episode Four Submissions!
  98. Any questions for Graham Edwards?
  99. My Website - Second Revision
  100. Christmas Poetry Submissions!
  101. Questions for Kristen Britain?
  102. Calan's Eden
  103. Typically, I post these in the wrong spot.
  104. Dark Passages
  105. my first competition outside of WF
  106. bbc
  107. Want to ask Samit Basu any questions?
  108. Ice Road Musing - 2016
  109. Channel 4
  110. Open Call for Episode Five Podcast Submissions!
  111. Writing Forums' Anthology: PASSAGES
  112. Promoting Reflections in a Black Mirror
  113. New website
  114. One Last Cast- WF Members Needed
  115. I earned an Honourable Mention ...
  116. Demo of my licensed poem
  117. Publishing debut and thanks to WF
  118. Book give away
  119. Free writing-related ebook for honest Amazon.com review
  120. Ah Ha Jen, I'm catching up.
  121. Published on Nature Writing
  122. New Poetry Collection Published
  123. I have a Youtube Channel
  124. More Scumbags
  125. Words from the Wild
  126. Thank you :-)
  127. My poem was nominated for Best of the Net!
  128. Open call for submission for podcast episode 6!
  129. Have any questions for Dede Cummings of Green Writer's Press?
  130. What is 'Showcase'?
  131. Showcase Updates
  132. The Mercy of the Tide - Keith Rosson - ARCs available to WF Members
  133. My poem was nominated for a Pushcart Prize!
  134. Fiction-book narratives: only six emotional storylines
  135. What's been happening on SHOWCASE this week?
  136. Another Busy Week on Showcase
  137. What's New on Showcase?
  138. Shots in the Dark - My first short story collection!
  139. Eclectica: Genre Poetry - Available electronically
  140. WF #Micropoetry on Twitter and Facebook
  141. Birdsong After the Storm -Free Download on Amazon
  142. All Things Breathe Alike: A Wildlife Anthology
  143. Poetry Podcast - Call for Submissions
  144. WF Members - Published Poetry
  145. Blog Revamp - Help with blog header needed....please
  146. My 1st Time Doing Stand-Up Comedy (WARNING: STRONG LANGUAGE!)
  147. before Crazytown and misc
  148. Flashes of Brilliance
  149. My Youtube page
  150. Art gallery?
  151. My 1st Writers' Conference
  152. My First Guest Blog Post
  153. A Historical Novel Republished
  154. The Year of the Knife Facebook Launch Party, is IN PROGRESS!
  155. Toasting my Parents' on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
  156. Fantasy Faction front page!
  157. Test Patterns (Volume 1)
  158. My 1st FB Live appearance (my author interview)
  159. Gertie's got a blog
  160. Subcutis
  161. Intrinsic Brightness
  162. Silk Thread
  163. new blog- Mom
  164. Won a writing trophy!
  165. Amygdala
  166. Louise Beech's Maria in the Moon
  167. Now available
  168. Just so you know
  169. Current work
  171. My "A Close Reading" Feature Column
  172. My Publishing News (Interview, Ekphrasis Challenge & A Close Reading Essay)
  173. My Prose Poem, "Telling It Slant, is Re-Published at Better Than Starbucks
  174. My Essay, "The Myth-Ing Link," Was Published This Morning
  176. My Poem Accepted at Gargoyle
  177. My Essay Went Live Yesterday (On Alice Walker's "The Flowers")
  178. Up Cape Fear
  179. A Close Look at Peter Meinke's "The Cranes"
  180. Omphalos
  181. Free award winning urban fantasy
  182. Two Of My Haiku Published
  183. Just landed
  184. Calizona is free until midnight Friday!
  185. My Close Reading Essay on Heinrich Boll's "The Laugher" (Published 9-3-2019)
  186. My First Publication
  187. Won First Place for My Poem
  188. My Essay on John Updike's "Pygmalion" Live Today
  189. Transpire Together (romance)
  190. Kyle Richardson's debut novel available for early reviewers!
  191. Life Blinks
  192. My Poem Wins First Place
  193. 21st Century Pulps
  195. Bragging Thread!
  196. My Ekphrastic Piece Listed As A Favorite
  197. My Publishing News
  198. My Essay Published: A Close Reading of Charles Baudelaire's "To Each His Own Chimera"
  199. Two poem Published in "Nature 20/20". by RH Peat
  200. Interview With Me @ Centifictionist
  201. A Regular Poet's Page
  202. Two Pieces Published (in Better Than Starbucks and The Fib Review)
  203. New wing{a dnd ogl book}
  204. My Prose Poem Published
  205. New Pieces on Duane's PoeTree
  206. BEAST HEART by Kyle Richardson is now on sale - Excerpt & Giveaway.
  207. My Prose Poem Was Requested For Publication
  208. COVID 19: Poems from the Lockdown
  209. Publication
  210. A Close Reading of Raymond Carver's "Popular Mechanics"
  211. My Hundred-Word Story Published (Blocked Sewage)
  212. My Prose Poem Published (Losing Enough)
  213. Deviation, Extinction #4 released on Amazon.
  214. Publication
  215. My Essay Was Published Today (A Close Reading of Lon Otto''s Love Poems)
  216. My Poem To Be Publlished (Medea's Threnody)
  217. Poem Publication
  218. Salpinx
  219. Essay Published on Explosion in the Parlor
  220. My Story's A Semi-Finalist
  221. Poem recently published (RH Peat)
  222. Two Of My Essays Are Re-Run On Facebook
  223. New Book: There Came a Day
  224. WF Members Published to Flashes
  225. Published on Amazon...
  226. My Story's A Semi-Finalist and Four Essays Re-Published in July
  227. My Prose Poetry Recommendation List Published at O:JA&L
  228. Two Of My O: JA&L Essays Re-Published on Facebook
  229. The Sultan of Finback Isle, a self-published novelette
  230. HOM-IT New thriller
  231. My Poem, Medea's Threnody, Is Published In Carmina Magazine
  232. Community Poem on Covid-19 Went Live Today (my line is included)
  233. My Essay Re-Published (On Flash Films)
  234. My Essay, A Close Look at Yasunari Kawabata's "Love Suicides" published in OPEN: JA&L
  235. Monsters, Maces and Magic: Pawn
  236. My Essay, A Close Reading of Alice Walker's "The Flowers" Re-Published
  237. My Essay, A Brief and (Likely) Necessary Literature, Re-Published Today--Poetry News
  238. Get My New Chapbook on Flash Fiction (it's free) And See My Essay on List Stories
  239. Bone Dungeon
  240. My Close Look at Dino Buzzati's "The Falling Girl" Republished
  241. Publication in The Poetic Bond X
  242. My new book is on Amazon!
  243. My Poem Wins First Place & Two of my Essays Re-Published
  244. 1st novel self published...
  245. WF Members Published on Flashes -November 2020
  246. New Publication
  247. New Essay Published (A Close Reading of Brady Udall's "The Wig"
  248. My first
  249. Pandemic: A Community Poem Nominated for Pushcart Prize
  250. WF Members published to 'Flashes' - December 2020